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第 1 页 共 1 页 【四级预测作文1】 The Importance of Diligence

Directions :For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Importance of Diligence by commenting on the proverb“Diligence is the mother of good luck.”You should write at least 120 words but no more than180 words.

范文The Importance of Diligence

“Diligence is the mother of good luck ” ,as the saying goes,which means hard work and one ’s life and career.There are some reasons as follows.Firstly, spirit is an indispensable quality that makes a person standout,as most people are endowed with almost the same IQ.Secondly,diligence leads to laziness must result in failure.An idle man indulges himself in creaturemind.

in all,I hold the view that diligence is crucial in one’s life.

【四级预测作文2】 Attitude Is Everything

Directions : Everything by commenting on the proverb,“” You

范文Attitude Is Everything

, “” which means

we feel. On the about active life,because to be in a good ’

In such a rat-race to encounter difficulties.In my opinion,we should “attitude is everything”.

【四级预测作文3】 Directions : Learning by commenting on Abigail ’s famous remark, “Learning is not attained by chance ;it must be sought for with passion and attended to with diligence.”You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

范文The Way of Learning

Abigail Adams once said,“Learning is not attained by chance;it must be sought for with passion and attended to with diligence.” It is to say that learning is an enduring process in which one should exert oneself with desire for knowledge.

On the contrary,some people hold the idea that there is a shortcut in learning,and drag themselves to look for easy ways to study. 。From my point of view,I am totally in favor of Abigail Adams’s remark. For one thing,passion i of ultimate importance in learning,as interest is the best teacher. For another,one should resort to hard work and perseverance to acquire knowledge.Rome was not built in a day.Diligence and determination will be rewarded,as God loves those who spare no effort to cultivate themselves.In a word,learning is a life-long process

第 2 页 共 2 页 which requires passion and diligence.

【四级预测作文4】 Abilities and Good Looks

Directions :For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Abilities and Good Looks by commenting on the old saying,“Never judge a person by his appearance.” You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

范文Abilities and Good Looks We are often told not to judge people by their appearance, because for a person, abilities are far

more important than appearance. Throughout history,there are examples of However, nowadays some people hold the belief that appearance abilities,partly

interviews and have been given more opportunities firmly it is always one’looks were born to them,abilities have to be gained throughof hardworking which speak more of people’time while good looks only fade.Eventually,it is the that it is looks.

【四级预测作文5】 Directions : ’ Living without an aim ” words.

范文—just like the dead water ’s motivated when they want to the they set for themselves and have a sense of fulfillment when they setting goals one could take good control of energy being confused about what to do. a clear direction and certain plans, one will readily get what he/she wants.Consequently, we could draw the conclusion that we should live with a target, as a goal-oriented life is an active way of living. Without a clear purpose, we might feel at sea, squandering our time and opportunities.

【四级预测作文6】 How to Cultivate the Sense of Responsibility?

1. 培养责任感非常重要2. 大学生如何培养责任感

范文How to Cultivate the Sense of Responsibility?

Recently, the whole society is concerned about the image crisis of college students. Reports of campus crimes and demoralization emerge from time to time. Therefore it is urgently important to cultivate students ’ sense of responsibility to make them responsible for their own lives. Sense of responsibility is not natured but nurtured. Two possible initiatives could be taken to nurture students’sense of responsibility. On the one hand, this quality should become part of moral education curriculum and be taught in classroom. When the young are awakened to the

第 3 页 共 3 页 point of being dutiful, they would make a difference. On the other hand, the students should have extra-curriculum activities to practice this quality. Military training and duty shift are only some of the successful examples to strengthen students’ sense of responsibility. Everyone must be responsible for oneself, the family and the country. With a sense of responsibility, a family becomes strong as a unit, a community benefits largely in its development and ultimately a whole nation progresses.

【四级预测作文7】 How to Handle the Past Glory?

1. 学会对待过去的辉煌对大学生非常重要2. 应如何处理过去的辉煌

范文How to Handle the Past Glory?

step into their dream school only to find that they become nobody glory as top students is totally ignored and out

Learning to handle the past glory is essential to a happy break. We should let the past be past and never live on those that stop us from going ahead. What ’s more, try to draw upon past glory. and In short, past glory to the past, can no represent our present more glorious future.

