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(一)Changes in Our Hometown

In the past ten years, great changes have taken place in our hometown. In the past, there used to be old houses. The river was very dirty. The roads were narrow and the living conditions were hard. People went to work on foot or by bike. But now, there are many tall buildings in my hometown. The river is clean and the water is clear. There are many ring roads and the living conditions are comfortable. People usually go to work by bus or by car.

I am glad to see these great changes in my hometown. But I think it’s still important to remember the past. It tells that we should cherish the present life.

(二)The Population Problem

The population is one of the biggest problems in the world today. China has the largest population with 1.3 billion. It’s about one fifth of the world’s population. A large population causes many difficulties, not only for every family, but also for the whole nation. It has become a serious problem. In many less developed areas, some parents prefer boys to girls. As a result, many girls can’t go to school.

I think we should do something to control the population. One answer is known as the one-child policy. It has worked well in controlling China’s population.


May 1st, Saturday Sunny

At nine in the morning, I went to the countryside with my classmates. On the way we saw many rice fields and woods on both sides of the road. Farmers have built factories, shops and schools in many villages. Between ten and twelve we visited ten families. Many farmers who grew vegetables and raised silkworms became rich. Some families have bought color TV . Their life is much better than before. It’s said that some American friends would come to visit their village, too. I hope the farmers’ life will be better and better.


Hello, everyone. As we know, Many Iraqis become homeless people because of the war. Some of them are children. Some used to be rich but now

they lose warm houses and have not enough food to eat. The children have no chance to go to school. The hard living conditions make the homeless children become child laborers. What do you think of their terrible life?

Let’s make a wonderful program to help these children live a normal life. I think we should call on (呼吁) ending the war. We support these poor child laborers by raising money. So they can live in warm houses, get good educations and live happy lives. We hope there will be smiles on their faces. If you’d like to join the program, please come to our community.

Ⅲ. 书面表达。(10分)

人类只有一个地球。根据提示,以“Saving the Earth”为题,写一篇80词左右的短文。

提示: 1.如何保护环境已成为世界最大难题之一; 2. 各种污染破坏环境,损害健康; 3. 不要乱倒垃圾,乱排废水;

4. 我们应该保护环境,使我们的家园更加美丽

Ⅲ. 参考范文: Saving the Earth

How to protect the environment has become one of the biggest problems in the world. There are many kinds of pollutions around us, such as air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution and light pollution. We can find that rubbish not only pollutes our environment but also harms people’s health. So we should not throw rubbish everywhere. Some factories pour waste water into the rivers and the lakes. The behavior of these factories will pollute the water, and sometimes it can kill the fish living in them.

We have only one earth. We must keep our environment clean and tidy. We must try our best to protect her, and make our home more beautiful.


提示: 我的家乡位于山脚下,一条小河从旁边流过。两年前,南面建起一座化工厂,排出大量废气、废水,造成严重污染,影响人们健康。如今政府采取了一系列保护环境、防止污染的措施。我的家乡正变得越来越美。

要求: 1.文章必须包括以上主要内容,可以适当增加细节,使内容连贯; 2.80词左右。 Ⅲ. 参考范文:

My hometown lies at the foot of a small hill. A small river passes by it. There was a chemical factory to the south of my hometown two years ago. It sent out a great deal of waste gas into the air and poured lots of waste water into the river. The terrible pollution was harmful to us as well as to the environment.

Nowadays, the government has done something to protect the environment and prevent it from being polluted. Now, my hometown is becoming more and more beautiful.


“保护环境,人人有责”,请以How to Be a Greener Person 为题,写一篇有关环保的短文,并适当发表你的看法。(80词左右) Ⅲ. 参考范文:

How to Be a Greener Person

It’s our duty to protect the environment around us. The three Rs—reduce, reuse and recycle —are important. I think we’d better not buy b ottles or boxes which people can only use once. We should turn off the lights when we are not using them. We can give old clothes to others to reuse them.

When we go shopping, we’d better take a cloth bag rather than use plastic bags. We shouldn’t throw th ings away if they can be reused, repaired or recycled. It’s important for us to protect animals and plants. We are supposed to prevent the factory from pouring waste water into rivers, lakes and so on. If everyone is doing that, our world will become more and more beautiful.

