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补全对话:(共5句;每满分为3, 共15分。)

提示:一位女士在商店为儿子挑选T 恤衫,大小和式样都合适,也有喜欢的颜色,但价格太高。(Shop assistant =S, Customer = C) S: Good morning, madam. ?

C: Yes. You see, I’m looking for a T-shirt for my son.

S: We have a large variety of T-shirts. What about this one?

C: Oh, I like it. S: Let me see…Size 4, 6… Yes, we have size 8. Here you are. C: Um, but I don’t really like this colour. S: Yes, we also have pink, orange, black, blue and …

C: Good. I think blue is nice. S: It’s $50.

C: Oh, really? I’m afraid 六.书面表达。

Tim 多年前曾在宁波工作,他告诉老朋友大鹏最近要来宁波, 希望看看中国的变化。

假设你是大鹏,请给Tim 回信,告诉他:

1. 欢迎他来宁波。

2. 为他预订宾馆;(make a reservation for)

3. 建议去义乌,新的国际化大市场,很多外国商人在那里采购,离宁波不远,来回最多只需两天。

注意: 1. 开头和结尾已为你写好;词数应为100左右。 Dear Tim,

What do you think about it?

I’m looking forward to your coming.



I ’m looking forward to your reply.

答案:51. What can I do for you /Can I help you

52. Do you have size 8 53. Do you have any other color(s)

54. How much (is it) 55. It’s too expensive


Dear Tim,

I’m very glad to know that you’ll be back to Ningbo for a visit. As soon as you can fix the dates, I’ll book a hotel room for you.

I know that you hope to see how China changed in these years. Why don’t you go to Yiwu? A visit to that city is worth your time. Yiwu has become a new international market, and a lot of businessmen from abroad live there, buying goods and sending them to their home countries. As the city is close to Ningbo, the trip will take you no more than two days. What do you think about it?

I’m looking forward to your coming.




补全对话:(共5句;每满分为3, 共15分。)

根据中文提示, 将对话中缺少的内容写在线上。这些句子必须符合英语表达习惯。打句号的地方, 用陈述句, 打问号的地方, 用疑问句。 提示:Jason 和 Andrea 在谈论他们的工作。Andrea 在Thomas Cook Travel 做导游工作, 经常陪人们去南美洲, 如秘鲁。他很喜欢这份工作。Jason 是位学生, 在一家快餐馆兼职。

Jason : Where do you work, Andrea?

Andrea : I 51 Thomas Cook Travel.

Jason : Oh, really? What do you do there?

Andrea : I'm a guide. I take people 52 to countries in South America, like Peru.

Jason : That sounds interesting!

Andrea : Yes, 53 . I love it. And what do you do? Jason : I am a student, and I 54 , too.

Andrea : Oh ? Where do you work?

Jason : 55

Andrea : Which restaurant?

Jason : Hamburger Heaven.


假定你是孙明, 今年暑假你随父母去英国度假, 你答应你的好友王永将你的感受及时与他分享。请你用英语给他写一封100字左右的短信。告诉他你在英国参观了伦敦和剑桥, 你的感觉如何;你何时回来。 注意:

1. 100字左右;

2. 开头语已为你写好。

Dear Wang Yong,

I am having a good time here


51. work for 52. on tours 53. it's a great job

54. have a part-time job 55. In a fast-food restaurant. 评分说明:

本题应补入5处, 每处3分, 共15分。补入的部分内容恰当、语句正确、通顺的给满分。与答案不同但意思、语言无误的不扣分。大体正确的, 给2分。句子结构或用词有毛病但尚能达意的, 给1分。句子结构或用词有严重错误的, 给0.5分或不给分。完全错误或只写个别单词的不给分。每句中的拼写错误每1-2处扣0.5分, 不倒扣分。


Dear Wang Yong,

I am having a good time here! Yesterday I was in London. London is the capital of UK. It is very clean and crowded, just like Beijing. I saw Big Ben when my parents and I were walking along the banks of River Thames. I also went to Covent Garden as well. Today I went to visit Cambridge University. I was attracted by the fine buildings and a small river in

Cambridge. I bought some presents, including some lovely post cards for you. Tomorrow I will go to visit Oxford University. Then my summer vacation will end and I can get back to Beijing the day after tomorrow. See you soon!


