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[„追求幸福„] 5


Time to get up, man. 6

- 好的,老爸 - 快点 -All right, Dad. -Come on. 7

片名:当幸福来敲门 / 追求幸福 8


Should be here soon. 9

- 我想我该列个表 - 干嘛?

-I think I should make a list. -What do mean? 10

- 想要的生日礼物? - 对呀 -For your birthday gifts? -Yeah. 11

你知道只能要几个礼物,对吧? You know you're only getting a couple of things, right? 12

知道啊,我只想列出来看看 研究一下,好好选选

Yeah, I know. Just to look at and study so I can choose better. 13


Okay, well, that's smart. Yeah, make a list. 14


Can you spell everything you're thinking of? 15

- 应该吧 - 哦,很好

-I think so. -All right. That's good. 16

- 小伙子,你还好吧? - 还好 -How you doing in here, man? -Okay. 17

我们今天能去公园吗„ 在上完幼儿园后? Can we go to the park today, after? 18

呃„我还得去奥克兰 或许„再说吧

No, I gotta go to Oakland. Well, maybe, we'll see. 19 亲亲

Give me a kiss. 20


I'll talk to you later. 21 借过

Excuse me. 22

对不起„呃„ Oh, excuse me... 23


...when is somebody gonna clean this off? 24

我不会说英文„ 25

我提过的,幸福的“幸”写错了 And the Y? The Y. We talked about this. 26


It's an I in "happiness." There's no Y in "happiness." It's an I. 27

我不是说过,我不会说英文„ 28

我是克里斯·迦纳 I'm Chris Gardner. 29


I met my father for the first time when I was 28 years old. 30

我儿时就决定,将来我有了孩子 And I made up my mind as a young kid... 31 ...that when I had children... 32


...my children were gonna know who their father was. 33


This is part of my life story. 34


This part is called "Riding the Bus. " 35

[旧金山,1981年] 36

那是什么? What's that? 37

是架时光机,对吧? It's a time machine, isn't it? 38


Seems like a time machine. 39


That seems like a time machine. It's a time machine. Take me with you. 40


This machine... 41

我膝盖上的这台仪器„ ...this machine on my lap-- 42


This guy, he has a time machine. 43


He travels in the past with this machine and.... 44


--it is not a time machine. 45

而是,手提式骨质密度扫描仪 It's a portable bone-density scanner. 46

是医疗器材,我就靠卖这个过活 A medical device I sell for a living. 47


Thank you for the opportunity to discuss it with you. 48

- 我不胜感激 - 我们真的不需要,克里斯

-I appreciate it. -We just don't need it, Chris. 49


It's unnecessary and expensive. 50

- 哦,或许下次„ - 谢谢 -Well, maybe next-- -Thank you. 51

它比X 光机显像更精确一点点 但却贵了一倍

It gave a slightly denser picture than an x-ray for twice the money. 52

- 嘿 - 嘿,宝贝 -Hey. -Hey, baby. 53

- 怎么啦? - 没„没事儿 -What happened? -No, nothing. 54


Look, I can't get Christopher today. 55


Oh, no, you don't, Chris. I'm back on at 7. 5

我知道,但我一定要去奥克兰 I know. I have got to go to Oakland. 57


So I gotta get Christopher home, feed him, bathe him... 58

哄他睡觉,然后七点前回到这儿? ...get him in bed, and be back here by 7? 59

- 对 - 今天收到了税单

-Yes. -And we got the tax-bill notice today. 60

- 你说怎么办? - 听着,就这么办 -What are you gonna do about that? -Look, this is what we gotta do. 61

看到那车了吗? 那辆穿着漂亮黄鞋子的车

You see that car? The one with the pretty yellow shoe on it? 62

那是我的车 That's mine. 63


There's no parking near hospitals. 64


That's what happens when you're always in a rush. 65


Thanks anyway. Very much. 66

- 或许下个季度 - 可能哦

-Maybe next quarter. -It's possible. 67

我每个月至少得卖两台 才够付房租和幼儿园费

I needed to sell at least two scanners a month for rent and daycare. 68


I'd have to sell one more... 69


...to pay off all of those tickets under my windshield wiper. 70

问题是„ The problem is... 71


...I haven't sold any for a while. 72


Since when do you not like macaroni and cheese? 73

从„我出生开始? Since birth? 74

- 这是什么? - 呃? -What's that? -What? 75

- 这是什么东西? - 克里斯托弗的礼物

-What is this? -It's a gift for Christopher. 76

- 谁给的? - 我同事欣西雅 -From who? -Cynthia from work. 77


It's for adults. Chris can't use it. She didn't know. 78


What are you supposed to do with it? 79

把每一面都弄成同一颜色 Make every side the same color. 80


Did you pay the taxes? 81


No, I'm gonna have to file an extension. 82

- 你已经申请过延期了 - 是,我还要再延期一次

-You already filed an extension. -Yeah, well, I gotta file another one.


一共是640美元,我下个月就有了 That's-- It's $650. I'll have it in the next month. 84

- 是加上利息,还有罚金的总额吧 - 嗯,不是很多啦

That means interest, right? 85

-And a penalty? -Yeah, a little bit. 86

让我处理就好 你就别操心了,好吗?

Look, why don't you let me do this? All right, just relax. Okay? 87

- 来,别烦了 - 我得回去工作了 -Come here. Calm down. -I have to go back to work. 88

准备上床了 嗨,把盘子放水池里去

Let's get ready for bed. Hey, put your plate in the sink. 89

几天前他们递交了一份 我要求的„

A few days ago I was presented with a report I'd asked for... 90


...a comprehensive audit, if you will, of our economic condition. 91

你们不会喜欢的,我也不喜欢 You won't like it. I didn't like it. 92


But we have to face the truth... 93


...and then go to work to turn things around. 94

决不能犯错,我们一定能做到 And make no mistake about it, we can turn them around. 95


The federal budget is out of control. 96

今年9月30日结束的预算年度 And we face runaway deficits of almost $80 billion... 97


...for this budget year that ends September 30th. 98


That deficit is larger than the entire federal budget in 1 957. 99


And so is the almost $80 billion... 100


... we will pay in interest this year on the national debt. 101


Twenty years ago, in 1 960... 102

联邦政府的总薪资支出不到130亿 ...our federal government payroll was less than $ 1 3 billion. 103

而如今则是750亿 Today it is 75 billion. 104

20年来人口才增长了23.3%„ During these 20 years, our population has only increased by 23. 3 percent.... 105

哇,老兄,请教你两个问题 Man, I got two questions for you: 106

你是干什么? 你是怎么干的? What do you do? And how do you do it? 107 - 我是股票经纪人 - 股票经纪人,哦,天哪

-I'm a stockbroker. -Stockbroker. Oh, goodness. 108


Had to go to college to be a stockbroker, huh? 109


You don't have to. Have to be good with numbers and good with people. 110

- 就这么简单 - 嘿,保重 -That's it. -Hey, you take care. 111


I'll let you hang on to my car for the weekend. 112

- 不过星期一得还我哦 - 付停车费去吧

-But I need it back for Monday. -Feed the meter. 113


I still remember that moment. 114

他们全都看起来 超幸福的样子 They all looked so damn happy to me. 115

为什么我不能也满脸幸福? Why couldn't I look like that? 116


I'm gonna try to get home by 6. 117


I'm gonna stop by a brokerage firm after work. 118

- 干嘛? - 看看那里有没有工作 -For what? -I wanna see about a job there.


哦,什么样的工作? Yeah? What job? 120

你知道,我„ You know, when l-- 121


When I was a kid, I could go through a math book in a week. 122

所以我想去看看,有什么工作可做 So I'm gonna go see about what job they got down there. 123

什么工作? What job? 124

股票经纪人 Stockbroker. 125

- 股票经纪人? - 嗯 -Stockbroker? -Yeah. 126

不是宇航员? Not an astronaut? 127

别用这种口气对我说话,琳达 Don't talk to me like that, Linda. 128

我去看看情况,利用白天的时间 I'm gonna go down and see about this, and I'm gonna do it during the day. 129


You should probably do your sales calls. 130


I don't need you to tell me about my sales calls, Linda. 131


I got three of them before the damn office is even open. 132

还记得下星期就要付房租吗? Do you remember that rent is due next week? 133

大概不记得了吧? Probably not. 134


We're already two months behind. 135


Next week we'll owe three months. 136


I've been pulling double shifts for four months now, Chris.

就„赶快把合约规定的数额卖完 咱们好脱身吧

Just sell what's in your contract. Get us out of that business. 138

琳达,我不是正努力那么做嘛! Linda, that is what I am trying to do. 139


This is what I'm trying to do for my family... 140


...for you and for Christopher. 141


What's the matter with you? 142 琳达 Linda. 143 琳达 Linda. 144

[迪安. 维特. 雷诺斯公司,经纪人实习培训] 现在接受申请 145

我人生的这部分 叫做„“冒傻气” This part of my life is called "Being Stupid. " 146


Can I ask you a favor, miss? 147

帮我看下这个行吗,就5分钟 Do you mind if I leave this here with you just for five minutes? 148

我在那儿有个会 带这个进去看上去很不正式

I have a meeting in there and I don't wanna carry that... 149

...Iooking smalltime. 150

先给你1块钱 一会我出来再多给你点

Here is a dollar and I'll give you more money when I come back out. 151

好吗? 这玩意不值钱,你也卖不出去

Okay? It's not valuable. You can't sell it anywhere. 152

我是干这个的都卖不掉,好吗? I can't even sell it, and it's my job. All right? 53

- 克里斯吗?我是提姆·布鲁菲,人事部的 - 是我,你好吗?

-Chris? Tim Brophy, Resources. -Yes. How are you? 154

- 跟我来 - 好的,先生 -Come with me. -Yes, sir. 155


Let me see if I can find you an application for our internship. 156

我能做的也只有这个了 这里只是分公司

I'm afraid that's all we can do for you. See, this is a satellite office.


总部的杰·托斯特尔是 全面负责人事工作的

Jay Twistle in the main office, he oversees Witter Resources. 158


I mean, I'm-- You know, I'm just this office. 159

你看,已经有一大堆人申请了 „所以„

As you can see, we got a hell of lot of applications here, so.... 160

我这应该还有履历表的 但是现在找不到了

Normally I have a resume sheet, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. 161

- 我们„ - 非常感谢

-We.... -Thank you very much. 162

我得走了 I need to go. 163

我„我„我会把这个交过来的 I'll bring this back. 164

- 谢谢 - 好的 -Thank you. -Okay. 165

把扫描仪托付给一个嬉皮女孩? 为什么我会这么做?

