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假设你是红星中学高三(1)班的学生李华,请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,为校刊“英语园地”写一篇短文,记述你和同学们在寒冷冬日清晨为环卫工人送“爱心粥”(hot porridge)的志愿活动。词数不少于60。


It was extremely cold last Monday morning. While I was walking on my way to school, I noticed two street cleaners sweeping the street in the fierce wind. Seeing them working so hard on such a cold morning, I was moved and made up my mind to do something for them.

After arriving at school, I discussed with some classmates what we could do. Some suggested helping with the cleaning while others advised getting some hot porridge to keep them warm. Finally we all agreed on the latter.

The next day, we got up early and prepared porridge at home. When we handed the cleaners the hot porridge and expressed our appreciation for their hard work, they looked a little surprised at first. And then they took the porridge and thanked us happily. Though it seemed cold still, we all felt warm at the moment.




范文: The school TV station advertised for a student reporter last week. I read their advertisement and was quite interested in it. I decided to have a try and went to the interview at the requested time. During the interview, I was confident about myself and answered all the questions raised by the teachers. They were satisfied with me. I got the job and started the

work at once. Last week I interviewed some American visiting students and edited a programme about it. Our programme was broadcast on the school television. Seeing my classmates attracted by our programme, I felt so happy and proud of what I had done.



提示词:雾霾 haze 社区 community


Haze hits Beijing frequently, which has caused

widespread concern.

Our class decided to do something about it. Last week we

first surfed the Internet for some information about haze,

such as its causes, bad effects and solutions. With the

information collected, we held a class meeting. Realizing

haze's harm to our health, we decided to try our best to do

something for the return of a blue sky.

So the next day we made many posters about haze and

put them up in our school.It caught many students' attention,

which encouraged us to continue our effort. On Saturday moming, we went to the neighboring community, calling on people to live a green life by choosing public transportation. People showed great enthusiasm for it. Even many people stopped to sign their names on our written proposal, promising to "go green"!

Haze or not, it's up to every individual's effort!


假设你是红星中学高三(1)班的学生李华,请根据下面四幅图的先后顺序,为校刊“英语园地”写一篇短文,记叙你上周日陪同美国朋友 Tom 和 Mary 体验北京的主要过程。词 数不少于80


Last Sunday, I accompanied two of my foreign friends, Tom and Mary, around Beijing so that they could get a feel for the city. We began by touring Nanluoguxiang, which is known for its traditional Chinese architecture. I know the area very well so I acted as their tour guide! For lunch, we tried some Beijing fried sauce noodles. Tom in particular thought that

they were delicious. Soon after lunch, we went to Houhai to skate on the frozen lake. Mary skated beautifully while Tom

needed my help. We finished off the day by going shopping, and both Tom and Mary bought some paper cuts as souvenirs. It was a fantastic day and I hope they will come back again soon.


Last Sunday, I accompanied my friends Tom and Mary enjoying the culture of Beijing.

In the morning, we went to the Nanluoguxiang by subway. Upon arrival, I introduced the old lane which renowned for its long history. In order to memorize the unforgettable moments, we took photos here and there. We walked around for almost morning, we felt tired and decided to have lunch. We found a restaurant of Beijing fried sauce noodles. Tom and Mary spoke highly of Beijing noodles. After finishing the lunch, we enjoyed skating in Houhai on the frozen lake. When we decided to leave, the traditional paper cutting caught our eyeballs. Following the introduction of the local stall keeper, Tom selected the most special cutting from all of the traditional stuff.

The setting sun was reflected on our body, and we went home. This experience with them undoubtedly improved our friendship and mutual understanding. Actually, it cast me a deeper reflection. As a Chinese, we should appreciate our own culture so as to make these treasures lasting forever.


Beijing has always been attracting and interesting many foreigners for its traditional culture and beauty, because of which my American friends Tom and Mary, accompanied by me, did some interesting trips last Sunday.

When it comes to the most famous Hutong in Beijing, Nanluoguxiang pops into our heads immediately. Upon our arrival in the morning, our friends couldn’t wait to take pictures, while I was introducing the history, culture, and customs of this well-known place. Without consciousness, we spent several hours looking, wandering and shopping there. With lunchtime around the corner, I took them to a restaurant where they could taste the Beijing fried sauce noodles. Tom’s

praising words “Yummy”, his big thumb-up and their bright smiles made me overjoyed, satisfied and even a little proud. Our afternoon trip began with a popular winter sport – ice-skating in Houhai. Wearing skating shoes, Tom and Mary were in high spirits, skating like flying. Meanwhile, I, skating around them, reminded them of being careful. Tired but thrilled, we were heading back to school. On the way, Tom and Mary were fascinated with a folk art – paper cutting. Various typical Chinese elements appealed to them deeply.

