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On college students using credit cards

1. 越来越多的大学生正在使用信用卡

2. 使用信用卡的优点和弊端

3. 你的观点

On college students using credit cards

With the development of financial industry,more and more college students use credit cards.开门见山,直接对应第一句提供信用卡热的背景:经济发展

Credit cards can be very useful .using credit cards is convenient because people needn ’t take much cash with them when they are going shopping or dining out.And some students use credit card bills to record and check their spending so as to avoid unnecessary expenditure.对应要求第二句However, credit cards can be a curse . 分论点u sing credit cards sometimes leads to overspending because the users cannot resist the lure of all kinds of purchases.what’s more,the average interest of credit cards is as high as 20%,which may ultimately cause the users a lot of trouble.

引出观点As far as I see ,college students should be very cautious when they are using credit cards.after all,they are just too young to make reasonable financing plans.

这是典型的“现象-利弊分析-自己的观点”作文题。这种题目的难点在于结合具体题目分析利弊。大学生使用信用卡有什么好处呢?安全性,不带现金,可以避免失窃; 经济性,许多商家对信用卡支付提供优惠;通过从信用记录,便于了解自己的消费习惯,等等。不好的地方呢?对于不能控制自己的人,可能会过度消费;信用卡消费一旦透支或逾期忘记还款,利率很高,增加经济负担;有些人开卡太多,管理不善是会给自己无意中带来不良信用的纪录等等

How to prevent the spread of epidemics?

1. 近年来,各种传染病如甲流(H1N1)禽流感(bird flu)等频频威胁着我们的生存

2. 由此带来的问题

3. 控制传染病传播的措施

How to prevent the spread of epidemics?

In recent years,various epidemics,such as SARS.the bird flu and the H1N1 flu,have appeared to threaten people’s lives.They have caused much trouble to our work and life.It’s high time that we made efforts to prevent their spread.文章主题句,总结第一段,也是下文的中心

从地方政府谈起To prevent the spread of infectious diseases,local governments should try their best to let everyone know clearly how to lower the risks of being infected 感染using all types of mass media. 从个人角度谈every individual should also try to keep healthy and strong.He should exercise regularly,take sufficient sleep,have nutritious food,and stay away from the crowd.He should also try to get rid of bad habits such as smoking and heavy drinking.

When people work together,I am sure that we can succeed in preventing the spread of epidemics.

本文是典型的“现象-问题-解决方案”类作文。尽管从要求来看“问题”部分似乎可以作为重点,但结合标题how to prevent来看,本文的写作重点应该是“如何应对”的问题,也就是讨论“解决方案”。如此一来第2条“由此带来的问题”就可以从简,甚至可以一句话带过,简单的说一句“带来了许多严重问题”就可以了。而“措施”部分,必须要想出两三条来--------显然这是这篇文章的难点。一个比较好用的思路是从个人、集体(团体)、政府三个


Traveling craze

1. 旅游热的出现

2. 出现的原因和造成的结果

3. 我的看法

Traveling craze

In recent years,traveling has become A new fad for many ordinary Chinese.especially on national day andspring festival holidays,numerous people throng into the scenic spots around the country.such phenomenon is defined as “traveling craze”.

Traveling craze can be attributed to the following reasons.first,as people’s living conditions have been improved greatly,many people can afford traveling.seconds,the drive for better quality of life also maks traveling one of the leading entertainments among the average people.

介绍负面影响But due to traveling craze ,many problems crop up like the higher prices for all traveling-related aspects,the over-crowded scenic spots and the lower quality of services,etc. From my point of view,people should fully understand the disadvantages beh ind traveling craze.rational plans should be made before taking a trip.







On improving students’ network morality

1. 目前大学生网络道德问题日益严重

2. 这种问题带来的危害

3. 如何加强学生的网络道德教育

On improving students’ network morality

指出问题日益严重,对学生的个性发展和精神造成危害对应第一二条。The problem of college students ’ network morality is becoming more and more serious today,which does great harm to the development of their personality and mentality.点题,与标题呼应。Therefore it is important to improve students’ network morality.

承接前文,是本段主题句。用这样的句子容易展开段落。Ther are some ways to improve students ’ network morality. first, students should be taught to understand that their online activities bring out only self-experiences but also social responsibility. second, rules should be made to control the network environment so that students will not be exposed to 遭受,暴露

于„„various immoral information on the internet. finally ,technical means are required to supervise students’ online behaviors so that any immoral behavior can be duly punished.

是中心段落第二段的总结。用三个if 重复一下提及措施是文章中心意图更加清晰。If the student understands the importance of keeping A high network morality,if the internet environment is healthy,and if immoral network behavior is always duly punished, I’m sure students ’ network morality can be improved greatly.



My view on spam messages

1. 目前,垃圾短信给人们的生活带来了许多麻烦和困扰

2. 这种现象产生的原因

3. 如何解决这个问题

My view on spam messages

对应第一条,说明垃圾短信横行的现象Recently,spam messages jam our mobile phones every now and then and have caused us A lot of headaches.

段落主题句,用以自如引导对上述现象的分析。There are several reasons for the flood of spam messages. 分析原因first,with the expansion of cell phone users,the protection of their privacy has been weak.spam message senders can have access to such private information at a very low cost.second,spam messages prove A cheap and easy way of advertising which is warmly embraced by advertisers.finally,legal methods to crack down 制裁 spam messages are still lacking.

不定式表目的,然后论述达成此目的的手段To settle this problem ,rules should be made to better protect the privacy of mobile phone users and to restrict advertisers from sending spam message to mobile users without the users’ permission.