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Advice: from friends older than you or from those of your age?

From time to time, we will inevitably encounter various challenges that we cannot handle by ourselves. We can be thankful for the existence of friendship, because our fiends will always stand by our side. They are ready to offer valuable suggestions that could help us out of our torturous dilemma. Our broad circle of friends can be divided into different age groups. When a problem appears, some people prefer to consult older friends first, believing their advice is superior to that of a friend of the same age. Personally speaking, such a choice is understandable.

First and foremost, the advice from an older friends tends to be more reliable and applicable. After all, veterans are better than recruits. Time is an excellent teacher and guide. Learning from the past is the way to find solutions to current problems. Consequently, those who have a longer past and richer real-life experience stand in a more qualified position to offer instructions and express personal evaluations. Additionally, older people are often logical thinkers with more objective ideas. In most cases, the advice given by them as undergone repeated tests and can be easily put into practice. I have some friends who are younger than me. Most of them prefer to appreciate my advice more than their counterparts.

Secondly, friends in the same age group may be limited with expressing their ideas to each other. Indeed, most friends of the same age were brought up with a similar social background and share similar views on the world. They are unlikely to possess broader minds than older friends. When facing a certain problem, people of the same age may have similar views. Conversely, older friends may contribute totally fresh ideas that win the heart and mind of the person needing support. Such a psychological reaction

further explains why people are more willing to accept guidelines from those who are older than themselves.

Nonetheless, age is not the sole factor that determines the quality of advice. Exceptions should be rashly omitted. We ought to make a sincere judgement and take into account all possibilities. To illustrate, if a friend of the same age received a better education than an older friend, their suggestions may be just as helpful.

When one aims to solve a problem effectively, they tend to consult with older friends first. However, the advice from those of the same age must not be neglected. Objective comparisons should be conducted. Only by having an overall assessment can one finally attain the best answer.

Is relating well to others more important than studying hard?

Robinson Crusoe is only a dream hero existing in people’s fancy world of imagination. As social beings, humans can never do without the help and support from others. Isolation is the strongest enemy in one’s career life. It has been widely acknowledged that relating well to others paves the way for people to achieve professional success. However, that does not mean what has been learned in class is not worthwhile. In my opinion, building good relationship with others is as important as studying hard at school.

Above all, knowledge is power, just as Thomas Jefferson once expressed. To some extent, the essences contained within all school subjects simply resemble the concrete frames of architecture. Without them, the building would soon collapse. In order to achieve success in one’s future career life, it is imperative for students to study hard at school. Therefore, there is no excuse for any student to shun the most fundamental task of studying. The ‘no pains, no gains’ concept should be deeply rooted in the mind. Diligence is the premise of a bright future. In this regard, we may refer to Madam Curie, a polish physicist and chemist famous for her pioneering research on radioactivity. She studied hard at school and earned her higher degrees. The subsequent scientific research made her the first person honored with two Nobel Prizes – in physics and in chemistry. She was the first female professor at the university of Paris. Evidently,

these unprecedented achievements owed much to Madame Curie’s untiring efforts at school.

Secondly, the modern world values teamwork, which is a key to career success. Only through interactions with partners can one master the art of cooperation. This vividly demonstrates the significance of relating well to others. At school, there are many projects or group work assigned to students. The participation in any project requires the united efforts of all group members. During the course of a group task, each individual has to work together with their partners. Bearing in mind their common goal, all members are devoted to their assigned part of the task. Just like different components of an engine, everyone is interrelated. If a simple part refuses to function, the whole engine may suddenly stop or even break down. It is such a dramatic effect that depicts the value of working harmoniously and resolving any conflicts.

Nevertheless, even though we have ascertained the values of diligence at school and also testified to the importance of building good relationships with others, there is still one point that must be especially emphasized. To illustrate, it is not wise to become bookworms and spend all one’s school time reading textbooks. By no means could one succeed if he or she is only good at reciting theories and cannot put what has been taught into practice. Therefore, a practical study plan ought to be made. After all, every student is entitled to spend some time with their friends.

To sum up, working diligently at school is a fundamental task on the part of students. On the other hand, learning how to relate well to others before entering employment is also important. Every single day spent on campus ought to be made full use of, as this crucial period in life definitely constitutes a stepping stone to a brighter future.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Should the government focus more on preserving natural environment and less on economic development?

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Conflicts will arise whenever official decisions are to be made regarding the environment and the economy. Both of them are closely interrelated with the fundamental interests of mankind. Should the government allow the slowdown of economic development by focusing mainly on natural preservation ? Or should emphasis be laid upon the rapid advancement of economy at the cost of a deteriorated environment ? As far as I am

concerned, neither of these issues can afford to be neglected. It is the inescapable obligation on the part of the government to ensure the sustainable development of both nature and economy.

To begin with, as the foundation of society, economy is of top priority in all nations. The thriving of a country depends on its economic conditions. Today, globalization has already produced chain effects in economy, whose impacts have gone beyond national boundaries from one nation to another. Undoubtedly, the neglect of economic development will bring people back to poverty and hunger. To maintain a smooth and healthy economic development, government is a major force. There is no excuse for a government to shun the responsibility of helping to further develop their country’s national economy. Take China as an example. The economic reforms and the opening-up policy adopted last century benefited the nation and its people as a whole. Nowadays, more preferential policies are being formed and implemented , which further testifies to the powerful role of the government in economic development.