Nightfall was approaching. From this experience, I realized that it only took one day to introduce our beautiful

hometown, Beijing, it only took one day to strengthen our friendship, and it only took one day to enhance cross-cultural communication.




The new term began and the school clubs were looking for new members.

Last week, we were attracted by a poster, saying all the clubs would gather on the sports field during the lunch break on Friday and we could join the club we like. Everyone was excited about it.

After lunch on Friday, we crowded onto the sports field. I was amazed at the number and variety of the clubs: the Cartoon Club, the Guitar Club, the Basketball Club and so on. It was not easy to make a choice. But I decided to join the Basketball Club, because I love sports. I signed up and so did some other students who shared my interest. In the end, we took a picture together, smiling and happy as if we had been friends for a long time.

I believe my school life will be more interesting because of basketball and new friends.


假设你是红星中学高三(1)班学生李华,请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,为校刊“英语园地”写一篇短文,记述你和家人欢度元宵节(the Lantern Festival)的过程。

提示词:汤圆sweet dumpling 灯笼lantern


假如你是红星中学高二(1)班的学生李华,最近你校开展了诚信教育(Honesty Education)系列活动,请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,为校刊“英语园地”写一篇短文,记述你和同学们参与活动的全过程。

宣誓:take an oath 无人监考:no-invigilation exam

Recently, to carry forward the value of honesty, a variety of activities have been held in our school. Our class also got involved in it. We held an honesty-themed class meeting. All the students discussed what honesty meant to us and brought forward various ideas about how to encourage honest behaviors. Finally we agreed on trying no-invigilation exams. Then led by our monitor, we took an oath that we would take any test honestly without invigilators. In the following exams, we did as that we had promised. The result was amazing: no one cheated and we felt a stronger self-respect and responsibility.

A good deed speaks for itself and we got an award as an Honest Class. Honesty in the best policy. How true it is!



Today some classmates and I served at Capital Library as volunteers. At 9 o’clock this morning, we gathered together at the gate of the library. After getting into the library, we were first trained by a librarian on how to operate the computer to borrow or return books so that we could help readers later. Then, wearing the volunteer uniform and volunteer identity card, we got down to our work. Some of us helped with shelving books and some offered assistance to the people who had problems with using the computers. All of us took our tasks seriously and tried to do them well.

Time passed quickly. Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to the staff. On the way back, we shared our feelings happily. When doing voluntary work, we didi our part in helping others. Meanwhile, it promoted our social

awareness. We all believe volunteering is rewarding and look forward to more of it.



Last term, our school offered optional courses for the students in senior 2. At the beginning of the term, our teacher introduces several courses to us, including Music Appreciation, Advanced Math, Western Art, and etc. we selected the courses we liked, filled in the forms, and handed them in. several days later, the optional courses started. We went into different classrooms to begin our study. During the lessons, some of us enjoyed beautiful music, while others learned amazing knowledge in math. Everyone gained what they couldn’t get in the regular lessons. Thanks to the optional courses, we had the opportunities to learn what we were really interested in.



提示:oven 烤箱, the directions说明书

I’m writing to share the story of celebrating my mother’s birthday last week. I love my mother very much, who is very kind and hardworking. As her birthday was drawing near, I was excited and determined to celebrate birthday for her.

However, I was really bothered about the birthday gift. “ Whether should it be a beautiful bag, a pair of fashionable shoes, or a home-made (DIY) birthday cake?” I thought. At last, I decided to make a birthday cake for her, since it could express my love most. In order to make a cake, I needed an oven, so I bought one through the Internet immediately. Having got the oven, I couldn’t wait to bake the cake according to the directions. After several times of trial and error, I eventually succeeded. On that special day, I successfully made a birthday cake and my mother was in for a surprise and praised me a


With the delicious dishes and loving cake, my mother was rejoiced and all my family was enjoyed in the happy birthday. And I felt a sense of achievement.



During this winter vacation, I worked as a volunteer guide in the National Museum of China. It was an extremely unforgettable opportunity.

