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1.Changes in My Hometown(家乡的变化 )

My home town is in the center of Xuzhou which was a quiet and beautiful place. In the past, there were many animals. They were lovely and nice. The air was fresh and there were many birds fly in the sky.


Over the past years, it has changed a lot. At the present, it becomes a modern town and develops a lot. Now, the people in Xuzhou are richer than before, so most of people go to work by bus or by underground. Sometimes, they also drive their private cars to work. Many people sell out their old houses and move into new flats.


In some ways, the development has brought some good things, but it has also causes much environment pollution. I think we should take action to reduce the pollution.


2.The Importance of Self-Confidence(自信的重要 )

People say that self-confidence is half of the success that can bring you courage to stick to what you do. Without self-confidence, one can not do well in anything. Self-confidence is of great importance and value to a person.


Firstly, self-confidence enables us to have the ambition of being successful. Only when you have the ambition to be successful, can you be successful eventually. Secondly, once we gain self-confidence, we will possess the courage and strength to overcome the setbacks and difficulties. With self-confidence, no one and nothing can stop you to success.Thirdly, with self-confidence we may accomplish something which seems to be impossible previously. No great thing is easy for us, therefore we should hold the idea that anything is possible. We should, or have to trust in ourselves.


In short, self-confidence is the spiritual pillar of a person as well as the inherent power, which is of great importance and value to a person.


3. 2015高考英语作文预测:Is English Not Important Any More?(英语不再重要? )


Recently, the Ministry of Education has drafted a reform about English, it is said that English will be not the subject that take into account of the College Entrance Exam, a lot of students feel excited, because they think English will not be their burden. The reform may relieve some students who are week in English, they think they don’t need to spend so much time in learning English, because English is not important any more. The fact is that they get the wrong idea, English still important even though it will be no more considered to be the College Entrance Exam. The trend is people learning English since they are young, parents pay special attention to the children ’s second language, so most students now are good at English. What’s more, English is the most widely used language, it can enhance a student ’s competition. So English is still important to learn.


4. 2015高考英语作文预测:The Power of Smile(微笑的力量)

As time goes by, people are being busier and busier with working, such as signing their contracts, meeting their customers, drawing up the balance sheets of their companies and so on. In this circumstance, people forget our most excellent skill--smile.


There are a great many kinds of power of smile. First of all, common touch can be showed by a kind smile. Imagine that you go to a company to attend an audition. With a confident smile, you are more likely to answer the question better. Furthermore, smile can eliminate angry. As a

philosopher said, smile before you begin to get angry. The last but not the least, it reflects calm of a person when he is in danger or in trouble. 微笑的力量很多。首先,微笑可以作为平易近人的一种表现。想象一下,你去一个公司参加面试。带着自信的微笑,你有可能会更好地回答问题。此外,微笑可以消除愤怒。一个哲学家说过,在你开始生气之前微笑。最后但并非最不重要的,当一个人处于危险或者麻烦的时候,微笑反映了一个人的镇定。

The beneficial aspects cannot be stated completely in this passage. But you can understand its power when you smile.


Work and Success(付出与成功)

Since we go to school, we are taught that no pain, no gain, it means that if people want to be successful, they must work hard. But the truth is that not everyone can get what they want, even

they work hard so much, but if working hard does not bring success, why should they still need to work hard. In my opinion, working hard doesn’t mean the person can success certainly, success needs more factors, like the time, the luck and other things.

There is no doubt that if the person does not work hard and fight for his goal, there is no way for him to get what he wants. Some actors start their career at the very young age, when they are also 40, they become famous suddenly, if they give up, they can’t be waiting for their reputation. So working hard, there is much chance to get succeed.



Health and diet(健康与饮食)

Last night, I ate a lot of food, such as KTC and ice cream, before I slept, I ate some cold food in the fridge. At midnight, I felt my stomach hurt badly, my family was woke up, they sent me to the hospital. After seeing the doctor, he told me that I had eaten too much food, what ’s more, the food was not healthy, so it hurt my stomach. Since then, I realized that I should not eat the rubbish food often, I should keep the healthy diet. Now my diet is regular, I won ’t take in much food before sleeping, my body is becoming healthy. In the morning, I eat an egg and make sure I take in enough vitamins. Even when I see the rubbish food is tempting, I take no hesitation to say no to them. I am so proud of myself.


