初二 记叙文 1821字 40人浏览 慈元阁小大师

二、用方框内所给句子,完成对话。注意有一项多余。注意:请将选项前的字母代号填在题后横线上。(10 )

A: Hi, Tony. _______1_________

B: Yesterday, a big earthquake(地震)happened in my hometown.


B: They are OK. But a lot of other people were badly hurt.

A: Oh, I feel so sorry about that, too. Let’s do something for the people in trouble. B: What shall we do?

A: ________3__________

B: Good idea. Money must be a problem for them now.

A: _______4___________

B: We can also collect school things for the students there.

A: Right. ____5___________

B: You are very kind.

A. Can you lend me a hand?

B. How are your parents?

C . I’ll buy some more with my lucky money.

D. You look so sad. Why?

E. How about raising some money for them?

F. What else can we do?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

改错题. 下列个题均有一处错误, 找出来并改正。(10 )

1. What’s the matter for you?

2.He want to sleep.

3.Let's going to play football.

4.I has to do my homework.

5.There are five knifeon the table.

6.He is too young not to go to school.

7. She draws very good.

8.Sarah goes home after the rain stopped.

9.I have a English book and a Chinese book.

10.Is Tom doing his homework at 8:00 last night?

六、 书面表达

A (10 )


This afternoon, I found a handbag in the playground. There are a

_____, a notebook and _____in it. Besides, there is a wallet with credit cards and some _____ in it. My _____ ____ is 4756333. Please the owner contact me.

B ( 20)

现在有一家国外的旅行社正在你们班(50人)做问卷调查,想了解一下同学们寒假的假期安排、出行方式以及原因。假设你是伊莎贝尔(Isabel ), 代表你们班的同学做这份问卷调查分析,请根据以下的英文提示发一封邮件给这家旅行社告知分析结果。


1.20 students plan to go camping by bus;

2. 15 students want to travel some famous places by train;

3. 10 students are visiting their grandparents by bike;

4. A small number of students …


1. 语句通顺、语意连贯;

2. 包含所有的提示内容,可适当发挥;

3. 不少于60词,开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Sir/Madam,

Here is the result of the survey.