六年级 其它 32767字 257人浏览 蓝忆时代


1、员工(工人):people 、worker 、employee 、staff

2、人类: human

beings 、humans 、humankind 、humanity 、people 、person 、folks 、individual 、staff 、→player、cont

estant 、participant 、 3、工资:

pay 、income 、wage 、salary 、payment 、earning 、paycheck 、have a greener paycheck、

4. 花费:expense 、cost 、revenue 、investment 、fortunes 、funding 、capital 、fiscal 、

5. 通过(方式):by、though 、via 、by means of

6、Google :the search giant、the world’s largest search engine、the search champion、the defending

champion 、the California company、the public company上市公司、the NASDAQ-listed

company 、the blue-chip company蓝筹股、

6、President Bush:the US government、the Federal government、the Bush Administration、the

Administration 、lame duck(跛脚鸭)

7、Beckham: one of the most recognized faces in the global soccer field

8、China :the country、the nation、the Middle Kingdom、the emerging country、this ancient

land 、this land、the rising power、the United States`largest economic competitor.

9、Recover: revive、pick up、rebound / Recovery =revival

10、Recession : slump、slide 、slip 、downturn 、depression 、

11、fashion(方法) :in a similar fashion、in a similar、in a similar manner、vocation

12、trend :phenomenon 、tendency 、tide/irreversible trend、unstoppable trend、reverse the trend

13、shift: change sth (fundamentally/dramatically/sharply/substantially)

14、spot(v):see 、catch 、recognize 、catch sight of、pick up. Ex. He has good eye for spotting

mistakes. 他识别错误的洞察力很强。

15、spot(n):斑点,1)on the spot=at once/immediately、/2)at the place of the action.在现场

16、evidence :proof→in evidence显而易见、ex. She was in evidence at the party.

他在舞会上很突出17、somehow 无论如何、不知怎么搞的:by some means、in some way、for some

reasons unknown 18、somewhat :a little 19、relationship :Modify/improve + the relationship terminate /stop/halt + the relationship

consolidate 巩固/ establish建立 + the relationship resume/restore + the relationship

20、endanger: jeopardize ex. Endangered species act/bill 濒危物种法案

21、竞争力: remain/ enhance=sharpen competitive 保持/提高竞争力、competitiveness =competitive

advantage=competitive edge

22、老年人:the old、the elderly、the aged、aged folks、seniors citizens、people in their retirement

years 、retiree

23、cost: bear the cost/shoulder the cost承担成本、cover the cost=expense支付成本、shared cost

共同的成本、bear the intolerable huge cost、

24、shared: shared/mutual/common goal

25、critical(adj): criticize(vt)、critics 批评家、criticism 批评、Speak critically of 反义 think highly of

、be critical of/from Ex. At lease sixteen armed policemen were killed,5

critically/seriously/severely/ 反义 slightly injured. 26、average: The price averaged $15.=The average price was $15.

27、show :prove 、demonstrate 、indicate 、reveal 、display 、

28、be revealed: be disclosed、be exposed

29、over :rather than、instead of、 30、famous :prominent 、distinguished 、renowned 、outstanding 、top

、respected 受人尊敬的→respectable值得尊敬的人→respectable-looking 看起来值 得尊敬(实际不是) 31、worsen :deteriorate ex. The worsening situation can be attributed to the rise in oil prices.

32、historically :from historical perspective

33、factor: element、ingredient. ex. The trend is driven by a couple of

factors/elements/ingredients.= Several factors are the driving forces behind the tide/trend.

34、however: nevertheless、nonethless

35、declaration: proclamation

36、diversity: variety

37、a win-win situation/circumstance/case/occasion/climate/atmosphere/ environment 双赢的局面

38、stress: emphasize、place emphasis on、

39、win/taste/score success 取得成功

40、close/fill/plug/bridge the gap 弥补代沟、widen/narrow the gap、

41、数位时代:digital/electronic age/times/period/era

42、surplus :deficit

43、穷人:the economically disadvantaged、the poor、the economically less advantage、the

needy 、the underprivileged、people living below the poverty line、the marginalized group

urbanize 、 44、discard :abandon 、forsake A for B、drop 、give up、

45、cultivate: train、nurture 、foster 、forge

46、increase: pick up、grow 47、reduce: trim、decrease 、

48、climate: mood、atmosphere 、

49、reward: return、

50、system: mechanism、51、control :tighten\intense one’s control over sth 反 loosen one’s control over sth、→tighten the border 加强边防 We’re in control=we’re in charge 在我们的控制中。 We’re under control我们被控制。

Lose control of sth反take control of sth

52、bill: act、initiative 、measure 、ex. draft bill草案、draft the bill 起草法案、veto the

bill 否决法案、sign the bill签署法案、pass the bill=the passage of the bill通过法案、foot the bill 埋单、anti-trust bill反垄断法、

53、legislator :law-maker 、→legislation、legalized drugs合法化的毒品、 54、translate: translate into转化为、free translate意译、literal

translate 直译(注意与literary 、literate 、liberal 的区别)、oral translation = Interpretation、

55、interpretation: interpretation of dreams梦的解析、interpretation of legislation 法律上的解释、interpretation of genuine papers 真题解析、

56、offset :compensate

57、really: truly

58、manufacturers: maker、producers

59、购买力:purchasing/buying/spending + power→boost one`s buying power 推动购买力

60、consequently: as a consequence(一般跟不好的情况)

61、endless: a large slice of

62、Net-surfer: net citizen、netizen→net café网吧

63、symbolize: be symbolic of、be a symbol of

64、flawless: perfect反义→imperfect=flaw

65、monitor: class president

66、enough: adequate、sufficient 、abundant

67、grab /grasp/capture/sizen this golden opportunity抓住这次大好良机

68、sth is my No1/priority/top.

