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一、假如你是Henry, 你校的乐队需要一名歌手,要求会唱会跳,能演奏多种乐器。你正符合这些要求,而且也想加入,要求你写一封展示自己才能的信。要使用单词正确,语句通顺。

Dear friends,

My name is Henry. I am 15 years old. I like music very much. I can sing and dance very well. And I can play many kinds of instruments. I can play the violin, the piano, the drums and so on. I want to join the school band. May I?


二、作为一名学生,你喜欢你现在的学校吗?你希望将来的学校是什么样子?请展开你的想象,以“Our Future School”为题,写一篇70-80词左右的文章。 Our Future School

This is our school in fifteen years. We will have a large classroom. There will be a satellite(卫星) TV in our classroom. Everyone will have a computer on the desk. We won’t use paper or pens. We will study on the Internet. Our school is very nice and beautiful. It will be warm all the year round. We like our future school.

随着网络的发展,人们的消费观念的转变,购物方式也在悄然地发生变化,“网购”成为一种时尚,越来越多的学生也正加入到网购的群体当中。请你根据一下表格的提示,写一篇网上购物的文章。 优点 1. 足不出户,避免拥挤、劳累 2.省时省钱 缺点

1. 只能看到图片,看不到商品本身 2. 容易购买到不太需要的东西

Because of the Internet, many people begin to enjoy shopping online. It is popular now and is changing our way of life. Some of us students also go online and shop for things. Shopping online has many advantages. You don’t have to shop at the supermarket with many people in it and you will not get tired. You can save not only time but also money. It also has some disadvantages. You can only see pictures. You can’t see the products. It’s easy for you to buy what you don’t need.


It was my mother’s birthday last Sunday. All the families were together at home. There was a big smile on everyone’s face. There was a big birthday cake. I like eating cakes. There was a big dinner. Some nice food was on the table. We were very happy.

五、根据表格内容,写一写Mike 生活中的事情。

姓名 Mike 出生地 伦敦 五岁 随父母来北京

六岁 开始上学,结交了许多中国朋友 两年后


Mike was born in London. When he was five years old he came to Beijing with his parents. At the age of six, he started school and make lots of Chinese friends. Two years later. Mike left Beijing because his parents went back to London .

六、你们举行了一个班会,讨论应该怎么做个好学生。请以“How to be a good student”为题,写一篇英语短文

内容要点:1. 按时到校2. 上课认真听讲,放学后完成作业、学会放松等3. 与同学友好相处,互相帮助4. 在家为父母做些力所能及的家务活(洗碗、打扫卫生等) 要求:词数:80个左右。2. 必须包括全部要点,但不能逐词翻译,可适当发挥。 We had a class meeting to talk about to be a good student.

Here are some rules. First, don’t be late for school. Second, listen to the teachers carefully in class and finish the homework after school. Also, learn to relax yourself. Then get on well with your classmates and help each other. Finally, try your best to help parents do some housework, like doing the dishes and cleaning the house.

I think I will be an excellent student.

七、以My musical habits(习惯) 为题写一篇70个词左右的短文,介绍你的音乐爱好,内容要点包括:1. 介绍你的音乐爱好。2. 每天晚饭后弹半小时的钢琴;3. 你喜欢的流行音乐,在上学和放学路上经常听MP3,也能唱很多流行歌曲;4。有时去听音乐会。

I love music and I have some good musical habits. I enjoy playing musical instruments, listening to music and singing songs as well. I practice playing the piano for half an hour after school. In this way, I learn many popular songs. So I can sing lots of them now. And sometimes my parents take me to concerts. Music makes me happy and comfortable. Music makes my life rich and colorful. Music is really important to me.

八、假如你是小明,在十五中工作,今天早晨在上班的路上丢了手提包。提包里有一只钢笔,一把钥匙和一些现金。你的联系电话是:15811913306. 请根据以上信息写一份寻物启事,50个词左右。


I lost my handbag on the way to work this morning. There is a pen, a key to the door and some money in it.Will the finder please come to the No.15 Middle School or call me? My telephone number is 15811913306.

