初二 记叙文 21560字 305人浏览 延学习

一、 常用句型:

1. As a student, you should study hard.作为一名学生,你应该努力学习。

2. I like English and try my best to learn it.我喜欢英语,并尽我的全力学好它。

3. To join the interesting group can help one with his subject.参加兴趣小组有助于学习。

4. English is used by travelers and business people all over the world.英语被全世界的旅游者和商人们使用。

5. A student should not play computer games for a long time.学生不应该长时间玩电脑游戏。

6. To live is to learn, to learn is to better live.活着是为了学习,学习是为了更好地生活。

二、 精彩开头:

1. Geography is one of the subjects in middle school. In my opinion, Geography is very important for us in our life.


2. As we know, learning is very important to us. All of us must learn hard. At school we should learn all the subjects

which are very useful for our life in the future.我们都知道,学习对我们来说是非常重要的。在学校我们应该学习所有的科目,它们对我们未来的生活非常有用。

3. At present, a number of middle school students have picked up a bad habit---cheating in examinations.


三、 经典段落:

1. At school, we have six classes every day. I like all the classes, because my teachers can make the classes lively and

interesting. My favorite subject is English, so I join English Corner every week.在学校,我们每天都要上六节课。我喜欢所有的课程,因为我的老师能使课堂生动有趣。我最喜欢的科目是英语,所以每周我都会参加英语角。

2. Today many students are interested in going online. But it has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are :

getting a lot of information quickly, a useful learning tool and making friends. The disadvantages are :playing games and chatting can waste time and money, which are not good for our study and health.现在很多学生对上网感兴趣。它有优点和缺点。优点是:快速获得大量的信息,一个有用的学习工具,交朋友。缺点是:玩游戏和聊天会浪费时间和金钱,这对我们的学习和健康不好。

四、 精彩结尾:

1. In a word, only when you develop an interest in studying English,then you can learn it well.


2. I like my lessons, my friends and my teachers. In a word, I love my school. I find my school life is more and more

meaningful and colorful.


3. In my opinion, it’s necessary and helpful to do some suitable homework.


4. Keep trying, I believe you will enjoy the school life and make great progress with your study.


一、 常用句型:

1. It is a busy day. He is very tired, but he feels happy.这是忙碌的一天,他非常疲惫,但觉得很开心。

2. It was a sunny day that we decided to go outside.这是一个晴朗的日子,我们决定外出。

3. The summer vacation is coming, which is the best part of the school year for me.


4. It is necessary for us to help those who are in trouble.我们有必要去帮助那些遇到困难的人。

5. As families are now living a better life, kids can have some pocket money.


6. The computer is becoming more and more important.电脑变得越来越重要了。

7. We should make good use of it.我们应该很好地利用它。

8. We can do lots of things with it.我们用它可以做很多事情。

9. It makes our life easier.它让我们的生活变得简单。

10. Nowadays, mobile phones are becoming more and more popular among the middle school students.


二、 精彩开头:

1. Everyone has their own ideal school. I think my ideal school life is meaningful and colorful. I’m very happy to study

in the school.


2. Everybody has his dream. I also have my dream. My dream is to work for foreign tourists as a tour guide.


3. My middle school life is coming to an end. During the three years, not only did I have happy time, but also had kinds

of problems.我的中学生活即将结束。在这三年里,我不仅有快乐的时光,而且还遇到了一些问题。

三、 经典段落:

1. First , I learned how to communicate with others and make as many friends as possible. Then when I was in trouble,

I asked my classmates or friends for help because we were the same age and we could understand each other easily. Besides, I also told my teachers or parents about my trouble and asked for their help.首先,我学会了如何与他人沟通,尽可能多地结交朋友。当我有困难时,我向我的同学或朋友求助,因为我们年纪相仿,能够更轻易地理解彼此。除此以外,我也把遇到的问题告诉了我的老师和父母,并寻求他们的帮助。

2. As we know, the 21st century is a modern age and full of information. The mobile phone is one of the quickest tools

for us to exchange information. The mobile phone is a fashionable and useful invention, so we should make the best use of it.我们都知道,21世纪是一个充满信息的时代。手机是我们交换信息最快的工具之一。手机是一个时尚而有用的发明,我们应该充分利用它。

3. Our holiday life has changed a lot. Learning and relaxing are still very important to us. Besides, we often help our

parents do housework and farm work. Through that, we realize how hard our parents work every day.