Sun Ming



提示:Jack 去图书馆借书,但没有借书证(library card)。图书管理员Linda 为他办理了借书证,并告诉他每本书可借两个星期,如果需要,可以续借。

Linda: Good morning. ?

Jack: Yes, I want to borrow a book. Linda: jack: No, I don't have one now. ?

Linda: Well, please fill in this form first.

Jack: OK. (A few minutes later.) Here's the completed form. Linda: Thanks. The card will be ready in thirty minutes, and you can take it later.

Jack: Thank you. By the way, ?

Linda: Well, two weeks. But then, you can renew the book if you still need it.

Jack: I see. Thanks a lot.

Linda: .



假设你是李华,你的朋友Peter 将来中国旅行。请写信邀请他来你家乡游玩,应包含以下内容:

1. 交通:飞机或火车,机场有45路公交车,在最后一站下车,如坐火车你将去车站接;

2. 活动内容:到附近的岛上玩,游泳、跑步、爬山、吃海鲜。


1. 开头和结尾已为你写好;

2. 词数应为100左右.


51. Can I help you / What can I do for you

52. Do you have a library card / Have you got a library card

53. How can I get one /What should I do to get one (/a library card)

54. how long can I keep a book (/the book) (I borrow)

55. You’re welcome/ My pleasure.


本题应补入5处,每题3分,共15分。 补入的内容恰当, 语句正确通顺的给满分. 与答案不同, 但意思语言无错误的不扣分。大体正确的,给2分。 句子结构或用词有毛病,但能达意的,给1分。句子结构或用词有严重错误的,给0.5分或不给分。完全错误或只写个别单词的不给分。每句中的拼写错误每1-2处扣0.5分。不倒扣分。


内容要点:1. 可坐飞机,也可坐火车;

2. 机场有45路公交车, 最后一站下;

3. 如坐火车将去车站接;

4. 安排游海岛;

5. 岛上活动。

One possible version:

Dear Peter,

I’m really excited to know that you ’ll come to China for summer holidays. I hope you’ll come to visit my hometown.

You can either fly or take a train to come here when you ’re in the country. Both the airport and train station are not far from my home. From the airport you can take Bus No. 45. please get off at the last stop. If you come by train, I’ll meet you at the train station.

During your stay, we can visit the islands nearby. They are very beautiful in summer. We can go swimming in the sea, running along the seaside and climbing the hills there. The seafood is wonderful on the islands. I’m sure you’ll like it.

Let me know your travel plan when you have one. I’m looking forward to seeing you again, in my hometown.


Sincerely yours,

Li Hua



根据中文提示,把对话中缺少的内容写在答题卡相应题号后。 这些句子必须符合英语表达习惯。打句号的地方,用陈述句;打问号的地方,用疑问句。

提示:Daniel(D)去火车站迷了路。他问一个女孩(G),她也不熟悉这个地方。询问警察(P)后得知,可以乘坐12路公共汽车。去最近的12路车站只需沿街直行,然后在第二个红绿灯(traffic lights)处右转。

D: Excuse me, ? I'm completely lost.

G: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm a stranger here myself. Why don't you ask the policeman over there?

D: Excuse me, officer. I'm asking about the way to the train station.

P: . Just get off at the last stop and there it is. D: Yes, Bus No. 12, ?

P: Go ahead this way . You'll see the bus stop there. D: Thanks a lot.



假设你是李明,在本市主要商业区的一家银行找到工作后,给Jack 发电子邮件,告诉他:

1.下周搬到牛津大道(Oxford Street)14号城市花园3-12室居住,该地靠近银行:

2.虽然离Jack 家远了,但仍会像过去一样常去拜访他们;

3。欢迎Jack 前往新家作客,电话为7635089。 注意:词数应为100左右。

Hi, Jack,

sincerely yours,

Li Ming'



51. can you tell me where the train (/railway) station is/can you show me the way to the train (/railway) station

52. You may take Bus No. 12 / Bus No. 12 will take you there

53. but where is the nearest (bus) stop / but how can I find the nearest (bus) stop

