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产品(Products ):

1. Get Connected to your PC, Anytime,Anywhere;

2. ASRock Z97 OC Formula Sets Two New World Records: 7181.23 MHz CPU Frequency & Intel® XTU 1601 Marks!

3. Meet the Most Powerful Z87 Motherboard on the Face of Earth: ASRock Z87 Extreme11/ac

4. MSI MOA 2014 APAC Class A and WW Class B Qualifiers Result :Stay tuned for (敬请期待,敬请关注)the MOA Recap to win MSI Prizes

5. the long anticipated Intel® 8 Series gaming rig M8 is hitting the markets! (长期期待的产品上市)

展会(Events ):

1. ASRock COMPUTEX 2014: Experience Leading Motherboards at ASRock Gaming and OC Show

2. ASRock is Presenting An Amazing Array Of Tech Gears to COMPUTEX Taipei 2014

3. Don't Miss the Show! Join ASRock at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover (祈使句,煽动性的语言)

4. Dell Software ups the ante at GITEX. (提高要求,加大赌博的筹码)


1. ASRock's Z87 Extreme6/ac Triumphs with the Editors' Choice Silver Award from AnandTech!

2. ASRock's Motherboards Win More Awards and Break (set )More World Records at COMPUTEX 2013 with TweakTown

3. An Awesome Array of Pro-Gaming and Overclocking Stars Will Steal the Show at ASRock's 2013 COMPUTEX Exhibition


advanced portability and space efficiency

The functionality of this gaming barebone lives up to(不辜负) its awesome appearance

ASRock Z87 Pro3 distinguishes itself from other Z87 counterparts by its superb performance and attractive price

mind blowing 产生幻觉效果的;令人极度兴奋的;给人印象极深的

is unprecedentedly(空前地) equipped with

not only features a futuristic appearance but also includes a high-performance hardware system. It has tons of expansion options

the wizards of motherboard design is already racking up (击倒、获胜) awards all across the globe!

Robustly built components, exquisite design, creative yet practical features, ASRock Z87 Extreme9/ac will exactly fit your needs if you are in search for an out-of-the-box(拆盒可用的) high end motherboard!


Underpinned (巩固,加强) by leading technology and architecture

shine the spotlight on the work

cutting-edge 尖端的 高深的

to keep …… top of mind.

Previous incarnation 前身

second-to-none 首屈一指 举世无双

state-of-the-art 最先进的;已经发展的;达到最高水准的

Huge breakthrough 重大突破

easy-to-deploy 便于配置的/部署的

value-conscious 讲究物有所值,经济型的

heavy-duty performer 能承受重负荷的

Aesthetically 从审美角度上来讲

Flawless 完美的 无瑕疵的

Low-profile 低调的

Noteworthy 值得注意的 显著的

it packs a lot of powerful features 拥有很多强大的特色

BIOSTAR showcased four product families featuring their latest Embedded Solutions, Mini PC barebones systems

COMPUTEX d&i Award COMPUTEX 最佳创意设计奖

Play3r.net (UK) Performance/Editor's Choice/Gold

Groundbreaking 具有开创性的

offer a wide selection of features 提供多种选择

preserves optimal performance while saving power

lightning-fast 快如闪电的

PC aficionados PC 狂热追逐者

snappy performance 生机勃勃的/ 精力充沛的 性能

Refine 改良、改善

increase the performance to the limit and stay true to portability 在轻便的基础上最大限度地提高性能

Debut 出道,初次登场

be highly acclaimed by IT pros 获得IT 专业人士的高度赞誉

A product of exquisite craftsmanship 精致的工艺

Keen on 热衷于…

miniaturizing the traditional PC 使传统电脑小型化

Seasoned 经验丰富的 老道的

The ZOTAC GeForce GTX 750 ZONE Edition graphics card combines the gaming prowess (游戏的英勇超凡)of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 GPU with a zero noise cooling system to deliver a quiet PC gaming experience with class-leading features.

unrivaled visual fidelity and smoothness 无可比拟的视觉保真度及流畅性

stunning graphics they crave (期待、渴望)

Eye-candy 华而不实的东西

Aficionados 狂热爱好者

no-lag networking 无滞后网络

Novice 新手、 初学者

Peerless 无与伦比的

Eyefinity 三屏 宽域技术

it makes for a nice overall bundle at an excellent price point.

entry-level 入门级的 适合初学者的

rock-solid 坚如磐石的 绝对可靠的

lineup 阵容 一系列产品

Given this incredibly powerful platform from Intel, GIGABYTE wanted to make sure each one of our X99 series motherboards delivered that ‘WOW ’ factor (带来惊喜的效果)for our enthusiast customers

truly unlock the full potential of the platform 充分挖掘了平台的潜力

fulfill the needs of the high-end desktop segment, 满足高端需求

hypervisor 超级管理程序

No-compromise 效能卓越的 不妥协的

data-handling capability 数据处理能力

Effortlessly 轻松的 毫不费力的

Unearthly 超自然的 神秘的

Whopping 庞大的,巨大的

fast and furious 飞快的

top-of-the-line 最好的 最豪华的

keynote meeting 主题会议

Elysium 极乐世界 极乐空间

Future-proof 永远不会过时的

Oddly enough, 说来也奇怪

Hinder 阻碍 阻止 破坏

a scramble to place orders 争相订货

triggered a surge of interest in 触发对……的兴趣/关注

Pared-down 消减了的

generous storage 充足的内存

Noticeably 很明显地 显著地

nothing short of 简直就是;无异于;nothing short of phenomenal 简直就是非凡的 Glitch 小故障

Bulky 庞大的 体积大的 笨重的

hair-pulling 令人抓狂的 hair-pulling glitches 令人发狂的小故障

Deal-breaker 搅局者;致命的弱点

Scalability 可扩展性、可伸缩性

hassle-free operation 一站式操作

made a giveaway(赠品) to the visitors 向参观者发放免费赠品

high-tech gear 高科技设备

Full-fledged 羽毛生齐的,发育完全的,成熟的,完全的;

