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Name Li Aihua

Sex Male

Date of Birth May 16,1980

Marital Status Single

Address No.61, Fuxing Rd, Beijing

Education Graduated form Department of Computer, Huaguang Technical College in 2001 with excellent academic grades

English Ability Have a good capacity for reading and communication

Hobbies Swimming and logging on to the Internet

Objective Computer programmer








语言能力:大学3年期间一直学习英语,有很好的阅读能力,具有用英语交流能力。 爱好:喜欢游泳和上网


Letter 1

Dear Jane

How are you getting along?


The summer vacation is approaching. I ’d like to invite you to come to Beijing during the summer vacation. 暑假即将来临。我想邀请你来北京过暑假的。

I will accompany you to visit many scenic spots in Beijing,such as the Great wall, the imperial palace,the summer palace and so on.我会陪你参观北京的许多景点,如长城, 故宫,颐和园等等。

I wonder if you are interested in my plan. Please let me know whether you will come or not.我想知道你对我的计划是否感兴趣。请让我知道你是否能来。

I look forward to your early reply. 我期待你早日答复


Zhang ling

Letter 2

Dear zhang ling

Thank you for your kind invitation. I’m willing to spend my summer vacation with you in Beijing. 谢谢你的盛情邀请。我愿意和你一起去北京过暑假。

I have decided to go to Beijing in early July. I can’t wait for that moment.我已经决定要在七月初去北京。我不能等待那一刻。

Thank again.



Test Preparation Course Application Form


Family Name: Zhang First Name: Jinqiu

Date of Birth:October 16,1982 Nationality:Chinese

Sex:Female Telephone Number:000-67289879

Address:No.496,Hongqiao Road, Yanjing City

I am a college student majoring in computer science. 我是一个大学生,主修计算机科学。I have learned English about 10 year.学习英语有10年。Now English is my basic course. 现在,英语是我的基础课。Although I am good at writing,虽然我擅长写作,yet I can’t speak English well.然而,我的英语说得不好。 I hope I can improve my spoken English through this course.我希望我能提高我的英语口语,通过本课程的学习。

Dear Mr. Principal,

Thank you for your letter of June 18th. 谢谢您六月十八日的来信。In your letter you asked whether we could sponsor your week-long arts festival this summer. 在你的信中你问我们是否可以赞助你的为期一周的艺术节,今年夏天。I should say we are interested in it very much.But I am sorry to tell you that our company has a fixed budget for sponsorship.我应该说我们对它非常感兴趣。但我很遗憾的告诉你,我们的公司有一个固定的赞助预算。I hope you will contact us at the beginning of next year. probably we can consider it earlier. 我希望明年你们在联系我,也许我们可以考虑早些时候。

Wish your art festival a great success.希望你的艺术节圆满成功。

Sincerely yours,

Wang zhiming

General Manager总经理

To: Reservation office 预订办公室

E-mall address: groupsales @aston .com

From: Li Qiang

Subject: Room reservation 主题:客房预订

Date: December 20, 2003

Dear sir or Madam,

I would like to book one single room with bath, 我想订一个带浴室的单人房间,and three double rooms with bath form December 25 to 27, 2003.三个带浴室的双人房间,从2003年十二月二十五日到二十七日。 I also want to rent a meeting room for business negotiation on the afternoon of December the 26th . 我还想租在十二月二十六日下午的会议室,商务谈判。Please let me know whether there is any vacancy, 请让我知道是否有任何空缺,what the hotel rate is, and whether I need to pay a deposit.酒店的入住率是什么,我是否需要支付定金。

I am looking forward to your early reply.

Sincerely yours,你诚挚的

Li Liang

Announcement 通告

We are glad to have about thirty-five American students who will come to our school for a visit on June 22nd Sunday. 我们很高兴有大约三十五名美国学生要来我们学校参观六月二十二日星期日。To give them a friendly welcome, we’ve made an arrangement as follows.给他们一个友好的欢迎,我们已经做了安排如下。

8:40 get together to welcome the guests at the school gate.


9:00-10:30 have a welcome party, exchanging gifts in the reception room.


10:30-11:30 visit the campus, library, laboratories and language labs.


11:30 lunch at the student canteen


13:00 see the guests off at the school gate


All the students concerned should be present on time.


The student union 学生会