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1、2000. 1 真题

You are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic How I Finance My College Education? You should write at least 100 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

1. 上大学的费用可以通过多种途径解决

2. 哪种途径适合我(说明理由)

How I Finance My College Education?

Every year, thousands of young men enter universities and colleges. It has been a problem for the students and their families how to finance their college education.

In fact, the problem can be dealt with in many ways. The most common way is to get all the money from the parents. If their parents can‟t produce the tuition and the fees, students can apply a loan from the bank. There is still another way. Students can finance their education by doing some part-time jobs in their spare time.

As for me, my parents can pay the greater part of the tuition and fees for me. So, I won‟t have a heavy financial burden, and I can put all my heart into study. I would like to pay the rest by doing a part-time job. Although my parents are able to pay all the tuition and fees for me, I just want to know more about the society by my own working experience. Therefore, I choose this way to finance my college education.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic How to succeed in a Job Interview? You should write at least 100 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

1. 面试在求职过程中的作用

2. 取得面试成功的因素

How to Succeed in a Job Interview?

Nowadays, students must seek jobs by themselves. Job interview is the first step leading to the success of their employment. It is clear that succeeding in a job interview is very important.

There are some ways to ensure your success in a job interview. First, you should be well prepared for all the information about you, such as your diploma certification, you credit records, certification about your awards, publications, if there is any, and the last but not the least, a carefully designed resume, in both Chinese and English.

Second, you must pay much attention to your appearance, including your dress and your behavior. You should dress properly. While talking with the interviewer, you should listen to him attentively, accompanied with proper eye contact and a timely nod of head.

Third, you must be confident about yourself. Your smiling face is the best way to show your confidence and friendliness. You should be also honest, especially when talking about yourself.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter. Suppose you are Zhang Ying. Write a letter to Xiao Wang, a schoolmate of yours who is going to visit you during the week-long holiday. You should write at least 100 words according to the suggestions (given in Chinese) below:

1. 表示欢迎

2. 提出度假安排建议

3. 提醒应注意的事项

A Letter to A Schoolmate; June 23, 2001; Dear Xiao Wang; Yours, Zhang Ying

A Letter to A Schoolmate

June 23, 2001

Dear Xiao Wang,

I am glad to hear that you will come to see me during the week-long holiday. It has been three years since we graduated from our university. I miss you very much. I even can‟t wait to see you.

I‟ve made a plan for this holiday. As this is the first time you come to Beijing, I think we‟d better have sightseeing around it. We can visit some famous scenic spots and historical sites, such as Summer Palace, The Forbidden City, The Great Wall, etc. We can do some shopping together. There are many splendid markets and plazas in Beijing. The State Library is also a good place for us to go. By the way, since lots of people will go traveling in this holiday, it must be crowded on the train. So you should take care of your luggage. Bring more clothes with you because Beijing is much colder than Kunming at this time. And don‟t forget to tell me when you will arrive. I‟ll pick you up at the airport.

Miss you!


Zhang Ying


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic: A Letter to the University President about the Canteen Service on Campus. You should write at least 100 words, and base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below.


January 12th, 2002

Dear Mr. President,

Li Ming

A Letter to the University President about the Canteen Service on Campus

January 12th, 2002

Dear Mr. President,

I am a student of computer science in our university. I am writing this letter to you to show about the canteen service on campus on behalf of some students of our department.

Firstly, we feel we need more varieties of foods served to the students, which means every student can get the food that he thinks suitable for his taste and his pocket money allowance. Secondly, we find it essential to prolong the opening hours of the canteen. A student from a class that ends at 12:00 noon may reach the canteen no sooner than 12:30. However, the fact is that the canteen is closed when he gets there. Thirdly, we are greatly concerned with the dining environment. We feel that student diners are entitled to a better dining environment than what they are having now.

We do hope that the university authority will look into the problems and solve them.

Yours Sincerely,

Li Ming


Directions: For this part you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Student Use of Computers. You should write at least 120 words and base your composition on the outline given below:

1. 上图(图略) 所示为1990年、1995年、2002年某校大学生事业计算机的情况, 请描述其变化

2. 请说明发生这些变化的原因(可从计算机的用途、价格或社会发展等方面加以说明)

3. 你认为目前大学生在计算机使用中有什么困难或问题

Student Use of Computers

Students tend to use computers more and more nowadays. Reading this chart, we can find that the average number of hours a student spends on the computer per week has increased sharply. In 1990, it has less than 2 hours; and in 1995, it increased to almost 4 hours, and in 2000, the number soared to 20 hours.

