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1 牛津英语七上书面表达复习

My best friend

Tom is my best friend . His Chinese name is Li Siming . He comes from America . He is a boy of thirteen years old . He studies in Sunny Middle School now . He is in Grade Seven . We are in the same class . He is tall . He has short hair . He wears glasses .He is good at English . He is helpful to others . He often helps us with our English . He likes playing basketball . We often play together after school . He is kind ,too . When we are in trouble , he often tries his best to help us .

假设Ann 是无锡一中七年级一班的学生,请你根据以下要点介绍她给你的同学, 字数80字左右。

1. Ann 今年十二岁,她来自于美国,现在和家人一起住在南京。 2. 她又高又苗条,长头发,戴着眼镜。

3. 她是无锡一中七年级一班的学生。她喜欢所有的功课,最擅长的功课是英语。

4. 她喜欢体育,最喜欢的运动是排球,打得也很好。她经常周末和朋友一起打排球。

5. 在她空闲的时间,她喜欢听音乐和看电视。经常观看排球比赛。

6. 在中国,她很开心。她有很多新的朋友,她也很喜欢美丽的新学校。

Ann is 12 years old . She is from America . She lives in Nanjing with her family now. She is tall and slim . She has long hair and wear glasses . She is a student in Class 1 Grade 7 in WuXi No.1 Middle School . She likes all the lessons . She is good at English . She likes sports . Her favourite sport is volleyball . She plays volleyball very well . She often goes to play volleyball with her friends at weekends . In her free time , She likes listening to music and watching Tv . She often watches volleyball matches . In China , She is very happy . She has many new friends . She likes her beautiful school ,too .

以“My favorite football player”为题,根据所给提示写一篇介绍你最喜欢的足球运动员的短文。

提示:1. 我最喜欢的足球运动员是张华,今年23岁,是黄河足球队的一名新成员

2. 他看起来高大并且强壮,足球踢得非常好 3. 他非常喜欢踢足球,他也喜欢听音乐,这使他很开心。

4. 他梦想成为一名优秀的足球运动员。 5. 希望他的梦想成真。

My favorite football player

My favourite football player is Zhanghua . He is 23 years old now . He is a new member of Huanghe Football Team . He looks tall and strong . He plays football very well .He likes playing football . He also likes listening to music . That makes him very happy . He wants to be a good football player . I hope his dream comes true .

请根据以下中文提示,以Helen ’s school为题,用英语写一篇短文,


1、Helen 在二中上学,她的学校不大。2、初一只有几个班级,有一个图书馆,Helen 经常从图书管里借一些书。

3、教室的前面有一个操场,她喜欢和她的朋友在那儿散步。 4、穿一件红色外套的女士是她的语文老师,看起来很年轻。 5、Helen 学校离家很近,乘公交车只要五分钟。

2 6、Helen 的老师们都对他们很好,她很喜欢她的学校。

Helen ’s school

Helen studies in No. 2 Middle School . Her school is not big . There are a few classes in Grade 7 . There is a library in her school . She often borrows some books from the library . There is a playground in front of the classrooms . She likes walking with her friends . The woman in a red coat is her Chinese teacher . She looks very young . Helen’s home is near her school . It takes her five minutes to go to school by bus / take a bus to school . Helen’s teachers are all nice to them . She likes her school very much .

Millie 是阳光中学七年级一班的学生,早晨六点半起床,在家吃早饭。学校周一到周五七点半上课,上午四堂课,下午二节课,午饭时间她喜欢和朋友聊天,晚饭后做作业一个半小时,然后练习弹半小时钢琴,她每天过得很开心。

Millie is a student in Class 1 Grade 7 in Sunshine Middle School . She gets up at half past six in the morning . She has breakfast at home . Classes begin at half past seven from Monday to Friday . There are four classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon . At lunchtime she likes chatting with her friends . She does her homework for one and a half hours after supper . Then she practises playing the piano . She has fun every day .

你的外国笔友Jim 发E-mail 给你, 要你给他介绍一下中国的中秋节。

要点:1、中秋节通常9月或10月到来。 2、在中国,中秋节家人团圆,吃大餐。



Hi Jim,

Thank for your E-mail . I’d like to tell you something about the Mid-autumn Festival . The Mid-autumn Festival usually comes in September or October . In China ,family members always get gother and have a big dinner on that day . In the evening ,we like sitting in the open air ,eating different kinds of mooncakes and enjoying the full moon . We often chat with each other and tell the story of Chang’e .We have fun on that day .

情根据提示要点,以 The Dragon Boat Festival 为题。写一篇70词左右的短文,不必逐句翻译,可适当发挥。

1. 端午节是中国一个传统节日,它一般在六月份。多数中国家庭都庆祝这个节日。

2. 人们和家人或朋友聚在一起吃饭。通常人们都会吃一种特殊的食物---粽子。

3. 那天会有各种活动。比如赛龙舟比赛、把粽子往河里扔等。人们会玩得很开心。

参考词汇:traditional (传统的);race (比赛); throw(仍); such as(比如)

The Dragron Boat Festival is a traditional festival . It usually comes in June. Many Chinese families celebrate it . People with their family members and friends get together and have a big dinner . T hey usually have a special food---dumplings . There are lots of activities on that day such as dragron boat races,throwing dumplings into the river and so on. People will have fun .