七. 书面表达。(15分)

(A) 加拿大著名专家(expert) Jim Green law将于本周日来我校作演讲,演讲主题是 Saving Our Earth ,假如你是校学生会主席,请写则通知,告诉全校同学。 时间: 上午9: 00 地点: 学校礼堂

要求: 带好笔记本并做好笔记;保持会场安静,不要乱扔垃圾。(5分) (B) 根据下面表格的提示,写一篇80词左右的短文。(10分) 人类的不明智之举:1. 乱伐树林2. 乱扔垃圾3. 不加处理排放废物 导致的问题:1. 土地沙化2. 河水变脏3. 空气质量差4. 全球气温升高,建议至少两条合理化建议 Ⅲ. 参考范文:

(A )Boys and girls,

An expert called Jim Greenlaw from Canada will come to our school this Sunday. He will give a report on “Saving Our Earth”. The report will start/begin in our school hall at 9: 00 in the morning. Remember to bring your notebooks. Please keep quiet and don’t throw rubbish about. That’s all. Thank you.

(B )

As time goes by, man is making the earth sick. People cut down too many trees and throw rubbish away here and there. Many factories pour waste water into rivers and lakes. As a result, a lot of rich land has changed into desert, leaving only sand. Many rivers and lakes are dead now. The air is becoming dirtier and dirtier. The temperature on the earth becomes higher and higher. Many people now are in bad health. I think everyone is supposed to reduce the waste. Recycling can not only protect the environment but also save money. We’d better not buy bottles or boxes which people can use only once. If we are greener people, our world will become more and more beautiful.

Let’s Study English Well

English is widely used around the world. It’s used as the first/official language in many countries. It’s also used as a second language in many other countries in the world. It’s important for a businessman or a businesswoman to learn English well. English is a popular language of the world’s airlines and international business. And two thirds of the world’s scientists read and write in English. About 200 million users of the Internet communicate in English, too. What’s more, the 2008 Olympic Games was held in Beijing, and this calls for the whole nation to learn English. English is becoming more and more important in our daily life. We should study it well.

Dear Mr. Zhou,

How are you? I have been in Australia for a week. I come here to visit my uncle and spend the summer holiday. Just as I thought, I have some difficulties in understanding the people here. They speak too quickly. Sometimes I can’t follow them. And their accents are not the same. Even worse, I can’t understand some of the words they said. I really want to know

how the differences come about. Please write to me soon. Best wishes to you and your family.

Yours , Wang Qun

八.. 书面表达(15分)

请根据提示,写一篇阐述英语重要性的文章。(80词左右) 1. 英语是世界上使用最广泛的语言;

2. 全球有4亿多人把英语作为第一语言来使用; 3. 世界上有许多国家把英语作为一门外语来学习和使用;

4. 中国的改革开放政策(reform and opening-up policy)、加入“世贸”组织(entry into WTO) 和北京2008年成功举办奥运会激励越来越多的人学习英语。 Ⅲ. 参考范文:

It’s very important for us to learn English well. English is the most widely used language in the world. It is also used as an international language. It’s spoken by more than 400 million people as their first language. Many countries use English as a foreign language. English is widely used for

international business. Chinese use English as a second language. China’s reform and opening-up policy, China’s entry into WTO and the 2008 Olympic Games encourage more and more Chinese to learn English. So we must try our best to learn English well and make a contribution(作贡献) to building our country better.