【四级预测作文8】 1. 目前垃圾分类不遍忽视垃类带来哪响3. 我们应该„

Waste Sorting

with all sorts of wastes mixed together are seen ’

t of

Waste sorting should be advocated,no matter from the perspective of economy or environment.Everyone should do their best by starting from daily life.More importantly,more campaigns for waste sorting should be conducted to raise the public awareness.

【四级预测作文9】 What Should Be Taught in Universities?

1. 有人认为大学应该减少理论知识的传授,而转向实用型技能的训练2. 我的观点和理由 范文What Should Be Taught in Universities?

Recently, there has been a heated debate over what should be taught in universities. Some people propose that curriculum emphasis should be put on practical skills rather than on theories or impractical subjects such as literature and history. They believe that, under many circumstances, practical skills count more than basic theories and principles. And employers expect their prospective staff to acquire some experience so that they do not have to learn from scratch.

第 4 页 共 4 页 Therefore, further education should aim at ensuring graduates to find a good job.

However, I strongly oppose the foregoing points. The purpose of higher education is not only to help students make a living, but also to inherit civilization and carry it towards the future. Any profit or market orientation would definitely undermine its base. Besides, practical achievements originate from basic theoretical research. It may be hard for students to know how-to practical skills without equipment with why-to theory. Finally, courses like history and know who we are and gain the meaning of life.

All in all, whatever we may put in the university curriculum, we should u nderrate basic theory education. It represents the essence of our civilization.

【四级预测作文10】 There Is No End to Learning

1. 学无止境2. 请论证此观点 文they got rid of learning once and for all. Actually, instead of high time for us to reaffirm the significance of the proverb to learning.

There are several reasons accounting for the necessity lifelong what we thirst for knowledge can never be satisfied. the more we ins ights into the world we’ yesterday may be out of date out to be tomorrow. must keep learning in All in all, we should stop learning even our Keep acquiring new knowledge, and you’【四级预测作文11

1. “富人应不应善事业一话已经全社会关注2. 有人认为富人理所应该做出贡,人持反对意3. 我的法

范文There is a general the that people with deep pockets giveaway assets to charity business. different opinions about the donation. Some people take it for granted that d onate. Firstly, as the gap between the rich ’s reform and opening-up policy, and they should therefore do charity work as a return to our society.

However, still others think differently. In their opinions, the rich’s success mainly depends on their individual struggle, and they do not necessarily need to take the responsibility of charity. Besides, donations should be purely voluntary. No pressure should be brought on the wealthy to force them to subscribe.

For my part, charitable donations should be made on a completely voluntary basis rather than on social pressure. If their priorities are all about making quality products , treating employees well, being good to the environment and paying taxes,it is another kind of contribution to the charity cause.

【四级预测作文12】Should Schools Offer Handwriting/Swimming Lessons?

1. 越来越多的学校开设书法/游泳课2. 对此人们有不同的意见3. 我的看法

范文Should Schools Offer Handwriting/Swimming Lessons?

第 5 页 共 5 页 To prevent the decline of handwriting among students, some schools begin to offer handwriting lessons and set strict requirements on class hours for the lesson. Besides, students’ homework must be handwritten, and should not be typed on a computer. Their handwriting levels are used to evaluate the quality of teaching.

However, this act has aroused a wide public debate over whether the handwriting lessons are necessary. Some people believe that we should cling to handwriting because it is an artistic expression of one ’s education background, personality and ’s more, it is the basic part of Chinese culture. Finally, the mere touch and smell of ink are pleasant hold that modern communication requirements rely mostly on typing. is no point of riting is not as efficient as typing, and therefore it isn’Personally, I think whether or not to have the handwriting students to decide. It is better to offer handwriting lessons as them compulsory.

【四级预测作文13】 On Internet Celebrities

1. 当今社会,越来越多的人通过网络一夜成名2. 现象人们褒看法 范文On Internet Celebrities

Nowadays, there emerge various of celebrities. In spite differences in style and their stories, they something in they all great fame overnight through the Internet.

le famous. However,this The Internet for show himself and express himself freely.

Besides, the celebrities rise to encouraged ordinary people who dream of becoming a little of the Internet celebrities. rather than on people’’s more, many Internet celebrities please the Therefore, they exert a on people ’s values,which is harmful for the development of culture.

As far as I’m concerned, we should be more open-minded to the Internet celebrities. In real life, they may be as ordinary as you and me, however, they are brave enough to pursue their dreams and bring fun to millions of people, which is worthy of admiration.