Likewise, environmental preservation is also of vital importance. In reality, the unprecedented environmental problems are closely associated with economic and scientific advancement, thus demanding attention from the government. To illustrate, among these issues, the most noticeable ones include air and water pollution caused by industrial waste, global warming, acid rain, land depletion, rainforest destruction as well as the excessive consumption of natural resources. Undeniably, no individual is capable of

handling all these disasters without tremendous official support. It is the government’s responsibility to implement effective policies and take immediate measures to combat these hazards. Moreover, efforts should also be made to increase the awareness of the public to participate in these activities to preserve the environment and avoid further problems.

In effect, it is sustainable development that is crucial in saving modern society from the torturing conflicts between economy and nature. That is to say, whenever an economic decision is to be made, related environmental concerns ought to be taken into consideration, so that a plan can be verified with the purpose of preventing potential threats. For example, if some resources are planned to be used for human needs, research should be conducted in advance on the current storage of these resources. If these resources are not sustainable, alternative resources must be found instead.

In spite of diversified economic situations around the globe, sustainable development constitutes the common goal shared by both developed countries and developing countries. Attention should be focused on establishing healthy and harmonious systems that reduce the chance of potential economic and ecological crisis. Thus, if the economy is to prosper further then the environment is also become friendlier than ever.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Do professional athletes deserve high salaries?

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

The sports field is a cradle that cultivates numerous shining stars, most of whom are professional athletes. The unparalleled popularity of sports events among the masses has led the sporting industry to huge profits. Players competing for professional teams or clubs are also receiving ample pay. Some people can’t help wondering if they really deserve such high salaries. As far as I am concerned, they do deserve that they get.

First, they have to make great sacrifices during long-term training. I suppose some outsiders only see the happiness shown on their faces at the moment of victory. Nevertheless, it is difficult for them to visualize the formidable pains they have endured while preparing for each event. As we all know, childhood is the most critical period in life to cultivate a gifted athlete. Most professional players have possibly begun participating in sports teams at very early ages. Once they start their sports endeavors, intensive and hard-pressed training is unavoidable. Compared with other children, they have far less time to study and play. Indeed, any ambitious athlete has to be a persistent trainer who is devoted wholeheartedly to practice. Consequently, a large portion of their golden youth might be consumed at training sites and on match fields. What’s worse, the possibility of getting injured is also high under such harsh conditions. That explains why there is always news about the injuries of famous sports stars.

Second, the career life of most professional athletes is shorter compared with other fields.

Without doubt, the most primary requirement in sports activities lies in strong physical conditions. Age is a decisive factor affecting the functions of the human body. No matter how skillful a player may be in applying techniques, he has to surrender to such a reality. Before they even get old, they may find they no longer meet the high physical demands of sports events. Thus, most players retire at a young age. Even though some excellent athletes are fortunate enough to be selected as coaches, many of them have to leave the sports field and take up completely new careers. This is another huge sacrifice to make. With this regard, professional athletes truly deserve better pay due to their early retirement.

Last but not least, some of them may also bring glory to the nation by competing in international events. The best-known “Dream Teams” constitute shining examples. In important world-wide competitions, such a title symbolizes the superior power to win a gold medal. Among the outstanding member s that make up “Dream Teams,” most are professional athletes playing for famous sports clubs or associations. Michael Jordon, the world-renowned NBA player, used to represent his country to defeat other basketball teams in the Olympic Games. Many other sports stars are doing the same. Their contributions to their nations should be greatly rewarded.

In conclusion, owing to the unique features of professional sports, those who are diligently engaged in this cause ought to be paid on a higher standard. As for the enthusiastic fans, they are also most willing to pay for the expensive tickets to watch their favorite athletes playing live. Thus, there is enough evidence to justify my point that they definitely deserve high salaries.

Letting a friend make a mistake is better than saying or doing something that may destroy your friendship?

What is most fundamental bond that connects the hearts of friends? From my point of view, the answer lies in the solid basis of honest communication. A mistake in itself is by no means destructive and horrible. it is the harmful remarks or actions that prove fatal and dangerous. Therefore, I would rather let a friend make a mistake than deliberately say or do things that may damage our friendship.

First of all, no one deserves to be hurt by others, especially by a friend. In no case would I say or do anything to sacrifice the basic trust between us. The principles of a responsible social being prevent such behavior. Before establishing a friendship, it is useful to ascertain whether one can be a good communicator or not. A good friend should be capable of selecting suitable expressions that would never hurt the others’ feelings. Also, one must pay particular attention to their personal behavior, avoiding that which would undermine the existing harmony. As long as there remains the willingness in sticking to these essential principles, long-lasting friendship can be long lasting. I could never erase the despair in my heart when Hong, one of my best friends at college, once told me a big life. the moment I discovered the truth, our friendship ended.

Secondly, in a sense, making mistakes is a beneficial process. As soon as a mistake is made and realized, one may enhance self-awareness and avoid making similar ones in

the future. Afterwards, one becomes more mature and experienced. Failure is the mother of success and a mere mistake is only a small glitch in the learning process. In fact, a mistake in itself in not horrible, but rather a stepping stone toward a breakthrough. Tomas Edison owed his brilliant success to the repeated mistakes he made during the course of his experiments. His time-tested inventions perfectly testify to the value of making mistakes.

Admittedly, there also exists the possibility that pointing out a friend’s mistakes to them might cause undesirable misunderstandings. That is to say, the friend may not be open to criticism and continues to make the same mistake. In that case, feeling may get hurt and the friendship becomes fragile. If a friend is not able to receive suggestions from you, it is a wise idea to let them discover their own mistakes. Once they become aware of their mistake, your friendship might recover.

In fact, it is not so easy to maintain good friendships. Interactions between friends can bring challenges. Whenever one is trapped in a dilemma, they ought to faithfully stick to the fundamental principles and values of respect. All in all, letting a friend make a mistake is not nearly as challenging as the breakdown of the friendship.