九.. 书面表达。(10分)

2005年10月12日9时, 神舟六号载人飞船发射成功。这是我国第二次进行载人航天飞行, 也是第一次将两名宇航员费俊龙和聂海胜同时送上太空。电脑在整个过程中发挥了重要作用。作为一名中学生, 你有何感想, 今后有何打算?请写一篇80词左右的短文。 Ⅲ. 参考范文:

I was very happy when I heard that China’s second manned spaceship—Shenzhou Ⅵ was sent up into space at 9:00 a.m. on Oct.12th, 2005. All Chinese people are proud of the two astronauts, Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng.I also knew that computers played an important role during the whole flight. I see how important it is to master space technology. These two astronauts have set good examples for us. I will study hard and in the future I

want to become an astronaut like Fei Junlong or Nie Haisheng and try to make a contribution to building our country. 书面表达。(10分)

根据提示, 写一篇80词左右的短文。


生词提示: 汽车automobile ,运输transportation ,货物goods ,大量large quantities of Ⅲ. 参考范文:

The automobile has become one of the most important means/ways of transportation in the world since it was invented. The automobile has completely changed the lifestyles of almost all the people in the world. In the past, animals like horses and camels were used for traveling and transporting goods. Automobiles are more comfortable and faster. Automobiles have also made it possible for us to transport large quantities of

goods and people at the same time.

Besides, the invention of the automobile has provided jobs for millions of people all over the world. . 书面表达。(10分)

假设你是王强,你们班最近举行了一次主题班会: 太空探险的意义。请根据下表的内容,介绍所讨论的情况并发表自己的观点。(80词左右) 一些同学赞同 一些同学反对 你自己的观点

1. 获得新知识 2. 从太空取得新资源

3. 给人类带来更大的生存空间 1. 耗资巨大 2. 宇航员的安全问题 Ⅲ. 参考范文:

Recently we have had a discussion on whether it is necessary to carry out outer space explorations at a class meeting. Some of us think it is important to research the outer space. First, people can get a better understanding of the outer space through the explorations. Second, new resources can be found there for humans to use. Third, the explorations can

possibly bring about new living space for human life.

However, others don’t believe so. They think this kind of explorations cost too much money. And it is very dangerous for astronauts to do such work. I think people should do the explorations and such explorations into the outer space are worth trying out. . 书面表达。(15分)

现在上网成了许多学生的主要娱乐方式之一。假如你叫陈真, 你最近对所在学校的60名同学(30名男生, 30名女生) 进行了上网目的调查。请根据调查结果, 写一篇80词左右的短文。 Ⅲ. 参考范文:

I have recently made a survey among 30 boys and 30 girls in our school about their purposes of surfing the Internet. All the boys and girls like chatting very much.What the boys like most is playing games and shopping is the girls’ favorite. Both boys and girls like to read news or send e-mails through the Internet. Maybe they think it’s the most convenient way to get information or keep in touch with friends. Only several of them use Internet as a tool to study. So I think students should be guided to use the Internet


Ⅱ. 根据图片及提示词造句。(5分) 51.would rather, than


52.regard, as


53.star sign, Scorpio


54.Lei Feng, ready, to


55.spend, watch TV

____________________________________________Ⅱ.51.I would rather watch

1. sports shows than TV shows.

2.The rose is regarded as a symbol of love. 3.My star sign is Scorpio.

4.Lei Feng was always ready to help others. 5.We spend our spare time watching TV. Ⅲ. 书面表达。(10分)

如今,电视这一新闻媒体已经成为我们日常生活的重要组成部分之一。电视节目(新闻、广告、电影等) 在带给我们欢乐和知识的同时,也存在着一些弊端。请结合你的亲身经历,谈一谈你对电视节目的看法。词数: 60-80之间。 Ⅲ. 参考范文: Dear Mr. Liu,

Thank you very much for teaching me. You’re very friendly to me. I’ll never forget you. Hope you are happy, healthy and young forever. Everything goes well. Good Luck!

Television has become one of the most important parts of our life. Some programs on TV are very important and useful. We learn much knowledge

on TV. For example, the news tells us what happened all over the world; the ads tell us what things are good and cheap. The movies make our life colorful. But some programs are unhealthy for teenagers, and some ads are misleading. Watching TV too much is bad for our eyes, too. We can’t change what is on TV, but we can choose what we watch. Ⅲ. 书面表达。(A题5分,B 题15分,共20分)

(A)假如你是于奇,你即将结束初中的学习,想送给英语老师(Mr. Liu)一张小贺卡以表达你的感谢和祝福。请填写下面的贺卡,不少于四个句子。 (B)中学生对未来生活充满了种种幻想,并渴望能够实现梦想。请以I Want to Be a/an ...为题,写一篇80个单词左右的短文。要求在文中讲述你的梦想,以及你为什么有那样的梦想和你会通过怎样的努力去实现这个梦想。(A) Dear Mr. Liu,

Thank you very much for teaching me. You’re very friendly to me. I’ll never forget you. Hope you are happy, healthy and young forever. Everything goes well. Good Luck!