【四级预测作文14】 Low-carbon Life

1. 低碳生活悄然出现2. 低碳生活的意义3. 我的看法 范文Low-carbon Life

Low-carbon life refers to a kind of lifestyle with low energy consumption and less carbon emissions while still maintaining personal comfor ts. More and more Chinese people have embraced this lifestyle, not out of fascination with something new, but out of an echo of an urgent call from the earth with its environmental problems going from bad to worse.

It is advisable to lead a low-carbon life. For one thing, it is significant in alleviating the energy crisis and producing less pollution. For instance, if everyone chooses to share a car or walk to work, we could save a great deal of oil, which in turn cuts down the amount of

第 6 页 共 6 页 emissions.

For another, the low-carbon lifestyle makes us reflect on the way we live and improves our environmental awareness. It requires people to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

Therefore we start to use energy-efficient light bulbs, turn to public transportation, and spend more time in the open air rather than in front of computer or TV. This helps us cultivate a positive attitude towards life.

For my part, I ’m totally supportive of the low-carbon lifestyle, conserve fossil resources for future generations as well as brings many environmental The more low-carbon our life becomes, the better off our earth will be.

【四级预测作文15】 1. 自2011年1月起,中国内地将在公共场所完全禁烟生部成功戒烟 一年的职工给予500元奖励。2. 对这一奖励措施,不同的的我法范文Should People Win Prize by Quitting Smoking?

It is announced officially that smoking will be forbidden in any of employment and public vehicles since January of 2011. To the Ministry of Health also stipulated that the staff would 500 yuan in quitting smoking for one year.People embrace attitudes Some ’

As far as I’Only when health make up their minds to get rid of

【四级预测文 ’ 1. 现在世界各地出现习语汉热的原我的看法 范文On Foreigners ’ Learning Chinese

There have been growth in learning Chinese among foreigners in

oth economically and culturally and the tight cooperation between countries in the world. First of all, with China ’s growing international influence and raising status, many foreign companies have enlarged demands for talents with Chinese proficiency. Secondly, the Confucius culture appeals to more and more people all over the world. The Chinese language serves as a key for them to appreciate the splendid Chinese culture and to understand its extensive and profound cultural connotation. Finally, to have a grasp of

Chinese language will enhance the mutual understanding between foreigners and the Chinese, which promotes the cultural exchanges. It’s a glory that our mother tongue enjoys international fame and favor. We take great pride in the prosperity of our motherland. As college students, we should try our best for the promotion

and popularization of our language and culture.

【四级预测作文17】 How to Cultivate Striving Spirit?

第 7 页 共 7 页 1. 社会上不少人认为,现在的青年学生缺乏拼搏精神2. 为什么会产生这一现象3. 我的看法

范文How to Cultivate Striving Spirit?

Nowadays, it seems that the young generation lacks striving spirit. Whenever caught in trouble, they tend to give up without a try. And they hold a pessimistic attitude towards life. There are many factors contributing to young people’s lack of striving spirit. In the first place, most of ’eye. Parents would do anything for them so the young don’ Secondly, they have been overprotected from the real worsurvive. When coming across a sticky problem, they will be totally are vicious Circle. As far as I ’m concerned, the whole the young generation ’hand, parents should no longer spoil their children. If their ask him to strive for it by himself. On the other hand, to cultivate students ’ independence and good characters. I believe our young generation’

【四级预测作文18】 1. 学习英语的热潮已经风靡全国,甚至有家长让子从幼儿园时期就学英语

2. 对此不同的人有不同的看3. 我的看 范文Should We English from Kindergarten?

importance phenomenon and quickly. from cultivate children ’s interest in English and a solid for On the contrary, there are some others who disagree that in kindergarten are too young to learn both English and the time. They can be confused by the similarity between Pinyin and English adversely affect both the learning of the two languages. As for me, I think for children to learn English from kindergarten, However, one thing that should be noted is that the teaching material for children be closely linked with their ever yday life and things they are concerned about. Only in this way can kids develop an interest in English and learn it happily.