Obviously computers are becoming more and more popular. There are several reasons for this. First, computers facilitate us in more aspects of life. Also, the fast development of the Internet enlarges our demands for using computers. We can easily contact with friends in remote places through the Internet. Besides, the prices of computers are getting lower and lower, which enables more students to purchase them.

However, there still exist some problems, such as, poor quality, out of date designs and so on. And how to balance the time between using computers and studying is also a serious problem.

Anyhow, we will benefit a lot from computers as long as we use them properly.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic:It Pays to Be Honest. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 当前社会上存在着许多不诚实的现象

2. 诚实利人利己,做人应该诚实

写作指导:写文章之前,应该先花上一分钟时间好好地审一下题。这是一篇命题作文,题目是It Pays to Be Honest 其中 “pay to”意为 “有利、值得”。因此文章应围绕“做人诚实非常值得”这一主题展开。在指令中给了中文提纲,所以按照提纲,第一段应介绍当前社会存在着许多不诚实的现象,如商人卖假货欺骗顾客,学生考试作弊欺骗老师等等,同时在这一段应表明自己对这种现象的反感。第二段提出观点:诚实利人利己,做人应该诚实。并用具体的例子来说明这一点,例子可以是正面的,也可以是反面的。如范文中用的就是“狼来了”的反面例子。最后,结尾应强调做人应该诚实,这是人的基本素质。

It Pays to Be Honest

From the mass media and also with our own eyes, we know much dishonest behavior existed in our society. For example, businessmen sell fake products to cheat their customers; students copy others‟ homework or download illicit papers from Internet to cheat their teachers; and even worse, some people produce fake medicine that harm the patients. Seeing our society is filled with so many dishonest phenomena, I can‟t help asking myself what‟s wrong with us.

When we were very young we were taught the importance of being honest. I am sure everyone must still remember that story “A wolf is coming”. In the story the child kept cheating other people that a wolf was coming, but when the wolf really came, nobody trusted his words and he finally suffered his own dishonesty. Also we have heard many stories that people benefit from their virtues of honesty.

So since we have already known being honest benefits both ourselves and other people. Why are many of us still dishonest? I hope everyone must bear in mind that being honest is the basic quality of human beings and then we won‟t be afraid of any “wolf”.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write an eyewitness account of a traffic accident. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:


1. 车祸发生的时间及地点

2. 你所见到的车祸情况

3. 你对车祸原因的分析

An Eyewitness Account of a Traffic Accident

My name is liming. I am studying at college. A week ago I saw a traffic accident, which is still vivid in my mind. It was at about 9:00 on Saturday morning, June 15th, when I went out of the university to visit a friend of mine at another university. I was walking leisurely on the sidewalk when I heard a loud crash of two vehicles just at the T-junction about 10 meters away. Two taxis crashed together. It was a traffic accident.

I went up and found that the two taxis were badly damaged. Both hoofs were out of shape. One door of a car was knocked off and lying on the road. One driver was bleeding and another was shut in the taxi. Some people were trying to help the driver get out of the damaged car. One man was calling the traffic policeman station. A lot of cars were jammed on the road.

From the stopping track on the road, it is clear that the two taxis were driving too fast. But it is just one of the reasons. In my opinion, the taxi drivers are eager to take more passengers and make a little more money. On the other hand, both drivers don‟t show concern for one another. Both of them wanted to run in front of another. Therefore, the accident is inevitable. So far, we should let the drivers keep it in their mind that a little slower, a little safer. Taking care of others‟ lives means taking care of our own life.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic The Day My Classmate Fell ILL (or Got Injured). You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 简单叙述一下这位同学生病(或受伤)的情况

2. 同学、老师和我是如何帮助他/她的

3. 人与人之间的这种相互关爱给我的感受是……

The Day My Classmate Fell Ill

During the SARS period in this spring, the year of 2003, one of my classmates, Liming, was struck down by the virus and was immediately sent to hospital.