四、 精彩结尾:

1. In a word, my ideal school is like this. I hope my dream will come true one day.


2. I’m sure I can be a qualified tour guide in the future.我相信未来我可以成为一名合格的导游。

一、 常用句型:

1. I have never seen such an exciting match before.我从来没有观看过如此令人激动的比赛。

2. Students may join as many clubs as they like.学生们可以加入许多他们喜欢的社团。

3. After-school activities ,such as sports clubs and language societies are popular.


4. We also do things like learning to cook as well as drawing and design.我们学习绘画与设计,也学习烹饪。

5. Friendship comes first and then competition comes second.友谊第一,比赛第二。

二、 精彩开头:

1. As we grow,both our after-school activities and what we care about are becoming more and more.


2. There are many kinds of sports that I enjoy, such as swimming, running ,and dancing.


3. On the afternoon of October 12th , we had the opening ceremony of the Sports Festival of our school.


4. We have all kinds of after-class activities in our school. They are colorful.


三、 经典段落:

1. We all know that the rabbit lost the first race against the tortoise. The rabbit paid more attention to their second race,

he didn’t sleep at all in it. At last he won the race because he was good at running.


2. I often have a communication with my parents, and let them know what I think and what I want to do. And now I am

a volunteer. I often help people in need.我经常与我的父母沟通,让他们知道我的想法和我想做的事情。现在我是一名志愿者,我经常帮助那些需要帮助的人。

3. We plan to take a bus to the park. We will have many activities there, for example, singing ,dancing, having a picnic

and taking photos with our teachers. I’m sure we will have a lot of fun.我们打算乘公共汽车去公园。在那里我们将有许多活动,比如唱歌、跳舞、与我们的老师一起野餐和拍照。我相信我们会有很多的乐趣。

四、 精彩结尾:

1. Although I’m a little tired, I fell very happy.尽管我有点疲惫,但我觉得开心。

2. I can learn the spirit of the teamwork from the story. If we help each other, the world will be more beautiful.


3. In fact, helping others is helping ourselves.事实上,帮助别人就是帮助自己。

4. At the same time, the activities can help us relax ourselves after the examinations and improve our English.


5. I hope you can join us.希望你能加入我们。

一. 常用句型:

1. All of the world will remember her forever.全世界的人们将永远记住她。

2. He is a famous writer in America.他是一位美国著名的作家。

3. Now there are many books about her.现在有很多关于她的书。

4. He did what others couldn’t do.他做了别人做不到的事情。

5. He often encourages us to study hard.他经常鼓励我们努力学习。

6. She was born in a poor family.她出生于一个贫困的家庭。

7. There is no doubt that he is one of the greatest men in history.毫无疑问,他是历史上最伟大的人物之一。

8. Miss Xiao,our Chemistry teacher, graduated from South China Normal University.


9. He has many hobbies, especially loving dancing. 他爱好广泛,尤其喜欢跳舞。

10. He prepares his lesson well and is strict with us.他备课认真,对我们要求严格。

11. He is kind and patient. 他慈祥、耐心。

12. With his help,we worked hard and made great progress.在他的帮助下,我们学习用功,取得了很大的进步。

13. Jack is a short-sighted boy with a pair of glasses on his nose.杰克是个近视的男孩,他戴着一副眼镜。

14. He sets us a good example.他给我们做出了好榜样。


1. We will graduate from our school soon. But my classmates, please don’t forget our English teacher.


2. My favorite teacher is Zhang Wei. He has short hair. He’s of medium build.


3. My father is a 40-year-old math teacher. He is tall and fat with short hair and big eyes.


4. We need love. We also need to love. The person I love most is my mother.


5. I am a boy easy to get along with. I never get angry easily. That’s the most important reason which makes me

so popular.我是一个很好相处的男孩,从不轻易生气。这就是我如此受欢迎的最重要的原因。

6. I think it’s lucky for you to have such good parents.我认为你拥有这样的父母亲很幸运。

7. You should understand and respect them, and do what they ask you to do. Every member should be responsible

and do something for the family.