69、positive 阳性 反 negative阴性

70、繁荣: boom、prosper 、thrive 、flourish 、exuberant 、

71、magnify: amplify

72、企业: business、firm 、corporation 、company 、enterprise 、

73、convey :communicate 传达

74、appealing: 吸引人的,上诉

75、extend :prolong (时间上)

76、notion: Challenge the long-held notion.挑战被人们长久所持有的观念。

77、particular :be particular about = be selective about

78、dweller: resident、inhabitant 、ex. People inhabiting(不用living 、dwelling 、residing) the planet.

79、robust: strong→muscular肌肉发达的、dynamic 精力充沛的

80、preach: advocate

81、send: emit、deliver 、

82、subjective 主观的 反 objective客观的

83、ship: vessel


85、technique 具体的技术、≠ technology

86、lasting: enduring、continuous 、

87、settle: dispose→unsettled dispute未解决的争议

88、sacred: holy、solemn 、

89、位于:lie 、stand 、locate(vt.)、situate(vt)、ex. An American team explored a temple which stands /lies / is located/is situated in an ancient city .

90、sparse 反dense 、ex. This area is sparsely populated. 反 The area is densely populated.

91、under(prep、方位) :beneath 、

92、reconstruct: restore、put together、piece together、recover

93、privilege(好处): advantage ex. sacrifice one’s privilege/advantage

94、triumph: victory、over sb、

95、philosopher: thinker

96、column→columnist→ syndicated columnist垄断性


98、adult = grown-ups、children = kids

99、adolescent: teenage = people in their teens 100、rate: incidence 101、promise≈ guarantee(语气比promise 肯定) 102、storm: 爆发,抗议的规模与强度 103、add/subtract/multiply/divide:加减乘除 104、计算:compute 、calculate 、statistical 、statistics 、data 、figures 105、information: data

106、abuse one’s power滥用权力、power the auto为汽车提供能源/能量、power failure 断电,停电、→kidney failure肾衰竭、 107、behind the times:过时 108、swing: fluctuation波动 109、方面: respect、aspect 、dimension 、facet 、sphere 、→ semi-circle 半圆、hemisphere 球体、→

semi-colonial Korea半殖民化的韩国 110、maximize 反minimize 111、珍惜:cherish 、treasure 、value 、place a high value on、prize 、 112、Whites 白人: Caucasians →Hispanics西班牙裔人、 113、tainted / contaminated / polluted milk、tainted 最常用,其次contaminated ,再次polluted 。

114、cover: cover story封面报道、cover girl封面女郎、cover the event报道事件、cover me 掩护我、→news coverage 新闻报道、live coverage现场报道、reality show纪实性节目 115、limit: reach one’s limit、test one’s limit、 116、optimistic 谨慎乐观 反 pessimistic cautiously approving谨慎的支持 117、upset the delicate balance:打破脆弱的平衡

118、stake :愿意为赛马中的赌注→风险ex. The scientific stakes here are high. 科学的风险/回报很高(根据上下文意思定)。



121、inadequacy :weakness 122、Pursuit/jobs/field/ 123、robust :active 、→robust growth、 124、vulnerable :weak 、 125、offset :compensate 、 126、concede :admit 、 127、合作:cooperation 、collaboration (with sb on sth)、team spirit 128、隔阂: gap、barrier 、chasm 、gulf 、crack 、 129、responsibility: commitment 130、profession: vocation 131、支持者:advocate 、enthusiast 、supporter 、 132、残酷的: cruel、inhuman 、vicious 、harsh 133、合并:combination 、merger 、acquisition 、consolidation 134、对手:rival 、competitor 、opponent 、 135、疗法: cure、therapy 、 136、汽车:motorcar 、auto 、automobile 、 137、包括:include 、encompass 138、combat with: battle with、fight with、fight against、 139、support: be support of、approve 、favor 、back 、assist 、in sympathy with sb/sth、 140、法案:bill 、act 、measure 、initiative 、 141、判决:ruling 、dominate 、reign 、decision 、 142、moral: moral values、value traditional morals、conventional wisdom、 143、at first、initially 、previously 、originally 、formerly 、 144、eventually: finally、ultimately 、currently 、presently 、 145、join: enlist 146、overrate: overmate 147、Startle/astonish/ 148、Expert/professional 149、Confer/present


move 、151noteworthy/pronounced/outstangding/impressive/exceptional/unusual/special/remarkable/elite/notable/famous/distinguished(形容人)/prominent/renowned/top 152、At the peak of= at the top of 153、average: mean、 154、enormously: greatly、immensely 、disproportionately 、 155、outrage :resentment 、indignation 、ex. Induce resentment、righteous indignation、义愤 156、obtain :take out 157、protection :conservation 158、key: critical、crucial 159、very: exceedingly、extremely 、intensely. 160、imagine: visualize 161、unfortunate: regrettable 162、decline: degradation 163、mad: crazy、fanatic 、dedicated 、ardent 、adoring 、avid 、devoted 、keen 、 164、decline: degradation 165、encounter: conflict