The news spread quickly on campus. At first, we were terrified and wandered if we were infected too. However, through our government‟s publicity on mass media, we gradually conquered the fear and set out to try our best to help her. Some teachers provided daily necessities while some students recorded the English class contents for him so that Liming could not be left behind. With our care and concern, Liming recovered quickly.

Such an incident teaches us a good moral. Our society is full of love, warm and peaceful, in which people, from man to woman, from individual to individual, lend others a hand. Just like a famous song goes, “the world will turn into heaven only if everyone contributes a little.” And I do believe that it‟s my great honor to live in this love filled paradise!


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter in reply to a friend‟s inquiry about applying for admission to your college or university. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 建议报考的专业及理由

2. 报考该专业的基本条件

3. 应当如何备考

A Letter in Reply to a Friend

December 27th, 2003


When it comes to which major you should choose, I propose that you apply for the major of English. To begin with, English is the most popular language in the world, which is widely used in all fields such as teaching, translation, and foreign trade and so on. What‟s more, it goes without saying that English majors are more likely to find a good job in the tighter and tighter job market.

In order to study at English Department, you have to meet the following requirements. In the first place, you have to spend a lot of time on it, just as the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”. In the second place, the basic skills of reading, listening and speaking are necessary, because they are the foundations for your future study. Last but not the least important, you need an intense interest in learning English since “interest is the best teacher.”

As far as the preparation work is concerned, you should first of all review all the required vocabulary. In addition, you‟d better spend some time on reading and writing. Only through these measures can you hope to enroll in our university.



Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition entitled A Brief Introduction to a Tourist Attraction. You should write at least 120 words to the following guidelines:

Your role: a tour guide

Your audience: a group of foreign tourists

Your introduction should include:

1. some welcoming words

2. the schedule for the day

3. a description of the place the tourists will be visiting (e.g. a scenic spot or a historical site, etc.)

You should make the introduction and the arrangements for the day clear to everybody.

A Brief Introduction to a Tourist Attraction

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Beijing. To begin with, I would like to introduce myself: I am the tourist guide from China Travel Service and it‟s my great honor to stay here with all of you for a whole day. Just as the old saying goes, “It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar”. I wish all of you to enjoy yourselves during this trip.

The following is a schedule of the day. The first spot we are going to visit is the Great Wall, the grandest fortification in ancient China. The next sight to look around is the Ming Tombs, which is one of the best-preserved

tombs for 13 emperors in Ming Dynasty more than three hundred years ago. In the afternoon, we will go for the Summer Palace, the royal park for Chinese ancient emperors.

Currently we are on the way to the Great Wall. Dating back to the seven century B.C., the Great Wall is constructed by respective states for fortifying against invasion of neighboring states. By the reasons of long history and its length, it becomes one of the eight wonders in the world and represents the highest wisdom and crafts. From the top of the Great Wall, we can enjoy a magnificent view of continuous, green trees and blooming wild flowers. It is no doubt that one says, “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man”.

Above is my introduction to the Great Wall. If any of you have questions, please feel free to ask me at any time. 11、2004.12真题

Part V Writing (30 minutes)

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a Campaign Speech. You should write at least 120 words and base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below:

1. 你认为自己具备了什么条件(能力、性格、爱好等) 可以胜任学生会主席的工作

2. 如果当选, 你将为本校同学做些什么

A Campaign Speech

Today I am very glad to run for the president of the Students Union. I am junior in Chemical Department.

Since I came into the university, I have always been the monitor of my class. I have done a very good job for my classmates, and my classmates and my teacher all give me a good praise. I am good at communication and organizing. And I like to help others.

Moreover, I have a variety of hobbies, for example, playing basketball, playing football, playing table tennis, etc. I am sure that I am qualified for this position. If I become the president, I will try my best to do well. I will organize some suitable activities for you. I will do many things for you to reach your demands as well.

I sincerely hope you will give me a chance, and please believe me that I will be a good president. Thank you. 12、2005.6 真题

Teacher‟s Day :

1. 向老师致以节日的问候。

2. 回忆件老师的教诲中难忘的事情。

3. 我如何报答老师。

Teacher’s Day

This is Teachers‟ Day and a time to be grateful to all teachers. This profession deserves the special recognition and respect. There is no more appropriate time than this to honour you and others in your chosen field. You have my eternal gratefulness. Have a happy Teachers‟ Day.