三、 经典段落:

1. He has a positive way of looking at his students who have difficulties in their learning. He said, “I’m happy to have such students. It’s these students that give me chance to show my ability to educate them.”



2. My father is an honest and kind man. He often helps other children and me with our math. My father’s hobby is playing table tennis. We often play table tennis together at the weekends.



3.I am always ready to help others. Whenever my friends meet with troubles, I will give them a hand without even a

moment’s thought. Besides, I’m quite humorous. I can always tell some jokes or funny stories to make my friends laugh. They say time spent with me is full of fun.




1. As a student, I should learn from them and try to help others. If everyone would like to do that, the whole world

will be full of love.


2. My father is not only a good father but also a good friend. I have learned a lot from him. I love my father very much.


一、 常用句型:

1. It is very important to keep healthy. Exercising is helpful to your body. We should eat healthy food. There is no doubt that near-sightedness is a serious problem among the young of our country.


2.Playing computer games not only takes much time but also does harm to health.玩电脑既浪费时间又有害健康。

3.To keep healthy, it is important for everyone to follow a balanced diet.


4. How can we keep healthy?我们怎样保持健康?

5. We can’t go to to late.我们不能睡/起得太晚。

6.We should do more exercise.我们应该多锻炼。

7.Last Tuesday I got a cold and had a pain in my head.上周二,我感冒了并且头痛。

8. I didn’t feel like eating anything.我不想吃任何东西。

9.I decided to see the doctor.我决定去看医生。

10. In the doctor’s office, the doctor looked over me carefully.在医生办公室里,医生仔细地为我做了检查。

11.A nurse gave me an injection. It was a little painful.一个护士给我打了一针。有点疼。


1. It is very important for students to keep healthy. There are many ways to be healthy.


2. Smoking is dangerous, and leads to many diseases like cancer and heart disease.


3. As is known to all, health is always the topic that people focus on and is also of great importance to us.


4. Breakfast is important. But not all the students have realized its importance.


5. To keep fit, there are at least three things we can do every day.为了保持健康,我们每天可以做至少三件事情。


1. When we walk with our classmates, we can talk about something interesting and know each other better. Also, we can help each other. What’s more, if we walk, our parents don’t have to send us to school. We can learn to look after ourselves.



2. Let me tell you some ways to keep healthy. We’d better eat more fruits and vegetables. Take exercise for at least one hour every day. We need enough sleep and rest, so it is important to go to bed early and get up early.




1. It’s necessary for us to have breakfast and we should have the right kinds of food for breakfast.


2. If you play sports more, you must feel like eating well, then you will be healthier!


3. I often play ping-pong after class. It’s really helpful to both my health and my study.


4. Walking to school is a wonderful way to do exercise. I think it’s good for health and it’s safe. I hope more and more students will go to school on foot.


一、 常用句型:

1. Traffic in cities is getting heavier and heavier.城市的交通变得越来越拥挤。

2. We must pay attention to the traffic lights when crossing the road.我们在过马路的时候要注意红绿灯。

3. We must obey the traffic rules.我们要遵守交通规则。

4. We can tell our parents not to drink before they drive.我们可以告诉我们的父母,开车前不要喝酒。

5. Safety has become the focus to us all.安全已经成为我们所有人关注的焦点。

6. We should be friendly and get on well with others.我们应该与他人友好相处。

二、 精彩开头:

1. Safety has become more and more important. How to be safe at school is especially important to students.


2. As teenagers, we should keep safety in mind. But how can we keep safe? Here are some of my suggestions.


3. As a student, I think it is important for me to protect myself from dangerous situations.


4. Traffic safety is everybody’s business. We must obey the rules.交通安全人人有责。我们必须遵守交通规则。

三、 经典段落:

1. First, we should take care not to get ourselves injured while we are having sports. Second, there are too many students

at school, and our hallways are too narrow. So don’t crowd with each other especially when we go upstairs or downstairs. 首先,我们应该注意不要让自己在运动中受伤。第二,学校里有太多的学生,而我们的走廊太窄。所以当我们上下楼梯时不要互相拥挤。

2. First of all, we should be careful when we make friends, especially on line. Second, if we are in danger, we must call the police for help in time so that we can keep ourselves safe.首先,当我们交朋友的时候应该小心谨慎,尤其是在网络上。其次,当我们遇到危险时,我们应该及时打电话报警以便确保我们的安全。

3. We should stand in line when we are waiting for the bus. Try hard to give up the bad habits and develop good ones.


4. First of all, I must calm down as soon as possible, for panicking is of no help. Then , it is known to all, calling 110

immediately is the most effective way to save myself.



1. In short, safety must come first.简而言之,安全第一。

2. Finally, I hope the family in the accident will get better soon.最后,我希望事故中的这个家庭会很快好转。

一、 常用句型:

1. In my opinion, the pollution should be brought under control.在我看来,污染应该受到控制。

2. It’s our duty to protect the environment .保护环境是我们的责任。

3. I think we should develop economy scientifically.我认为我们应该科学地发展经济。

4. If people don’t stop polluting the seas and rivers, there will be no fish left.


二、 精彩开头:

1. Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world.


2. Our government is aiming to build an “economized society”. I think it is every citizen’s duty to work hard to achieve the

goal. As students, we still can do something to help.



3. Recently, the “Clean Plate Campaign” has been very popular with many people. Our government is doing its best to build an economized society.


4. As we know, water is very important to man, and we can’t live without water.


三、 经典段落:

1. Firstly, make sure that the lights are turned off when we finish our work and leave the room. Secondly, we should save as much paper as possible. Thirdly, it is important for us to form the habits of turning off the tap after it is used.



2. We’d better save much water and paper and electricity. We should use less carbon and oil.


3. It’s important to turn off the lights and computers when we leave the room. We should take our own bags in shopping instead of using plastic bags from supermarket.


四、 精彩结尾:

1. If everyone makes contribution to protecting the environment, the world will become much more beautiful.


2. Let’s take action and be a low-carbon people.让我们行动起来,做低碳的人。

3. Saving energy is very important. Let’s work together from now on.


4. I hope we can take care of our environment. Let’s make our world more and more beautiful.


5. I believe if everyone makes a little effort, we can make a big difference.


一、 常用句型:

1. We should listen to the teachers carefully in class.在课堂上,我们应该认真听讲。

2. We should be friendly to others.我们应该对他人友好。

3. We must obey the school rules.我们必须遵守学校的规章制度。

4. It’s important for us to put rubbish into the dustbin.对我们来说把垃圾扔进垃圾桶是很重要的。

5. We should not play mobile phones or listen to the music in class.我们不能在课堂上玩手机或音乐。

6. We should say “Hello” when we meet our teachers.当我们遇见老师时要说“老师好”。

二、 精彩开头:

1. Nanchong is now making its effort to become a civilized city. As students, what should we do?


2. These days, people in Beijing are doing “Achieving China Dream, make Beijing better and better.” As middle

school students, we should do some things for it.最近,北京人民正在举办“实现中国梦,建设美好北京”的活动。作为中学生,我们应该为它做一些事情。

3. Food is important to us. It’s everyone’s duty to save food.粮食对我们很重要,节约粮食是我们每个人的责任。

4. We have grown up and it’s time for us to do something for our family and society.


三、 经典段落:

1. Our country is a developing country. In order to make “China Dream” come true, we should save everything as

well as the food in our life.