Yu Qi


I Want to Be a Teacher

Everyone has a dream. My dream is to be a teacher. I was born in a teachers’ family. My parents are both teachers. They work hard at their work and help many students go to college. Their students say my parents are the best teachers in the world. They are great in my heart. So I wish to be a teacher. I will study hard, follow my parents’ ideas and try my best to get on well with anyone around me. I think there will be a great teacher in a few years, and it’s me. 书面表达。(10分)

第三中学要举行一次毕业典礼,假设你是一名优秀的毕业生,学校安排你在会上做演讲,谈谈你的学习体会。 要求: 1.词数在80个左右。

2. 用上所给词语,条理清晰,意思连贯,标点正确。 参考词汇:graduate, excellent, help, way, learn, award 参考范文:

Hello, everyone. I’m happy to give a speech about my studies. During the

past three years, what I remember is to learn something from anyone around us, because everybody has his own good ways. We should learn and help each other. We must pay attention to the way we study, too. We will graduate, but I think we shouldn’t stop learning. We need to work ha rd to become excellent people, then our dreams can come true. Thank you for giving me theExcellentStudentAward. Ⅲ. 书面表达。(10分)

选择一部你最喜欢的小说或电影,谈谈你对该小说或电影中人物的看法或者对作者、导演的看法。词数80个左右。 _Ⅲ. 参考范文:

Journey to the West is my favorite novel. I have read it several times. The Monkey King is my favorite character. He is not only clever and brave but also funny. He often makes us laugh. He can fly quickly. He is good at hiding. Sometimes he hides by changing himself into a small living thing such as a bee. Sandy and Piggy are his good friends, and they help him win every battle. I think all of them are famous heroes. Ⅲ. 书面表达。(10分)

假如你叫刘芳,你的美国笔友Annie 打算暑假来你的家乡旅游,她想了解东方海滩的情况。请根据以下信息,给她写一封E-mail ,词数80-100之间。短文开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

参考词汇: 1.East Beach东方海滩2.fine (沙) 细的 3.be suitable for适合„„4.dressing room更衣室 5.beach volleyball 沙滩排球 June 20th, 2011 Ⅲ. 参考范文: June 20th, 2011

Dear Annie,

I’m very happy to get your letter. Now I’d like to tell you something about East Beach.

East Beach lies in the east of my city. It is ten kilometers away from the city. It is one of the best beaches in the world. Here sand is fine. The water of the sea is clear. The waves are small. It is suitable for swimming in the sea and playing beach volleyball.

There are some washrooms, dressing rooms, shops and hotels. There are also many buses to reach there. You can take a taxi at any time.

I believe you’ll have a good time when you come here during the summer holiday. Yours, Liu Fang

Ⅲ. 书面表达。(10分)


参考词汇: respect 尊敬

Ⅲ. 参考范文:

Long long ago, in China, there were two young men called Yang Shi and You Zuo. One day they went to visit their teacher Cheng Yi. It was snowing heavily. Cheng Yi was sleeping then, so they waited beside him. They kept waiting until their teacher woke up. Then they found that the ground outside was already covered with thick snow!

We should learn from Yang Shi and You Zuo and respect our teachers. A good education makes a country strong! Ⅲ. 书面表达。(10分)

造纸术不仅是中国古代的伟大发明,同时也促进了世界文明的发展。请根据下面表格里所提示的内容,以One of the Most Helpful Inventions为题写一篇短文。词数60-80之间。 Invention Paper

Time Western Han dynasty Inventor Cai Lun

Materials bark, ropes, rags and so on

Uses writing, painting, printing books and so on

One of the Most Helpful Inventions ___Ⅲ. 参考范文:

One of the Most Helpful Inventions

As we all know, paper is one of the four most important inventions in ancient China. It was invented in the Western Han dynasty by Cai Lun. After he had done many experiments, Cai Lun made paper with bark, ropes, rags and so on. It is a great contribution to the world.