The whole secret of the teacher‟s force lies in the conviction that men are convertible. Teacher, who educate children, deserve more honor than parents, who merely gave them birth; for the latter provided more life, while the

former ensure a good life. What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul?

My heartfelt thanks to you, dear teacher. On the voyage of life, you have kindled the light of hope for me. What you have done enriches my mind and broadens my view. On this day I honour you sincerely. No one deserves a bigger thank you than you. One day is hardly enough to show our gratitude.


Part V. Writing (30 minutes)

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Should the University Campus Be Open to Tourists? You should write at Least 120 words following the outline given below:

1. 名校校园正成为旅游新热点

2. 校园是否应对游客开放,人们看法不同

3. 我认为……

Should the University Campus Be Open to Tourists?

One can always find visitors taking pictures and enjoying the scenery in university campus. During the May Day Holiday, National Day Holiday, summer and winter vacations, many University campuses become popular tourist sites. In my opinion, university campus should be open to tourists.

In fact, there are many royal gardens and parks, all of them obviously better than the scenery in the Universities. Why do you think people prefer visiting here with their children? That is because it is a dream goal for many Chinese parents and young ambitious students. Besides this, as more tourists come to visit universities, these universities can widen their influence as well and they can also make some profit from the tourism.

In a word, I think the university campus should be open to the tourists.


题目:An announcement for a voluntary program




Volunteers Needed

Ladies and gentlemen,

Our Students‟ Union is calling for your due attention for a voluntary program to be launched in this immin ent summer vacation and we are looking forward to your keen concern and active participation in earnest.

This Program is designed to offer the young kids from a certain poverty-stricken area of Yun Nan Province an opportunity of tree education, which means a two-month stay there. We are convinced it is bound to help us university students to put our learning to full play, to foster a meaningful conception of life of being more caring and tolerant and to assume new tasks and responsibilities after graduation.

Dear fellow students, we are beneficiaries of a rare privilege of formal education, meanwhile, there are many people, as innately talented as us, have been deprived of this equal chance, therefore, we hope sophomores and juniors, if interested and willing to help, in this university to contact us.


1. 许多人喜欢在除夕夜观看春节晚会

2. 但有些人提出取消春节晚会。

3. 我的看法。

Spring Festival Gala (春节晚会)

The approach of the Chinese Lunar New Year poses a national issue concerning the necessity of holding the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Its established status is being challenged by a growing number of people, especially by younger generations. It is increasingly difficult to cater for all tastes.

Some individuals deem that it should be canceled or replaced by other programs. These young people focus their attention on other forms of celebration instead of immersing themselves in TV. Despite that, the majority of mid-aged people and senior citizens uphold the importance of the traditional performance. The most striking feature of this gala is its traditionally close link with ordinary people's lives. Most of people view this gala as an annual staple on the traditional Chinese Spring Festival Eve. They all have a restless night and glue their eyes on the television.

I am not supportive of the view that the grand gala should be abandoned. Undoubtedly, it plays a vital role in the celebration of Chinese New Year. To increase its appeal and meet young adults' need, the upcoming performance should invite some big names including super stars from Hong Kong and Taiwan. We are all eagerly anticipating this unforgettable evening show.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an announcement to welcome students to join to a club. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:




Welcome to Our Club

June 23, 2007

The Speech Club is organizing school-wide speech training and contests to be held on each Saturday at the Students „Recreational Center. Five prestigious experts and professors will be invited to be speech lecturers and contest judges. For each speech contest, the first six winners will be given awards.

Attending our club has substantial advantages. Firstly, it can improve your ability to deliver a speech which is of utmost significance to your future career and development. Secondly, it can help you to possess self-confidence, enrich your extra curricula activities and make your campus life dimensional, colorful and vigorous. To sum up, the experiences in our club will be extraordinarily unforgettable throughout your life.

Students who are interested in taking part in it may sign up with the monitor of their classes before Tuesday next week (June 26). Everybody is welcome to attend our club.