The protection of wild animal(保护野生动物)


As is often read in the newspaper reports, wild life especially the rare species is threatened with extinction. Human beings are making attempts to hunt wild animals for a big profit., which, of course, results in a sharp decrease in the number of animals. So it is high time for us to take quick action to protect them.

First of all, it's quite necessary for every citizen to realize the importance of animal protection. Only by knowing its importance can people develop a sense of responsibility. People will surely take it for granted to have the duty to prevent any killing of wild animals. So a national publicity campaign should be launched, thus giving animals a good living environment. In addition, the

government should pass some laws to forbid any hunting of rare animals. We don't expect anything harmful to wild life to happen again.

If everyone is involved in the protection of wild life, we're sure man will be a good friend of animals rather than their enemy. (170words)




No Pains,No Gains(一分耕耘,一分收获)

It is obvious to everybody that the only way to achieve one's goal is to work hard. Just as the old saying goes "no mill, no meal". Have you ever seen a man who succeeds just by idling about? Of course, the answer is "No". So we know if you want to gain something, you will have pains.

The farmers harvest by a year of arduous work; the scientists gain achievements by years of devoted researches; students get good marks by working hard; even the little ants have their food by working hard day and night. 1 know there are always some people who wait for the opportunities falling on them. They may attribute their failures to lack of good chances. Therefore, there are so many people gaining nothing at last. Clever men know that the more effort they make, the bigger chance they will have to be successful.

So, when others achieve their aspirations and you still gain nothing, don't complain about the unfair fate and don't give up, either. Remember: no pains, no gains.




:Time is precious(时间是宝贵的)

Time flies like an arrow before we realize it .It is known that nothing is more precious than time. The good old proverb "time is money" reminds us that time is valuable. When time goes by, it will never return. However, it is a pity that some people don't make full use of their time .They spend a lot of time in sleeping, chatting, playing computer games or other unmeaning matters. . They don't realize that wasting time is actually equal to killing themselves. They always regret not having made great achievements. One of the reasons may be they do not make good use of time.

Therefore, in order to be successful, they should first get into the habit of being on time. It’s a sign of cherishing time. Don't put off what can be done today until tomorrow. Being lazy will eventually lead to failure. Don't wait, because you don't know how long it will take when you put off your plan.


A Lesson from My Parents(我父母给我的教训)

A Lesson from My Parents

Parents are your first teachers. Write a short essay to describe one of instructive lessons you once learned from your parents, including:

(1)描述一件有教育意义的事情; (2)它对你的影响。

A distance of 500 miles separates my college from my hometown, an old city, where my parents have been living, but my heart has never been away for a single step, because the lesson from them will be a gift of lifetime.

When I was still 15, the laid-offs, or rather untimely retirements, of both my Mum and dad, arrived by far earlier than ever expected. Moreover, it could be hardly imagined how much their careers meant to them other than earning money.

Nevertheless, it would be not long before they managed to get over such a blow. They thus underwent all kinds of odd jobs they could run into, be they dirty or painstaking. That way with sufficient money for my tuition fee and living expenses I went through my three academic years. Now one of them is getting weaker and both older, but the lesson that God only helps those who help themselves they taught me will endure in my mind despite the passage of time.

The most unforgettable person in my memory (我记忆中最难忘 ... 有关“人与事件”话题


The Most Unforgettable Person in my memory


(2)为什么他(或她) 一直在我心中


In my life I have met many people who are really worth my recalling. But perhaps the most unforgettable person I ever knew is my Chinese language teacher.

What frequently brings back memories of my school teacher is his special

qualities. First of all, I was attracted by his lively wit. I remember we always long for

his class with great eagerness because his lecture were humorously delivered, never failing to provoke loud laughs. Second, he gave us the greatest gift a teacher can offer-- an awakening of a passion for learning. He not only led us to an appreciation of the beauty

and perfection of Chinese and literature, but also aroused our great interest in exploring

something deeper in this field. Finally, I was deeply impressed by the respect he showed for us, for he treated us like friends rather than students.

