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篇一:sincere thanks to my 对朋友的感谢 英语作文

sincere thanks to my friends

in a

word,friendship is the biggest wealth in my life,and it is the fruit i harvest on

the way to grow up.my friends

don’t say “give

up ”simply .don ’t loose your hands simply.or else,one day you will find how big the

mistake you made is and how late the time you can apology is.

篇二:感谢 英语作文








谢谢你们帮我做了那么多的事。也要谢谢我的父母,谢谢你们的支持与鼓励。 生活给予



i often think of

the last three months in 2011, i sat in the study area to review, to the day of ones

deceased father grind. repeat every day doing almost the same thing, so revision is

boring, boring, boring. but, i still thank those days with those people. i thank two

deskmate sitting next to me, thank them reading and meditation with me every day,

thank you very much they discuss problems with me. i thank my roommates, get up early

every day, wash gargle, disturb their dreams, thanks for their understanding and

tolerance. more want to thank my good friend, is he gets up early every day to help

me to account for, let me in the case of seat nervous, can still sitting in his favorite

chair. thanks for those friends, are you trying to urge me, cant relax, inspire me

forward. thank my classmates, thank you for you help me to do so much. also want to

thank my parents, thank you for

your support and encouragement.

life gives me

setback at the same time, also gives me strong, i also have another kind of experience.

dont cry because it is cold in winter and lose hope for the spring. have a grateful

heart, you have no blame, no jealousy, no angry, you also have a calm cool heart!

try to use a grateful heart to feel, you will find a different life.





in you life,you

will make so many friends.but what ’s is the ture friends and forever

friendship.someone who changes your life just by being part of it. someone who makes

you laugh until you can’t stop. someone who make you believe the whole world full

of sunshine.this is forever friendship.

when youre down, and the world seems dark and empty, your forever friend lifts you

up in spirits and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full. your

forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times, and the confused times.





last week i saw a

young man giving up his seat to a woman with a baby in her arms on a bus. to my great

surprise, the woman did not thank the young man; on the contrary, she glared at him

coldly, which made him embarrassed.

this incident set

me thinking. if everyone acted like that woman, who would like to help others? and

what would our society be like?

if anyone gives

you a hand, you should express your sincere gratitude to him or her. only in this

way will everyone be ready to help others and feel satisfied with it.


be grateful for


it is a

celebrating day. i got in touch with michael whom i have been losing contact for one


it is really

magic. i was searching online aimlessly yesterday when an idea struck me suddenly:

since ben can find out my secret by keying in my name in the search engines, why cant

i do so, either?

i intended to

find out something about ben in revenge in the first place, but soon extend my name

list to a wider category. it was then that i recalled michael suddenly.

i used to think

that we would never meet again. however, when i browsed the entries about him, i found

out excitedly that he is still in p.r.c.!!

without a moment hesitation, i ran upstairs to my dorm and found out my old address

book. thank goodness, his home no was still there.

after 3 times

calling with no answer replies, i eventually got him on the phone. he was more

surprised than i could imagine that when i asked for his hp no he was too nervous to remember it.

life is enjoyable in moments such like this. old friends meet again surprisingly, on a road of their own ways to their dreams. they look at the face of each other, and recognize the old pal. it is such moment that makes me feel grateful to life: whenever i set off for a new destination, i see i have friends in the same direction, with whom i wont feel alone any more.


thanks for everything

but i realized one day that i had rarely expressed my gratitude to the one whod lived those years with me. on our 40th wedding anniversary, shirley and i walked again the familiar margin of the sea. i told her then how thankful i was that she shared my life. we dont have to wait for anniversaries to thank the ones closest to us -- the ones so easily overlooked. if i have learned anything about giving thanks, it is this: give it now! while your feeling of appreciation

saying thanks not only brightens someone elses world, it brightens yours. if youre feeling left out, unloved or unappreciated, try reaching out to others. it may be just the medicine you need.

of course, there are times when you cant express gratitude immediately. in that case dont let embarrassment sink you into silence -- speak up the first time you have the chance. i recently returned home to montpelier, ohio, for a short visit. memories of my boyhood flooded back as i walked the familiar streets. then i saw mrs. bible, and my mind flashed back to high school.collected by i was a freshman, more interested in sports than school work, and i was falling behind in my latin class. then violet bible, a neighbor who was a schoolteacher, found out about my problem. oh, latins great fun, she 篇五:英语作文感谢信


1)感谢信的写法 人们在交往中常需要相互致谢,收到别人赠送的礼物,得到别人的帮助、受到别人的慰问,都应该表示感谢。 感谢信最主要的特点是真诚。缺乏真挚的感情答谢他人,收信人将对你的谢意产生怀疑,感谢的目的也就失去了。



时。收到别人礼物、得到别人帮助,应及时写信予以答谢。否则,人家会对你的谢意大打折扣。 收到他人赠送的礼物应当及时写封感谢信,感谢信除了应写得真诚、具体、及时外,还应当特别提及所收礼物的具体内容,否则,泛泛而谈,使人觉得你不够真诚。为此,当你写感谢信时,应这样写:“thank you for your beautiful roses. ”(谢谢您送的美丽的玫瑰花。) ;而不要笼统地写上“thank you for your beautiful gift. ”(谢谢您送给我的漂亮礼物。) ,这样,使人觉得你既礼貌,又诚心,从而真正达到交往的目的。