Speech Club

17、2007.12 真题

Elective Course




Elective Course

Nowadays many college students prefer to have electives in their spare time because the courses can offer a variety of skills and abundant knowledge apart from what they learn in the daily courses. There are many factors that may account for it, and the following are the most conspicuous aspects.

To start with, many students want to get another degree besides their own, so that they can have more competence when they seek a job. Furthermore, as for me, I don‟t care about degree or job; I just want to obtain some necessary skills to make my college life worthwhile. What I‟m concerned most is how to own more skills that may be necessary for my future. Finally, some students want to learn anything that is different from what they are learning now. The science students, for example, want to know about Shakespeare while the art students want to tell how a vehicle works and how to deal with it when it breaks down. So, they can all get what they think is useful to their college life.

On the whole, the phenomenon is one of the results of multi-demand of the employment market. There is still a long way for us to improve the elective itself, but as a student myself, I find it rewarding and interesting.

18、2008. 6 真题

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a passage on the title Recreational Activity according to the outline given below. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese.

1. 娱乐活动多种多样

2. 娱乐也可能有危害性

3. 作为大学生,我的看法。

Recreational Activity

In people's daily life, there are various parts from studying or working ranging from Karaoke or dancing to computer games or sports games.

Such activities are beneficial as well as harmful to us if undertaken inappropriately. On one hand, they can help us to not only build our body and mind but also improve our communication and understanding with friends because most of these activities are done with others. On the other hand, if we spend too much time on singing, dancing or other games, we might fail to concentrate on our duties such as studying our working, which, in turn, may lead to further consequences.

As far as I'm concerned, they should be done within a certain limit so that we can keep a proper balance between recreation and studying or working life.

19、2008.12 真题 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a passage on the title How to Improve Psychological Health? according to the outline given below. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese.


1. 学生心理健康的重要性

2. 学校应该怎样做 3. 学生自己应该怎样做

How to Improve Psychological Health?

As is known to all, psychological health is as important as, if not more important than, physical health for a student during his/her growth. However, it's quite worrying that nowadays some students are not quite psychologically healthy.

Undoubtedly, schools and universities should take great account in the responsibilities of students' psychological health. Relevant courses and activities should be introduced to students so that they would be more aware of the significance of psychological health and find appropriate ways to maintain and improve it. For example, there should be a psychological counseling hotline or office for students to turn to when they need some psychological aid.

Of course no psychological health can be obtained without the efforts from the students themselves. From my perspective, what they can do is trying to stay positive, optimistic and follow the right guidelines from their schools. To be more specific, they can participate in some activities such as voluntary work to cultivate an opening and caring mind. Meanwhile, harmful impacts from the cyber space should definitely be avoided.

20、2009.6 真题

Free admission to museums




Free Admission to Museums(满分版)

Nowadays, an increasing number of museums are admission-free to visitors home and abroad. The hidden reason behind this is not hard to analyze as there's a growing awareness for the authorities regarding the urgency of popularization of culture, knowledge and history with every average person in our society. Only with free access to this live 'database', can most people fully enjoy what museums could offer to them.

However, free admission to museums might lead to some social problems as well. The most obvious problem is that it might give museums a very heavy economic burden which directly impedes the sustainable development of these organizations. As a result, our government has to work out other ways to collect funds from different channels, which might be difficult to operate or control. On the other hand, free admission attracts too many visitors, some of which might not be well-purposed and do some conscious or unconscious damage to the valuable treasures which used to be well-preserved in the museums.

As a university student, I am in favor of the free-admission conduct. Yet it is proposed that some measures should be taken to solve the potential problems caused by it. For example, museums can make some regulations to guide the behavior of visitors or set some 'closed' days for museums for regular maintenance. Only in this way can free-admission to museums become a long-lasting phenomenon and have sustainable development.

21、2009.12 真题

Create a Green Campus

1. 建设绿色校园十分重要

2. 绿色校园不仅指绿色环境

3. 为了建设绿色校园我们应该……

Create A Green Campus

Nowadays tens of thousands of people are claiming that we should build a green country. As a college student, I think to create a green campus also has great significance.

To create a green campus, obviously we have to commit ourselves to protect the environment of our campus first,

which is of prime importance. Moreover, in my opinion, green campus not only means the green environment, but also means to create a sustainable developing campus.