Nowadays, paper is very useful in our work, study and daily life. We can use it to write, paint, print books and so on.

Thanks for the invention of paper. It has made our life more colorful. Ⅲ. 书面表达。(A题5分,B 题15分,共20分)


左右) 。

1. 擅长写诗,作品很多。

2. 给楚王(King Chu)提了很多建议,反而被投入监狱(prison)。 3. 最后对国家失望,投江而死。 4. 人们每年过端午节来纪念屈原。

Ⅲ. 参考范文: Qu Yuan was a famous poet who wrote many good poems. He gave the King Chu much good advice, but was put into prison. He was so disappointed that he threw himself into the river. In memory of Qu Yuan, people have the Dragon Boat Festival every year.

(B)香港是中国领土的重要组成部分之一,请根据提示写一篇短文,简要介绍一下香港的情况(80个单词左右) 。 1. 位置(华南,紧邻广东省) 。 2. 人口(630万,中国人为主) 。

3. 回归(take over)(1997.7.1),是香港人民及全国人民的愿望。

4. 国际大都市(international city),被誉为东方之珠(the Oriental Pearl)和购物天堂(Shopping Heaven),海洋公园(the Ocean Park)不容错过。 Ⅲ. 参考范文:

Hong Kong lies in the south of China. It is next to Guangdong Province. Hong Kong has a population of over 6,300,000. Most people there are Chinese. In building new Hong Kong, the Chinese people play a very important part. Hong Kong was taken over by China on July 1st, 1997. It is the wish of all Chinese people, including the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is known as the Oriental Pearl and Shopping Heaven. It is a beautiful international city. If you have a chance to go there, you should have a good visit to the Ocean Park.

This is Hong Kong, an important part of China.

1. 关于学习英语的话题:

复习要点 Learn English 请你以“How to learn English well?”写份演讲稿80字左右. 范文:Dear classmates: We have been learning English for over 6

years and really love it. English is one of the most important langnages in the world. It ’s necessary for us to learn it well .How do you study? Everyone learns English in different ways. I think the best way to improve

your English is to improve your English skills. They are/include listening reading and writing. We should practice them every day. we should remember more words and grammar. Reading more English story books or novels Watching more English cartoon TVs or moves.Listening English tapes and repeating after the speaker. Second you are not afraid to make any mistakes you speak English as much as possible.Third you ask the teachers when you don’t understand any knowledge .It’s very good for you if you are interested in Egnlish . You will find studying Egnlish is interesting and helpful. One more thing remember “Practice makes perfect ”! I hope everyone makes progress. Thanks!

2. 卫生健康饮食:健康一直是人们关注的问题我校要举行以“关爱健康”为题的主题班会, 请根据下表内容谈谈你的看法, 写一篇80字左右的演讲槁。

保持健康的重要性 保持健康的方法 保持健康的结论 (你的看法?)

1. 多吃水果蔬菜保持饮食平衡避免含糖高脂肪高的食物2. 多锻炼健身强体;3. 鄙弃不良习惯 (你的看法?)

How to stay our health /fit? 范文1: Dear boys and grils :

I ’m talking about / Here is my advice about how to keep health/fit? As a middle shool studentfirst you’d better do more exercise such as playing ball games running swimming and jumping rope(绳子). Then you should pay attention to your diet or meals Don’t eat too much meat and suger but more vegetables and fruit.Third you need enough sleep or rest . Nextkeep yourself happy.As people often say smiling makes younger.Last you mustn’t drink wine or smoke .They are bad for your health. That is my advice.I hope you are healthy and enjoy your life.Thank youbye! 范文2:Dear boys and girls:

