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. 随着网络不断深入人们生活,电子图书逐渐受到大众欢迎

2. 与传统图书相比,电子图书具有的优势

3. 我的看法


Printed Book or E-book?

As the computer and Internet technology heads the way into everyone's daily life, the printed world gradually loses its dominance. You can almost certainly see more people staring at Internet terminals than flipping through printed books.

Unlike printed books, you can purchase, download e-books you want to read in few minutes and start reading them without leaving your room. Besides, e-books take up less space. You can store hundreds and thousands of them in your computer. With modern technology, you can read e-books anywhere at any time, such as on the bus, train, airplane or while waiting in line. Last but not least, e-books are eco-friendly by not consuming paper, ink, etc.

However, in no way does it signal the end of printed books. Actually, not all books are available in e-book form. And the high cost of an e-book reader prevents much of the world's population from using e-books. Moreover, the rapidly changing technologies put old devices out of use, thus lead to more waste and pollution.



They are the so-called "Strawberry Generation". They look stylish and

sophisticated. They are soft and get hurt easily. They seem unbearablyspoilt and can't take much pressure.

The term was coined by a Taiwan writer in one of her books about office rules. It refers to the post-60s generation of office workers, who grew up in a protected environment and got easily dented(挫伤) —just like strawberries—by life's lightest knocks.

This expression is now finding its way into the mainland, and refers to young workers, of only child families, who have been active in the workforce for just a year or two. They are generally well educated but are self-centered and give too much importance to appearance and material comforts.

They are unwilling to work hard, give up easily to setbacks and often put personal interests before collective interests. The worst of them

are characterized as "puddings" or "bean curd"(豆腐).

Bosses often despair of this "Strawberry Generation". They can quit for any flimsy(站不住脚的) reason. They think well of themselves and sometimes even command their bosses and senior colleagues. Yet, their own performance can be wanting. Owner of a public relations agency in Beijing, Li interviewed a girl recently, who left her last job because many senior officials in her former company had been fired. She feared she would be next. But in fact, the company hadn't intended to dismiss her.

A) despair B) unbearabl y C) inevitably D) characterize d

E) worry F) comforts G) isolated H) generally I) pressure J) active K) wanting L) knocks M) confidenc e N) protected O) insensitivel y

1. 目前就业困难

2. 大学生自主创业是一种解决方案

3. 我的看法


Self-employment of College Graduates

According to a recent survey, a great number of university students can't find desired jobs upon graduation. The reason lies in the fact that too many university graduates have to compete for the limited job vacancies.

One possible solution to the problem is to encourage students to start their own business after graduation. That is so-called self-employment. On the one hand, self-employment provides many graduates with opportunities to enrich themselves, better themselves and fulfill themselves. On the other hand, it can effectively relieve the government of the burden of offering adequate positions for university graduates.

As far as I am concerned, it is quite hard for graduates to set up their own companies and actually only a small proportion of graduates are capable of doing so. Even if they have started their own businesses, they may still encounter lots of obstacles such as lack of funds and resources, which often lead to a failure. Once they fail, their confidence may be severely undermined. Therefore, in order to tackle this ticklish problem, the government should try hard to increase the job opportunities and provide full support for self-employed graduates. Only in this way can graduates have better chance of achieving success.


范文的第一段提出由于大学毕业生过多而导致就业困难;第二段提出了一种可能解决此问题的途径,即,鼓励大学毕业生自主创业,随后进一步指出这种途径的两个优势;第三段中作者根据作文题目的要求阐述了自己对于大学生自主创业的看法,并且在结尾部分提出针对大学生自主创业时遇到困难的解决措施。范文整体上按照作文题目的要求进行组织和安排,行文通顺流畅,类似on the one hand和on the other hand短语的运用使前后文衔接自然。范文中无语法错误,词语运用精准,表述准确。

Better think twice before choosing a password for emails, online bank accounts and airline tickets. Passwords that show no imagination or distinctiveness (与众不同) are easy prey for information pirates, a new U.S. study says.

A statistical analysis of 28,000 passwords recently stolen from a popular U.S. website and posted on the Internet reveals that people often do the easy thing.

It found that 16 percent took a first name as a password, often their own or one of their children, according to the study published by Information Week. Another 14 percent relied on the easiest keyboard combinations to remember such as "1234" or "12345678." For those using English keyboards, "QWERTY," was popular. Likewise, "AZERTY" scored with people using European keyboards.

Five percent of the stolen passwords were names of television shows or stars popular with young people like "hannah," inspired by singer Hannah Montana. "Spokesman," "Matrix," and "Ironman" were others.

The word "password," or easy to guess variations like "password1" accounted for four percent. Three percent of the passwords expressed attitudes like "I don't care," "Whatever," "Yes" or "No." There were sentimental choices —"Iloveyou" —and their opposite —"Ihateyou."

Robert Graham, of the company Errata Security, which did the analysis and published the conclusions, advises that to better protect against cyber intrusions (入侵) : "Choose a password that is longer than eight characters with one capital letter and one symbol."

A) statistical B) Otherwise C) reveals D) demonstration E) capital F) show G) cyber H) accounted I) Likewise J) amounts K) found L) own

M) special

N) attitudes O) opposite