Trusting a hippie girl with my scanner. Why did I do that? 166


Excuse me. Excuse me. 167

就像我刚说的,我人生的这部分 叫做“冒傻气”

Like I said, this part of my life is called "Being Stupid. " 168

嘿,嘿! 别动!呆着别动!别„ Hey!. Hey!. Hey!. Don't move!. Don't move!. Stay--!. 169

停下!停下! Stop!. Stop!. 170


Don't move!. Stop this--!. Stop the train! 171

停!停下来! Stop! Stop! 172


The program took just 20 people every six months. 173

最后只有1人受雇 One got the job. 174

申请表上“高中”之后还有3行线 用来填写接受过的其他教育

There were three blank lines after "high school" to list more education. 175

对我来说,根本就是多余 I didn't need that many lines. 176


T ry and sleep. It's late. 177

这种魔方每面都是3英寸x3英寸 It's a puzzle measuring just 3 inches by 3 inches on each side... 178

由多种颜色组成 玩法就是通过旋转

...made up of multiple colors that you twist and turn... 179


...and try to get to a solid color on each side. 180

这小玩意是1981年的送礼佳品 This little cube is the gift sensation of 1 98 1. 181 但是想把它玩好可没那么容易 Don't expect to solve it easily. 182

尽管我们确实碰到一位 旧金山大学的数学教授

Although we did encounter one math professor at USF... 183


... who took just 30 minutes on his. 184


This is as far as I've gotten on mine. 185

大家可以看到 离完成还早着呢 As you can see, I still have a long way to go. 186

这里是吉米·芬尼迪 从KJSF 里士满发回的报道

This is Jim Finnerty reporting for KJSF in Richmond. 187

嘿,醒醒 Hey, wake up. 188 快吃 Eat. 189

- 妈,再见 - 再见,宝贝 -Bye, Mom. -Bye, baby. 190

- 那玩意儿卖了再回来 - 噢,我正有此意

-Come back without that, please. -Oh, yeah, I'm going to. 191

快点和它道个别 回来可就看不到它了

So go ahead, say goodbye to it, because I'm coming back without it. 192 再见,“可喜的摆脱”

Goodbye and good riddance. 193


You ain't had to add the "good

riddance" part. 194

再见,妈妈! Bye, Mom. 195 再见 Bye. 196

那里写的是“辛” 但是实际上应该是“幸”

It's written as P-P-Y, but it's supposed to be an I in "happiness." 197

- 是形容词吗? - 不是,是个名词 -ls it an adjective? -No, actually it's a noun. 198


But it's not spelled right. 199

- “操”写对了吗? - 对,那个写的对

-ls "fuck" spelled right? -Yeah, that's spelled right. 200

但是标语里没这词 所以别学

But that's not part of the motto, so you're not supposed to learn that. 201


That's an adult word to show anger and other things. 202

- 别用那词,好吗? - 好的

-But just don't use that one, okay? -Okay. 203


What's that say on the back of your bag? 204

我的绰号 My nickname. 205


We pick nicknames. 206

- 噢,你选的是什么? - “改装高速车”

-Oh, yeah? What's it say? -"Hot Rod." 207

- 你有绰号吗? - 有啊

-Did you have a nickname? -Yep. 208

- 是什么? - 无-敌-大-头 -What? -"Ten-Gallon Head." 209

- 什么意思? - 我在德克萨斯州附近的路易斯安那长大

-What's that? -I grew up in Louisiana, near Texas. 210

那儿的人都戴牛仔帽 那种“10加仑”牛仔帽 (宽边软顶牛仔帽,因分量重而得名)

Everybody wears cowboy hats. And a ten-gallon's a big hat. 211

我小时候很聪明 所以大家都叫我“无-敌-大-头”

I was smart back then, so they called me Ten-Gallon Head. 212

- 霍斯也戴那种牛仔帽 - 霍斯? -Hoss wears that hat. -Hoss? 213

霍斯·卡特赖特 “伯南扎的牛仔”里面的牛仔

Hoss Cartwright on Bonanza. 214

- 你从哪知道“伯南扎的牛仔”的? - 在朱太太家看的

-How do you know Bonanza? -We watch it at Mrs. Chu's. 215

- 你在幼儿园看“伯南扎的牛仔”? - 是啊

-You watch Bonanza at daycare? -Yeah. 216


When? When do you watch it? 217

- 午餐后还是午觉后? - 看完“爱之船”之后看的

-After snack? After your nap? -After Love Boat. 218


I made my list for my birthday. 219

- 你都写了什么? - 篮球,或者“蚂蚁农场” (“蚂蚁农场”为一种智趣游戏)

-Yeah, what'd you put on there? -A basketball or an ant farm. 220

- 他说他一直在看电视 - 是啊,是看了些电视,都是历史片

-He says he's been watching TV. -Oh, little TV for history. 221

- “爱之船”也是吗? - 是啊,是关于海军历史的

-Love Boat? -For history. Navy. 222

那可不是海军历史片 That's not the Navy. 223

我的意思是,他可以在家看电视 I mean, he could watch television at home. 224

我们每月付150块给你 要是他就坐在这儿„

We're paying you $1 50 a month. If he's gonna be sitting around... 225

一直看电视的话,我们就带他走 ...watching TV all day, we're taking him out of here. 26

你要是不喜欢海军片的话 就多花钱去别家幼儿园好了

Go pay more at other daycare if you don't like Navy TV. 227

反正你总是晚付钱 你抱怨,我还抱怨呢

You late pay anyway. You complain. I complain. 228

那能不能把狗带到楼上去? 关到你房间或什么地方

Can you at least put the dog upstairs in your room or something? 229 再见 Bye. 230

我在等维特公司 人事部主管杰·托斯特尔

I was waiting for Witter Resource head Jay Twistle... 231

他的名字听起来很可爱 就好像他会给我份工作,外加一个拥抱 ...whose name sounded so delightful, like he'd give me a job and a hug. 232

而我所要做的,就是让他知道 我精通数字,而且懂得待人之道 I just had to show him I was good with numbers and good with people. 233

- 早上好,托斯特尔先生 - 早上好 -Morning, Mr. Twistle. -Good morning. 234

- 托斯特尔先生,我是克里斯·迦纳 - 你好

-Mr. Twistle, Chris Gardner. -Hi. 235

我得在你进去之前亲自把这个交给您 和您认识一下

I wanted to drop this off personally and make your acquaintance. 2360


I thought I'd catch you on the way in. I'd love the opportunity to discuss... 237


...what may seem like weaknesses on my application. 238

好的,我们要先看下你的申请表,克里斯 需要面试的话会通知你的 We'll start with this, and we'll call you if we wanna sit down. 239

- 好的,先生,祝您愉快 - 你也是 -Yes, sir. You have a great day. -You too. 240


Hey, yeah, how you doing? 241

我是克里斯·迦纳 找戴尔斯医生 This is Chris Gardner calling for Dr. Delsey. 242


Yeah, I'm running a little late for a sales call. 243

能不能„对,国立阿斯提公司 I was wondering if-- Yeah, Osteo National. 244

对,我们能不能„半小时后? Right. We can still--? Half an hour? 245


Yes. Beautiful. Beautiful. Thank you, thank you. 246

嘿!嘿! Hey! Hey! 247 嘿! Hey! 248

我人生的这部分 This part of my life... 249


-Wait! -...this part here... 250


...it's called "Running. " 251

嘿!嘿! Hey! Hey! 252

等一下! Wait! 253

嘿!等一下! Hey! Wait! 254


That was my stolen machine. 255


Unless she was with a guy who sold them too. 256

不过可能性不大 Which was unlikely... 257

因为旧金山海湾地区 销售此仪器的仅我一家

...because I was the only one selling them in the Bay Area. 258

我把所有的积蓄都押在这上面了 I spent our entire life savings on these things. 259


It was such a revolutionary machine. 260

- 亲爱的,你感觉到了吗? - 当然了

-Can you feel it, baby? -Oh, yeah. 261


You got me doing all the work. 262

但是我没想到,医院的医生们 What I didn't know is that doctors and hospitals... 263


...would consider them unnecessary luxuries.



I even asked the landlord to take a picture. 265

所以丢了一台仪器就意味着 损失了一个月的伙食

So if I lost one, it was like losing a month's groceries. 266

嘿!嘿! 等一下,等一下! Hey, hey! Wait! Wait! 267


Hey, get back here! 268

嘿,老兄,我„ Hey, man, l-- 269

- 他是谁? - 就是那个„ -Who's he? -He's that guy.... 270

- 你忘了吗? - 忘了什么? -Did you forget? -Forget what? 271


You're not supposed to have any of those. 272

- 是的,我知道 - 但你现在却有2台

-Yeah, I know. -You have two now. 273 嘿 Hey. 274 嘿,妈 Hey, Mom. 275 1,2,3

One, two, three! 276

- 是个篮球! - 嗨,什么意思? -That's a basketball! -Hey, hey. What do you mean? 277 谁说这是篮球啊?

You don't know that that's a basketball. 278

有可能是“蚂蚁农场” 也可能是显微镜或别的什么

This could be an ant farm. This could be a microscope or anything. 279

- 不,不是的 - 拿不到了吧 -No, it's not. -There, there. 280


All right, come on. Open him up. Open him up. 281

- 纸有点厚,是吗? - 是的,但是我能打开

-That paper's a little heavy, huh? -Yeah, but I got it. 282


You should've seen me out there today. 283

有个女孩偷了我的扫描仪 我就一直追她„

Somebody stole a scanner. I had to run the old girl down-- 284 随便吧 Whatever. 285

- 什么? - 随便怎么着吧,克里斯 -What? -Whatever, Chris. 6


What the hell you got attitude about? 287

- 随便什么? - 每天都他妈的有逸闻

-"Whatever" what? -Every day's got some damn story. 288

嘿!罗伊!罗伊! Hey, Roy. Roy! 289 能不能没人的时候再拍毯子? Can you beat your little rug when nobody's out here? 290


There's dust and shit all over. 291

- 我只是在打扫房间„ - 嗨,等一下

-I'm trying to keep a clean house. -Hey, wait a second. 292

听我说,琳达,放松 Look, Linda, relax. 293

我们会渡过难关的 一切都会好起来的,好吗?

We're gonna come out of this. Everything is gonna be fine, all right? 294

你以前就这么说过,我怀孕的时候 你就说:“一切都会好起来的” You said that before, when I got pregnant. "lt'll be fine." 295

- 这么说你不再相信我了? - 随便,我不在乎

-So you don't trust me now? -Whatever. I don't care. 296

- 出租! - 托斯特尔先生 -Taxi! -Mr. Twistle. 297

- 是的 - 你好,我是克里斯·迦纳 -Yeah, hi. -Hi. Chris Gardner. 298


Yeah, hi. Listen. What can I do for you? 299

00:24:31,540 --> 00:24:34,810 我一个月前交了份实习申请表 I submitted an application for the intern program about a month ago... 300



...and I would just love to sit with you briefly-- 301

听着,我要赶去诺亚谷,克里斯 Listen, I'm going to Noe Valley, Chris. 302

- 你保重 - 托斯特尔先生

-Take care of yourself. -Mr. Twistle. 303


Actually, I'm on my way to Noe Valley also. 304


How about we share a ride? 305

- 好吧,上车吧 - 好的 -All right, get in. -All right. 306

我在海军服役时为一个医生工作 So when I was in the Navy, I worked for a doctor... 307

他很喜欢高尔夫 每天都要花很多时间在那上面

...who loved to play golf, hours every day... 308


...and I would actually perform medical procedures... 309


...when he'd leave me in the office. 310


So I'm used to being in a position where I have to make decisions and.... 311

托斯特尔先生,听我说,这很重要 Mr. Twistle, listen. This is a very important-- 312

对不起,对不起 这东西不可能拼出来的

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. This thing's impossible. 313

