How to learn English
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篇一:how to learn english?

English is one of the most important languages in the world. It’s necessary to learn it well .How do you study? Everyone learns English in different ways. The best way to improve your English is to improve your English skills. They are listening , speaking , reading and writing. We should practice them every day. It’s very good for you if you are interested in English . You will find studying English is interesting and helpful. One more thing, remember“Practice makes perfect”!

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Next year, I will go to study at university, but I don’t know how to adapt myself to university life. I hear many freshmen are at a loss what to do when they are at university. They can’t take care of themselves in their everyday life, feeling lonely and homesick. Clothes, money or mobile phones are sometimes gone. (英语作文)And because of different climates and food, they often feel sick. Some even rent rooms outside the campus. Could you tell me how to deal with these problems so that I will be able to suit the university life in the future?

篇三:how to learn english?

We can learn English by reading English magazines ang books.This helps our speaking skills.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:

Listening to English songs helps our listening ang speaking skills.If you want to do well on tests the most important thing is to do more practices.And we also need to momerize many vocabularies.If it is possible you also can talk with some people who speak English very well and speak English as their first language.And you can listen to the English tapes in the morning when you wake up and on the way to school.

If you folllow these suggestions,your English will improve very quickil and become really awesome.