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Topic 1: My View on Driving Restrictions in Big Cities


1. 大城市的交通拥挤问题越来越凸显

2. 有人提出通过车辆限行来缓解交通压力。原因是„

3. 我的看法

Traffic jams are very commonly-seen in big cities and a big headache for the citizens. In rush hours, endless cars get stuck on the road and the whole city is like a huge parking lot. 交通堵塞在大城市中是很常见的,并且令公民非常头痛。在高峰期,没完没了的车卡在道路上,整个城市就像一个巨大的停车场。

The driving restrictions therefore are put forward to alleviate the traffic problems in big cities. By implementing driving restrictions, around half of the private cars can be reduced from the road, which will help decrease the possibility of traffic jams. 驾驶限制因此被提出以缓解大城市的交通问题。通过实施驾驶限制,大约一半的私家车可以减少从路,这将有助于减少交通堵塞的可能性。

I believe that the driving restriction can be effective, but it is not the only way out. If the car ownership is increasing continuously, this policy will have limited effects. So the government should look at other areas to address the traffic problem, including reasonable road design, and encouragement of the public using public transport system.我相信驾驶限制可以有效,但它不是唯一的出路。如果汽车拥有量正不断增加,这项政策将有受限的影响。所以,政府应该看看其他领域来解决交通问题,包括合理的道路设计,并鼓励市民使用公共交通系统。

Topic4 On China’s Netizen Population (中国的网民人口)

As the bar chart shows, the number of

Internet users in China has been on the rise ever since the year of 2005. Between the

year of 2005 and 2012, the number of Internet users has increased from 91 million to 338 million, which means that the coverage rate of Internet access has increased from 8.5% to 25.5%.

根据条形图显示,在中国的互联网用户的数目从 2005 年就一直上升。2005 年至 2012年年间,互联网用户数已经从91百万增至338百万,这意味着互联

网接入的覆盖率已从 8.5%增至 25.5%。 I think there are two reasons contributing to the above results. First, the advanced technology has made computers and

Internet access more affordable to ordinary people. In the late 1990s, it cost us a fortune to purchase a computer while

almost every household in cities can afford one now as the mature technologies have made computers much cheaper. Second, Internet application in various sectors promises us a much convenient and

train-ticket online booking system is now available to the public. This saves hours of waiting in the queue and enables citizens to purchase the ticket anytime and

anywhere. 我认为以上的结果归因于两个原因。首先,

先进的技术使得计算机和互联网访问对普通百姓是支付得起的。在 90 年代末,我们花了一大笔钱来购买一台电脑,但是现在随着成熟的技术已经使得计算机便宜许多,在城市中几乎每个家庭都可以买得


To sum up, since the computers have become affordable and the Internet is convenient, China’s

netizen population grows significantly.

Topic 7: Adequate Preparation Should Be Given to Exams

As is known to all, quite some college students seldom take exams with adequate preparation, which leads to low marks or even failure in the exams.

The reasons for this phenomenon lie in many aspects. In the first place, college

students nowadays attach less importance to marks and exams. Second, college students are occupied by so many activities that they can just spare little time for exam preparation. In addition, some teachers fail to be strict with the students, which encourages students to neglect the exams. To solve this problem, I think both students and teachers should play their parts. On the one hand, students should have a proper attitude towards exam preparation, through which they can have a better command of the knowledge. On the other hand, teachers ought to control the exams more strictly.

Topic 11: Should English Classes Be Compulsory for Students?

Most universities in China have made English a compulsory course, which has aroused many complaints among students. Many students wish that English could be removed from the list of compulsory courses.

However, I think it is of great significance for all university students to study English. To begin with, as an international language, English is widely used. Today, university students must master the language if they are to communicate with foreigners and to participate in the fierce international competition in the future. In addition, studying English as a foreign language does not only provide students with a useful tool for communication, but also open a door to

cultures different from our own. As is universally acknowledged, mutual understanding among different cultures is vital for keeping the world safe and peaceful. Therefore, I strongly recommend that all students should take advantage of the compulsory course, and try to study English well.