- 我可以 - 你不行,没人可以的 -I can do it. -No, you can't. No one can. 314

- 不可能的 - 我确定我能行的 -That's bullshit. -No, I'm pretty sure I can do it. 315

- 你不行 - 让我看看

-No, you can't. -Let me see it. 316 给我

Give it here. 317


Oh, yeah. Oh, wow, you really messed it up. 318

00:25:41,540 --> 00:25:43,610 不好意思 Sorry. 319

看起来这些是围绕一个轴心转动 中间的这部分保持不动

It looks like it works around a swivel, so the center pieces never move. 320

所以说如果中间那片是黄色 这面就应该是黄色的

So if it's yellow in the center, that's the yellow side. 321

如果中间那片是红色 那么这面就应该是红色的

If it's red in the center, that's the red side. 322

- 好的 - 开慢点吧

-Okay. -So.... You can slow down. 323

我们可以就这么一直开下去 我就不信你能拼出来 Listen, we can drive around all day. I don't believe you can do this. 324

- 我可以的 - 不,你不成 -Yeah, I can. -No, you can't. 325

- 我可以的 - 不,你不成 -Yes, I can. -No, you can't. 326

不,你不行,没人可以的 I'm telling you, no one can. 327

看到没?我就只能到这步了 See? That's all I ever do. 328


You almost have this side. 329

哦,你拼出来了 Holy cow. 330

00:26:39,740 --> 00:26:45,040 - 哦,那面也快拼出来了 - 我能全部拼出来的

-You almost had that one. -I'm gonna get it. 331

真厉害啊 Look at that. 332 快好了

You're almost there. 333

- 17块1毛 - 我到了 -1 7.1 0. -This is me. 334

拼得不错 Good job. 335

- 再见 - 回头见

-Goodbye. -Yeah. I'll see you soon. 336

先生,你要去哪里? Where are you going, sir? 337

对不起,先生? 你要去哪里? Excuse me, sir. Where are you going,

please? 338

呃„2个„几个街区就到 Two-- A couple of blocks. 339

- 调下头 - 好的

-Just flip around. -Okay. 340


Hey! Stop it! Hey! 341

- 你到哪儿去?回来! -不!

-Where are you going? Come here! -No! 342

- 不,不,不! - 你这缺德鬼,给我钱

-No, no, no! -You asshole, give me my money! 343

00:28:59,110 --> 00:29:00,640 - 给我钱! - 别,别这样! -Give me my money. -Please stop. 344

- 别这样! - 混蛋!

-Please, please, please! -Son of a bitch. 345

他应该付钱,他应该给你钱的! Please! He should've paid you! 346

- 别跑 - 对不起,抱歉 -Come here! -I'm sorry. 347

- 对不起 - 我会教训你的! -I'm so sorry. -I'll kick your ass! 348

- 对不起 - 混蛋! -I'm sorry! -ldiot. 349

我会逮到你的! I'll get you! 350


I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you! 351 嘿! Hey! 352

停下!你这个王八蛋! Stop it, you son of a bitch! 353 停下„ Stop him! 354 停下„ Stop him! 355


The doors are closing. 356


Please stand clear of the doors. 357

00:30:15,351 --> 00:30:19,981 不,不,不! No! No! No! 358 不! No! 359

- 喂 - 嗨

-Hello? -Hey, yeah. 360


Sorry I couldn't make it home on time. 361

- 克里斯,我误了班 - 是,我知道,对不起

-Chris, I missed my shift. -Yeah, I know. I'm sorry about that. 362

我现在就在回家路上 你陪着克里斯托弗行吗?

Look, I'm on my way right now. Are you all right with Christopher? 363


I'm leaving. Chris, I'm leaving. 364 - 什么? - 你听到我说的了吗? -What? -Did you hear what I said? 365

我已经收拾好东西 我要带上儿子 I have my things together, and I'm taking our son... 366


...and we're gonna leave now. 367


I'm gonna put the phone down. 368

- 琳达,等下 - 我们要走了,我们走了

-Linda, wait a minute. Hold it, hold-- -I'm going to leave. We are leaving. 369

那一刻,我想起了托马斯·杰斐逊 It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson... 370


...the Declaration of Independence... 371

想起了其中对生存权,自由权 以及追求幸福权利的描写

...and the part about our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 372


And I remember thinking: 373

他是怎么知道要把“追求幸福” 那部分放进去的?

How did he know to put the "pursuit" part in there? 374


That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue. 375


And maybe we can actually never have it... 376

无论如何也追求不到的 ...no matter what. 377

他究竟是怎么知道的? How did he know that? 378

琳达,琳达 Linda. Linda. 379

- 喂? - 克里斯吗? -Hello? -Chris. 380

- 哪位? - 杰·托斯特尔 -Who is this? -Jay Twistle. 381

00:32:39,361 --> 00:32:41,401 - 嘿 - 迪安·维特公司的 -Hey. -Dean Witter. 382


Yeah, of course. How are you? 383


I'm fine. Listen, do you still wanna come in and talk? 384

是的,先生,当然了 Yes, sir. Absolutely. 385


I'll tell you what. Come on by day after tomorrow, in the morning. 386

我们要面试实习生,你有纸笔吗? We're interviewing for the internships. You got a pen and paper? 387

我有,呃„ Yes. Yes, I do. 388

- 稍等下 - 好的

-Hold on one second. -All right. 389 喂 Hello? 390

- 克里斯? - 说吧,我找到了 -Chris? -Go ahead. I have one. 391

记下这个号码,打给我秘书贾尼斯 Write this number down so you can call my secretary, Janice. 392

- 她会告诉你具体事宜的 - 好的 -She can give you all the specifics. -Yep. 393

- 415 - 415

-Okay, 41 5. -41 5. 394

- 864 - 864 -864. -864. 395

- 0256 - 0256 -0256. -0256. 396

- 对,转4796 - 4796

-Yeah, extension 4796. -4796. 397

- 对,明天就打吧 - 好的,先生,415-846-0256

-Right. Call her tomorrow. -Yes, sir. 41 5-864-0256. 398

- 对,兄弟 - 好的,记住了 -Okay, buddy. -All right, yes. 399

- 太感谢你了 - 回头见

-Thank you very much. -We'll see you soon. 400

864-0256 864-0256. 401

4796,贾尼斯 4796. Janice. 402

- 克里斯 - 嗨 -Chris. -Hey. 403

看到琳达和克里斯托弗了吗? Did you--? Have you seen Linda and Christopher? 404

- 没有,昨晚那场比赛看了没? - 没,没看

-No. You catch the game last night? -No, no. 405


You didn't see that, 1 1 8, 1 --? 406


Excuse me, did Linda and Christopher come in here? 407

- 没有,我没看到他们 - 119比120,双加时赛

-No, I haven't see them. -1 1 9-1 20. Double overtime. 408

在还有17秒结束时,投了个三分 Moons hits a three-pointer at 1 7 seconds left. 409

韦恩,韦恩,韦恩 Wayne, Wayne, Wayne. 410


Can't talk to you about numbers right now. 411

- 为什么? - 864-2„

-What's your problem with numbers? -864-2.... 412

- 你欠我钱 - 没错

-And you owe me money. -Yeah. 413


You owe me $1 4. 414


I'm gonna get that to you. 415


I need my money. I need my money.



Fourteen's a number. 417


Hey, don't you ever take my son away from me again. 418

- 你听到没? - 离我远点! -You hear me? -Leave me alone! 419

别再把我儿子从我身边带走! Don't take my son away from me again. 420


Do you understand what I'm saying to you? 421

别就这么走开!我在和你说话呢! 听到我的话了吗?

Don't you walk away from me when I'm talking to you. Do you hear me? 422

- 你想离开吗? - 没错 -Do you wanna leave? -Yeah. 423

- 你想离开吗? - 是的!我想离开!

-You wanna leave? -Yes, I want to leave! 424


Get the hell out of here, then, Linda. 425

快滚吧! 克里斯托弗和我在一起! Get the hell out of here. Christopher's staying with me. 426


You're the one that dragged us down. You hear me? 427

- 你太不坚强了! - 不,我不再幸福 -You are so weak. -No. I am not happy anymore. 428

- 不再觉得幸福了! - 那就去找幸福啊,琳达!

-I'm just not happy! -Then go get happy, Linda! 429

去找幸福吧! Just go get happy. 430 1

但是克里斯托弗要跟我过! But Christopher's living with me. 431

- 闭嘴 - 听到了吗?

-Stop! -Did you hear what I said? 432

克里斯托弗和我在一起! Christopher's living with me! 433

嘿,来,我们走了 Hey. Come on, let's go. 434

- 你好,朱太太 - 你好

-How you doing, Mrs. Chu? -Hi. 435

- 妈妈呢? - 去拿你的东西

-Where's Mom? -Look, just get your stuff. 436


But she told me she was coming to pick me up today. 437

是,我知道 Yeah, I know. 438

我之前和妈妈谈过了 没事的,好吗?

I talked to Mom earlier. Everything's fine, okay? 439


Where do I sleep tonight? 440

问你个问题 你快乐吗? Let me ask you something. Are you happy? 441

- 嗯 - 因为我很快乐

-Yeah. -All right. Because I'm happy. 442

如果你快乐,我也快乐 这就是好事,对吗?

And if you're happy and I'm happy, then that's a good thing, right? 443

- 是的 - 那好 -Yeah. -All right. 444

你今晚和我一起睡 You're sleeping with me. 445

你待在家里 你本来就该待那儿,好吗?

You're staying at home, where you belong, all right? 446

克里斯托弗 Christopher. 447

嘿,听着,你得交房租 Hey, listen. I need the rent. 448

不能再拖下去了 I can't wait anymore. 449


Yeah, I'm good for that, Charlie. I'm gonna get it. 450

你为什么不搬到2个街区外的 祢申汽车旅馆住?

Why don't you go two blocks over at the Mission Inn motel? 451


It's half what you pay here. 452

听着,克里斯 我要你明天早上就从这搬走

Listen, Chris. I need you out of here

in the morning. 453

明天就搬走,这怎么可能呢? The hell am I supposed to be out of here tomorrow? 454


I got painters coming in. 455

- 好吧,但是再给我点时间 - 不行 -All right, look. I need more time. -No. 456


All right, I'll paint it myself. 457

再给我点时间,我儿子还在这 All right, but I just-- I gotta have some more time-- I got my son up in here. 458

好吧,再给你1周的时间 而且你要粉刷房间

All right. One week. And you paint it. 459

[克里斯,你糟透了] 460

克里斯·迦纳吗? Chris Gardner?

461是我,什么事? Yeah. What happened? 462

- 支票抬头写“旧金山市” - 必须一次性付清吗?

-Payable to the City of San Francisco. -Does it have to be the full amount? 463

你必须付清每一笔罚单 否则就得待在这儿

You gotta pay each parking ticket, otherwise, you're staying. 464

我只有这么多 This is all I got. 465 明早9:30我们会向银行查证的 You verify at 9:30 tomorrow morning. 466

- 什么? - 你得待在这儿直到这事处理完为止

-What? -You gotta stay until this thing clears. 467 不行 No. 468


No, I can't spend the night here. 469

- 我还得去接我儿子 - 我们明早9:30向银行查证

-I have to pick up my son. -You verify at 9:30 tomorrow. 470

长官,我明天早上10:15 要去迪安·维特公司面试

Sir, I have a job interview at Dean Witter at 1 0:1 5 tomorrow morning. 471

- 我不能待在这儿 - 明早9:30 -I cannot stay-- -9:30 tomorrow morning. 472


What am I supposed to do with my son? 473

- 还有别人能照顾他吗? - 我照顾他!