A few days before the vacation, I applied for the job online. Not long after, I was lucky enough to be given the job. Then I attended a 5-day training course as soon as the vacation began. I was taught how to be both an informative and entertaining tour guide. This was very useful, as I had not done this type of work before. After that, every day over the following two weeks, I gave tours around the Silk Road exhibition, which gave an interesting insight into China’s past. I was delighted to be praised for being an outstanding volunteer at the end of the vacation. (112 words)


假如你是红星中学学生李华。最近你代表你班参加了学校的汉字听写大赛( Chinese

Character Dictation Competition)。请根据下面四幅图写一篇英文日记。词数不少于60。

Last week our teacher announced that a Chinese Character Dictation Competition would be held in the auditorium on

april3. Many of us were interested and hope to participate, but only one competitior was allowed for each class. Luckily, I got the chance.

In the following days, I busied myself preparing for the competition. My classmates all volunteered to help. Some of them dictated to me various characters they found in the dictionary while others offered to check my answers. As the competition was approaching, I felt more anf more confident. The day finally came. Some characters were so challenging that many of the competitors got stuck while I was able to write down most of them and won the first prize.

When I was standing excitedly on the stage, pictures of my classmates helping and encouraging me flashed into my mind. The victory and honor belonged to all of us.


假设你是红星中学高三(1)班的学生李华,请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,为校刊“英语园地”写一篇短文,记述你和朋友上周日去北京奥林匹克森林公园(Beijing Olympic Forest Park)游玩时发生的一件事。词数不少于60。

Last Sunday, I went to Beijing Olympic Forest Park with my friend Chris. As soon as we got there, we were so attracted by the br eathtaking scenery that we couldn’t help taking many photos to record the beautiful moments. As we walked on, we noticed a kite hanging up on a branch, but its owner, a little boy, was too short to get it down. The boy looked worried and we decided to help him. Unluckily, the kite was also beyond our reach. Then we looked around and found a stick, with which we got the kite down. We gave the kite back to the boy. He was very delighted and thanked us for what we did. We also felt very happy and it made our outing more enjoyable.



I used to play computer games almost every weekend. Computer games were so appealing to me that I was totally addicted to it. After some time, my eyesight became weak. Meanwhile, I gained a lot of weight. With the situation getting

worse, I had to go to see a doctor. The doctor gave me a physical examination and I had my eyes examined as well. The doctor advised me to do some exercise in the open air as much as possible. To improve my health, I accepted his advice and began to ride bicycle every weekend. And now I’m feeling much better.



注意:1. 词数不少于60。2. 短文的开头已给出,不计入总词数。


botanical garden

Recently, I have conducted a survey on“My Favorite Spring Outing Spot”. I aimed to find out the best place for the spring outing.

Only 16% of the students surveyed prefer botanical gardens. The reason they give is that they can get closer to nature, admiring the flowers and appreciating the natural environment.

Even more popular than botanical gardens is the Happy Valley. Not only do they say that the transportation is convenient, but also that it will be a breathtaking experience.

However, the most popular spring outing spot is Miaofeng Mountain, with 51% of the students choosing it as their preferred place. This is because it will give them a chance to do some outdoor camping and challenge themselves.

According to the results, my suggestion is that we choose Miaofeng Mountain as our spring outing spot.


假设你是红星中学的学生李华,请按照以下四幅图的先后顺序,用英文写一篇周记, 记述上周六你和父母一起参加奥林匹克森林公园健步走活动的过程。

Last Saturday, I went to the Olympic Forest Park with my parents to take part in an activity called “I Walk, and I’m Fit.”

Arriving early in the morning, we were surprised to find many participants of different ages already waiting excitedly at the registration place. We joined them. Then, we gathered at the starting point, stretching arms and legs to prepare ourselves for the coming long distance walking. Soon, a signal was given and off we went along the walking route, which ran around the park. Some people walked briskly, while others just took their time to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful natural scenery.

After more than one hour’s walking, we finally reached the finish line. The 5km journey was challenging but really enjoyable. My parents and I cheered each other for our success. Regular activities like this not only keep us fit, but also help get us closer to each other and to nature.



On Friday evening, I was watching TV with my parents when a piece of news caught our attention. The park called on people to adopt trees. That was exactly what we had been thinking about. So the next morning, we went to the park. A worker there gave us a detailed introduction and showed us to the pine woods. We chose a beautiful pine tree and the worker tied an adoption card on it. Seeing my name on the card, I was so proud and felt responsibility at the same time. To memorize this exciting moment, we took photos with our new family member---the pine tree. In the photo, we all smiled from bottom of our heart.