Topic 13: Should Parents Send Their Kids to

Study Abroad?

There is a growing trend for parents to send their young kids abroad for education. Opinions on this issue vary from person to person.

Some insist that kids profit from the overseas learning experience. Being young,

kids pick up a new language more easily. Besides, kids can learn to be independent in a foreign country. However, others believe studying abroad does more harm than good. Some worry the kids don’t get along with their host families or relatives and run into trouble. In addition, upon returning home, they may have difficulties getting back to the old ways of life and work, which may lead to social alienation or quitting of work.

In my opinion, it is better to wait until the kids grow older. Only when they are old enough can they make full use of overseas education.

Topic 16: Does Electronic Equipment Promote Education?

Lately a number of colleges are spending large quantity of money on electronic equipment, which is supposed to promote education.

This event has aroused a heated discussion. Some people believe that electronic equipment is a good supplement to traditional teaching. It enables teachers to demonstrate things in a more vivid way by showing pictures or videos. To some extent, students are more involved in the class. In contrast, others are against electronic equipment, which they think will inevitably distract students from study. In their view, teaching with the aid of traditional chalk can make students focus more on study.

As far as I am concerned, electronic equipment is quite beneficial to education. However, we should keep in mind that electronic equipment is just a means of teaching, which will never overshadow the

significance of qualified teachers.

Topic 21: Welcome to Join Us

Ladies and Gentlemen, we, DIY Tour Society, arrange self-help tours to famous tourist spots every year. And this year’s destination is Guangzhou, the beautiful “flower city”. We welcome anyone who fancies delicious Cantonese cuisine and southern ancient culture to join us. You can embrace a lot of benefits if joining us.

To begin with, it is you who are the controller of the tour. We hold online forum to collect views and allow members to vote on the schedule. Besides, we can live with the local students from our tour league so that we can experience the real local life and

specialties. Lastly, you can make friends from different places in the tour, thus enlarging your knowledge of various cultures.

If you want to join our society, you can send emails to diytour@diytravel.com. Thanks for your interest.

Topic 24: Rich Second Generation

The past decades have witnessed an increase in the number of rich families, which gradually draws more public attention to the issue of rich second generation.

There has been a widespread public debate over this issue. Some people believe that the rich second generation can benefit from being affluent. With the abundant resources and chances provided by their wealthy parents, the

rich second generation are usually well educated and trained. They are more likely to make important contributions to our country. On the contrary, others hold that being rich has a negative effect on the rich second generation. It is quite common for a rich kid to fall into some bad habits, including flaunting their wealth and feeling too proud.

From my point of view, the rich second generation do have the potential to be leading figures. However, they should remain modest and make efforts for that.


1、中国酒文化 Chinese Wine Culture


Chinese people began to make spirits with grains seven thousand years ago. Generally speaking,wine has a close connection with culture in China in both ancient and modern times. Chinese wine culture has been playing a quite important role in Chinese people's life for a long time. Our Chinese ancestors used wine to enjoy themselves while writing poetry, or to make a toast to their relatives and friends during a feast. Wine culture, as a kind of culture form, is also an inseparable part in the life of ordinary Chinese people such as birthday party, farewell dinner, wedding, etc.

2、中国书法Chinese Calligraphy


Chinese calligraphy is not only a traditional Chinese characters writing with a long history, but also an art of self-cultivation and self-expression. Inner world of the writer could be reflected with the help of beautiful Chinese script. Chinese calligraphy plays an important role in Chinese art, for it has influenced other Chinese artistic forms like classical poetry, sculpture, traditional music and dance, architecture and handicrafts. As a treasured artistic form of Chinese culture, Chinese calligraphy is enjoyed by people throughout the world and is becoming more and more popular.