-ls there anyone else who can--? -I take care of him. 474


Maybe we can go and have Social Services pick him up. 475


All right. Can I have my phone call, please? 476 - 喂 - 嗨 -Hello. -Hey. 477


What do you want?

47800:39:54,701 --> 00:40:00,501 你得去幼儿园接克里斯托弗 我不能„呃„

You gotta get Christopher from daycare. I can't. 479

就照顾他这一晚上 我„我会„就今天一晚

Just keep him for the night and I'm-- And-- Just one night. 480

出什么事了? What happened? 481


I'll pick him up from daycare tomorrow. 482

我会直接„ 你只要„

I'm gonna go right-- You can just-- 483


You can drop him off and I'll pick him up. 484

- 不行 - 别这样,琳达 -No. -Come on, Linda. 485

- 为什么你„ - 不,我想带他去公园„

-Why you doing that? -No, I wanna take him to the park. 486


To Golden Gate after daycare tomorrow. 487

- 他现在怎么样? - 他很好 -How is he? -He's fine. 488

好吧,好吧,带他去公园玩吧 All right, just-- All right, take him to

the park... 489


...and bring him back, all right? 490


All right, just bring me my son back. 491 好吗? Okay? 492 琳达? Linda? 493

我6点左右把他送回来 I'll bring him back around 6. 494


All right, all right. 495 谢谢

Thank you. 496 再见 Bye. 497

可以走了吗? I'm okay? 498


Excuse me. Excuse me. 499

好的,知道了 Yes, I did. 500

迦纳先生 Mr. Gardner. 501 这边请 This way. 502


It'll be right this way. 503


What is the word on that one? 504 克里斯·迦纳到了 Chris Gardner. 505

我是克里斯·迦纳 Chris Gardner. 506


How are you? Good morning. 507

克里斯·迦纳,克里斯·迦纳 又见面了

Chris Gardner. Chris Gardner. Good to see you again. 508

克里斯·迦纳,见到您很荣幸 Chris Gardner. Pleasure. 509


I've been sitting there for the last half-hour... 510


...trying to come up with a story... 511


...that would explain my being here dressed like this. 512


And I wanted to come up with a story that would demonstrate qualities... 513

拥有你们所欣赏的优点„ 比如诚实,勤奋

...that I'm sure you all admire here, like earnestness or diligence. 514

团队精神等等 结果我却什么都想不出来

Team-playing, something. And I couldn't think of anything. 515 事实是

So the truth is... 516 因为没能付清停车罚单 我被拘留了

...I was arrested for failure to pay parking tickets. 517

罚单?什么? Parking tickets? 518

我是从警差局„ 警察局一路跑来的

And I ran all the way here from the Polk Station, the police station. 519


What were you doing before you were arrested? 520


I was painting my apartment. 521

现在干了吗? Is it dry now? 522

希望如此 I hope so. 523


Jay says you're pretty determined. 524

没错,他拎着个40磅重的玩意儿 He's been waiting outside the front of the building... 525


...with some 40-pound gizmo for over a month. 526

- 他说你很聪明 - 我自认是有些 -He said you're smart. -Well, I like to think so. 527

- 你想学这行? - 是的,先生,我想学

-And you want to learn this business? -Yes, sir, I wanna learn. 528


Have you already started learning on your own? 529 当然

Absolutely. 530

- 杰 - 是的,先生 -Jay? -Yes, sir. 531


How many times have you seen Chris? 532

我不清楚 好多次了吧,应该

I don't know. One too many, apparently. 533

- 他有穿戴成这样吗? - 不

-Was he ever dressed like this? -No. 534

没有,都是西装领带 No. Jacket and tie. 535

克里斯,你在班上是第一名? First in your class in school? 536

- 高中? - 是的,先生 -High school? -Yes, sir. 537

- 班上一共多少人? - 12人 -How many in the class? -Twelve. 538


It was a small town. 539

- 我就说嘛 - 我在海军服役时是雷达班的第一名

-I'll say. -But I was also first in my radar class... 540


...in the Navy, and that was a class of 20. 541

我能说几句吗? Can I say something? 542

呃„我是这样的人 I'm the type of person... 543

如果你问的问题我不知道答案 ...if you ask me a question, and I don't know the answer... 544

我会直接告诉你“我不知道” ...I'm gonna tell you that I don't know. 545

但我向你保证 But I bet you what. 546

我知道如何寻找答案 而且我一定会找出答案的

I know how to find the answer, and I will find the answer. 547

这样可以吗? Is that fair enough? 548 克里斯 Chris. 549

如果有个人连衬衫都没穿 就跑来参加面试,你会怎么想?

What would you say if a guy walked in for an interview... 550

...without a shirt on... 551


...and I hired him? What would you say? 552


He must've had on some really nice pants. 553


Chris, I don't know how you did it dressed as a garbage man... 554 - 但是你刚才的表现很不错 - 谢谢,托斯特尔先生

-...but you pulled it off. -Thank you, Mr. Twistle. 555


Hey, now you can call me Jay. We'll talk to you soon. 556

好的,我会给你答复的,杰 All right, so I'll let you know, Jay. 557


"You'll let me know, Jay"? What do you mean? 558


Yeah, I'll give you a call tomorrow sometime-- 559


What are you talking--? You hounded me for this. 560

- 你当时就站在那里„ - 实习期没有工资

-You stood here-- -Listen, there's no salary. 561

- 没有 - 我并不知道没有工资 -No. -I was not aware of that. 562


My circumstances have changed some... 563

- 我需要确定我能„ - 好的

-...and I need to be certain that I'll be-- -All right. Okay. 564

今晚给我答复 Tonight. 565


I swear I will fill your spot. I promise.


如果你现在放弃 你知道股东会怎么看我吗?

If you back out, you know what I'll look like to the partners? 567

知道,把你看成混蛋 Yes, an ass-- A-hole. 568

是啊,把我看成混蛋,肯定是的 Yeah, an ass A-hole, all the way. 569


You are a piece of work. 570

今晚给我答复 Tonight. 571


There was no salary. 572


Not even a reasonable promise of a job. 573

实习结束时,20人中只有1人受雇 One intern was hired at the end of the program from a pool of 20. 574

如果受雇的那人不是你的话 And if you weren't that guy... 575

这6个月的培训还不适用于„ ...you couldn't even apply the six months' training... 576


... to another brokerage. 577

这6个月里,我的经济来源„ The only resource I would have for six months... 578

„就是那6台扫描仪 我还能继续推销那玩意

... would be my six scanners, which I could still try to sell. 579


If I sold them all, maybe we might get by. 580

- 我来,我来 - 他睡着了

-I got him. I got him. -He's asleep. 581 好吧 All right. 582

到了,宝贝 Okay, baby. 583

我拿着了 I got it. 584


I'm going to New York. 585

我妹妹的男朋友„ My sister's boyfriend... 586

„开了家餐厅 可能会给我份工作 ...opened a restaurant, and they may have a job for me there. 5872


So I'm going to New York, Chris. 588


Christopher's staying with me. 589


I'm his mom, you know? 590

他应该和他妈妈在一起的 He should be with his mom. 591

他应该和我在一起,对吗? I should have him, right? 592


You know you can't take care of him. 593 那你怎么挣钱?

What are you gonna do for money? 594


I had an interview at Dean Witter for an internship... 595

我被录取了 ...and I got it. 596


So I'm gonna stand out in my program. 597

从推销员倒退到实习生? Salesman to intern's backwards. 598

不,不是 No, it's not. 599

我得走了 I gotta go. 600

告诉他我爱他,好吗? Tell him I love him, okay? 601 还有„ And.... 602

我知道你会照顾好他的,克里斯 I know you'll take care of him, Chris. 603

我知道的 I know that. 604

- 迪安·维特公司 - 你好 -Dean Witter. -Yes, hi. 605

呃„我要给杰·托斯特尔先生留言 Yes, I'd like to leave a message for Mr. Jay Twistle. 606

- 你的名字? - 我叫克里斯·迦纳 -Your name? -Yeah, my name is Chris Gardner.

607 留言是:

The message is: 608


Thank you very much for inviting me into the program. 609

真的感谢您 我非常高兴接受您的邀请

I really appreciate it and I'd be very pleased to accept your invitation. 610

就这些吗? Is that all? 611

对,就这些 Yes, that's it. 612

- 好的 - 谢谢 -Okay. -Thank you. 613 再见 Bye. 614

- 小心点 - 什么?

-Be careful with that. -What? 615


Be care-- Go ahead. 616

- 到了吗? - 是的 -Are we there? -Yep. 617

- 嘿,知道今天周几吗? - 知道 -Hey, you know what today is? -Yeah. 618

- 周几? - 周六 -What? -Saturday. 619

- 你知道周六要干什么,是吧? - 知道

-You know what Saturday is, right? -Yeah. 620

- 干什么? - 打篮球 -What? -Basketball. 621

- 想去打篮球吗? - 好啊

-You wanna go play some basketball? -Okay. 622

好的 之后我们去卖骨质扫描仪,怎么样?

All right, then we're gonna go sell a bone-density scanner. 623

- 好吗? - 不好

-How about that? Wanna do that? -No. 624

嘿,老爸,我要当职业篮球员 Hey, Dad. I'm going pro. 625

我要当职业篮球员 I'm going pro. 626

哦„呃„ Okay. 627


Yeah, I don't know, you know. 628

你大概会和我以前水平一样糟 You'll probably be about as good as I was. 629

有其父必有其子嘛 我当时篮球就处于平均水平之下

That's kind of the way it works, you know. I was below average. 630


You know, so you'll probably ultimately rank... 631


...somewhere around there, you know, so... 632

你在很多方面都很优秀 但是在篮球上不是

...I really-- You'll excel at a lot of things, just not this. 633

所以我不希望你就这么 在这整晚的练习投篮

I don't want you shooting this ball all day and night. 634

- 知道了吗? - 好吧 -All right? -All right. 63 好的 Okay. 636


All right, go ahead. 637 嗨 Hey. 638


Don't ever let somebody tell you... 639


...you can't do something. 640

即使是我也不行 Not even me. 641

- 知道了吗? - 知道了 -All right? -All right. 642

如果你有梦想的话 You got a dream... 643


...you gotta protect it. 644


People can't do something themselves... 645


...they wanna tell you you can't do it. 646

如果你有理想的话,就要去努力实现 就这样

If you want something, go get it.

