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题目:A Happy Day in Spring

提示:下图是Mr. Black 一家人在春天的某一天在野外游玩的场景。请用一般现在时描写图中所呈现出的内容。可作适当的想象和发挥。



A Happy Day in Spring

It’s spring. It’s sunny and cloudy today. There are many big trees in the park. Mr. Black’s family has a picnic in a park. They bring much food there. They bring fruit, drink and bread. Mr. Black and Mrs. Black talk with each other. They talk very happily. Ann reads a magazine. Tom likes flying a kite. The kite flies very well. They are hungry now. They want to eat their food. They are very happy.

2、根据给出的材料,用一般将来时写一写Mike 这个周末的活动计划。 Saturday Sunday read a magazine go to the zoo buy a book

Learn Kungfu watch TV

Mike is a student. He is my good friend. He is busy at the weekend. He is going to read a magazine this Saturday morning. He is going to go to the zoo this Saturday afternoon. He is going to buy a book this Sunday morning. He is going to learn Kungfu this Sunday afternoon. He is going to watch TV this Sunday evening.


Mary 是个英国女孩,五年级学生,十二岁。她向别人自我介绍,并介绍她的家庭。她有个双胞胎姐姐,爸爸是医生,妈妈是老师,她非常爱他们,他们也很爱她。

My name is Mary. I come from England. I am an English girl. I am a student. I am in Grade Five. I like my teacher. Her English is good. There are four people in my family. I have a twin sister. My father is a doctor. My mother is a teacher. I love them very much. They love me, too.

介绍你的家人 There are four people in my family. They are my parents, my sister and I. My father is the oldest and the tallest. He can drive a car. He is a doctor. My mother is a factory worker. She works hard. My sister is a student. She is the best in her class. My hobby is playing basketball. My sister and I go to school on foot. I have a happy family. What about you?

4、题目: My net friend(我的网友)

要求:1. 条理清楚,意思连贯,语句通顺,标点正确,书写清晰、规范;


提示词:(1)computer (2)net friend (3) talk with each other(互相交谈)(4) in the chat room (在聊天室) (5)talk in English (用英语交谈) (6)good now

My net friend

I am Tony. I have a computer. I have a new friend. His name is Jack. He is 12 years old. He is a student. He likes surfing the net. We often talk with each other in the chat room. We talk in English. My English is good now. He is a good boy. I like him very much. Do you want to have a net friend?

5、提示:以“我的好朋友”为题,写一篇小短文,介绍Ann 的基本情况。


My good friend

I have a good friend. Her name is Ann. Her Chinese name is Wang Xiaolan. She is from England. She is in Beijing now. She is in Yuying Primary School. She is in Class Four, Grade Six. She is twelve. She has blue eyes and yellow hair. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a nurse. Her brother is five years old. She likes dancing, singing and watching TV. She is friendly and she likes to help others. What a good girl!

8、假设你是May, 请用不少于60个单词来向你的笔友Jay 介绍你的家庭情况,请在文中使用3个最高级和2个比较级。

Hi, Jay,

I’m very happy to be your pen -friends. I have a warm family. There are four people in my family. My father is the tallest and the oldest in my family. My mother is beautiful. She is a teacher. She is thinner than my father. I am a student. I am three years older than my sister. My sister is the youngest in my family. I love my family. What about you?



My Friends

I have two good friends. They’re Zhang Ping and Jim. Zhang Ping is 12. Jim is three years older than her. He’s 15. Jim is heavier than Zhang Ping. He’s 60 kilograms. Jim is taller than her. He’s 162cm. Zhang Ping is a Chinese girl. She lives in Xinhui. Jim is a Canadian boy. He lives in Guangzhou now. Zhang Ping likes red. Her favorite sport is badminton. Jim likes blue. His favorite sport is swimming. I like them very much.


My Weekend

I have happy weekend.

On Saturday morning I always have English classes at school. I study hard in the classroom. In the afternoon I often play computer games. On Sunday morning I often draw pictures. Sometimes I visit my grandmother and grandfather. Sometimes I listen to music. On Sunday afternoon I often do housework or go shopping.

So I love weekends.


My birthday

Yesterday was March 20th. It was my birthday. I had a party. I ate too much. Mike brought a carton of ice cream. Jenny brought some candy. Mary brought a lot of cookies. My mom made a cake. My dad bought a toy car for me. I was very happy. At the party we sang and danced. We had a good time.


My Favorite People

Who is your favorite person? My favorite person is my mother. She is beautiful. She is 38 years old. She is tall and thin. She has big eyes and long hair. She likes cooking. She cooks good meals for us every day. And she always does all the housework. She looks after my father and me. I love my mother very much.

13、请描写一下你的房间,注意要使用“there be ”句型。

My Bedroom

I have a nice and small bedroom. There is a beautiful bed and two small chairs. I also have a big and tall closet because I have many clothes. There is a big desk next to the window. I always do my homework at the desk. There is a family photo on the wall. We took this photo this summer holiday. I like my bedroom.


My School

I study at Yuying Primary School. My school is very big and beautiful. There are three buildings and a playground. There are many trees and flowers. My classroom is very big and bright. There are 60 students in it. They study hard and always help with each other. Our teachers are very nice and smart. I like my school.


Name :Bill

Favorite sports: tennis, soccer, basketball

Clothes: black, T-shirt, blue pants

Age: 13

Phone number: 5352375

My Friend

I have a good friend. We are in the same class. His name is Bill. He is 13. He likes sports very much. These sports are tennis, soccer and basketball. He plays tennis twice a week. He plays soccer twice a week. He plays basketball once a week. He often likes to wear black T-shirt and blue pants. His phone number is 5352375. Everyone likes him.


My favorite season

My favorite season is summer. It’s hot in summer. There is a summer vacation in summer. I don’t go to school. I think many children like this season, because they can eat ice-cream and go swimming. I can go swimming. Sometimes I go to the beach with my parents. Sometimes I go to the swimming pool with my friends. I usually visit many places in summer vacation.


My Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is rabbit. Its name is Sweet. Sweet has long ears. It’s very small. It’s white. It has a short tail. It has red eyes. It likes eating carrots. It likes jumping. It goes jumping three times a day. I like it very much. It’s lovely. It’s my best friend. I like the rabbit.


My hobby

My hobby is collecting stamps(集邮). There are many stamps in my room. I like stamps very much. There are many things on the stamps. They are colorful and beautiful. After school I usually go to the post office and there are many people there. I learn a lot from collecting stamps. I like collecting stamps very much.


My Winter Holiday

It’s January. My winter holiday is coming. I am going to go to Thailand. I will go there by plane. I like the food in Thailand. It’s spicy and tasty. In the winter holiday, I am going to play basketball. I am going to paint pictures, too. I will help my mother do some housework. I will be very happy in my winter holiday.

20、假设Jack 是10岁, 短发,1.5m, 50kg; 而May 是12岁, 长发,1.6m,45kg 。请运用学过的句型介绍和比较一下他们的特征。

Jack and May

I have two good friends. They are Jack and May. He is ten. He has short hair. He is 50kg now. And May is a beautiful girl. She has long hair. She is two years older than Jack. She is 12 now. She is taller than Jack. She is 1.6m. But Jack is heavier than May. May is 45kg. They are lovely students. I like them.