To create a sustainable developing campus, each university student should have the sense of being masters, which means they should apply themselves to not only improve themselves from all kinds of aspects, but also help universities to improve management, help teachers to improve the quality of teaching, and help schoolmates to improve college life. As long as every college student can do like that, university life will be their great memory in life. 22、2010. 6 真题

Due Attention Should Be Given to Spelling

1. 如今不少学生在 英语学习中不重视拼写

2. 出现这种情况的原因

3. 这种现象导致的结果

Due Attention Should Be Given to Spelling

Nowadays, students attach less importance to the spelling of words in the process of English study. This phenomenon greatly influences students‟ writing and brings on worries among teachers.

There are possibly three reasons contributing to this phenomenon. First, exam-oriented education makes the students pay less attention to spelling. Second, some teachers should also be responsibl e for it because they don‟t emphasize the importance of spelling during teaching. Last but not least, some students are too lazy to recite words.

Since spelling is one of the most important factors in English study, due attention should be given to it. As for me, I think, first, exams should be modified to add some factors into it, which would help students pay more attention to spelling. Then, schools should also set effective mechanisms to help teachers as well as the students to realize the importance. Finally, for students themselves, they can, through other ways, make them be interested in word spelling. Only by these can we surly realize the importance of spelling and make improvement.


How Should Parents Help Children to Be Independent?

1, 目前不少父母为孩子包办一切

2, 为了让孩子独立,父母应该..

How Should Parents Help Children to Be Independent?

Nowadays, there is a growing concern over such a phenomenon, that is, some parents take care of almost everything concerned with their children, including study, work, and marriage. Some parents believe that this is love, however, it is only to destroy children‟s independence thoroughly.

For the future of the next generation, more efforts should be made by parents to help their children to be independent. The fundamental one is to cultivate the awareness, namely, the importance and necessity of being independent, which is supposed to begin from childhood. Children should be taught that no one can be stronger and more helpful than themselves in this world.

The quality of independence is so indispensable for us that parents had better act as a tutor, not a dictator. And only with parent‟s trust, can the next generation accumulate confidence step by step.

24、2011. 6 真题

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of Online Shopping. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:

1. 现在网上购物已成为一种时尚

2. 网上购物有很多好处,但也有不少问题

3. 我的建议

Online Shopping

Nowadays, with the rapid development of information technology, online shopping has gained great popularity among more and more web users. For example, it is fashionable for youngsters to purchase daily essentials, such as books, clothes, electrical equipment, on some famous website, like Taobao, EBay and Alibaba.

Undoubtedly spe aking, online shopping has many advantages. Firstly, compared with traditional shopping, it‟s very convenient. What you need to do is just clicking your mouse and waiting instead of going out by foot or driving. Secondly, more choices than real store are another attraction to customers. However, in spite of convenience and more choices of online shopping, we cannot turn a blind eye to its disadvantages. Obviously, quality problem is its first disadvantage. It‟s common that articles aren‟t so good just as they are described online that customers always buy fake commodities. In addition, it‟s troublesome and annoying for many customers to make a change when they are not satisfied with what they bought online.

As a college student, I like online shopping but I expected that effective measures should be taken to make it better 。Specifically speaking, government should work out strict regulations and rules to prevent unfaithful and unlawful activities of online shop owners. Only by this way can online shopping become really safe and attract an increasing number of customers.

25、2011.12 真题

Directions: You're allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Nothing Succeeds Without a Strong Will by commenting on the humorous saying, "Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I've done it hundreds of time.” You‟d write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


1. 坚强的意志是成功的重要保证。

2. 意志坚定的人才能完成伟大的使命

3. 学生也是这样,不刻苦学习,终究不会成为有用之才

Nothing Succeeds Without a Strong Will

“Where there is a will, there is way” is an old proverb which almost everyone knows, but not all understand it so well. Actually, it means that if you are really resolved to do something, no matter how difficult it might be, never give up.

In fact, strong will is a kind of good quality which successful people should own. A great man is always one who has a firm resolution and an inflexible spirit. One will never succeed all his life without a firm will to get the final victory. As a rule, great tasks are accomplished by men of strong will. For example, Dr. Sun Yatsen, the founder of the Republic of China, set the Chinese people free from the Manchurian rule through a long period of hard struggle. Many of his attempts failed and many of his followers were killed, but he had an inflexible spirit and stuck to his cause. Finally, he made the revolution of 1911 a success. The same is true of men in all walks of life.