Period. 647 走吧 Let's go. 648


Dad, why did we move to a motel? 649


Dad, why did we move to a motel? 650


I told you. Because I'm getting a better job. 651

- 相信我,好吗? - 我相信你 -You gotta trust me, all right? -I trust you. 652


All right, here. Come on, come on. Keep up. 653

老爸,妈妈什么时候回来? Dad, when's Mom coming back? 654


Dad, when's Mom coming back? 655

我不知道,克里斯托弗 I don't know, Christopher. 656

爸,你听这个 Dad, listen to this. 657

有天,一个人在水里快要淹死了 One day, a man was drowning in the water. 658


And a boat came by and said, "Do you need any help?" 659 他回答说“不了,谢谢,上帝会救我的”

He said, "No, thank you. God will save me." 660


Then another boat came by. Said, "Do you need any help?" 661


And he said, "No, thank you. God will save me." 662


Then he drowned, and he went to heaven. 663 他问“上帝啊,为什么你不救我?” And he said, "God, why didn't you save me?" 664

上帝回答说 “我不是派2艘大船去了吗,笨蛋”

And God said, "l sent you two big boats, you dummy." 665

你喜欢吗? Do you like it? 666


Yeah, that's very funny, man. Give me your hand. 667

- 非常感谢您,先生 - 不客气 -Thank you very much, sir. -Yes, sir. 668

- 这是正式的收据 - 好的

-You got the bill of sale here. -Yes. 669


All the information you'll need. 670 谢谢你

Thank you very much for your business. 671 谢谢

Thank you. 672

100,200 20,40,45,46„ One hundred, 200, 20, 40, 45, 46... 673

„7,8,9,10 ...7, 8, 9, 1 0. 674 谢谢

Thank you. 675

- 嗨,想要那个? - 不,没事的 -Hey, you want one of those? -No, it's okay. 676

好吧,可以买一个,要哪种? Come on, you can have one. Which one? 677

- 要这个?多少钱? - 两毛五 -You like that one? How much? -Twenty-five cents. 678

我人生的这部分 叫做“实习” This part of my life is called "Internship. " 679

正前方的是曼尼工业和新科石油 The 1 200 building is Medley Industrial and Sanko Oil. 680


The building across the street is Lee-Ray Shipping. 681


In a couple weeks, you'll get call sheets... 682

...with the phone numbers of employees... 683


...from every Fortune 500 company in the financial district. 684


You will be pooling from 60 Fortune companies. 685

你们主要负责打电话给这些 随机选择的潜在客户

You will mainly be cold-calling potential clients. 686


But if you have to have lunch with them, have breakfast with them... 687

甚至是给他们带孩子 竭尽所能向他们介绍

...even baby-sit for them, do whatever it takes to familiarize them... 688

我们公司提供的各项投资组合 根据公司的财务计划

...with our packages. We need you to match their needs and goals... 689

最大程度的满足客户需求 总而言之,你们去钓鱼

...to one of our many financial plans. In essence, you reel them in... 690


...we'll cook the fish. 691

你们在座的有些是因为 有门路才进来的

Some of you are here because you know somebody. 692


Some of you are here because you think you're somebody. 693


There's one guy in here who's gonna be somebody. 694

那就是„能把这个变成这个的人 That person's gonna be the guy... 695

...who can turn this into this. 696


Eight hundred thousand in commission dollars. 697


You, you, help me hand these out. 698

这个将会是你们的“圣经” This is going to be your bible. 699

你们要吃睡不离身 You'll eat with it. 700


-You'll drink with it. -It was simple. 701

打多少电话 就意味着有多少机会 X number of calls equals X number of prospects. 702

有多少机会就意味着有多少客户 X number of prospects equals X number of customers. 703

有多少客户就意味着 有多少钱„ X number of customers equals X number of dollars... 704

- 进了公司的口袋 - 关于你们的资格考试

-...in the company's pocket. -Your board exam. 705


Last year, we had an intern score a 96.4 percent on the written exam. 706

但是却没被选上 考试不是通过没通过这么简单 He wasn't chosen. It's not a simple pass/fail. 707

而是我们区分申请者的评估手段 It's an evaluation tool we use to separate applicants. 708

要想保险一点,那就考满分吧 Be safe, score a hundred. 709

好了,我们休息一下 10分钟后继续

Okay, let's take a break. Be back in 1 0. 710

- 嗨,弗雷姆先生,我是克里斯 - 嗨

-Hey, Mr. Frohm. Chris. -Hi. 711 - 哦,克里斯,你好吗? - 我很好,你怎么样?

-Chris, how are you? -I'm good. How you doing? 712

- 我很好,谢谢 - 第一天真激动人心啊

-Fine, thank you for asking. -First day in there. It was exciting. 713


You're not quitting on us yet, are you? 714


No, sir. Ten-minute break. 715

我想随便吃点东西 然后回去准备录用考试

Pop out, get a quick bite and then back in there for board prep. 716

哦,天啊,我还记得我当年的考试 Oh, man, I remember mine. 717


And ours were only an hour, not three like yours. 718


We didn't do world markets, didn't bother with taxes... 719

但还是令人伤透脑筋 想来好笑,还记得那时„

...and it was still a pain in the ass. Funny what you remember. 720


There was a beautiful girl in that class. 721

我记不得名字了,但是她长得„ I can't remember her name, but her face was so-- 722


I've seen an old friend of mine. Do you mind? 723

- 当然咯,去吧 - 谢谢,跟您聊天很愉快

-No, go ahead. -Good talking to you, sir. 724

嘿,傻x 你还好吧,傻x ?

Hey, asshole. Are you all right, asshole? 725

你没事吧? 你在想啥呀?

Are you okay? What were you thinking? 726

你干嘛呢„我差点就撞死你啦! What are you doing? I could've killed you. 727


I'm trying to cross the street. 728

- 你没事吧? - 嗯„嗯 -Well, you're all right? -Yeah, yeah. 729

- 我的鞋呢? - 什么? -Where's my shoe? -What? 730

- 你把我的鞋撞丢了! - 我不知道你的鞋在哪儿!

-You knocked off my shoe! -I don't know where your shoe is. 731

- 妈的,我的鞋哪儿去了? - 我不知道

-Where's my damn shoe? -I don't know. 32 嘿 Hey. 733

- 你看到了吗?我的鞋丢了 - 没看到,对不起

-Did you see it? I lost my shoe. -No, I'm sorry. 734


Hey. Hey, where are you going? 735

- 我们应该在这儿等警察 - 我还要回去上班

-We should wait for the police. -I gotta go to work. 736


Hey, you just got hit by a car. Go to the hospital. 737

我正在迪安. 维特实习,忙得很! I'm in a competitive internship at Dean Witter. 738


Hey, man, you're missing a shoe. 739


Oh, yeah, thanks. Thank you. 740 爸 Dad. 741

- 你少了只鞋 - 是啊,我知道 -You don't have a shoe. -Yeah, I know. 742

- 想知道是怎么回事吗? - 想啊 -Wanna know what happened? -Yeah. 743

我被车撞了 I got hit by a car. 744

- 什么?被车撞了? - 是啊 -You got hit by a car? -Yep. 745

- 在哪里? - 就在公司附近 -Where? -Just right by the office. 746

- 不是啦,我是问撞到你哪儿了? - 大腿后面那儿

-No, where in your body? -Like, the back of my legs. 747

- 再见,朱太太 - 再见

-Hey, goodbye, Mrs. Chu. -Goodbye. 748

- 在马路上被撞的吗? - 对,我当时正在马路上跑

-Where you on the street? -Yeah, I was running in the street. 749

别再那样了,会被撞伤的 Don't do that. You can get hurt. 750

是啊,谢谢 Yeah, thanks. 751


I'll remember that next time. 752


And here I was again. 753

- 早早的到了 - 很有条件的人„ -Show up early. -While qualified

persons... 754

有条件的人是指那些对投资感兴趣 而且手头有钱去投资的人

...qualified persons are interested in investing and have money to invest. 755

- 克里斯 - 是的,先生 -Now, Chris. -Yes, sir. 756


Would you get me some coffee, please? 757

给办公室经理弗雷克斯跑腿 从早到晚

Favors for Frakesh, our office manager. All day. 758

我是克里斯·迦纳 我找迈克尔·安德森先生

My name is Chris Gardner calling for Mr. Michael Anderson. 759

是的,先生 提醒您周四约好了共进午餐

Yes, sir, we're having a lunch actually this Thursday. 760

好吧,那下次好了 好的,不能再爽约哦

Okay, next time. All right, I'm gonna hold you to that. 761

好的,没问题,谢谢 Okay, yes, thank you. 762


Who wants to get me a doughnut? 763

- 克里斯? - 好的,先生 -Chris? -Yes, sir. 764

我感到自己被贬低 也没充分得到赏识 Feeling underrated and unappreciated. 765

你好,罗纳德·菲尔先生 Hello, Mr. Ronald Fryer. 766

早上好,先生 我叫克里斯·迦纳 Good morning to you, sir. My name is Chris Gardner. 767


I'm calling from Dean Witter. 768

是的,我有些非常实惠的资讯 关于节税„

Yes, I have some very, very valuable information on what's called a tax-- 769

好吧,谢谢,先生 Okay, thank you, sir. 770

然后赶4点的公车,去那个连“幸福” 都不会写的地方接我儿子 Then catch the bus by 4 to the place where they can't spell "happiness. " 771

再横跨整个城市 Then the cross-town. 772

最后坐22路车回家 The 22 home. 773

- 嘿,克里斯 - 嘿,拉尔夫 -Hey, Chris! -Hey. Hi, Ralph. 774

- 我还在等房租 - 好的,我会付给你的,拉尔夫

-I'm waiting. -All right, I got that for you, Ralph. 775


I'm gonna get that for you. 776

通常情况下,6个月内 为公司揽到最多生意的人将被雇用

Whoever brought in the most money after six months was usually hired. 777

你好,我是克里斯·迦纳 我找沃尔特·荷布先生

Hello, Chris Gardner calling for Mr. Walter Hobb. 778

我们都在各显其能 将电话名单上的人变为我们的客户

We were all working our way up call sheets to sign clients. 779

- 依名单从下往上打电话联系 - 好的

-From the bottom to the top. -Yes, sir. 780

- 从门卫打到执行长 - 好的

-From the doorman to the CEO. -Okay. 781

他们都7点下班 但我还要接克里斯托弗

They'd stay till 7, but I had Christopher. 782

所以我要在6个小时内 完成他们9个小时做的工作

I had to do in six hours what they do in nine. 783

下午好,我是克里斯·迦纳 迪安·维特公司的

Good afternoon, my name is Chris Gardner. I'm calling from Dean Witter. 784

为了节约时间,每通电话之间 In order not to waste any time... 785


...I wasn't hanging up the phone in between calls. 786


Okay, thank you very much. 787


I realized that by not hanging up the phone...



