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题目A War against AIDS


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled A War against AIDS. You should write at least 180 words but no more than 500 words following the outline given below:

1. AIDS is a threat to young people;

2. A war against AIDS is important and necessary;

3. Something is needed to be done in the war against AIDS.

作文号:328478教师:韦储学 字数:100~500 满分:100

A War against AIDS

We all will be scared when we hearing about AIDS as it can't be cured so far. AIDS is short for the name "Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome ", which first founded in the 1970s. We have got the information that it is a fatal disease which one person just waits to die if he unfortunately infected from it. Here are some threatens that we should to know about it clearly: For personally, HIV infected people and patient tend to be in lonely situation and get serious impact on work and life. Also, When HIV infected people develop to AIDS patients, health will deteriorate rapidly, such as extremely thin, physical sucked and great pain on the body. For public, husbands give it to wives, mother to babies, those it tends not to strike just one member of a family, so as to get immediate impact on public health and economic growth.

Since it makes a seriousness in ourselves or others, a war against AIDS is important and necessary apparently. Something is needed to be done in the war against AIDS.

First, we should make good publicity that what is AIDS and how does it affect our body. Second, the government should be the leader in protecting the AIDS-infected patient, insuring their base human-right and privacy been not disturbed. Third, it's necessary that the hospital do some activities which is free for people to check them health in terms of AIDS and offer anything helpful or useful.

Only we recognize the true face of AIDS can we understand the feeling of patient and the truth that it is not so terrible as people saying, Every one of us has the responsibility to make conflict with it. So let us move now!


How to Protect Intellectual Property 要求

Directions : For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled How to Protect Intellectual Property. You should write at least 180words but no more than 500 words following the outline given below:

1. 知识产权保护越来越被重视

2. 如何保护知识产权

3. 我的观点


Intellectual property rights are the conception of "the rights enjoyed by the creation of intellectual proprietary rights". Any kinds of intellectual creations such as inventions, literary and artistic works, as well as symbols, names, images and designs used in the commercial, all above can be considered to be owned by an individual or organization who has intellectual property rights. As the globalization of economy and technology, the intellectual property protection is paid more and more attention. In our daily life, we could hear some examples like this. Recently, the news about the version of Hebei Shijiazhuang copycatting the "the Sphinx" dominated headlines and it is said that Egypt began to sue it at UNESCO. As a signatory state of the Chinese, high imitation of Sphinx has violated international conventions, and based on it, I’m also ashamed of it. There are much other information you may notice such as the battle between JiaDuoBao and Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Wong Lo Kat red tank, Qiong Yao sued Y u Zheng for copyright infringement, Apple and Samsung's dispute in patent etc.

With noticing anything or anyone around you, we can learn that it is how important to protect the Intellectual property rights. Maybe you are not feeling it in yourself, however, it doesn't mean you can neglect it, or may someday, you will use it as your weapon. So let’s learn how to defend it. For the government, they should strengthen enforcement of the law and punish violations of intellectual property rights severely. Also, in face of the current problems in the work, they should perfect the system of laws and regulations. From other said, the enterprises and other units should obtain the corresponding right on the basis of intellectual property law. They could also establish special intellectual property management organization to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests when someone offends it. All above are my opinions about how to protect the intellectual property which you could consider, at the same time, you may also find other ways.

标题:Develop China's West

字数: 不低于100字并且不高于500 字

满分: 100


1. 用劝说文体

2. 不少于150字

题目develop china's west

In January 2000, the government adopted a strategy to assist underdeveloped western regions catching up with China's more prosperous place - the east.

So, why we should to develop it? Of cause, there are some advantages. For example, it has the rich resources, filled with many kinds of mineral products, water, animals and local culture. We can make full use of it to develop our country in any corner of side, like industry, travel,

archaeology, medical science and so on. In the other hand, because of this huge gap, we can provide a large of jobs so that resolve the problem of employment. It is a good opportunity to flourish it and speed up the modernization.

Also, in the road of developing, we should know that there are many difficulties and problems we must confront. First, the local people are still in old ideas and narrow field of vision. It will be hard for them to receive the new things. So, with this point, we must put the advanced ideas in the first place. Second, we should accept the fact that it has the dangerous environment and the infrastructure is rather poor. Last, structural adjustment could be difficult with the traditional industry as the leading.

No matter what it is, we must recognize the situation clearly that despite the process may be hard, the fruits of our victory will come in the end. To the beautiful future, to the development of the west, we can't lose up this opportunity!


字数: 不低于100字并且不高于500 字

满分: 100



An invitation for a academic exchange

December 4th, 2013 Dear Professor: It is a pleasure for me to invite you on behalf of the University of Chicago to accept an appointment as a visiting professor at Guilin University of Electronic Technology University.

As the mathematician master, you have the global reputation and owned the important position that influenced each other internationally. So we invite you to come here to let our student appreciate your charms and knowing academic development and trends. Also, we hope that it will improve and strengthen the cultural exchange between us and further cooperation in various fields. I think it will be a good opportunity or chance to spread both in our students and teachers.

In view of our two schools have had successful exchange and collaboration experience, I think this time must be held very triumphant too. I delegate our leaders and students once again to issue the invitation to you to pay a visit to our school.

Look forward to hearing from you!


字数: 不低于100字并且不高于500 字

满分: 100



Latter of Complaint

Dear Sirs, I am writing to place a complaint against the training class. At my school, I received an advertisement three mouths before. It claims that as only as you take its course, you will go a pass the CET 4 or 6 with no compressive stress and the passing rate is 98%. Also, it undertakes that if you have not went through it, you could refund or get no fee in the next training class until you successes. So, at this situation, I signed up for a course and have learned it for 3 mouths in the weekend. But after taking over the training class I find that my English is not so amazing progress. Than as the mark of the CET 6 coming out, I failed it with lacking 20 scores. Naturely, I went to the training agency to return my tuition. As the consequence, they refuse to my requst, and told me that I can just get the 50% of my registration fee. This is totally different from the promise which declaimed firstly, and most all of us has been cheated.

In my opinion, one person should take responsibility to what he did or said and quality products and service are the vital for being competitive and for the development of an enterprise. In order to prevent this organization to continue lying to others and to protect our own interests, I report to your department.

It will be appreciated if you can help us on this matter. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Yan.