happen 魔鬼训练 带答案
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Happen 魔鬼训练--Frank

1. What ________ if there ______ no water or air on the earth?

A .happen, is B .will happen, is C .will happen, will be D .happen ,are

2. No one knows _______ in the future.

A. what will be happen B. what will happen

C. what will it happen D. what it will happen

3. What ______ in the middle of the film?

A. was happen B. does happen C. did happen D. happened

4. When _____ the accident _____?

A. was, happen B. did, happen C. is, happen D. was, happened

5. Who saw it ______ at that time?

A. happen B. happened C. happens D. to happen

6. _____just now?

A .did he happen B.did happen to him C .happen to him D .happened to him

7. Excuse me, what _____ just now?

A. happened B. to happen C. is happening D. did happen

8. What ___________?

A .does happen B .is happening C .do happen

D .are happening 9. What do you think ___________?

A. he will happen B. will happen to him C. he happens D. happen to him

10. You look unhappy. What ________ just now?

A. did you happen B. did happen to you C. happened to you D. you happened