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Food Safety

1. 食品安全问题令人担忧。

2. 对此,你有什么看法(可从蔬菜、水果滥用农药、激素方面分析)?

Food Safety.

Currently, many problems concerning the safety of food have popped up. As for me, I believe at least three factors account for this issue.

First, I observe that profits drive many food producers to commit illegal ways. They aim to gain more money at the expense of consumer’s health. Second, the overuse of agricultural pesticide has resulted in the degradation of food quality. The excessive pesticide bears enormous health hazard for people. Furthermore, some food producers inject hormones into domestic animals so as to make them grow quicker and thus they can turn in more profit. As a result, people’s health has been seriously disturbed.

All in all, food safety is such a great concern, we all should do establish laws and implement them effectively to avoid producing toxic foods.

【点评】:首句直接点题,词组pop up指弹起,这里指食品安全突然间成了一大社会问题。文章第二部分从蔬菜生产商、水果滥用农药及激素方面阐释了食品安全问题的根源。Observe 除了有观察之意,还可以表示某人的观点;动词commit 后面通常接违法或伤害性的事情,如commit a crime, commit illegal things, commit suicide 等等。“以消费者的健康为代价”除了使用at the expense of 还可以使用at the cost of 或者ignoring 。 另外,在表达同一意思或相近意思时,此文避免了一词多用,而是采用不同的单词或词组,如劣质食品使用了problems concerning the safety of food, the degradation of food quality和toxic foods。 最后一段再次点题,并提出了万能解决方案之一,即政府和相关单位要制定法律法规。 Should we help others in need?

1. 现在经常有这样的现象发生:路上有人摔倒,没人敢上前帮忙。

2. 这是人们的公德心缺失还是其他什么原因呢?

3. 你对此有何看法?

Should we help others in need?

Helping others has always been a virtue in traditional Chinese culture. But what’s strange nowadays is that people dare not show their helping hands to those in need. I would like to elaborate my views on this issue.

Firstly, I think people’s moral sense has degraded. When egoism gains the upper hand, many people find it growingly hard to help others. Secondly, there is no denying that some tragic events turn out to be traps by people with evil intentions. So common people are becoming more risk-conscious and are more wary of traps and deceits.

In general, I contend the idea that we should be warm-hearted and offer help as well as look out for potential hazards so as not to be deceived.

【点评】:第一句话介绍背景,使用“美德”virtue 一词。第二句话为转折句,除了使用but 这个表示强烈转折意味的连接词,还采用了strange 和首句形成鲜明对比。文章第二部分开始阐释人们公德心(moral sense)缺乏的原因。指出原因

之一为自私。此处采用了egoism, 也可使用selfishness, 但不可使用individualism ,后者在英语语境中通常作褒义词讲,即崇尚自尊自立之意。原因之一是内因,原因之二是外因。Trap 指陷阱,deceit 指欺骗。第二段使用了内外因、主客观因素结合的方法,较全面地解释了公德心缺失的根源。最后一段表明作者立场,提出既要坚持善良之心也要有防备之心。

College Students’ Living Condition

1. 反应大学生生存状况的词语从“蜗居”、“蚁族”到“鼠族”,不断涌现。

2. 对于这种现象,你有什么看法?

College Students’ Living Condition

Recently, the living condition of some college students is frequently referred to as “dwelling-narrowness ”. In fact, this embarrassing situation is very serious that few of us can fail to meditate on the causes of it.

In the first place, it’s difficult for graduates to bear the high cost of life in big cities. Poor payment thus gives rise to bad living conditions. Next, college students are more ambitious. Many of them are eager to compete in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing, where talents are abundant and positions are limited. Refusing to go back hometown let them suffer in big cities, which indirectly make their situation worse.

Generally speaking, college students should be more qualified to better themselves and adjust their goals according to the reality.