【四级预测作文19】 How to Reduce Drunken Driving

1. 酒驾频现引起广泛关注2. 酒驾的危害3. 为了减少酒驾,我们应该„

How to Reduce Drunken Driving

Currently, as a mass of reports on deaths and injuries caused by drunken driving are all over the news ,the phenomenon of drunken driving has aroused nationwide concern. Drunken driving will undoubtedly give rise to severe consequences if we turn a blind eye to it. In the first place, it will put the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians under threat by causing traffic accidents, injuries or even deaths. After that, it means a mournful waste of time and money to treat the injured and fix the crashed cars. In addition, the irresponsible behaviors of the drunken drivers may lead to the un stabilization of the society. Prompt and effective measures should be

第 8 页 共 8 页 taken to reduce drunken driving before things get worse. On the one hand, it is essential that laws and regulations should be strictly enforced to impose heavy penalty on those who violate the rules. On the other, more efforts should be made to arouse public consciousness, such as propagating the bad influence of drunken driving. Only in this way can drunken driving be reduced.

【四级预测作文20】 Reading on the Internet 近


3.7 7.5 27.8 36.5 44.7

1. 描述上面的图表2. 分因3. 我的看法

范文As can be seen from ’s reading rate has changed greatly from the 2009. witnessed a sharp increase in the To account for this phenomenon,

network, you can have to cyber world. Second, the rich Internet resources enable people to read almost want for free and within a few clicks. What ’s more, the bigger package of as photos, MP3, HTML, PPT makes online pect the copyrights of the authors and resist the negative impacts from spamming, porn and violence while making use of a vast amount of information on the Internet.

【四级预测作文21】 ShouldWe Keep up Dialects?

1. 某地方政府在电视节目上加强方言的推广,这一行为引起人们的热议2. 有人反对这种行为,有人赞成3. 我如何看待方言 范文Should We Keep up Dialects?

A plan by a local government to enforce the protection of dialect on TV programs caused fierce debate recently. The event has met with a mixed public reaction. Supporters argue that great importance of cultural heritage should be attached to dialects.

They should protect dialects by teaching them to the younger generation and encouraging their use on TV and in daily life. What ’s more, they feel their roots need to be recognized, remembered and kept alive in order to ensure the surviving of their character and identity. Opponents, however, believe that the popularization of mandarin will emphasize the concept of

第 9 页 共 9 页 “one China” and contribute to the national unity. On the other hand, speaking mandarin may help remove barriers of communication among Chinese. After all, some dialects are not easy to understand. In my opinion, it’s necessary to popularize standard Chinese, but not at the cost of dialects

dying out. We may take a bi-lingual approach. We use mandarin on important occasions such as meetings and forums for smooth communication, and we also keep up dialects in private gatherings for heritage, for close connection, or just for fun.

【四级预测作文22】 Conducting Moral Education in Colleges

1. 当代大学生的道德水平下降亟需加强道德教育2. 道德教育的益处3. 进行道德教育 范文Conducting Moral Education in Colleges

In the era of economic globalization, college students become tolerant to the to conduct moral education in college. begin with, it strongly guarantees to upgrade the overall joint efforts of schools, parents and society. Mostshould enjoy priority and be integrated into allresearch and activities. Besides, great importance’ 【四级预测作文23】 1. 闹市区和马路上有很丐,其中很多是“乞丐2. 种现象的原因和对社会的影响3. 如何解问题 文Nowadays there the streets. Many of them are “professional ” Why could “”gain its society, whose citizens have been enjoying a much many reasons accounting for this phenomenon. First of disabled, which makes it impossible for who usually don’t ork, don’t want to make a living through physical money from others is not tiring but helps them make money easily. The prevalence of beggars does great harm to social morality. It propagates laziness and cheating and goes against the “labor is glorious”spirit. To solve this problem, the government can take many measures, such as: holding some free skill trainings for the peasants and the unemployed, reinforcing the control of floating population, and perfecting the salvation towards the disabled. Only in this way can the“professional ” beggars

be under control.

【四级预测作文24】 Social Networking Sites

1. 如今各种社交网站很流行2. 人们对此看法不一3. 我的看法 范文Social Networking Sites

The popularity of social networking sites has grown by leaps and bounds over th e past few years.An increasing number of people have registered to become members of some social networking sites,which have become a part of their daily life. However,people ’s attitudes towards social networking sites diverge greatly.For the supporters,sharing feelings and

第 10 页 共 10 页 experiences with their friends is their first concern,which is indispensable for a healthy life.Besides,social networking sites cater to people’s need to find some ways to relax after work. In contrast to the above,the adversaries doubt the feasibility of protecting users ’ privacy online.Additionally,they maintain that it is a waste of time and energy,for things on the websites differ greatly from those in the real world. For my part,I am firmly convinced that social networking sites can be very helpful.As long as 考 we can avoid the potential dangers involved,it will serve as a good platform in our lives.