My name is Xiao Ming . Thank you very much!

九、在未来,人们的生活将会变得更好:不出门就可以购物;孩子们可以在家里通过电脑接受教育;机器人将帮助人们做家务。请根据以上提示,以“Life in the future”为题写一篇英文小短文。要求:1 不要逐词翻译,可适当发挥。 2 60个词左右 Life in the future

Life in the future will be much bettter than it is now. There will be a robot in each home, and robot will help us do housework, and people will have more time to relax .Each family will have a computer. We can do the shopping on the Internet. The students won ’t go to school. They can study at home with the help of computers.

In a word,our life will be much more beautiful in the future,don’t you think so?

十一 上周末,你和朋友去长城玩,现在你打算将游玩的情况介绍给你的英国笔友Mike, 同时邀请他来玩。下面是几点提示:

1 在校门口会面,八点出发,乘公共汽车;2 天气晴朗而暖和;3 到达目的地后,爬了长城,购物,认识了一些新朋友;4 下午5点回家,虽然有点累但玩得很开心!

Last weekend,I visited the Great Wall with my friends.We met at the school gate ,and started at 8:00. We went there by bus. It was sunny and warm. After we arrived ,we climbed the Great Wall, did some shopping, made a few new friends. At 5:00, we went back home. We were tied but very happy.Can you come over to China and go there with us ? I am sure you will have a good time.



My family are going on holiday to Dalian this summer. Dalian is a big and clean city. The weather there is very good. We are going to stay there for a week. We are going to go swimming in the sea and enjoy delicious food. We also want to make some new friends. We are going to have an interesting holiday there.

你梦想中的将来的学校是什么样子呢?轻易下面表格中的提示,以“My Dream School in the Future”为题写一篇短文,描述你梦想中的学校。 My Dream School in the Future

In the Future, the school will be very big and beautiful. There will be many computers in every classroom. And we can search information from Internet. The playground will be big. I can play football or play basketball there. Teachers are very kind friendl

y and may be they will play with us between the classes. Homework will be less, also we can send homework by email.

1. 介绍当时的学校名称、班级情况。

2. 介绍老师或同学的名字、年龄、出生地。 3. 他们的性格特征。

The name of my primary school was ShiYan primary school. When I was in Grade One. There were 30 students in my class. My English tencher was Miss king . She was a beautiful young lady. She was strict but kind. She came from America. We all loved her. My best friend in primary school was Lucy . She was an active girl. She came from England. She was good at singing and dancing. We played and studied together. I love my life in primany school.

介绍乔布斯(Steve Jobs)的生平,内容包括:

1. 他于1955年2月24日出生于California. 他的座右铭(motto ):Stay hungry, stay foolish.

2. 他于1972年高中毕业,在俄勒冈州(Oregon )上了一学期大学。

3. 他于1975年4月1日建立(establish )了苹果公司,1985年退休(retire ),1997年重返苹果,2011年8月24日再次退休。 4. 他于2011年10月5日逝世。 Steve Jobs was born on February 24th, 1955 in California. His motto was “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” He graduated from high school in 1972 and studied in a college in Oregonf for one term. He eatablished the Apple Company on April 1st, 1976 and retires from it in 1985. he returned to Apple in 1997. But he retired again on August 24th, 2011. He died on October 5th, 2011.

假如你是露西,来自伦敦,上周和父母来到中国,昨天你们在北京旅行。请给你的朋友Jack 写一封电子邮件,描述你们昨天的旅行情况。 Dear Jack,

Here I am in China. I arrived here with my parents by plane last week. Yesterday we visited Beijing. In the morning, we went to the Great Wall. We took many pictures there. In the afternoon, we went shopping. I bought some gifts. In the evening, we ate jiaozi in a big restaurant. I was tired but I was very happy yesterday. Best wishes! Yours, Lucy