...I gained another eight minutes a day. 789


Why, good morning to you, my name is Chris Gardner. 790

- 迪安·维特公司的 - 而且我也不喝水

-I'm calling from Dean Witter. -I wasn't drinking water... 791


...so I didn't' waste any time in the bathroom. 792


Yes, I'd love to have the opportunity-- 793


Okay, no problem at all, sir. Thank you very much. 794


But even doing all this... 795

2个月后,我连一张名单都没打完 ...after two months, I still didn't have time to work my way up a sheet. 796

退休基金会执行长 沃尔特·瑞本 797


We're feeling really confident about that one as well. 798

沃尔特·瑞本办公室 Walter Ribbon's office. 799

你好,我是克里斯·迦纳 找沃尔特·瑞本先生

Yes, hello, my name is Chris Gardner. I'm calling for Mr. Walter Ribbon. 800

- 是关于? - 是的,女士 -Concerning? -Yes, ma'am. 801

我是迪安·维特公司的 I'm calling from Dean Witter. 802 请稍等

Just a moment. 803

- 你好 - 瑞本先生? -Hello? -Mr. Ribbon. 804 您好,先生,我叫克里斯·迦纳 迪安·维特公司的

Hello, sir. My name's Chris Gardner. I'm calling from Dean Witter. 805

- 什么事,克里斯? - 瑞本先生 -Yeah, Chris. -Yes, Mr. Ribbon... 806

我希望有机会当面 向您介绍一下我们公司的服务

...I would love to have the opportunity to discuss some of our products. 807


I'm certain that I could be of some assistance to you. 808

你能20分钟内赶过来吗? Can you be here in 20 minutes? 809

- 20分钟,当然了 - 有个预约取消了,你现在就过来吧

-Twenty minutes. Absolutely. -Just had someone cancel. 810

我会在49人队比赛前给你几分钟时间 (旧金山市橄榄球队)

I can give you a few minutes before the 49ers. 811

- 老兄,周一晚上可是橄榄球比赛时间啊 - 好的,先生,太感谢您了 -Monday Night Football, buddy. -Yes, sir. Thank you very much. 812

- 那一会儿见 - 再见 -See you soon. -Bye-bye. 813

感谢您给我这个机会„ Excuse me. Thank you. 814

- 克里斯,你好吗? - 嘿,弗雷克斯先生

-Chris, what's up? -Hey, Mr. Frakesh. 815

老兄,有5分钟时间吗? Hey, do you have five minutes? 816

事实上,沃尔特·瑞本同意我去„ I got a green light from Walter Ribbon-- 817

因为我连一分钟都没,我要给布罗姆 做商品汇报,能帮我停下车吗?

I'm supposed to present commodities to Bromer. Could you move my car? 818

那就帮大忙了,车停在萨姆森大街 离这半个街区是辆银色“雪弗莱随想”

That'd really help me out. It's on Samson, half block, silver Caprice. 819

只要把车停到马路另一侧就好 那儿刚扫完街,一定有空位

Just move it to the other side. They're street sweeping. There's spaces. 820

钥匙你先拿着 我桌上还有备用的 Hang on to these. I have backups in my desk. 821

钥匙不太灵光,记得扭一下 And you have to jimmy that. 822

- 扭一下什么? - 钥匙不灵光,要扭一下

-Jimmy what? -You have to jimmy the key. 823

另一个门锁死了 记得要扭一下 And the other doors don't unlock. You have to jimmy it. 824


Come on, I'm jimmying it. 825

哦,不要 Oh, no! 826

倒是开啊 Come on. 827

- 您要的文件,瑞本先生 - 谢谢 -Here's the file, Mr. Ribbon. -Thank you. 828

- 多谢 - 多谢,这主意很不错 -Thanks a lot. -Oh, yeah, thanks. Great idea. 829

不,不,不,不! No, no, no! 830

瑞秋,替我打个电话找瑞图卡 Rachel, get Ristuccia on the phone for me, please. 831

- 嗨 - 嗨 -Hi. -Hi. 832

我是克里斯·迦纳 和瑞本先生有个预约

I'm Chris Gardner. I have an appointment with Mr. Ribbon. 833


Oh, you just missed him. 834

哦,谢谢 Thank you. 835

- 你在干什么? - 我在开支票 -What's that? -Just filling out a check... 836


...paying some bills... 837


...and a parking ticket. 838


We don't have a car anymore. 839

嗯,只是现在没有 Yep, I know. 840


I'm gonna need to take you with me this weekend. 841


A couple of doctors' offices. 842

- 推销,知道吗? - 知道了 -On sales calls, okay? -Okay. 843

有可能„会带你去看橄榄球赛 Then, possibly, we'll go to the football game. 844

- 真的? - 有可能 -Really? -Possibly. 845

- 好不好? - 好吧 -All right? -All right. 846

快点,快吃完 Come on, finish up. 847

- 真的吗? - 呵,有可能 -Are you sure? -Possibly. 848 真的? Really? 849

- 你要带这个去看比赛吗? - 是的,我不想把它丢下

-Are you bringing it to the game? -Yeah, I don't wanna leave it. 850


And maybe we're going to the game. 851

- 现在这是去哪儿? - 去见个工作上的人

-Where are we going now? -To see someone about my job. 852


I don't understand. 853

- 不明白什么? - 我们到底去不去看比赛?

-You don't understand what? -Are we going to the game? 854


I said possibly we're going to the game. 855

- 知道什么是“有可能”吗? - 就是“很可能”的意思吧?

-You know what "possibly" means? -Like probably. 856 不,“很可能”是说去看比赛的几率很大

No, "probably" means there's a good chance that we're going. 857


"Possibly" means we might, we might not. 858

- “很可能”是什么意思? - 是指可能性很大

-What does "probably" mean? -lt means we have a good chance. 859


And what does "possibly" mean? 860

- 我知道是什么意思! - 什么意思?

-I know what it means. -What does it

mean? 861

就是我们“不”会去看比赛! It means that we're not going to the game. 862

- 你怎么会这么聪明? - 因为你很聪明

-How did you get so smart? -Because you're smart. 863

- 到了吗? - 是的 -Are we there? -Yeah. 864

- 瑞本先生吗? - 我就是 -Mr. Ribbon. -Yes? 865 您好,我是克里斯·迦纳 迪安·维特公司的

How are you, sir? Chris Gardner. Dean Witter. 866

- 哦,嗨,嗨 - 这是我儿子克里斯托弗

-Oh, hi. Hi. -This is my son, Christopher. 867

- 嗨 - 嗨,克里斯托弗 -Hi. -Hey, Christopher. 868

- 有什么事吗? - 我是为那天„ -What are you doing up here? -I came to apologize... 869

- 失约而来道歉的 - 没必要专程来的

-...for missing our appointment. -You didn't need to come up. 870

我们正好在这附近看一位好朋友 We were in the neighborhood visiting a very close friend... 871

我只想借此机会向您表示感谢 多谢您腾出宝贵时间

...and I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your time. 872

- 我知道当时您可能在等我 - 只等了一会儿

-I know you probably waited for me. -Little bit. 873

我得说明,我完全没有 “您应该等我”的意思

I want you to know that I do not take that for granted. 874

算了吧,那是什么? Oh, come on. What's that? 875


Oh, it's an Osteo National bone-density scanner. 876


A company I bought into prior to going to work at Witter. 877

- 比赛后我有个会 - 你们也去看比赛?

-I have a meeting after the game. -You're going to the game? 878

- 是的 - 有可能 -Yeah. -Possibly. 879

- 有可能 - 我们也要去的 -Possibly. -We're going too. 880

我要带我儿子提姆去,他12岁了 I'm taking my son, Tim. My 1 2-year-old. 881

我们要出发了,提姆! We were just leaving. Tim! 882


Listen, we'll get out of your way. 883

再次感谢您,那天的事很抱歉 Again, thank you very much, and I'm sorry about the other day. 884

希望我们这周晚些时候 能再重新安排个时间会面

And I hope that we can reschedule for later. 885

- 没问题 - 太谢谢您了,先生 -You got it. -Thank you very much. 886


You take care. Here, come on. 887

- 说再见,克里斯托弗 - 再见 -Say bye-bye, Chris. -Bye. 888

再见,克里斯托弗 Bye, Christopher. 889


Hey, you guys wanna come with us? 890

- 呃„去烛台球场吗? - 我们现在就走,一起去吧

-What--? To Candlestick? -We're going now. Come with us. 891

- 你们的座位在哪里? - 我们„我们在顶层露台上

-Where are your seats? -We've-- We're upper deck. 892

我们有个包厢,来吧 We got a box. Come on. 893

- 你想坐包厢吗? - 不„想 -You wanna sit in the box? -No. 894

呵呵,不是说真的箱子啦 是个球场的专属区

It's not actually a box. It's, you know, a private section. 895


It's more comfortable. You wanna go?


- 好啊 - 好了,孩子们坐后排 -Okay. -Okay, kids in the back. 897

嘿,何不把那东西留在你车里 Hey, why don't you just put that in your car? 898

- 呃„好„好啊„好啊 - 我们没车

-Yeah, okay. Sure, sure. -We don't have a car. 899

- 啊„噢„我的„ - 怎么了? -Oh, my-- -What happened? 90


I think I got stung by a bee. 901

- 还好吗? - 是的,我很好,没事 -You all right? -Oh, yeah. Goodness. I'm fine. 902

- 你对这个不过敏吧? - 不,不,不

-You're not allergic or anything? -No, no, no. 903

- 蜇到哪儿了? - 头后面

-Where'd he get you? -Just right at the back of my head. 904

- 没事吧? - 是的,没事,克里斯托弗

-Are you okay? -Yeah, I'm fine, Christopher. 905

- 痛吗? - 克里斯托弗,我没事 -Does it hurt? -Christopher, I'm fine. 906

- 让我看看 - 克里斯托弗,坐好,坐好

-Let me see. -Christopher, sit back. Sit back. 907

托马斯·杰斐逊在“独立宣言”中 几次提及“幸福”这个词 Thomas Jefferson mentions happiness a couple times... 908 ...in the Declaration of Independence. 909

这个词出现在“独立宣言”中 似乎有些怪异

May seem like a strange word to be in that document... 910

但是他似乎是„ 是个艺术家

...but he was sort of.... He was an artist. 911


He called the English "the disturbers of our harmony. " 912


And I remember standing there that day... 913


... thinking about the disturbers of mine. 914


Questions I had: Whether all this was good. 915

我究竟能否成功 Whether I'd make it. 916

沃尔特·瑞本和他所管理的数百万 “太平洋贝尔电话公司”退休金资产

And Walter Ribbon and his Pacific Bell pension money... 917

... which was millions. 918 好! Yeah! 919 是让我晋升的好途径

It was a way to another place. 920

哇,这„呃„ Wow, this is.... 921


This is the way to watch a football game here. 922

- 真的谢谢您 - 别客气,克里斯 -Thank you very much for this, really. -Hey, it's my pleasure, Chris. 923

瑞本先生,还要感谢您给我个机会 And, Mr. Ribbon, I also wanna thank you for giving me the opportunity... 924


...to discuss the asset management capabilities of Dean Witter... 925


...which we believe to be far superior... 926


...to anything you got going over at Morgan Stanley. 927


Really, I think you're gonna be blown away. 928

坦白说,迪安·维特公司 该替您管理退休金的投资运用

Point blank, Dean Witter needs to be managing your retirement portfolio. 929


You know, I didn't have any notion that you were new there. 930

我很欣赏你,但是我绝不可能 叫


I like you, but there's not a chance I'm gonna let you direct our fund. 931


That's just not gonna happen anytime soon, buddy. 932

所以„轻松点,看球吧 快,快 So, you know, come on, relax. Let's play the game. Go, go, go! 933 好呀! Yes! 934 好呀! Yes! Yeah! 935

- 给你(名片) - 好的 -Here you go. -All right. 936


I've had a few ideas already, absolutely. 937

- 克里斯,回头和你再聊 - 我肯定会给你打电话的

-Chris, I'll talk to you later. -I'm gonna give you a call. 938


Nice to meet you, Chris. Give me a call. 939


Yes, absolutely. Thank you. 940

- 再见 - 再见,克里斯托弗 -Bye. -Bye, Christopher. 941


After four months, we had sold all our scanners. 942

看来我们在向成功迈进了 It seemed we were making it. 943

- 世界上最快的动物是什么? - 长耳兔 What's the... 944

-...fastest animal in the world? -Jackrabbit. 945


It seemed we were doing good. 946

直到有一天 Till one day... 947 那天„ ...that day... 948


...that letter brought me back to earth. 949

我人生的这部分 叫做“付税” This part of my life is called "Paying Taxes. " 950


If you didn't pay them... 951

政府就会把手伸向你的银行户头 [没收金额:$600]

... the government could stick their hands into your bank account... 952


...and take your money. 953 老爸 Dad. 954

事先没有任何警告 什么都没有 No warning. Nothing. 955


It can't be too late. That's my money. 956

怎么能就这么拿走我的钱呢? How is somebody just gonna just take my money? 957

我„我„ I was-- I was-- 958

听着 我„那是我全部积蓄

Listen, l-- That's all the money that I have. 959

你们不能„从我帐户里„不„ You cannot go into my bank acc-- No-- 960


It was the 25th of September. 961


I remember that day. 962


Because that's the day that I found out... 963


...there was only 21 dollars and 33 cents left in my bank account. 964

我破产了 I was broke. 965

- 穿好衣服了吗? - 没呢 -Dressed yet? -No. 966

克里斯,克里斯,别耍我,克里斯? Chris! Chris! Don't jerk me around, okay, Chris? 967

我没有,拉尔夫 我会给你,会付钱给你的

I'm not jerking you around, Ralph, all right? I'm gonna get it. 968

- 我要房费,现在就要!不是以后! - 我有了钱马上就付给你,拉尔夫 -I need that money now, not later. -When I get it, you get it, Ralph. 969

我现在就要! Now! 970

- 嘿 - 嘿,克里斯

Hey, what's happening, man? 971


Wayne, I need to get that $1 4 from you. 972


I thought I didn't owe you that now. 973

- 什么?为什么? - 什么为什么?