I ’m talking about / Here is my advice about how to keep health/fit?Today many teenagers are unhealthybecause they do less exercise eat more junk foodisn’t enough time to sleep. If we keep fitwe must keep

taking exercises every day .Eat lots of fruit and vegetables .Sleep for about 8 hours a night.Stay away from cigarettes/smoking/drugs毒品 .Early to bed early to rise/get up .Breathe (呼吸)the fresh air in the open air.Keep happy every day. That is my advice.I hope you are healthy and enjoy your life. 3. 假如你叫李华, 你校初三年级同学正在开展一场讨论, 主题是“初三学生要不要参加体育锻炼”。请根据下面所提供的信息, 用英语总结出讨论情况。

提示: 70%的学生 30%的学生 应该每天进行体育锻炼, 但不要时间过长 锻炼浪费时间、使人疲劳 锻炼能增强体质, 保持健康

锻炼以后很兴奋, 较长时间不能投入学习 锻炼能使大脑休息, 使学习效果更好 锻炼中可能会受伤

要求:语句通顺, 句意连贯; 词数为80词左右; 发言稿的开头已写好, 但不计入总词数。 Dear classmates:

I ’m Li Hua After the discussion we found that 70% of the students think they should take all kinds of exercise every day but not spend too much time. They think exercise builds body and can keep them healthy. Sports also let them have a good rest so that their study will be more effective.

On the other hand 30% students believe taking exercise is tiring and it’s a waste of time. They say that after having sports they are too excited for a long time to focus on their lessons. And it’s possible to be hurt while doing sports.

4. 环境问题:今天环境变得越来越糟糕环境问题影响着人们的工作学习生活等而我们的工作生活生产等又使环境污染越来越严重.......... 如何保护我们的环境? 请以“ How to protect/save our environment/world? ”为题写一篇短文。提示:存在问题:1.水污染越来越严重 2. 砍伐森林严重 3. 大气污染严重 4. 白色垃圾 等 要求 : 如何改善/保护环境? 至少:3---4个方面, 80字左右的。

范文: How to protect/save our environment/world?

The environmental pollution is worse and worse /more and more seriously today . Water is polluted we have no clean water to drink Many

trees are cutting down some animals is getting less and less.Some factories is poring dirty air in the sky the population is

increasing faster and faster resources is getting less and less„etc. Not only does it affect our lives and health it also has a great affection in the future. people's health has been greatly affected by air noise and water pollution. Many people died of diseases.In order to live a better life we need protect our world.

We should n ’t throw away rubbish everywhere.We want to recycle reduce reuse things .Don’t waste things This saves money and reduces pollution. Use things for as long as possible. We don’t use plastic bags . We mus plant more trees and stop the people cutting them .We hope our world is more and more beautiful . 有关于网络的话题 Good morning, class !

Today , I’ll talk about going online.

We know that there are too many net-bars(网吧) around us .The Internet can make our lives interesting and enjoyable. Many of us like going online very

much because we can learn how to use the computer and get more information from the Internet. We can learn English . We can read some good newspapers and magazniess. It can make us clever in playing computer games. I can send e-mail to our friends quickly. We can chat(聊天)online with our friends. It can help us get in touch with(取得联系) people from all over the world. But some students spend too much time in playing computer games and some stay in the net bars all day and all night. As a result, they do worse and worse in their lessons and they don’t study well any more. I think we mustn’t go online when it is time for us to study. We can do it in summer or winter holidays.

二、一篇应用文(Found )


请你根据以上提示,用英语写出一则50词左右的寻物记事。 Found

I left a green school bag in the reading-room on the evening of May 14.

There are two English books,a pencil-box , an MP3 player and the key to the bike in it. Now I’m very worried about it . Will the finder return it to Li Xia of Class 1, Grade 3? Thanks a lot! 关于环境保护(水资源节约)的话题

Our environment is very important for our lives . We need the fresh air, the clean water and so on . In the past, there were many trees around us ,the air was fresh and the river was clean.But now,people cut down many trees and air pollution,water polloution is very serious . The environment around us becomes very terrible . We should protect our environment. First, we should plant many trees to keep water. Second , we can ride a bike or walk to the school and work. Third , we shouldn’t throw the dirty water into the river . Fourth, we shouldn’t use the plastic bags. Finally, we can ask more people to join us.

