On the Origin of the World
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What is the origin of the world? One theory is that there is no origin at all and the world has been there always. However, this leads to a paradox since if there was infinitely long time before us then we would not have emerged at all. But if we never emerged in this world then how could we be asking the question here? So it is logically more plausible that the world has an origin. Having laid down the foundation of our discussion, now we can proceed to consider the theories about the origin of the world. A person believing in God will say an omnipotent diving being created the world and provided all the physical principles governing it. An atheist, on the contrary, will contend that there is no God and the world evolved to its form today on itself. Both theories are plausible and we cannot prove or disprove, with reasonable confidence, either one of them. However, it is arguably favorable for a person to believe in one of the theories, so as to have a basic comprehension of the world we are living in. These questions may seem trivial to normal people but could be intriguing to philosophers, mathematicians, and theoreticians. I hope I can become one of those people.