-What? Why? -Why what? 974


Why would you think you don't owe me my money? 975

不是帮你搬家了吗? I helped you move. 976

你开车送了我2个街区,韦恩 You drove me two blocks, Wayne. 977

也就200码 That's 200 yards. 978


It's been four months, Wayne. 979

我需要那钱,我要我的钱 现在就要!

I need my money. I need my money. I need my money right now. 980

- 我没有钱 - 韦恩,把钱还我 -I don't have it, man. I'm sorry. -Go get my money. 981

- 把钱给我 - 我真的没有,老兄,才14块

-Wayne, get my mo-- -I really don't, man. It's $1 4. 982 那是我的14块!把钱给我! It's my $1 4! Go get my money! 983

- 就14块 - 给我钱,韦恩!

-All of this for $1 4. -Get my money, Wayne. 984

老爸,看我! Dad, look at me! 985 老爸! Dad. 986

- 要滑下去吗? - 当然,滑下来吧 -Should I go? -Sure, man. Why not? 987

- 待在那儿,克里斯托弗 - 老爸,快看

-Stay here. -Dad, look. 988

- 不,不,待在那儿 - 老爸 -No, no. Stay right here. -Dad. 989

听到我说什么了吗?听到了吗? Did you hear what I said? Did you hear me? 990

- 老爸,你要去哪? - 待在那儿! -Dad, where you going? -Hey, what did I say? 991 爸 Dad! 992

老爸,等一下 Dad, wait! Dad! 993

- 老爸! - 我得„ -Dad. -I gotta-- 994

我得回到60年代去,老兄 我就想这么做

I gotta get back to the '60s, man. That's what I wanna do. 995

我年轻的时候 我要看吉米. 汉卓克表演激情吉他! When I was younger. I wanna see Jimi Hendrix do that guitar on fire. 996


Bring back my time machine! 997

把时光机给我拿回来! Bring my time machine back! 998

- 爸,我们要去哪里? - 别说话 -Dad, where are we going? -Just be quiet. 999

去,拿上你的东西,去! Go get your things. Go. 1000

- 克里斯吗? - 是的 -Chris? -Yes. 1001

特尔医生现在没法回来见你,抱歉 Dr. Telm can't get back to meet you. I'm sorry. 1002


Where are we going now? 1003


Gotta-- We gotta see somebody else. 1004 我累了 I'm tired. 1005 我知道 I know. 1006


Doesn't seem to be functioning right now. 1007

- 我得走了,克里斯 - 不,不,不 -I have to go now, Chris. -No, no, no. 1008

给我点时间,我能找出问题所在 Just give me a second. I'm sure I'm gonna be able to figure it out. 1009

克里斯,克里斯,弄好以后再来吧 Chris. Chris, just come back when it's working. 1010

- 不,不,我现在就能把它修好 - 不是的

-No, no. I have to fix it now. -No. 1011


Look, I'll still be putting money in the office, then, all right? 1012

我真的要走了,克里斯 I really have to go, Chris. 1013


Thank you. Thank you. 1014

谢谢你花时间 我很感激

Thank you for your time. I appreciate it. 1015 下回见

I'll see you soon. 1016

为什么我们的东西在这里? Why are our things here? 1017 老爸 Dad. 1018

- 我们走吧,快点 - 去哪? -Let's go. Come on. -Where? 1019

- 只是„离开这里 - 为什么? -Just out of here. -Why? 1020

- 我们今晚不能住这儿 - 可以的,把门打开!

-We can't stay here tonight. -Yes, we can. Open the door! 1021

- 你听到我的话了吗?快走 - 开门!

-Did you hear what I said? Let's go. -Open the door! 1022

嗨,没听见我说什么了吗? 停下来!

Hey, did you hear what I said? Stop it. 1023 别吵! Stop it. 1024 走啊 Come on. 1025 快走啊 Come on. 1026 韦恩! Wayne! 1027 韦恩! Wayne! 1028 韦恩! Wayne! 1029


Get up. Stand up. Come on. 1030


Where are we going? 1031

- 爸,我们去哪里? - 我不知道 -Dad, where are we going? -I don't know. 1032


It's not a time machine. 1033 爸 Dad. 1034


It's not a time machine. 1035

那个说它是时光机的家伙 这不是时光机,他错了

The guy said it was a time machine. It's not a time machine. He was wrong. 1036

- 哪个家伙? - 在公园里的那人 -What guy? -The guy. He was at the park. 1037


He said it was a time machine. 1038

没错,这是时光机 Yes, it is. 1039 不,不是 No, it's not. 1040

- 是的 - 不是 -lt is. -No, it's not. 1041

我们只需要按一下 这里的这个黑色按钮

All we gotta do is push this black button right here. 1042 想按吗?

Wanna push it? 1043 好吧 Okay. 1044 过来吧 Come on. 1045

来吧,小伙子 Come on, man. 1046 按这里 Right here. 1047


Wait a minute. Where you wanna go? 1048


I don't know. Some place from before. 1049 闭上眼睛

You gotta close your eyes. 1050


You close your eyes. I wanna see. 1051


All right, come on. We'll push it together. 1052


You gotta close your eyes. Close your eyes. 1053


It takes a few seconds. 1054 哦,天啊

Oh, my goodness. 1055

睁开,睁开,快睁开眼睛! Open, open, open! 1056

- 是什么啊? - 恐龙! -What is it? -Dinosaurs. 1057

- 在哪里? - 你看不到这些恐龙吗?

-Where? -You don't see all these dinosaurs? 1058


Look around. Look at all these dinosaurs. 1059

- 你看到了没? - 看到了 -Can you see them? -Yeah. 1060

快点,快点,快点! Wait. Come on, come on. 1061

- 等一下,当心! - 怎么了? -Wait, watch out. -What is it? 1062

别把火踩灭了,我们是山顶洞人 Don't step in the fire. We're cavemen. 1063 我们需要这些火种取暖 因为我们没有电

We need this fire, because there's no electricity... 1064


...and it's cold out here, okay? 1065 - 当心,当心 - 哦,天啊,霸王龙! -Watch out! -Whoa! Oh, my good-- A T. rex. 1066

快收拾好东西,收拾好东西,快点 Get your stuff. Get your stuff. Get it. 1067

- 我们得找个安全的地方 - 比如呢?

-We gotta find someplace safe. -Like what? 1068 找个山洞

We need a cave. 1069 山洞? A cave? 1070

- 我们需要找个山洞,快点 - 好吧 -We gotta find a cave. Come on. -Okay. 1071


Come on, come on. 1072


Watch your back! Look out. 1073


Here it is. Here's a cave. Come on. 1074

就在这,就在这 快进去,快点 Right here, right here. Go, go, go. 1075

进去,快进去 Go ahead. Get in. 1076 快点

Hurry, hurry, hurry. 1077

- 我们安全了吗? - 是的,我想是的

-Are we safe? -Yeah, I think so. 1078 嘿 Hey. 1079

- 你好吗? - 我很好

-How you doing, Jay? -I'm doing good. 1080


How are you getting along? 1081

- 很好,我很好 - 你过的还好? -Good. I'm good. -You doing good? 1082

- 你怎么样? - 我很好

-How you doing? -I'm doing great. 1083

你这是去哪儿? Where you going? 1084

萨克拉门托(加州首府) I-- Sacramento. 1085


Because I'm trying to move a couple guys from-- 1086

几个“太平洋贝尔”的人„ 把他们弄过来„

They're at PacBell, and I'm trying to bring them over-- 1087

成为我们的客户 Get them over to us. 1088


So they got me going out there golfing. 1089 不赖啊 Awesome. 1090


Hey, let them win a round. 1091


Deborah, someone's asking for you. 1092

- 在哪里? - 他在外面,请跟我来 -Where? -He's outside. Please come with me. 1093 嗨 Hi. 1094

- 能问您点事吗? - 当然

-Can I ask you a question? -Sure. 1095

我们需要个住的地方 We need a room. 1096


Just until I can fix this and sell it. 1097

- 只是修理些镜片 - 先生,先停一下

-There's just some glass work. -Let me stop you right there. 1098

- 我很希望能帮你,但是„ - 这是我儿子,克里斯托弗

-I wish I could help you-- -This is my son, Christopher. 1099

- 他5岁 - 你好,孩子 -He's 5 years old. -Hi, baby. 1100

- 我们需要一个住的地方 - 好的,我很想帮助你们

-We need some place to stay. -Okay, and I would love to help you... 1101


...but we don't take men here. It's only women and children. 1102

他待在这里可以,但是你得另找住处 He can stay here, but you have to find someplace else to go. 1103


We gotta stay together. 1104

我们„我们„ We got-- We're-- 1105

- 好的,好的,听着„ - 你们一定有什么地方„

-Okay, listen. -You gotta have some place-- 1106

你试试格莱德纪念教会收容所 那儿5点关门

Try Glide Memorial. The building books up at 5. 1107

你得快点去,很多人排队 So you hurry up. There's a line. 1108

- 在哪里? 我们走 - 艾莉斯和琼斯街交口

-And where is it? Come on. -Ellis and Jones. 1109

嘿,大家听好,只剩下4个位子了 只有4个了

Hey, everybody. We have four spots left, and that's all. 1110

- 嘿,老兄,别这样 - 别这样 -Man. -Hey, come on, man. 1111

- 别这样 - 别哪样?

