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邀请人:UST 电子公司总经理 Mike Kennedy



UST 电子公司为庆祝公司创立三十周年,定于2014年5月29日(星期二)晚上7点在假日酒店举


为了感谢李威先生多年来的支持和合作,UST 电子公司总经理邀请他出席庆祝晚宴。

Words for reference

电子公司Electronics Corporation 三十周年 30th anniversary

庆祝晚宴 dinner party 假日酒店 Holiday Inn

May 20, 2014 Dear Mr. Li Wei,

UST Electronics Corporation will have a dinner party for the 30th anniversary of its founding. We

would like to invite you to attend the dinner party to express our thanks for your long-term support

and cooperation.

The dinner party will be held at 7 p.m. on May 29, 2014 in the Holiday Inn. We hope it deserves

your attendance.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Kennedy




December 14th, 2014

Dear ling,

I would like to invite you to an exclusive flower exhibition that will be held next month. The

exhibition will take place at the beautiful People’s Park. It would be a great pleasure to meet you at

the exhibition. I hope you’ll be able to join us.

I’m looking forward to your early reply.

Yours faithfully,





2.会后请带走您的文件和私人用品,关闭所有电器(请举例) ,关闭会议室所有门窗




Firstly, please keep the conference room clean and tidy. Secondly, please mind your files and

personal belongings after the meeting. Turn off all the electrical appliances, such as the lights, the

computers, the overhead projectors, air conditioners, etc. And close all the doors and windows

before leaving the conference room. In addition, please put everything in order.

The conference room is managed by the department office; please make an application in

advance before using it.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Department office

June 20th,2014

四、诺丁汉大学的年会组织者菲利普. 卢福特想邀请布尔先生参加今年8月20日至24日举行的年会,随信会寄去会议的详细内容、住宿安排和业务活动计划。因为去年在年会上,布尔先生做了一场非常有趣的题为“学术标准及展望”的报告。菲利普. 卢福特希望布尔先生能就此专题的最新发展作一个发言。同时,希望布尔先生尽快通知是否能参加此次会议。


Dear Mr. Bool,

We have pleasure in inviting you to our annual conference. This year it will be taking place at the university of Nottingham, from 20 to 24 August.

We enclose details of the conference, accommodation arrangements and a business activity program.

Last year you gave a very interesting talk on the subject of “Academic Standard and Expectations” . We would be very grateful if you would consider giving us an update on this.

We would appreciate it if you could confirm your participation at your earliest convenience. Yours sincerely,

Philip Luford

Conference Organizer

五、请以某大学教师王静的名义写一封推荐信(80字) ,向你的外国朋友 Johnson 先生推荐你的学生陈琳。该生在你校学习,即将毕业。毕业后她打算到 Johnson 先生所在学校继续深造,攻读硕士学位。陈琳聪明刻苦,且乐于助人,肯定会成为好学生。如 Johnson 先生能给与帮助将不胜感激。

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I recommend my student, Chen Lin, to you.

Chen Lin is now studying at our university and is going to graduate noon. She plans to go to your unive rsity to further study for a master’s degree.

Chen Lin is smart, hard working and read to help others, and she is sure to be a good student. I’ll be grateful to you if you can help her.

Faithfully yours,

Wang Jing

六、给John Brown先生写一封短信。




January 18th, 2014

Dear Mr. John Brown,

Thank you very much for your letter of March 12. We formally invite you to our company so that we can discuss the details of our cooperation. If you accept our invitation, please inform me of your flight. I have arranged for Miss Li of my company to meet you at the airport. Wish you a pleasant journey.

Yours sincerely,

Wang Deming

七、蓝天公司销售部来电话邀请你的经理于某月某日某时在中国大酒店304室参加该公司的产品发布会,你作为秘书接听了该电话并给你的经理填写一份备忘录(memo), 告诉他此事,并询问他是否参加,因为你要给蓝天公司会电话。写短语或整句均可。

Words for reference:

蓝天公司:the Blue Sky Ltd

销售部:the Sales Department

中国大酒店:China Hotel

发布会:release conference

To: Manager

From: Secretary

Date: January 14, 2014

Subject: Release conference of Lantian Company

The sales department of Lantian Company gave you a call today. They would like to invite you to attend their release conference of new products in Room 304 at China Hotel. Please let me know if you will attend the conference, for I have to call them back.

八、说明:Mrs. Eller 有一所大房子,想找两人合租。请你根据下列内容写一份出租广告,内容如下:

1. 紧邻Kennedy 路和Portland 地铁站,但所处街道安静;

2. 两个大房间,有花园,中央供暖,家具齐全;

3. 不吸烟者优先,大学生更好;

4. 房租周付,110美金;

5. 联系人:Mrs. Eller

6. 联系电话:020-38001234

House for Rent

A large house with two large rooms is located beside Kennedy Road and the Portland subway station. The secion of the apartment is equipped with a garden, central-heating and full furniture. Two roommates are expected to share the apartment. Non-smokers are preferred and college students are better. Weekly rent: $110. If intereste, please call Mr Eller at 020-38001234.


Words for reference:

优异成绩outstanding marks; 交流communicate; 上网surf on the Internet; 程序programming

Part 4 Writing (20’)

Resume Li Hua

Dept. of computer Science

Huaguang Technology College61Fuxing Rd.,Beijing

Date of birth:May16,1991Sex:male

Marital: unmarried Excellent health

Objective :To obtain a position related to computer programming,which can offer some challenging jobs.

Education :Sept.1998to2012:Department of Computer Science, Huaguang Technology College Major: Computer Programming

Qualifications: I have been learning English for4years in college so that I am very good at English reading and I also have the ability to communicate in English. Interests: Swimming and surfing on the internet

Reference will be furnished upon request.

十、Write a message notice according to the information given in the following.

Help Me to Buy A Spoken English Book

1. 介绍你的近况。

2. 请他帮你买本英语口语书。

3. 欢迎他方便时来访。

Oct. 16, 2014

Dear Li Hua,

It’s long time we haven’t seen each other. I miss you very much. How’s everything going on with you? I am busy preparing for PETS 4.

I would appreciate if you could help me buy PETS4 English oral textbook which was issued by the Beijing Press, because the books were sold out here.

Drop in when you are free. I often think of those happy days we spent together when we were at University.

Please let me know as soon as possible once you get the book.

My best wishes.

Yours truly,

Wang Lei