Although it is nearly 10 years since I attended his last class, he is the talk of our

old classmates, and I know part of him has already stayed in my heart.

Should Internet Slang Be Prohibited (互联网俚语应该被禁止 ...

目前,一些诸如GG , MM, Xia Mi 等网络语言在青少年中极为盛行,并且出现在家庭作业报告,甚至全国入学考试的作文中。请你以 “Should Internet Slang Be Prohibited (禁止) ?”为题,根据下表内容用英语写一篇短文,并谈谈你自己的看法。











1. 短文开头已经给出,不计入总词数;

2. 词数:100左右

3. 参考词汇:生动的vivid ;智慧intelligence

Should Internet Slang Be Prohibited?

At present, Internet Slang, such as “GG, MM, Xia Mi”, has become popular among the teenagers.

There are different opinions on Internet Slang. Some students think Internet Slang is vivid, fashionable and full of humor and intelligence. Besides, it makes chatting on the Internet quicker. However, some other students think Internet Slang lacks depth of thought and is too simple. Also, it is hard to understand and not accepted by most people. The words sometimes might make people confused, even resulting in misunderstanding.

Every coin has two sides. In my opinion, living in the Information Age, if we don’t know the Internet Slang, we seem to fall behind the times. It will be OK as long as these terms are used correctly in proper situations.

The real ecological tourism(真正的生态旅游)









Last weekend I went on an eco-travel with a travel agency. All the way we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and fresh air. But a few of us picked flowers as while going sightseeing.. Some even tried to catch the birds they saw. What was worse, many tourists threw rubbish here and there. The rubbish may do harm to wildlife there.

I don’t think this is a true eco-travel. A true eco-travel is a tour that not only allows us to express our love for nature, but needs our responsibility as well. As we enjoy the beauty of nature, we should try our best to protect it. And we should also try to protect wildlife. A true eco-travel should be like this: take nothing away but your good memory; leave nothing behind but all the green trees and the clean water.

build an energy-saving society(建立一个节约型社会)








3。参考词汇:方便筷disposable chopsticks

Recently ,there has been an activity of “doing your bit for an energy-saving society” in our school. Our schoolmates are highly concerned about the increasing lack of energy and provide their own suggestions.

Some students suggest that we shouldn’t waste any food or paper, though they appear very easy to get. Meanwhile, some other students think it advisable to refuse to use disposable chopsticks and plastic bags. Besides, it is also strongly recommended that those used textbooks as well as reference books of graduates, which are still in good condition, not be thrown but recycled.

Actually, there are still quite a lot that we can easily do: say, try to take buses or ride bicycles instead of driving cars, etc. All of these will definitely help to build an energy-saving society. 2015高考英语作文预测:Graduation farewell speech(毕业的告别演讲)






My teachers and fellow students,

In a couple of weeks, we’ll say goodbye to our mother school. How time flies! Now It’s really hard for me to put my feelings into words. The past three years has been really a wonderful journey with you guys, full of laughter and tears.

To make the journey safe and fruitful, our great teachers contributed their time, energy, love and the whole heart. Here, we are extremely grateful for all that you, dear teachers, have done for us.

It ’ll soon be the time for us to depart, though unwillingly. But it is not the end. It just means that we’re going to begin a new journey.

Finally, on behalf of all the graduates present here, let me extend our sincere wishes for our mother school and respectable teachers. Thank you!

:To understand the Spring Festival culture(了解春节文化)


例:假设你叫李华,你的外国朋友John 想了解中国的春节,请根据以下提纲,给他写一封短信:




参考词汇:对联couplet 爆竹firecracker

Dear John,

How time flies! Four moths have passed since we saw each other last time. I cannot helpbut miss you. You asked me about Chinese Spring Festival. Now I would like to tell yousomething about it.

The Spring Festival is a Chinese traditional festival. It is the most important and enjoyable one.