请根据以下提示,以“Tom's lifestyle”为题,写一篇不少于50词的短文。

提示:1.Tom 今年13岁,是我们班的尖子生,但身体不太好; 2.他经常吃汉堡、鸡肉和冰淇淋,但很少吃蔬菜和水果; 3.他各顿饭之间还吃甜点,很少运动; 4.他觉得是改变他的饮食习惯和生活方式的时候了; 5.他打算每天跑步30分钟,每周游泳两次;多吃蔬菜,多喝水,因为水是最好的饮料,它不含有热量。

Tom's lifestyle

3 Tom is 13 years old. He is a top student in our class, but he is not healthy. He often eats hamburgers, chicken and ice cream. He seldom eats vegetables and fruit. He also eats sweet food between meals. He doesn't like sports. He feels that it's time for him to change his diet and lifestyle. He plans to run for 30 minutes every day and go swimming twice a week. He wants to eat more vegetables and drink much water, because water is the best drink. It has no calories. On the second floor, there are five clothes shops and a shoe shop. And a big cinema is on the top floor. I often go there to see films. I can buy all kinds of things in this mall. I like shopping here very much.

按照提示写一篇短文, 并可以展开想象,适当发挥。要求:字数80左右。短文的开头已给出,不计入总词数: 我是Frank 。我13岁。我很胖因为我吃甜食太多。我想打篮球, 但我跑得不快。我计划改变我的饮食和生活方式。因为我想保持健康。现在早餐我总是吃一个苹果喝一些牛奶。中饭我吃一碗米饭和蔬菜。晚饭我吃一些面包喝一些果汁。我每天早上锻炼半小时。现在我变得苗条了。

My name is Frank, I’m 13years old. I’m very fat because I eat too much sweet snacks. I want to play basketball to get fit but I cannot run fast.

I plan to change my diet and lifestyle to keep healthy. So now, I always have an apple and some milk for breakfast. For lunch, I often eat a bowl of rice and vegetables. And I often have some bread and juice for supper. To get thinner, I do exercise for half an hour in the morning every day, I ’m now becoming slimmer than before.


Simon 在七年级一班,他每天上八节课。他最喜爱的科目是英语和音乐。他通常早上6:00起床。6:30在家吃早饭。他不喜欢吃汉堡,早饭他常常吃些牛奶,面包和鸡蛋。中午12:00,他在学校吃午饭。他常常吃一碗饭,一些肉和蔬菜。有时,他吃鱼。放学后,他和同学们一起进行课外活动。6:00他步行回家,晚上他常常和父母亲一起吃晚饭。他十点钟上床睡觉。

Simon ia in Class 1 Grade 7 . He has eight claases every day . His favorite subject is English and music . He ususlly gets up at 6 in the morining . He has breakfast at home . He dislikes (eating) hamburgers . He often has milk ,bread and eggs for breakfast . At noon , he has lunch at school . He often has a bowl of rice , some meat and vegetables . Sometimes he has fish . After school , he goes to do after-school activities with his classmates . He walks to home at 6p.m. . He often has dinner with his family in the evening . He goes to ben at 10 p.m. .

注意:不要逐句翻译以上要点,可适当发挥。词数: 80词左右。

请根据要点提示, 写一篇60-80词的小短文。 要点提示:

1. 我家附近有一家名叫Star Shopping Mall购物中心; 2. 购物中心总共有六层, 里面有许多店铺, 如餐馆、快餐店、书店、服装店、鞋店、体育用品商店等;

3. 购物中心早上9点开始营业, 晚上10点关门; 4. 每天都有大批的顾客光临。

There is a shopping mall called Star Shopping Mall near my home . There are five floors of shops in it . There are many different shops like restaurant shops 、fast food shops、bookshops 、clothes shops、shoe shops and sports shops and so on . The shopping mall is open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. . There are many people in it every day .

根据下面的提纲,写一篇描述Star Shopping Mall 的文章, 字数不少于80词,可以适当添加内容,注意分段。 Good location—near a bus stop and a taxi rank

Floors —four

4 The ground floor—many restaurants, food from different countries

The first floor—a music shop, a toy shop and a supermarket, ...

The second floor— some clothes shops, a spots shop and a bookshop

The top floor—a big cinema

Kate 想要为Daniel 设计一套参加服装表演的服装。请你根据表格内的信息提示,以My design为题,帮助Kate 介绍她的设计。要求:


Hello, I’m Kate . Next week ,we are going to have a fashion show . I am designing some clothes for Daniel now .

I ’m sure Daniel will like the clothes . I hope he can have a good time in the show!

请根据表格中所给的提示,写一篇短文介绍你的网友Mike 。 要求:1) 字数在80左右,不得出现真实校名和姓名。

My online friend

假如你是Amy ,你妈妈的生日快到了,你想为妈妈买个漂亮的发夹:售货员向你推荐了一个绿色的,但是它要卖60多元,太贵了。你只有35元。后来,售货员又向你推荐了一个蓝色的,只要30。你决定买下它。因为它可以跟你妈妈的白色衬衫相配。

I ’m Amy . My mother’s birthday is coming . I want to buy beautiful hair clips for my mother as birthday presents . There are greens ones in the shop . But they cost 6oyuan . They are too expensive . There are blue ones in the shop ,too . They are only 30 yuan . I’ll take them . Because they match my mother’s white blouse .