2. We must respect our teachers and be polite to others. We should also help those who are in need and be friendly

to the people around us. Besides, we must obey the traffic rules. When crossing the streets, we should walk on the zebra crossing.


3. At home, we should help our parents do the housework. They have to work during the daytime, so they must be

tired after a full day’s work. We do the housework in order to let them have a rest.在家时,我们应该帮助父母做家务。他们白天上班,经过一整天的工作后一定很疲倦。我们做家务是为了让他们休息。

四、 精彩结尾:

1. It is our hometown. Let’s try our best to make it become a civilized city.


2. Let’s behave well and try our best to help against bad behaviors.让我们一起好好表现,尽力帮助抵制陋习。

3. In a word, if each of us do our part from now on, our world will become a harmonious society.


4. In a word, I think we should keep in mind that no matter what a small effort we make, it do make a difference.



1. Traveling makes me know the world better.旅游可以使我更好地了解世界。

2. Traveling makes us close to the nature.旅游使我们更亲近自然。

3. During the traveling we make friends with people from different places.


4. Life will be more colorful if we travel.旅游可以使我们的生活更加丰富多彩。


1. Traveling is becoming more and more popular.旅游正变得越来越受欢迎。

2. If you have an opportunity to travel abroad, why not consider Australia?



1. Last month my family went to Guilin by train. It took us ten hours to get there. What a long and tiring journey!

We were tired but the beautiful scenery excited us.上个月,我们一家乘火车去桂林。我们花了十个小时到那儿。多么漫长而疲劳的旅途呀!虽然很累,但是美丽的风景让我们很兴奋。

2. Last winter holiday, I went to Harbin with my mother. It’s very cold in winter.



1. From these points, we can see that traveling is really a good activity.


2. For me, I’d like to travel alone. I want to spend enough time visiting the places I like. In this way, I can enjoy my

vacation better. 对我来说,我喜欢独自旅行。我愿意花足够的时间去我喜欢的地方。通过这种方式,我可以更好地享受我的假期。


1. Today is Mother’s day.今天是母亲节。

2. The Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China.春节是中国的传统节日。

3. During the Mid-autumn Festival, we eat mooncakes.我们在中秋节吃月饼。

4. At Christmas Day children will receive presents from parents.孩子们会在圣诞节收到父母送的礼物。


1. I like the winter holiday very much. Though it is very short, I can enjoy the Spring Festival.


2. January 1st is New Year’s Day. It’s a great day for all the people around the world.



1. In the morning I bought flowers with pocket money and put them in the vase. In the afternoon I went to the

market to buy vegetables and cooked a simple but delicious dinner for my family.在早上,我用零花钱买了鲜花装进花瓶里。下午,我去市场买了蔬菜,为家人做了一顿简单但美味的晚餐。


1. Today is a special day, warm and meaningful. 今天是特别的一天,温暖而有意义。

2. By the way, what do you usually do during Christmas?顺便问问,你通常在圣诞节期间做些什么?


1. I’m glad to have received your letter.很高兴收到你的来信。

2. Will you please come and visit when you are free ?你有空时能来参观吗?

3. Have a good day !祝你过得愉快!

4. We would be honored to have you there with us.我们很荣幸你和我们一起。

5. I hope you will get well soon.祝你早日康复。


1. I’m glad to hear you’ll build an international school, and I’d like to give you some advice.


2. I am writing to tell you about how children from different countries choose gifts for their mother on Mother’s

Day. 我写信是要告诉你不同国家的孩子在母亲节如何选择给他们母亲的礼物。


1. I’m sorry to hear that you are not very well and feel unhappy. In my opinion, physical and mental state

affect each other and I can suggest some methods to improve your present condition.我很抱歉听到你身体欠佳,情绪低落。在我看来,身体和精神状态互相影响,我可以给你一些建议来改善你的现状。


1. Looking forward to your reply.期待你的回复。

2. Best wishes to you for Teachers’ Day.祝你教师节快乐。

3. Please reply to me soon.请尽快给我答复。

4. Have a good day.祝你过得愉快。