A few days before the festival, houses are cleaned and red couplets are put up on the doors of every household. They are said to frighten away the ghosts. On that day, people are dressed up. Firecrackers ring out in the air, which adds to the atmosphere of the festival. People after a year’s hard work begin to relax and visit one another. Presents and dinners are given to celebrate the happy reunion of friends and relatives. Families get together. They have jiaozi and enjoy the New Year TV show. Customs may vary from place to place, but the same happy atmosphere is to be found everywhere in the country.

Now, I hope you have some idea of Chinese Spring Festival.

Best wishes,


Li Hua

:Wealth and Happiness(财富与快乐)








Wealth and Happiness

Some people think wealth can bring happiness to them. It is true that most of them try to acquire wealth by means of honest labor. They work hard and overcome many difficulties. After doing this, they feel very happy and pleased. Even their spending money is a kind of happiness。

But some people believe wealth can’t bring them happiness. For example, when one gets a fortune, the family members will come from different parts of the country and try to share the wealth with him. And afterwards, they will quarrel with one another, trying to share more. And sometimes even appear bloody fight and killing. What a terrible result!

In my opinion, I think there is no doubt that wealth brings happiness, especially in the modern society. If you have money you can lead a comfortable and colorful life. But we should take a proper attitude towards wealth. Remember: money is not everything.

Confidence and hope(信心与希望)



2、试举一例说明信心在学习(考试、生活等) 方面的作用„


Confidence and hope

It is well-known that we exist in a dynamic world with various difficulties. When we are faced with them, nothing is more important than hope and self-confidence. With confidence, we can find sometimes the question is not as “huge ”as we imagine.

Take most of us for example, the entrance exam to college seems to be a horrible monster. Accordingly, some people give up, some persist. In my eyes, with confidence, right assessment of the difficulties, as well as full preparation, try and exert your strength, and then we will overcome all problems and challenges. On the whole, I believe we youngsters should face the difficulties in right manner. And nothing is impossible, brave it out and just do it!



假设你是李华, 现在你正在高考考场上,场下你的父母正殷切期待着你。中学生活即将结束,在这个特殊时刻,请你按以下内容要点给自己的父母写一封感谢信。


1、感谢父母多年来,特别是高三这一年来无微不至的关怀。 2、自己近期学习一直十分刻苦,进步不小。这次高考考试也都很顺利,发挥出了自己的水平,希望父母放心。

3、高考之后一定多帮父母做些家务,还要让父母品尝一下自己亲手做的菜。 注意:1、词数120左右;



Dear parents,

Now I know clearly that you both are expecting me anxiously. I can say nothing but thanks to

you both on this special occasion, because words have failed me when I want to express my thanks to you both for the loving care you have shown for me, especially since I went to Senior Three. These days I have been studying hard and have made some progress. And everything has got along well with my college entrance examination. I have performed my ability in this exam. I hope you both can set your mind at rest.

After this exam, I intend to help you do some housework which I have seldom done before. And I also mean to learn to cook in order to prepare a dinner for you both in person.

My dear parents, everything is going on well with me and do have a rest!

Best wishes,


Li Hua

Honesty is a virtue(诚信是一种美德)




2、举一例说明(如,有毒奶粉、考试作弊等) „


Honesty is a virtue(诚信是一种美德)

Almost all of us heard the story “ Here Comes the Wolf “ when we were little kids. What we can learn from the story is that we must be honest. However, there’re lots of phenomena of dishonesty nowadays.

Being dishonest does great harm not only to other people but also to yourself. Take the case of fake milk powder for example. After drinking this kind of milk, the babies had big heads while their legs and arms were still thin, which badly affected their health. To our great relief, the producers got accused and punished for all the serious consequences in the end.

Having the reputation of being honest and reliable will make other people trust you, which will provide you many benefits and give you opportunities that others may not get. Being honest, you will find it easier to cooperate with others and people will be friendly to you and support you. In a sense, if life is a long journey, honesty will be the backpack that should be taken along all the way.

Let ’s pick up our “ backpack “ —honesty, and start the wonderful journey!