【点评】:首句交待背景,用无生命的名词词组(inanimate noun phrase)作主语并使用被动语态,文章更加客观中立。第二句话使用单词embarrassing ,深入地挖掘了当今大学生生存状况艰难与大学生十年寒窗之间令人无奈的矛盾。第三句话为承上启下句,fail to do sth.表示没能、不能做某事。文章第二部分阐释了作者的个人看法。认为此社会现象的一个原因是大城市的高消费与大学生刚刚毕业收入相对较低之间产生的矛盾。第二个原因来自大学生对自身期许过高与大城市人才济济之间的矛盾。使用单词ambitious ,表示雄心勃勃。在形容人才济济时,使用abundant ,表示充足的。此外,文章还指出第一个原因是直接原因,第二个原因是间接导致了大学生生存困境。最后一段给出了解决方法,better oneself指使某人自身更加优秀,better 此处作动词讲。

The Popularity of Micro-blogging




The Popularity of Micro-blogging

Micro-blogging is no longer a strange word. More precisely, it has become part of our life.

As for me, many factors contribute to the widespread of Micro-blogging. First, it is very convenient for people to express their instant feelings at any time. Second, it provides a chance for people to release their inner stress. By revealing their heartfelt emotions on the Micro-blogging, their friends may also know about their conditions and can offer in-time comfort.

However, Micro-blogging can also be potentially dangerous as it may give away people’s privacy and other significant information.

All in all, Micro-blogging provides us comfort and also inevitably some concerns. We should be careful while using it.

【点评】:第一段直接切入主题。首句在说明微博越来越流行时没有用肯定句micro-blogging is more and more popular, 而是用否定句的方式“负负得正”。从第二段开始阐释流行的原因。Contribute to 是固定词组,表示为... 作出贡献,其对应的名词是contribution 。第一个原因是微博方便人们在任何时候表达他们当时的感觉。这里通过“at any time ”和“instant feeling ”突出了微博和传统博客的区别。第二个原因是微博可以减压。此处release 表示释放,除了跟release pressure, release stress, 还可以跟release news。第三段描述了微博的弊端,give away表示出卖,同义词有betray 。最后一段是作者的对微博的态度,在充分肯定微博积极意义的同时提醒人们要谨慎使用微博。

Reflection on Natural Disasters

1. 最近国内外灾害不断发生,这些灾害引起了我们对于自然所做的行为的再一次思考。

2. 你是如何看待自然灾害的?

3. 我们应该采取哪些措施来尽可能避免这些灾害和减少损失呢?

Reflection on Natural Disasters

Natural disasters happens almost every day ,those devastating ones leave us to think about our behaviors towards nature again.

First of all,we need to set a sound pre-warning mechanism, which enables us to detect potential risks at an early stages. Accordingly ,emergency measures can be taken ,and losses can be minimized.

Second ,governments have to equipped with an excellent Disaster Assistance Response Team to rescue those disaster-stricken areas. The primary goal is to provide emergency services, such as drinking water and medical treatment, until long-term aid arrives.

Third, citizens need to realize that the main cause of those disasters is largely due to climate crisis; therefore, they should purchase energy efficient appliances, plant trees and economize our consumption on housing.

From what has been discussed above, I maintain that minimizing the cost of disasters can be achieved by our persisting efforts.

【点评】:第一段为总起段,提出问题并引起读者的注意。在形容自然灾害时,用disaster 。Devastating 表示极具破坏性的,同义词为destroying 。Leave sb. to do sth. 意味着使某人做某事。之后使用了连接词accordingly, 用以表示顺接或因果关系,连接词的使用能够使文章更具连贯性和逻辑性。而两个被动语态的使用则使文章更加客观公正。第二段从政府的角度来进一步论述。Disaster-stricken 为形容词,意思为饱受在乃摧残的。在讲述政府提供的救援时,文中用了举例的方法使文章更加具体有说服力。第三段中的be due to 主要用来表示不好的原因。Purchase 表示大宗购买,意味buy 。这里用了三个并列的动宾词组,使文章更加有说服力。最后一段maintain 用来表示某人的观点,同义词还有observe, declare, insist.