It is quite obvious that there is nothing difficult in the world, if you make up your mind to do it, you will certainly accomplish your end. That stands to reason. So as for students like us, we should have a good attitude towards failure. Facing with difficulties and failures, keep heads up and never give up. Besides, we should make full preparation, though strong will help us overcome the difficulties; it is not for person who has no preparation.


As the proverb says “It's easier said than done”. It‟s a truth universally acknowledged that a strong will leads to success. However, many individuals fail to achieve success due to lack of a strong will. There are several reasons attributing to it.

Among all these factors, the most indispensible one is the lack of persistence. Most people keep on saying that

they‟d like to quit smoking, yet they fail to give it up. Furthermore, those who seldom attach great importance to what they would accomplish cannot succeed. They are unconscious of what matters during the process.

Taking all above-mentioned factors into consideration, we may reasonably come to the conclusion that success needs a strong will and persistence. Awareness of the significance of the matter is critical. Only in this way can we make great progress and eventually achieve success.

26、2012.6 真题

On Excessive Packaging

Wandering at the supermarkets, you could find that the shelves are fulfilled with fancy and excessive packaging goods with high price, especially when festivals approach. Although the government has concerned with that issue, the phenomena still flourishes.

The reasons can be listed as follows. First, manufactures could benefit from the fancy packaging. Glorious packaging would increase the price to a large extent, from which they can gain excessive money. Second, most of this kind of goods are brought and sent as gifts to their relatives and leaders. Gorgeous packaging would attract people‟s attention and make the people who buy them have the honor to send them out.

To my mind, excessive packaging is just a waste of resources and money. Most people would throw the package away after they opened it, which would lead to a severe pollution. To prevent the situation, every citizen should be aware of the problem and laws must be made to restrict the manufactures to cut down on luxurious packaging.

作者第一段描述了这一现象; 第二段中,开篇便点出了“过度包装”这一主题,一目了然,列出了出现这一现象的原因; 最后一段里,作者发表总结了自己的一些观点。全文条理较为清晰。

在句型方面,建议考生使用长短句交错的方式,这样节奏便较为明朗。在用词方面,文章对“过度包装”使用了多种表达方式,如fancy packaging, luxurious packaging, glorious packaging等等。这样文章便不会显得“干燥”,让阅卷老师怀疑你的词汇量。因此,同学们在平时一定要注意同义词、词组的替换和使用。

27、2012. 12 真题

Sample A

Education Pays

The above bar chart clearly shows us education pays in 2010. We see that one with higher education background earns more money weekly than those with lower ones. For instance, the college students with no degree get paid $712 per week whereas those with a Bachelor‟s degree can earn $1038.

Several reasons, in my opinion, can be identified to account for this phenomenon. To begin with, compared with those with comparatively lower education degree, people who have received higher education possess considerably wider knowledge, more remarkable learning and research ability, greater innovation and most of all, resourceful social network, all of which are essential to a high-income work. Also, the higher one‟s education degree is, the bigger platform he will enjoy to show his ability. For example, his college, university, or research institute will organize various job fairs for him to communicate face to face with employers.

This phenomenon tells us that education is a worthy investment. Therefore, substantial education investment should be strengthened while we, as college students, should study harder to build our country and strive for better lives for ourselves.

Sample B

Education Pays

The above bar chart clearly shows us education pays in 2010. We see that unemployment rate of those with higher education background is much lower than those with lower education degree. For instance, the unemployment rate of college students with no degree is as high as 14.9% while that of those with doctoral degree is only 1.9%.

The following reason, in my opinion, is the most important one to account for this phenomenon. Compared with those with comparatively lower education degree, people who have received higher education possess considerably wider knowledge, more remarkable learning and research ability, greater innovation and most of all, resourceful social network, all of which make them more qualified and competent for their task. Thus, they are less likely to lose their jobs.

This phenomenon tells us that education is a worthy investment. Therefore, education investment should be strengthened while we, as college students, should study harder to avoid unemployment.