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1) 近年来发生在校园的意外事件不断增加,校园安全问题备受关注

2) 对此我们应该采取哪些措施Campus Security

Security issue may sound clichéd, but when it comes to the campus security, we have to take it seriously. Nearly every day, there are reports to the security office on campus that valuable things are stolen away. A surrounding with stealing, mugging can’t be worse for studying. In such cases, what measures should be taken to improve the campus security?

On the one hand, we students should strengthen our security awareness. Once we smell out something unusual, we should report it to the campus guard immediately. On the other hand, more equipment such as monitors should be installed on campus so as to detect crimes as soon as possible. Besides, a proper amount of security guards should be arranged to patrol the campus。 In my opinion, campus security will be improved as long as efforts are made on campus. Therefore colleges and universities should try their best to make everyone on campus safe and sound 。

食品安全 Over the past couple of years, several cases of the food scandal have been disclosed on various media. The problem of food security has become a hot button across society. The prevalence of food insecurity has greatly impacted public health, which the government could not afford to ignore, according to the online edition of the People Daily.

There are a couple of driving forces, I would argue, behind this undesirable tide. First, in the course of the rapid economic evolution, we ignore moral education, giving rise to the rising rate of the problem. More importantly, the lack of adequate regulation and punishment on those illegal producers enforces the trend.

As Confucius instructed, it is better late than never. Prompt and strict measures should be taken to turn back this evil trend. The government should launch a massive moral campaign to educate all citizens and draw up tougher laws to crack down on those irresponsible corporations and prohibit them from entering the food industry again. I am firmly convinced that through our combined efforts we are bound to enjoy more risk-free foods in the days ahead

低碳生活(话题来源: 哥本哈根气候大会) 1、低碳生活方式受到人们的欢迎2、低碳生活的意义3、我们应该……

Recently, low-carbon becomes a high-frequency and fashionable word which gets the greatest concern in the world. Low-carbon life means a kind of lifestyle in which people do their best to reduce energy consumption and carbon greenhouse gas emissions.

It is of vital importance for the whole world to practice the low-carbon lifestyle. Firstly, our natural resources and energy are limited; therefore, it is absolutely necessary for us to save and protect them. Secondly, in order to protect our environment from serious greenhouse effect, we need a low-carbon emission. It is low-carbon life that enables our next generations to live a better and superior life.

What we should bear in mind is that the earth is common home. Thus, every one is well advised to practice this lifestyle and there are several ways for us to do this. Firstly, every one is expected to cultivate their awareness of saving energy. Then, we are also hoped to help our families and friends to live a low-carbon life. Only by doing so can we hope to create a world where all humans enjoy a clean and tidy environment. (185words)

近年来,国学变得流行2、国学热的意义是什么3、我们应该…:)In recent years, Chinese traditional culture, as Sinology, has become increasingly prevalent. (举例法扩展段落:

exemplification ) For instance, it is reported that many primary and secondary schools have set up courses of sinology, in which students are taught and required to recite classical work by Chinese ancient educators and philosophers, like Confucius.

:A good illustration is CCTV Lecture Room, where famous scholars, such as Yi Zhongtian and Yudan, give lectures on Chinese ancient philosophies and literatures.)

(主题句)It is of vital significance for the public to acquire knowledge on Sinology. (起)For one thing, it is the essence of Chinese civilization with more than 5000 years. Thus, for individuals, they can enlarge their scope of knowledge, enrich their experience and adapt themselves to the complicated society. (承)For another, the rehabilitation of Sinology can contribute to a harmonious society.

(主题句)It is highly expected that all Chinese people – young and old- should inherit the merits of Sinology. Therefore,(起) in the first place, we are well-advised to read books by ourselves or to attend lectures on this issue.(承) In the second place, we have the obligation to advocate and encourage others to learn. Then, it is necessary for us to introduce Sinology to the world. By doing so, not only can we inherit it, but also make it glorious and prosperous.

Mascot, as the symbol featuring the hosting country, will embody the history, development, culture, concept and social background of the country and will play an important role in the communication in political, economical and cultural fields.


The mascot of World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is trying to accomplish the following functions:


以汉字的“人”作为核心创意,既反映了中国文化的特色,又呼应了上海世博会会徽的设计理念。在国际大型活动吉祥物设计中率先使用文字作为吉祥物设计的创意,是一次创新。 Created from the Chinese character 人, which means people, the mascot embodies the character of Chinese culture and echoes with the designing concept of the emblem of World Expo Shanghai. Using the Chinese character as the mascot of an international event is an innovation.


中国2010年上海世博会吉祥物的名字叫“海宝(HAIBAO )”,意即“四海之宝”。“海宝”的名字朗朗上口,也和他身体的色彩呼应,符合中国民俗的吉祥称谓原则。“海宝”的名字与吉祥物的形象密不可分,寓意吉祥。

The name of the mascot of World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is Hai Bao, which means the treasure of the sea. The name of Hai Bao is easy to remember, echoes with the color of its body and is a typical lucky name in Chinese tradition.



Hai Bao embodies ideal of the coexistence of different cultures in cities; embodies the appreciation of economic development and environmental sustainable development; embodies the wish to remodel the city communities, embodies the anticipation of the well-off both urban cities and countrysides. Hai Bao is the whish to colorful life and the warm invitation to friends from all over the world to Shanghai.


The World Expo is a large-scale, global, non-commercial Expo. The hosting of the World Expo must be applied for by a country and approved by the international World Expo committee. Expo aims to promote the exchange of ideas and development of the world economy, culture, science and technology, to allow exhibitors to publicise and display their achievements and improve international relationships. Accordingly, the World Expo with its 150-year history is regarded as the Olympic Games of the economy, science and technology. Shanghai will host the 2010 World Expo. The World Expo has a long history but it has never been held in Asia. So the 2010 World Expo is an honor for all of the Asians. Our government has promised that it will be the best one. And Shanghai, as a host city, will have more chances to develop quickly. As a student in Shanghai, I should learn English well so that I can be a volunteer in the Expo to help foreigners know more 世界博览会是一项大规模的,全球性的,非商业博览会。在举办世博会必须申请一个国家和国际世界博览会委员会批准。博览会旨在促进思想和世界经济,文化,科学和技术发展的交流,让参展商宣传和展示他们的成就和改善国际关系。因此,与世博会的150年历史的被认为是经济,科技奥运。上海将举办2010年世博会。世博会有着悠久的历史,但从未在亚洲举行。因此,2010年世博会,是对亚洲人的荣誉。我国政府已作出承诺,这将是最好的之



The theme of Expo 2010 is “Better City, Better Life”.


Why do we set this theme? 为什么会确立这个主题呢?

The core value can be interpreted as following: The City, built by people, has been evolving and growing into an organic system. People are the most dynamic cells with the best ability to innovate in this system. People’s life is closely interactive with the urban morphology and development.

With the raped urbanization, a more extensive relationship and interaction has been established between the city organic system and earth’s biosphere and resource system. People, city and eart are just like three organic systems linking with each other and fusing into the integrity throughout the whole process of urban development.


For further reflect of the theme "Better City, Better Life", five sub-themes are defined; they are "Blending of Diverse Cultures in the City","Economic Prosperity of the City", "Innovation of Science and Technology in the City", "Remodeling of Urban Communities", and "Rural-urban Interaction".