Spring Festival 春节英语作文(带翻译)
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Spring Festival is my favourite festival. This year's Spring Festival is in February 8th. On New Year's Eve, everyone will wear new clothes. My parents and I will go to the Grandpa and grandma's home to eat Nian Yefan. This is the tradition of our family. At the dinner table, my grandmother will prepare a lot of dishes for us to cook hot pot. These dishes are very delicious. Everyone ate very happy. We have forgotten the troubles of the past year, happy to greet the new year. After dinner, I will go back home with my parents. In eight, I will be fireworks at the

threshold of our home. They are very beautiful. Doing this will make me feel very happy. After I put the fireworks, I will watch the Spring Festival Gala. The Gala adds a mood of celebration in the house as people laugh, discuss and enjoy the performance. At eleven, my parents gave me 200 yuan. This is my year's new year's money. 0 o'colck, the new year's bell sounded, we have ushered in the new year. I made a wish. I hoped that that we could have a happy and healthy life next year and everyone in my family could be happy.

The first day of the new year, my father and I had the red antithetical Spring Festival couplets on our doors. Every Spring Festival, both urban and rural areas, each household must select a red couplets affixed to the door in order to increase the festive atmosphere. I also cleaned the room with my mom. After the event, I will visit friends and relatives with my parents. This is the custom of the Chinese people to celebrate the Spring Festival.

This is my Spring Festival holiday, I had a very happy. What about you?