3、中国山水画Landscape Painting


Landscape painting is traditionally considered as the highest form of Chinese painting styles. It is very popular and is associated with refined scholarly taste. Chinese Landscape painting in general is seen as a combination or extension of calligraphy, painting, and poetry. The Chinese term for “landscape” is made up of two characters meaning “mountains and water”. It is linked with the philosophy of Daoism, which emphasizes harmony with the natural world. Chinese artists do not usually paint real place but imaginary landscape which is no longer about the description of the visible world, but a means of conveying the inner mind. People therefore believe that looking at landscape painting is a good way to realize the artist’s inner heart as well as a way to purify their souls.

4、中国戏曲 Chinese Opera

在中国,戏曲是一种很流行的戏剧形式,一般来说,可以追溯到唐朝时期,当时的皇帝唐玄宗创立了“梨园”。如今,许多外国人也很喜欢中国的戏曲。最吸引他们的则是戏曲的独有风格—画脸谱,它不仅是戏曲中的一大亮点,同时还要求独特的绘画技艺。每个演员脸上夸张的扮相代表其扮演角色的性格和命运。熟知戏曲的观众通过观察演员的脸谱和服装就可以知道角色背后的故事。通常,红色脸谱代表忠诚与勇敢;黑色代表凶猛;黄色和白色代表口是心非;金色和银色代表神秘。7对于中国人,特别是老年人,欣赏戏曲是他们的一大乐趣。 Chinese opera is a popular form of drama in China. In general, it dates back to the Tang Dynasty with Emperor Xuanzong, who founded the “Pear Garden”. Now Chinese opera is warmly welcomed by many foreign people. What appeals foreigners most might be the distinctive style of facial make-up, which is one of the highlights and requires distinctive techniques of painting. Exaggerated designs are painted on each performer's face to symbolize a character's personality, and fate. Audiences who are familiar with opera can know the story by observing the facial painting as well as the costumes. Generally, a red face represents loyalty and bravery; a black face, rough ; yellow and white faces, duplicity; and golden and silver faces, mystery. For Chinese, especially older folks, to listen to opera is a real pleasure.

5、京剧 Peking Opera

京剧是中国的一种传统艺术。它是中国戏曲的一种,诞生于于1790年四大徽班(Four Great Anhui Troupes )入京表演的时候。19世纪中期得到快速发展,到清朝达到全盛阶段。京剧被看成是中国的文化瑰宝之一。虽然它被称为京剧,但是它的起源地却是中国的安徽省和湖北省。京剧起初是一种宫廷表演艺术,而后才慢慢普及到民间。在数百年前,京剧作为一种


Peking opera is a traditional art in China. It is a kind of Chinese opera which was born when the Four Great Anhui Troupes came to Beijing in 1790, arose in the mid-19th century and was extremely popular in the Qing Dynasty. Peking opera is widely regarded as one of the cultural treasures of China. Although it is called Beijing opera, its origins are in the Chinese provinces of Anhui and Hubei. Peking opera was originally staged for the court and came into the public later. Hundreds of years ago, as a new drama form, wherever it was performed, it would be warmly welcomed.. Unfortunately, in the modern world, traditional operas including Peking Opera have to face the existential crisis, because they are not easily accepted by younger generations.

