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Spring Festival

桂林泓文实验学校 六(8)班 :申泽

Spring Festival is very important in China. In Spring Festival, we wear the new clothes. We make the house clean. There are twinkling lights and colorful balloons in the street everywhere. Spring Festival is a good time for family to get together for holiday meals. After dinner, families watch TV together. We eat all kinds of delicious foods, such as biscuits, cakes, jellies, chocolates, fruits and so on. When people meet with each other, we often give our best wishes. We can get lucky money. We can light fireworks as well. All the people are very happy during the Spring Festivals.

I love Spring Festival so much.





My Favorite Teacher

桂林泓文实验学校六(8)班 :刘馥彬

My favorite teacher is my English teacher. She is very friendly to us. She is a patient teacher too. In English class, we can learn English songs. We can play some games about English. That’s very funny. My English was very poor before, but now I am interested in learning English. English is my favorite subject. My English teacher teaches us how to read the new words and tell me how to remember. She often helps us to solve problems. This is my English teacher. I love her and I love to study English too. I believe my English will be better and better.



My School Life

桂林泓文实验学校六(8)班: 廖玉蓉

My school life is very busy. In the morning, I get up at twenty to seven. I do morning exercises with my classmates everyday. After that, I read English for thirty minutes. I have breakfast at a quarter to eight. Then I have four classes. During the time, I can have a rest for forty minutes. I usually play with my good friends in the playground. At midday I have lunch at school’s dinning hall. There are many kinds of dishes there. They are delicious but I like potatoes best. In the afternoon, I have three classes. Then I have an activity lesson. I like playing badminton. I love my school. I have many good friends here. My teachers are amiable just like my friends. At Howell primary school, my life is full of joy and enrichment.



Our Campus

桂林泓文实验学校六(8)班 :龚志桓

Our campus is very big and beautiful. Through the school gate, there is a big playground on the left. There are lots of trees around the playground. On the right, there is a teaching building. Walk along the road we can see a swimming pool in front of the dinning hall. In summer, we like swimming in the pool.

There are more than one hundred teachers in our school. Our teachers are very friendly. But sometimes they are strict to us. So we want to try our best to learn well. We spend much time on studying. In our spare time, we can join some activities. We can do some sports too. The activities of our campus are rich and colorful. I like studying here. It’s just like my home.





My Motherland


My motherland has a long history. She is a beautiful country standing in the east of the world. She has high mountains, long rivers and hardworking people. She is my motherland. Her name is China. I love my motherland. China is a beautiful country. There are many famous places in China. She has the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, Forbidden City, the Yellow River and so on. She has the oldest history as well. Many foreigners want to visit China. Chinese people are great. My motherland is becoming stronger and stronger. I am proud, because I am a Chinese. I believe she will have a

better future.


我的祖国有着悠久的历史。她是一个矗立在世界东方的美丽的国家。她有着高山、长河和勤劳的人民。 她就是我的祖国。她的名字叫中国。她有长城、颐和园、紫禁城、黄河等等。她也有着最古老的历史。许多外国人想来中国游览。中国人民很伟大。我的祖国变得越来越强大。我骄傲我是中国人。我相信她的未来将会更加美好。


桂林泓文实验学校六(8)班: 李林娜

My favorite festival is on the twenty-fifth of December. It’s Christmas. It’s very important in our school. It’s a happy day for many students. We hold some activities to celebrate on Christmas Eve. On that day, we can wear Christmas hats and masks. All of the students play games in the campus. The teachers give us some sweets and biscuits. We can eat potato chips in the dinning hall as well. At night, we are excited. It ’s a time for holding a party. Boys and girls go to playground together. We can sing

and dance. When we come back to the classroom, a teacher acts the Santa Claus to sends Christmas presents to us. We have a lot of fun. So I like Christmas best. 圣诞节


My Mother

桂林泓文实验学校 六(8)班 :曾文可

My mother is a beautiful lady. She has got long brown hair. Her smile is sweet.

She is slim. Her clothes always suit her very well. She is the most beautiful in my eyes.

She is a kind housewife. She takes good care of me and does everything she can for me. On Sunday morning, she wakes me up, cooks my favorite food for me. Then she begins do the housework. She is the busiest in my house. She asks me to study hard. When I fail in the exam, she always encourages me. I am the best in her eyes. But sometimes she is strict. When I watch TV for a long time, she stops me and tells me that is not healthy for my eyes.

This is my mother, a kind lady. I will love her forever.