54. Turn right at the second traffic lights

55. You're welcome / My pleasure

评分说明: 本题应补入5处,每处3分,共15分。补入的部分内容恰当、语句正确、通顺的给满分。与答案不同,但意思、语言无错误的不扣分。大体正确的给2分。句子结构或用词有毛病,但尚能达意的,给1分。句子结构或用词 有严重错误的,给0.5分或不给分。完全错误或只写个别单词的不给分。每句中的拼写错误每1—2处扣0.5分,不倒扣分。


(一) 评分原则:







(二) 内容要点:



3.还会常去看Jack 一家;




第五档(很好) :(25—30分)






—有效地使用了语句间的连接成分,使全文结构紧凑。 完全达到了预期的写作目的。

第四档(好) :(19—24分)





—应用简单的语句间连接成分,使全文结构紧凑。 达到了预期的写作目的。

第三档(适当) :(13—18分)




—有一些语法结构或词汇方面的错误,但不影响理解。 —应用简单的语句间连接成分,使全文内容连贯。 整体而言,基本达到了预期的写作目的。

第二档(较差) :(7—12分)


—漏掉或未描述清楚一些主要内容,写了一些无关内容。 —语法结构单调、词汇项目有限。




第一档(差) :(1-6分)









(四) 说明:


2. 应紧扣主题,可适当发挥。

(五) One possible version:

Hi, Jack,

I've got a new job at a bank in the main business area of the city. I'm moving to 3-12 City Garden, 14 Oxford Street next week. It's quite close to the bank. I've almost finished packing and hopefully the move will go smoothly.

Though my new home is about an hour's drive from your place, I'm sure I'll have time to visit you and your family often as usual. You are welcome to visit my new home anytime at weekends. Call me at 7635089 and let me know how you're doing.

Sincerely yours,

Li Ming


( 模式一 ) 邀请信

假如你是李明,1) 听说好友王丽圣诞节放假来北京, 你邀请她与你共度有意义的假期。

2) 你要过生日,请她来参加你的生日聚会。

Dear Wang Li:


1)I am very glad to hear that (you are going to have a Christmas holiday back to Beijing.) I’m writing this letter to invite you to have a meaningful holiday together with me.

2)How are you going? It has been quite a long time since (we had a three-day holiday in your hometown.) I sent you emails but did not receive your reply. Thus I am writing this letter to invite you to attend my birthday party.


So much for this letter and I wonder whether I have made

everything clear. If you want to know more, just feel free to call me to discuss the details. I look forward to seeing you then.\

Hoping to hear from you soon.\ With best wishes to you and your family.

Sincerely yours,

Li Ming

Dear Tim,

I learnt from your last letter that you hope to come to China to teach English. Here I have good news for you: Qianjin Middle School needs an English teacher.

He will be responsible for both teaching Oral English and after-class English activities, whose aim is to help students to practice oral English. He will be in charge of two classes, 10 lessons each week. And the English activities will be held once a week.

The salary is 4000 RMB. per month. They will provide a free flat for him and free return tickets for the flight from your country to China.

I look forward to your reply. (104 words)


1. 审题要仔细:

都是应用文, 都是书信。

基本时态要正确:(一般现在时,一般过去时,一般将来时); 人称要正确:可以是第一人称,第二人称

常用的书信的结尾:I’m looking forward to your reply.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

2. 要点要齐全。

3. 语句要通顺连贯。


表示时间的:in the past, right now, at present(目前), 表示转折的: but, however, on the contrary(相反的) , 表示递进的besides, what’s more, in addition,

表示并列的,as well as, both…and, either…or …,

neither …nor, not only…but also,

表因果的,therefore, now that(既然),

表示列举:for instance, such as;

表示总结:in a word, in short, in brief, in conclusion, 表示对比的,while, instead of, on the other hand

I spoke English very carfully. However, he could not

understand me.

4. 运用高级词汇和较复杂的结构。

Duty responsibility

e.g. These tickets are available for one month.

尽量用非谓语结构,(特别是现在分词或过去分词短语结构) 或某些固定结构:with 复合结构,so/such…that …, enough to do…, as well as …, not only…but also…

e.g. Not knowing her address, I wasn’t able to contact her.

Not being able to understand English, he didn’t know how to explain to them.

The woman went to her mother’hand.