Let ’s protect our environment! 七,关于问路的

提示词语: go out for a walk , on the road , the way to , walk along,on the left , thank for , be happy that .

Yesterday evening , I went out for a walk with my mother . On the road , we met a foreigner . He asked me the way to the Hot Spring Hotel . I told him to walk along the road and take the third turning on the left , then he could see the hotel . He thanked me very much for my help . I was happy thatI could help him . 对于地震,我们能做什么? What should we do ?

Watching the program of earthquake in the television,tears cover my face and my heart ia shocking.They need our help,so there is a problem that as a middle school student,what should we do?

First,we can encourage them from the sorrowful of losing family members.Second,sending money seems is the only thing that we can only do.Third,we should support our friends or our parents to care about the SiChuan earthquake.Then the last,we can hold some activty about the earthquake so that make more people know the earthquake and help the

people who lost their home. That is all I know what we should do.


三年的初中生活就要结束了,让我们记下其中的点点滴滴。请以“I will remember my schoollife forever”为题,写一篇80词左右的短文。要求:1. 短文中要包括校园、教师、同学等要素。

2. 可根据自身实际,自主表达。 3. 文中请勿出现真实的人名和校名。

I will remember my schoollife forever


I will remember my schoollife forever。My junior school life

will end soon. During the three years, many things havemoved me deeply and I can ’t forget them forever.My school is very beautiful. There are many ta ll buildings, all kinds of treesand flowers. All of my teachers are very kind and excellent. They taught uscarefully.They taught us not only the knowledge but also how to be a real person.Each of classmates is good. We studied and

played together and we helped each other.I will remember my school life forever.

现如今,网络正逐渐走进我们的生活,而其利弊也都不同程度地显现了出来。请以Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet 为题,写一篇80字左右的短文。

提示:可以从read news, e-mail, chat, study, play games, see the pictures or films

even the unhealthy ones等方面加以评论。

要求:1. 要有表明自己观点的句子。

2. 书写工整,句式规范,条理清楚,标点符号使用正确。

3. 短文中应包括提示内容,可适当发挥,但不能出现真实的人名、地名

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

Internet is now coming into our life. It brings us not only

a lot of convenience , happiness but also troubles. Some students use Internet as a tool to study. They look up the meanings of the words, a translated form of a sentence, the background of an event or a story , the information of a company or a famous person, etc. They also read news or send e-mails through it. Internet helps them learn more and study well.

On the other hand, some students play games, chat with friends , see the pictures or films even the unhealthy ones on the Internet the whole day. They are not interested in their subjects. It’s very dangerous for them!The Internet’s advantages and disadvantages are shown clearly to us. I think we should make good use of it and stay away from the unhealthy websites.

一、评分原则1. 本题总分为10分,按四个档次给分,至少包含以下要点:网络给人们带来的好处; 存在的弊端; 个人的观点以及所给提示性内容。2. 评分时,先根据短文的内容和语言初步确定其所属档次,然后以该档次的要求来衡量,确定或调整档次,最后给分。3. 文中若出现真实的人名、地名,酌情扣分。

二、评分标准:一档 9-10分 包含了所有要点, 能围绕内容适当发挥, 内容具体、丰富。应用了较丰富的语言结构和词汇, 用词准确、句子通顺、行文连贯、表达清楚,没有或几乎没有语言错误,具备较强的语言

运用能力,完全达到了预期的写作目的。二档 6-8分 包含了所有要点,并能有所发挥,内容欠丰富。应用的语言结构和词汇能满足任务要求,

句子较通顺,表达较清楚,有少量语言错误,达到了预期的写作目的。三档 4-5分 漏掉部分要点或只是简单说明要点,内容不够丰富、具体,字数较少。语言表达过于简单,句子不够通顺,行文不够连贯,有部分语言错误。四档 0-3分 漏掉多个要点或所写内容明显偏离所给要点,内容过少。语言不规范,句子无条理,行文不连贯,语言错误较多。 三、 说明:1. 所给提示性词语不受范围和顺序的限制。

2. 相同的错误不重复计算。