快乐人生 改善情绪的10种方法
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Everyday productivity and efficiency practicallydepend on how you feel.More often than not,happypeople are more effective at work and have betterrelationships.Of course,it is normal to be sad every once in a while,but there are days thatanxiety gets the better of you.It is during these times where stress and anxiety attacksaffect your normal course of life.You find it difficult to get things done or even at least getthrough the day.If you ever have a bad day,here are some ways of lifting your spirits andgetting you back on track.

日常生产力和效率实际上取决于你的心情。往往,快乐的人能更有效地工作,有更好的人际关系。当然,偶尔的悲伤也是正常的,但有时一连几天焦虑就会让你备受煎熬。正是在这种时候,压力和焦虑会影响你的日常生活。 你会感到很难把事情做好,甚至度日如年。如果你有一天感觉不爽,以下有一些方法能让你改善情绪,重回正常生活。

1.Try to socialize.Go out with a friend for a walk,a cup of coffee or a lunch date.You need notdiscuss your problems at all.Sometimes all you need is a good laugh to get you going again.

1. 多与他人交往。和朋友出去散散步,喝杯咖啡或吃一顿午餐。你根本就不需要讨论你的问题。有时你只需要好好大笑一场,恢复正常情绪。

2.Get some relaxation time.This is one of the most obvious solutions for anxiety.Too muchtension in your body affects your mood.Try to be calm.Learn proper breathing,observegood posture,and practice muscle relaxation techniques.These are most helpful in reducingstress.

2. 抽时间彻底放松一下。这是解决焦虑问题的一个最有效办法。太多的身体压力会影响你的情绪。尽量保持冷静。学会正确呼吸,调整好姿势,并练习肌肉放松技巧。 这些方法对减少压力最有帮助。

3.Exercise on your free time.Some people find it more relaxing when they exert physically.Goout for some brisk walking or ride a bike.There is no need for a structured gym routine; whatis important is that you keep on moving.

3. 空闲时间多运动。有些人觉得身体运动时心情会更放松。出去做一些快步走或骑自行车。不需要进行按部就班的健身活动;重要的是你要经常活动。

4.Play and have fun.You can use the things that you love to do to your advantage.Go out toplay fetch with your dog or go for a round of your favorite video game.The perfect way toshake off the blues is to find amusement.

4. 游戏寻开心。你可以用自己喜欢做的事情取悦自己。出去跟你的狗狗疯玩或玩一轮自己最喜欢的视频游戏。摆脱抑郁的最佳方式就是找乐子。

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5.Read a good book.Reading is always a perfect way of getting your mind off things.Just finda cozy spot where you can enjoy silently.Feel refreshed or even inspired after a good read.

5. 读一本好书。阅读永远是你忘记烦恼的一个完美方式。只要找一个可以默默地享受自己的舒适地点。好好读一番,就会感觉神清气爽,甚至灵感回归。

6.Do chores.Who says you cannot beat counter-productivity with productivity ?Clean upyour room,do the laundry,or even cook a meal.Not only would you find doing chores a sweetescape,getting them done is an accomplishment.

6. 做家务。谁说生产力不能击败反生产力?清理你的房间,洗衣服,甚至是做饭。你不仅会发现做家务是一件摆脱烦恼的惬意事,而且做完家务还有一种成就感。

7.Do charity work.You can devote some of your time and money to the needy by donating orvolunteering in a charitable institution.What you give can make a big difference to otherpeople‘s lives.At the same time,you get a sense of fulfillment by doing your part in helpingsociety.Such reasons alone are something to be happy about,but more so,charity donationsare most of the time tax-deductible.

7. 做慈善工作。你可以通过捐赠或在慈善机构做义工把自己的一些时间和金钱奉献给那些需要的人。 你的奉献能给他人生活带来很大影响。 同时,在帮助社会过程中尽一己之力也会让你获得一种满足感。 这样的原因本身就值得高兴,更何况,慈善捐赠大多时均为免税之举。

8.Take a shower.Literally,cool down.You would feel actually refreshed and rejuvenated aftergetting cleaned-up,not only physically but also psychologically.More or less,you would feellike you are taking on the day with a fresh start.Now,that is one way of tricking yourself intothe mood.

8. 洗个澡。确切的说,冷静下来。洗干净后,你就会觉得真的精神振作、充满活力,不仅身体上而且心理上亦是如此。或多或少,你会觉得你以一个崭新开始迎接这一天。 看看,这可是一种调整自己心情的好方法。

9.Cultivate intimate relationships.Have a good chat with a loved one.Just talk about how yourday went to lighten up your mood.A good hug or a pat on the back from people you careabout are one of the best comforts that would get you through rough days.

9. 培育亲密关系。和你爱的人畅聊一番。只是谈论你的一天是如何放松自己的情绪。自己关心的人给你一个温暖拥抱或拍拍你的背都是一种最好的安慰,帮你度过苦日子。

10.Give time to contemplate.Sometimes,you just have to think over what is eating you up.Ask yourself what is bothering you and acknowledge such thoughts or beliefs that areassociated with such negative

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职业培训教育网 010-82333888(24小时) feelings.Once you have done that,you might be able to changeor get rid of such unhealthy fears and thoughts.Part of coping with anxiety is understandinganxiety itself.

10. 留出时间思考。有时,你还真的要仔细考虑到底是什么让你烦恼不安。问问你自己是什么让你感到困扰并找出与负面情绪相关的此类想法或观念。一旦你这样做了,或许你就能改变或摆脱这种不健康的恐惧和想法。 要解决焦虑问题就必须先知道焦虑的根源。

Being an efficient and happy person can be as simple as knowing how to take care of youremotional well being.Whenever you feel down,turn on to habits or activities that ease anxietyor take your mind off things for a while.There are a lot of ways of improving your mood andde-stressing.It is just a matter of finding out what works for you.


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