Flimsy 脆弱的,易碎的,已损坏的,不周密的

bells and whistles, 附加的功能或是点缀品

fine-tuned 微调,对XX 进行调整

Latency 延迟、潜伏 low latency & high frequency 低延迟、高频率

Co-processor 协处理器

full featured 全功能的

hyper-converged solutions 超密集度解决方案(服务器)

Underlying 潜在的 根本的 在底下的 优先的 (underlie 成为……的基础;位于……之下 )

best-in-class 一流的

Emerging Solutions 新型解决方案

monstrous storage capability 巨大的存储能力

Extras 额外设备,附加设备


Now, we’re ready to get it into the hands of customers 现在,我们已经准备好将它(新品)交到客户的手中

squeeze out every drop of performance 充分利用其性能

With convenient expandability options(可扩展性能), the HP Pavilion 500 is the versatile PC that grows as your needs do(根据您的需求设计的).

With a sharp, modern design, it fits seamlessly anywhere you put it(无论你将它置于何处都是天衣无缝).

Free up (腾出、空出、挪出) desk space with this elegant, slim design.

Enjoy a modern desktop PC that matches your lifestyle with smart affordability and performance. fills in the gaps 填补空缺

You Must Have been Living Under a Rock(除非你是山顶洞人) if You Still haven't Heard About Bitcoins

Outperforming (胜过,做的比…好)other fanless systems with the powerful, scalable Intel 4th Gen scheme, KingBOX MS-9A66 meets demanding performance requirement while keeps the system cool with its superior heat radiation design that allows it work fanlessly and reliably. make it a perfect computing system for most of industrial scenes (适用于大多数工业场景) MS-9A66 surpasses all the system of its kind not only in(超过、优于) performance but also in many intelligent ways it's designed

Here was a relatively compact PC that had the innards of a fairly decent full-fledged machine(拥有成熟完备电脑所具有的全部内在)

ZOTAC Injects Palm-Sized ZBOX nano XS with Double Dose of Performance(双倍性能) take the new 8 or 6 core CPU’s and DDR4 performance to the limit (将……性能发挥到极致) push your hardware (your rig)to its limit 将你装备的性能发挥到极致

As the first of its kind 首创的,第一次的

this slimline machine can still be considered a gaming heavyweight(游戏重量级选手)

Granted, (诚然) that machine is only using a pair of 860M GPUs, but it’s also essentially the same price as the GS70 and noticeably behind in gaming performance terms and overall spec.

From the quad-core i7 CPU and mass of memory to the twin 256GB M.2 SSDs in RAID, it screams quality. (证明了质量)

If you don ’t want the heft of something like the bulky GT72, but still crave the gaming performance , (期待好的游戏性能)then the GS70 is a great shout(恰好合适). But you might need to re-mortgage first.

New ZOTAC ZBOX MI521 nano XS series embraces a 4th Generation Intel Core processor for a dual-core performance punch

ZOTAC Injects Palm-Sized ZBOX nano XS with Double Dose of Performance(注入更多的功能)

A suite of Intel technologies (一系列技术)including Clear Video HD, InTru 3D and Quick Sync Video transforms the ZBOX MI521 nano XS series into (将……变成……) the perfect HTPC for high quality HD video playback

Push the limit (超越极限) with the new ZOTAC ZBOX MI521 nano XS series.

ZOTAC is launching the highly anticipated GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970 series with a big bang (隆重推出某一长期期待的产品)

In a multifaceted (多层面的,多才多艺的,多面的) strategy utilizing dual and triple 90mm fan solutions, they combine the best thermal capabilities of copper and aluminum to overpower (压倒、控制、克服、战胜) the overwhelming capabilities of Nvidia ’s latest graphics card to maximize heat dissipation to produce not only the coolest performance, but one of our quietest. still there's a handful of phenomenally designed game changers that shine like a beacon(灯塔) across the endless sea of mediocrity(平庸之辈)

elevate technology and computing to another level (将技术及运算水平提升到一个新的水平) Flame every gaming soul 点亮每一个游戏人的火焰

present a rich blend of features and technologies 呈现了一系列的技术和特色


saturation current 饱和电流

Malware 恶意软件

Living-streaming 流媒体 实时直播

Counter strike反恐精英

Flip-up 上掀式

wide-range DC power design 宽量程直流电源设计

Frame 帧

TP cable(twisted-pair )双绞线

unshielded twisted-pair (UTP )非屏蔽双绞线

Shielded twisted-pair(STP) 屏蔽双绞线

Wake-on-LAN 远程唤醒技术

PXE (preboot execute environment)预启动执行环境

Power amplifier 功放(功率放大器)

PnP (Plug and play) 即插即用

Hot plug 热插拔(指可以在电脑运作时插上或拔除硬体)

Burn-in 拷机测试 (一般指对于新买的机器,如电脑、仪器,让其不关机运行1-2天来测试软硬件的兼容性与系统稳定性。)

PWM (pulse width modulation)脉冲宽度调度

anti-ghosting 防冲突的

CloudSync 云同步

macro key 组合功能键

wide-area coverage heat dissipation 最大的散热面积

Blower-fan 鼓风扇(standard 标准的)

Dual-fan 双风扇 triple-fan 三风扇

SOC (System on a chip) (meaning the CPU, GPU, memory controller, chipset on the same chip ) Regulator 校准器

e-Sports 电子竞技

anti-glare 防眩射



七、广告语(slogan )

Multiply your business productivity!

Drive your business to success!