6、昆曲Kunqu Opera

昆曲是中国古老戏曲中的一种,起源于江苏昆山,拥有600多年的历史。它是连接过去与现在,中国与世界的纽带,对现今中国的戏曲形式,包括川剧与京剧在内,都产生了重要的影响。 昆曲蕴含了各种意象美,从音乐、舞蹈到诗歌,人们的精神世界甚至中国人的灵魂,都有所体现。正因为如此,昆曲在过去广受欢迎,也成了中国文化遗产中最珍贵的部分。但是现在,昆曲不仅面临着来自大众流行文化的挑战,而且年轻人也对其缺乏兴趣。只有进行适当的保护,昆曲才能拥有美好的未来。 Kunqu Opera, which originated in the Kunshan region of Jiangsu province, is one of China’s classical operas with a history of more than 600 years. Kunqu Opera serves as a link between past and present, China and the world. It has exerted a dominant influence on recent forms of opera in China, including the Sichuan and Beijing operas. Kunqu Opera embraced every imaginable beauty, from music and dance, to poetry and people’s spirit world and even very soul of the Chinese nation, so that Kunqu Opera was so popular in the past and became the most valuable parts of China’s cultural heritage. But now, Kunqu Opera is facing competition from mass culture and a lack of interest amongst the young. It can only have a bright future when it is protected in a proper way.

7、唐诗Poems of the Tang Dynasty

唐代,是中国古典诗歌的鼎盛时期,在不到300年的时间里,涌现出了许多著名的诗人和诗作。清朝时编辑的《全唐诗》(Poems of the Tang Dynasty)已收录2200多位诗人创作的48900多首诗歌。这些诗歌让人们深入了解到当时社会生活的各个方面。中国人很喜欢唐诗,就连小孩子也能背出几首,如李白的《静夜思》(Thoughts in the Silent Night) ,杜甫的《春夜喜雨》(Good Rain on a Spring Night)等等。唐诗不仅是中国古代文学史上最光辉的一页,而且也是人类文化史中的一个奇迹。

The Tang Dynasty witnessed the peak of Chinese ancient poetry, with many renowned poets and famous works appearing over a period of less than 300 years. Poems of the Tang Dynasty edited during the Qing Dynasty has collected more than 48,900 poems written by over 2,200 poets. These poems provide an insight into all aspects of the social life of the period. Chinese people are very fond of Tang poetry, and even children can recite some from memory, such as Thoughts in the Silent Night by Li Bai, Good Rain on a Spring Night by Du Fu, etc. Tang poetry not only serves as a most brilliant page in the history of ancient Chinese literature, but is also a miracle in the history of human culture.

8、中国武术 Chinese Martial Arts/ Kungfu


专业的毕业生被分配到学校里教授武术。现在很多专家通过将搏斗技巧和健康结合到一起,试着将武术变为一项科学的运动。他们希望有一天,武术可以作为一项赛事纳入奥运会中。 Chinese martial arts enjoy a long history and great popularity in China. Influenced by ancient Chinese aesthetics which advocated a balance between hardness and softness, Chinese martial arts have formed their own aesthetic standards. Today, many people practice it to pursue health, entertainment and competition. In order to inherit the ancient art, many martial arts clubs and associations have been established across China. Since 1980, a large number of graduates majoring in martial arts have been assigned to teach martial arts in schools. Many specialists today are tying to turn martial arts into a scientific sport by combining fighting skills with health. They hope that one day martial arts will become a sport event at the Olympic Games.

9、长城The Great Wall


As one of the symbols of China, the Great Wall is a wonder not only to China but also to the whole world. The Great Wall was first built in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. After the unification of China, the first Emperor of Qin linked up different sections of the walls to prevent the invasion of the enemies. The present preserved Great Wall of China is the major parts built in the 14th century, called Ming Great Wall. With a long history of more than 2,000 years, the Great Wall of China was listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. Until now, the Great Wall is still one of the most popular attractions in the world.

10、故宫The Imperial Palace


Standing/Lying in the center of Beijing, the Imperial Palace, also known as the Forbidden City, covers an area of 720,000 square meters. It consists of dozens of courtyards and is protected by high walls and a moat on all four sides. The emperors of two dynasties, the Ming and the Qing, lived here with their families and hundreds of court ladies and palace eunuchs. The Forbidden City was completed in 1420 during the Ming Dynasty, which was not accessible to the common people. The Palace was converted into a museum in 1925 and has been open to the public after the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty was driven out of the Palace in 1924。