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My School Day

I get up at six o’clock. I read English for half an hour. At seven ten I have breakfast. After that, I go to school on foot. We have four lessons in the morning. At about twelve o’clock, I have lunch. In the afternoon, we often have three lessons and we usually have sports from four thirty to five thirty. After supper, I read books or go out for a walk, then I do my homework for about one and a half hours. At half past nine, I go to bed.

今天是星期天,布朗一家(the Browns)都在家。用现在进行时描述家人的活动。

The Browns are at home. Mrs. Brown is making a cake. Mr. Brown is sitting in a chair and reading a book. Jim and his friend, Mike, are in the garden. They are playing soccer. Sue and her friend, Ann, are in Sue’s bedroom. They are watching TV. All of them are very happy.

校园生活丰富多彩,每天我们都参加各种活动,增长知识的同时还可以锻炼身体。 请以“My School Life”为题,讲述你的校园生活。

My School Life

I ’m Zhang Shan. I study at No. 8 Junior High School. My school starts at 7:45. I have four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. English is my favorite subject. I think it’s easy and interesting. I like P. E. too. After class I often play basketball with my classmates. Sometimes we do other outdoor activities. I think my school life is very interesting.


Hi !I ’m Wang Hai. I’m a student in No.2 Junior High School. Our classes begin at 8:00 a.m. I often have an English lesson from 8:00 to 8:45 a.m. English is interesting and I like it very much. I usually have a Chinese class from 8:55 to 9:40. It’s easy and interesting. I don’t like math because it ’s a little boring. Biology is difficult and I don’t like it at all. After school, I often play basketball with my classmates. It’s my favorite outdoor activity.

在教育局组织的“手拉手”活动中,来自乡村小学校的李小朋对于他所看到的城市学校很有感触,于是他写了一篇作文向他的同班同学做了介绍。假设你就是李小朋, 根据下面的提示,以“Their School”为题,写一篇作文。以there be句式为主,60个词左右。

提示:1. 学校很大很漂亮,有许多树和花,像花园一样;

2. 有图书馆、电脑房、实验室等; 3. 学生能够学到很多知识。

Their School

Their school is big and beautiful. It’s like a big garden. There are five teaching buildings in the school. In front of the teaching buildings, there are many trees and flowers. On the second floor, there is a big reading room, two computer rooms and three science labs. The students love playing computers. The reading room opens from Monday to Friday. There are many books in it. Students like reading books there. They learn a lot from those books. They all like their school


Some people like living in the city. Some people like living in the countryside. I like living in the city. There are different kinds of shops in the cities. You can buy many things. When you go out, you can take a bus, a subway or a taxi. The schools in the city are nice and big. Although (虽然) cities are often noisy and the living cost is high, I like living in the city.

你的远方朋友Kathy 想从北京到你所在的海滨城市玩几天。根据示意图给她写一封信,告诉她怎样到你家。60个词左右。

Dear Kathy,

Welcome to my hometown!Now I am happy to tell you the way to my house. After you come out of the train station, you can take the Number 9 bus to Yingbin Road Community. My home is in the center of the community. It’s behind the bus stop. You can’t miss it. By the way, my home is not far from the sea. So we can walk there every day. The sea is very beautiful. I think you will have a great time here.



假如你是Kangkang ,你父亲的生日就在下星期六,你计划如何庆祝父亲的生日呢?请把你的计划用英语写出来。

I ’m Kangkang. Next Saturday is my father ’s birthday. My mother and I are planning to celebrate it. Mother would like to cook a big dinner. And I want to make a birthday card for my father. And I want to do some cleaning in our house. Mother and I plan to make a birthday cake. I ’d like to sing a song at the birthday party. I think that would be a wonderful day for my family. 提示:Lucy 和Lily 是双胞胎(twins), 她们现在11岁了。5岁时,Lucy 会骑自行车、打网球(play tennis)、写字,但Lily 不会。Lily 会游泳、唱歌、读故事书(story books)。现在她们都学会了跳迪斯科、芭蕾。她们是一对好姐妹

Lucy and Lily are twins. They are eleven years old now. When Lucy was five, she could ride a bike, play tennis and write. But Lily couldn’t. Lily could swim, sing, and read story books at the age of five. Now both of them can dance to disco and perform ballet. They are good twin sisters.

今天你参加了Lucy 的生日聚会,大家给她带去了很多礼物,Lucy 很喜欢。生日聚会上有一块大蛋糕,上面有十三支点燃的蜡烛。Lucy 许了愿之后,把蜡烛吹灭了。大家在聚会上进行了表演,你表演了中国功夫,Ellen 跳了舞,Susan 唱了英文歌,大家玩得很开心。

It is Lucy’s birthday today. I came to her birthday party. We brought her many presents. Lucy liked them very much. There was a big birthday cake with thirteen candles on it. We all sat around it. After Lucy made a wish, she blew the candles out. At the party, I performed Chinese kung fu, Ellen danced to disco and Susan sang an English song. We had a wonderful time!



Last weekend, I flew to Beijing with Zhang Ming. The weather was fine. We stayed there for two days. On the first day, we went to the Tian’anmen Square, and then visited some places of interest. We had a good time. On the second day, we went to the Great Wall by bus. We took some photos. There were many people there and a little boy lost his way. We helped him to find his mother. We had a happy day!

假设你是李华,刚收到Julia 的来信。请你根据提示回信,告诉她昨天你过春节的一些情况。开头已给出,词数在60个左右。


Dear Julia,

I’m very glad to get your letter. I had a good time yesterday. It was the Spring Festival. In the morning I went shopping in the supermarket with my family. We did some cleaning in the afternoon and made our house more beautiful. We made dumplings together and had a big dinner in the evening. We stayed up until midnight to welcome the Spring Festival. We had a nice time.

Best wishes to you!


Li Hua 假如你和家人上周去了桂林旅游,请根据下面表格的内容写一篇短文,介绍一下你的旅游经历。词数在60个词左右。

I had a wonderful trip to Guilin.

I went to Guilin with my family last week. We went there by train. We stayed there for five days. We saw beautiful green hills, clean water and some strange caves. We went boating in Lijiang River. We had some delicious food. Guilin rice noodles were very delicious. We all had a great time. I hope to go there again one day.

生活像一只快乐的小船,承载着无数的欢声笑语。请以“A Happy Day”为题,写一篇短文。 要求:1. 描述你经历过的一件快乐的事;

2. 包括事件发生的时间、天气、地点、具体经过,亦可适当发挥

A Happy Day

My uncle lives in the country. Last fall, there was an apple harvest on his farm. He asked my family to enjoy the apples.

On a sunny morning, my family drove to the farm. After we got there, I ate a big and red apple at once. The apple was so sweet. Then we helped harvest apples. In the afternoon, we had a big meal there. I thought it was delicious.

I was very happy on that day!