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1. 人的一生中,可能会遇到一些灾难事件,给我们的生活带来意外 的打击。

2. 面对灾难,我们应该坚强,不要过于沉湎于悲痛,要积极面对人生。

3. 我的看法。


On Disasters

An old saying goes: Life is full of roses and thorns. As we all know, one’s life is full of unexpected events, some of which are wonderful and some of which are disastrous. Those heavy blows, such as, floods, snowstorms, and earthquakes, threaten to weigh one down.

However 、it ’s even worse if one can ’t drag himself out of the grief in that mental break-down is more serious than the disaster itself. Instead of indulging oneself in sadness, one should take positive attitude towards life and contribute to the reconstruction of his or her life and hometown.

As for me, if I am lucky enough to survive in a disaster, I will try my best to help those who are suffering by donation blood or money. If I am a victim, I will endeavor to recover from the sadness as soon as possible and be certain to be strong and supportive to the recovery work. (154 words)

【译文赏析】 论灾难

俗话说:“生活总是喜忧参半。”众所周知,人的生命里充满着各 种意想不到的事,有些很美好,有些却是不幸的。洪水、雪灾以及地震 这些巨大的灾难总是让人无比沉重。 但是,如果一个人不能从悲痛里恢复过来,那么精神上的打击要远 比灾难本身严重。因此在灾难面前,我们不应该沉湎于悲痛,而要积极 地面对人生,努力帮助他人重生和重建家园。

如果我在一场灾难中幸存下来,我会通过捐款或者献血,尽力去帮 助其他灾民。要是我在灾难中受伤了,我也会尽快从伤痛中恢复,坚强 起来,全力支持灾后重建工作。


unexpected adj.想不到的; 意外 的; 突如其来的

disastrous adj.灾害的; 灾难性的,悲惨的

weigh one down打垮某人

drag.out 拖延,从 走出来

grief n.悲痛, 悲伤

Indulging. in沉溺于,纵情与,享受于

contribute to有助于,促进,加剧

survive v.幸免于,幸存,生还

endeavor to努力,尽力



How to Deal with Sub-health

With the modernization of the world, people’s standard of living has improved a lot. Then there appears a state of sub-health among people which poses a new threat to them.

There are some topical symptoms for people who are in a state of sub-health. First of all,

those who suffer from it often have a headache or backache. Secondly, they feel like having a rest frequently. What upsets us most is that, the situation spreading countrywide. As a result, more and more workers in big cities are harassed by it, with a percentage of 75 in Beijing, 72 in Shanghai and 70 in Guangzhou respectively.

Then how can we solve this problem effectively? Experts suggest that the best way to keep ourselves health is to do exercises. It is also very important that people should form a good living habit, for example, getting up early and going to sleep early. Only doing so can we keep us healthy.


1. 有人认为大学生应作业余兼职。

2. 有人认为大学生兼职有很多弊端。

3. 你的观点。

Taking a Part-Time Job

Many college students take part-time jobs in their spare time. Whether it is good or bad is still subject to constant debate.

Some people believe that taking a part\|time job certainly brings about several advantages. To begin with, students can learn how to get along with people and know the society better by taking a part\|time job. Furthermore, to take a part-time job provides the students with a valuable opportunity to put what he has learned from books into practice. Finally, students can make some money, which helps to unload their families' financial burden.

However, problems may also arise. Firstly, some students spend too much time doing part\|time jobs while neglecting their studies. Secondly, when taking part-time jobs, the students may be distracted from their studies by the colorful lives in the society. Thirdly, some students may be cheated or hurt by their employers, because they don't know how to protect themselves. As for me, I share the view that college students need to step out of the campus and take some part\|time jobs if their schedule permits. After all, it opens them a window to know about the society, which is essential to their maturity.

1. 网上聊天越来越流行;

2. 有人反对它,有人赞同;

3. 我的看法。


On Online Chatting

With the development of IT, online chatting is becoming increasingly popular with many people.

However, people’s opinions about it vary from person to person. Some think that it has more problems than benefits. First, it is a waste of time, energy and money as it doesn’t produce any useful information and products. Second, it is misleading to its users because cyberspace is actually an imaginary space where things are unreal or fictional.

But the advocates of online chatting support it because it is another way of recreation which is both exciting and relaxing. Besides, it helps them release their emotions and worries freely and

safely. To them, it is very useful and wonderful.

As far as I am concerned, whether online chatting is good or bad depends on the person who does it.

control we can use it pontifically and propagandistically bad effect to the greatest extent. (159 words)


increasingly adv.渐增地 vary v.变化

a waste of ...浪费

misleading adj.引入歧途的

cyberspace n.网络空间

imaginary space虚构的空间

fictional adj.虚幻的,虚构的

advocate n.支持者

recreation n.媒:乐, 消遣

release v.释放

so long as 只要

curb v.控制

to the greatest extent 最大限度

1. 每天全世界都有成千上万的人死于交通事故;

2. 分析产生交通事故的原因;

3. 应该制定交通法规遏止交通事故的发生。


Only Stricter Traffic Laws Can Prevent Accidents

Though the possibility of living a long and happy life is greater than ever before, every day thousands of people all over the world are killed or horribly mutilated on the roads just because of traffic accidents.

This situation is mainly due to the following two reasons. In the first place, the drivers are becoming less aware of social morality. When they are sitting behind a steering wheel, they totally forget the traffic laws which should be complied with. In the second place, the surprising thing is that society smiles so benignly on the peace breakers and seems to condone their behavior. As the transportation develops, cities become almost uninhabitable because of heavy traffic and the countryside is destroyed by the complicated road networks.

【译文赏析】 遏制交通事故,睢有靠更严格的交通法

虽然相比从前,幸福长寿的生活可能性更大了,但全世界各地每天 都有上千人在路上因交通事故而丧生或严重伤残。

这种情况主要是由以下两方面的原因所导致。首先,司机越来越不 重视社会公德。在驾驶时,他们完全忘记了应该遵守的交通规则。其次, 令人惊讶的是,社会对和平的破坏者竟然报以如此仁慈的微笑,似乎在 纵容他们的行为。随着交通的发展,城市因交通问题严重而变得几乎无 法居住,而乡村也被错综复杂的道路交通网所累。

因此,是时候制定全球性的法规来减少这种无谓的丧身,从而对遏 制事故发生率产生积极影响。