166、contain: account for 167、roughly: some、an estimated、approximately 、around 、 168、likelihood: possibility 169、outlook: prospect、picture. 170、a battle/combat/fight against crime、battle/combat/fight crime 171、reliable: anything to go by 172、predecessor 反 successor 173、inspire: invigorate 174、mere: meager 175、the further is bleaker/gloomy/pessimistic . 176、receive/win/pocket prize →授予go to prize 177、conduct/perform/run research 178、warn: caution 179、percentage: proportion 180、conflict :encounter 181、boost: prompt、mutual. 182、whilst: while 183、programmer: developer、coder 、 184、purchaser :user 、customer 、buyer 、 185、reduce: decrease 186、emerge: advent 187、immediate/prompt/drastic action 188、sit at:is 189、overseas: abroad 190、domestic: homegrown 191、mindless: unconscious 192、track: path、pathways 、guide 、direct 193、offer/afford/present opportunity 194、transmit: sent to 195、arm: branch 196、dedicated: loyal、faithful 、devoted 、die-hand fans 197、reviewers: critics 198、批评:attack 、ccriticism 199、morality: moral values 200、jobless rate: unemployment rate201、family :household 202、fume :distinction 203、施肥:feed 、 fertilize 204、坦承:confess 、admire 、profess 、let out、

205、stress: emphasize、place emphasis on、accentuate→accentuate/emphasize/stress the

importance of education

put/place a(n) accent/emphasize/stress on the importance of education 206、pressure: stress、tension 、 207、always obtainable: often obtainable 208、consistently obtainable: constantly obtainable 209、obtainable: available 210、artificial: synthetic 211、strict: tough

212、sole: only、unique 、 213、predict: expect、forecast 、 214、virtual: simulated 215、 经济、工业发展:progress 、development 、advance 、advancement 、evolvement 216、robot :droid 217、primacy :predominate 、 218、无与伦比:best 、unparalleled 、 219、driving force:impetus 、catalyst 、 220、mediocrity :ordinariness 221、offspring: descendant 222、defective: faulty、flaw 、 223、下降、下跌:drop 、decline 、decrease 、diminish 、fall 、reduce 、 224、ration: ratio 225、剂量:dose 、dosage 、 226、疼痛:pain 、agony 、 227、illegitimate: illegal、guilty 、

228、功能:role 、function 、 229、解释:explanation 、explanatory items、 230、关注:attention 、concern 、 231、reach: hit 232、globally: around the global/earth/planet 233、global: international、worldwide 、 234、undoubtly: no doubt 235、远远超过:far above/beyond/over/surpassing/exceeding 236、fierce/tough/keen/stiffer competition 237、saler: merchant、wholesaler 238、flair: talent 239、part with: disclose 240、media: medium 241、talk: remark、delivery 、 242、stomp: stamp 243、natural: unforced 244、准确性: accuracy、precision 、 245、存在:existence 、presence 、 246、独创性:ingenuity 、creativity 、 247、装置:gizmo 、device 、assembly 、utility 、 248、barely: hardly、 249、instantaneously: immediately、 250、结果:impact 、effect 、consequence 、 251、gloomy: pessimistic、 252、履行:fulfill 、perform 、conduct 、 253、trustworthy: credible、dependable 、 254、alien: strange、 255、巨大的:great 、huge 、enormous 、gigantic 、 256、multinational: multinational corporation、 257、division: divide(n ) 258、detrimental :damaging 259、hypersensitive: too sensitive、

260、prominent: important、 261、宣扬:preach 、publicize 、advocate 、 262、挫折:obstacle 、setback 、difficulty 、adverse circumstance、 263、溺爱:coddle 、indulge 、spoil 、pamper (v )、 264、excessive: too much、 265、享有sth: have/enjoy the advantage、have/enjoy a good reputation、 266、rear: raise、 267、作者观点词: Maintain 、consider 、think 、urge 、note 、suggest 、believe 、approve 、propose 、content 、assert 、sho

w 、reveal 、display 、prove 、acknowledge 、reveal 、indicate 、demonstrate 、affirm 、hold 、discuss 、p

ut forward、come up with、point out、take the attitude that、harbor the idea that、view on、stake

out 、probe into、 I agree with your view: I favor your view、I am in favor of your view、I support

your view、I am supportive of your view、sad to say、In my opinion: on my personal level、from

my perspective、in my view、my sense is、in my eyes、in my judgment、