【四级预测作文25】 On Power Failure

1. 很多城市缺电现象严重2. 分析原因3. 提出建议 范Recent years, there is a great shortage of elect ricity supply in many problem of power failure seems have gone from bad to worse.The factors that to the frequent before, so most working places and households are

air-conditioned, which consume additional electricity. It is to power failure. First, we have an unbalanced power distribution. of the country have surplus electricity supply. So, cities that thirsty turn to remote help. Second, we should build up the of saving and keep it as a daily habit. Third, some concrete can be as setting your air-conditioners at 26℃ or factories to shift working hours to

【四级预测作文26】 ’ 1. 大学生逃课现象日趋2. 大学生逃课现象的3. 我认为如预防逃课现象的发生 范文 Some of the may in b ut the majorities are just missing without There are to this phenomenon. In the first ’ horizons have been that the classes are se more strict with themselves and spend time on their academic work. More importantly, college teachers ought to be more responsible for the students. Also, a competition mechanism among teachers need be introduced.

【四级预测作文27】 Students ’ Rating of Their Teachers

1. 学生给老师打分已很普遍2. 人们对其有不同的态度3. 我的看法 Students ’ Rating of Their Teachers

Student ’s rating of their teachers is widely applied as a reference for personnel decisions and construction of the faculty system in colleges and universities today. However, debates over the validity and credibility of this method are on a rise. Those who favor this rating method argue that it will put teachers under the pressure to

improve their quality of teaching. They will care more for students’ all-around development, not merely focusing on their academic achievements. In addition, students ’ rating of their teachers could shed lights on the shortcomings of classroom teac hing and offer significant

第 11 页 共 11 页 advices on education. The opponents, however, believe that students are not professionally qualified to judge such matters as test efficiency and teaching competence. Besides, they may rate their teachers according to their preferences instead of objective evaluation. Their biased evaluations will lead to misinterpretation and are useless. As for me, although the validity of such ratings is questioned, under certain circumstances,comments from students can be valuable in helping teachers change their teaching methods and making them more flexible. Students ’ rating is a voice from the teaching target and therefore

should be heard and respected.

【四级预测作文28】 My Opinion on Campus Lectures

1. 大学里有各种各样的讲座2. 这些讲座对学生有什么作用3. 我的看

范文My Opinion on Campus Lectures

Posters and notices about lectures can be seen academic campus life and are worthy of students ’ sincere Generally speaking, we should keep in mind several one hand, campus lectures are informative and helpful. Academic introduce one they are interested in or major in. On the other campus They shed

light on various 四级预测作文including literature, art and expanding our often give campus lectures impress us life courage and faith through their

’ll find it rewarding.

【四级预测作文 1. 目前,很人“高等教用” ,高对好工作、高收入没有任何作用

2. 我的看法 文 value of higher education is by people. They hold a negative idea that higher education can’ and other lifelong benefits. For example, all the experiences of university life, including academic lectures and social practices, forge our personality and cultivate such virtues as discipline, solidarity and openness. Second, higher education can enrich our knowledge and prepare us for the further education. It also develops our ability to seek the truth. Finally, we may find lifelong friends in the

ivory tower.All in all, we shouldn’t be restrained by our short-sightedness or focus merely on the present-day rewards like good jobs and high salary. Instead, we should realize the fact that higher education is a lifetime’s worth of experience and will pay off eventually.

【四级预测作文30】 Online Games

1. 现在有一些大学生沉迷于网络游戏,家长和学校对此忧心忡忡2. 但有人认为网络游戏并非一无是处3. 我的看法 范文Online Games

As a product of modern technology, online games have become very popular among college

第 12 页 共 12 页 students. Many students have enjoyed the pleasure and excitement from these games. But as we see, some students who are lack of self-discipline indulge in these games so much that their health and academic performances are affected. This phenomenon has cause great concern from the teachers and parents. However, some others argue that online games are not always harmful. They can train the ability of youngsters to respond to things quickly. Moreover, they can stimulate their imagination and their interest in computer science. More importantly, it does online games are a wonderful entertainment if you play them in a way. When they interfere too much with your study, it is better for you to give them up atenough self-control, you can certainly obtain real pleasure and b