-Come on. -Come on, what? 1112

- 那是我的位子 - 滚开

-Hey, that's my spot. -Back off. 1113

- 别这样,别 - 一边儿去

Come on, don't do this to me. Don't-- 1114 老爸! Dad! 1115


Stop it! Break it up! Break it up! 1116

住手,住手! Stop! Stop! 1117


Get out of the line, both of you. Both of you. 1118

我先来的,是我先来的 他们告诉我要准时来

I was here first. They told me that we had to be on time. 1119

我是准时来的,就在队里排着 I got here on time. I was in line. 1120


I came from work, I got my son. 1121

我是准时到这的! 我们准时到的! I was here on time. We were here on time! 1122


He sliced in front of him in line. 1123

- 谁? - 他

-Who did? -He did. 1124

走吧,走吧,罗尼 走吧,别排队了

Come on, come on, Rodney. Come on. Let's go. Get out of line. 1125

就这样了,没位子了 That's it. No more. 1126

- 你最喜欢什么颜色? - 绿色 -What's your favorite color? -Green. 1127 绿色? Green? 1128

- 喜欢什么绿色的东西? - 树木

-What do you like that's green? -Trees. 1129

树木,还有呢? Trees. What else? 1130 冬青树 Holly. 1131

- 冬青树?什么冬青树? - 圣诞节装饰用的

-Holly. What's holly? -The Christmas stuff. 1132

啊,圣诞装饰 Christmas stuff. 1133

怎么了? What's that? 1134


I guess they want us to go to sleep. 1135


Here you go. We gotta make sure Captain America's warm in there. 1136

他能呼吸吗? Can you breathe? 1137

- 他还好吧? - 是的 -You're good? -Yeah. 1138 - 好了,我得去修扫描仪„ - 别走 -I gotta go work on the scanner-- -Don't go. 1139


No, no, no. I'm gonna be right outside the door. 1140

好吗?我就在外面,把门开着一点 All right? I'm just gonna be right there. I'll leave the door open a little bit. 1141 这样你叫我,我就能听到

And I'll be able to hear you if you call me. 1142


I wanna go home. 1143


But that's why I gotta work on the scanner. 1144 好吗? All right? 1145


I'm gonna go out there. 1146

把门敞开点 我就在楼梯那儿

I'm gonna leave the door open. I'll be right up the stairs. 1147

要是你叫我,我肯定能听到的 I'll be able to hear you if you call me. 1148

- 好吗? - 好的 -All right? -All right. 1149

你要相信我,好吗? You gotta trust me, okay? 1150


You gotta trust me. 1151

我相信你,我相信你 I trust you. I trust you. 1152

我相信你 I trust you. 1153

- 我听不到啊 - 我相信你

-I can't hear you. -I trust you. I trust you. 1154 亲亲

Give me a kiss. 1155

- 我一会就回来,好吗? - 好的 -I'll just be a little while, okay? -All right. 1156

- 我就在这儿 - 知道 -I'll be right here. -Okay. 1157

- 听得到我吗? - 听得到 -Can you still hear me? -Yeah. 1158

- 能听到我吗? - 能 -Can you hear me? -Yeah. 1159

- 你相信我吗? - 相信 -Do you trust me? -Yeah. 1160

- 好的 - 像这样? -Yeah. -Like that? 1161

- 对,放进„ - 然后„

-Yeah, put that.... -Then you go like that. 1162

- 这样行吗? - 我不知道,你觉得怎么样?

-ls that okay? -I don't know. What do you think? 1163 那好 Good. 1164

我们走吧,把你的东西拿上 Let's go. Get your stuff. 1165

- 为什么不把它放在这儿? - 不行

-Hey, why don't you leave it? -We can't. 1166


We're gonna have a different room later. 1167 走吧 Go. 1168

嘿,克里斯 Hey, Chris. 1169

- 嗨,早上好,弗雷克斯先生 - 这是怎么了?

-Hey, good morning, Mr. Frakesh. -What's up? 1170 出公差 Work trip. 1171


Your wife, Martha, works at PacBell also, correct? 1172

- 是的 - 你们两个„

-Yes, she does. -And you guys are both... 1173


...Iooking to retire at the same time? 1174


We'd like to retire and maintain our lifestyle... 1175


...without paying a lot of taxes. 1176

也就是说,除了你自己 不想让别人的手伸进你口袋

So basically, you want nobody's hands in your pockets but your own? 1177


Are you familiar with tax-free municipal...? 1178


I learned to finish my work quickly. 1179


I had to finish quickly. 1180

01:35:36,994 --> 01:35:41,982 好在5点钟赶去格莱德排队 To get in line at Glide by 5. 1181 快点 Come on. 1182 快点 Come on. 1183


Hold that bus! Hold the bus! 1184

我的“美国英雄” My Captain America! 1185

爸,等一下 Dad! Dad! Dad! 1186


Stop it! Shut up! Shut up! 1187

- 为什么不让女士先上? - 走开 -Why don't you let the lady in? -Hey, back up. 1188 - 老兄,这样可不对 - 滚开,退后,一边儿去!

-Hey, man, that's not cool. -Back up! Back up! 1189 来吧 Come on. 1190

老爸,我们得捡回“美国英雄”„ Dad, we need to get it! 1191


The important thing about that freedom train... 1192


...is it's got to climb mountains. 1193


We all have to deal with mountains. 1194

山,有险峻也有低谷 You know, mountains that go way up high. 1195

And mountains that go deep and low. 1196 没错

-Amen, preacher! -Yes. 1197

我们知道生活中的那些险峻是什么 在这,在格莱德

We know what those mountains are, here at Glide. 1198

我们用歌声来歌唱他们 We sing about them. 1199

# 上帝,别让险峻离开

Lord, don't move that mountain 1200

# 赐予吾翻越攀登之力 Give me strength to climb it 1201

# 请别挪开吾足下之绊脚石

Please don't move That stumbling block 1202

# 指引吾前进的方向

But lead me, Lord, around it 1203

# 重担虽负于肩

My burdens, they get so heavy 1204

# 痛苦难以忍受 Seems hard to bear 1205

# 吾不会也不曾放弃 But I won't give up No, no 1206

# 只因吾等之间的承诺 Because you promised me 1207

# 那日二人在祭坛相„遇

You'd meet me at the altar of prayer 1208

# 上帝,别让险峻离开 # 请别让险峻离开

-Lord don't move that mountain -Please don't move that mountain 1209

# 但请赐予吾翻越攀登之力 But give me strength to climb it 1210

考试是什么时候? When's your test? 1211 明天

T omorrow. 1212

你准备好了吗? Are you ready? 1213 当然了 Of course. 1214

谢谢您,先生 Thank you, sir. 1215

- 嘿 - 嘿,你好

-Hey. How you doing? -Hey. 1216

你都答完了吗? 还是要去什么地方?

So did you finish the whole thing, or you have to go somewhere...? 1217


I have to go somewhere. 1218

- 但是我也都答完了 - 不错啊 -But I finished the whole thing too. -Oh, good. 1219

- 你呢? - 我也都答完了 -You? -Yeah. 1220

- 那些图表题你感觉怎么样? - 太容易了

-How'd you feel about the graphs? -Easy. 1221

试卷背后那道论述题难住我了 你怎么答的?

I struggled with the essay question on the back. What did you write? 1222

- 论述题? - 是啊,在背面

-Essay question? -Yeah, on the back. 1223

嗨,克里斯 Hey, Chris. 1224

嗨,杰夫,对吗? 49人队那场比赛见过?

-Hey. Jeff, right? 49ers game. -Yeah. 1225

- 没错,什么时候给我打电话? - 我一直都没有你电话

-Yeah, you were gonna give me a call? -I never actually got your number. 1226


Here's my number. Call me, okay? 1227


Yes, sir. Absolutely. Thank you very much. 1228

克里斯,有5块钱吗? 我把钱包落在楼上了

Chris, you got five bucks? I left my wallet upstairs. 1229


Let me run up and grab that for you, Mr. Frohm. 1230

不了,我得在4点前赶去加州银行 我要晚了

No, I gotta be at CAL Bank at 4, and I'm late. 1231

- 我会还你的,真的 - 5块钱够吗?

-I'll pay you back, honest. -Five is good? 1232

足够了,谢谢 Five is lovely. Thank you. Thank you. 1233

好了,就这么些床位配额 That's it. That's the room quota. 1234


There's no more space. You gotta head out. 1235

今天没有位子了 明天再来吧

That's it for today. Come back tomorrow. 1236


All the rooms are full. It's completely full. 1237

就这样,保持秩序 明天再来吧 That's it. Just keep heading out. Come back tomorrow. 1238 好吃吗? You like it? 1239


Twenty. One, two, three, four. 1240

这是你要的灯泡 还有圈型适配器 Now, here's your bulb, and there's your ferrite core inductor. 1241

- 多少钱? - 8块

-How much? -Eight dollars. 1242

- 那是什么? - 修灯用的

-What's that? -It's to repair the light. 1243

我看看行吗? Can I see it? 1244


Yeah, sure. Just don't break it. 1245


Unless you wanna sleep in a room with me for the rest of your life. 1246 我不介意 I don't mind. 1247 你会的

Yeah, you will. 1248


Why don't you get some sleep, okay? 1249 好的 Okay. 1250

- 够暖和吗? - 是的 -Warm enough? -Yeah. 1251 好的 All right. 1252

是因为我妈妈才离开的吗? Did Mom leave because of me? 1253

- 什么? - 妈妈是因为我才走的吗?

-What? -Did Mom leave because of me? 1254


Don't-- Don't even think something like that. 1255

妈妈走了是因为她自己的原因 Mom left because of Mom. 1256


And you didn't have anything to do with that, okay? 1257 知道了 Okay. 1258

你是个好爸爸 You're a good papa. 1259 好了,睡觉吧

All right, go to sleep. 1260

- 我爱你 - 我也爱你 -I love you. -I love you too. 1261

还不错啊,克里斯 So far, so good, Chris. 1262

- 工作了 - 太谢谢你了

-lt works. -Thank you very much. 1263

250美元 4周的生活开支

Two hundred and fifty dollars. Four more weeks of oxygen. 1264

120,140,160,180,200 One hundred, 20, 40, 60, 80, 200. 1265

220,230,240,250 Twenty, 30, 40, 50. 1266

- 还需要别的吗? - 不了,谢谢 -Anything else? -No, sir. 1267


Thank you. Thank you. 1268

- 好了吗? - 嗯 -You ready? -Yep. 1269

- 我们是要去教堂那儿排队吗? - 不是

-Are we going to the church place? -No. 1270


Where are we going, then? 1271

- 去旅馆 - 旅馆?

-Probably stay at a hotel. -A hotel? 1272

就今天一晚上 Just for the night. 1273

你要是愿意的话 我们可以回那个山洞去住 We can go back to the cave if you like. 1274

不用了,谢谢 No, thank you. 1275

- 永远不回去了? - 希望不会 -Ever? -I hope not. 1276

为什么不? Why not? 1277

因为有些事情第一次做兴致昂然 之后再重复就索然无趣了

Well, because some things are fun the first time you do them... 1278

...and then not so much the next. 1279

- 就象坐公车一样? - 对,就像坐公车

-Like the bus? -Yeah, like the bus. 1280

对不起,我不该笑的,对吗? I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh, should I? 1281


Sometimes when we're moving at night... 1282


...we pass houses with lights and people. 1283


Sometimes you can hear them laugh. 1284 第二天

The next day, after work... 1285

下班后,我们去了海边 ... we just went to the beach. 1286 远离一切

Far away from anything. 1287

远离所有尘嚣 Everything. 1288

只有克里斯托弗和我两个人 Just Christopher and me. 1289

- 看到我了吗? - 看到了 -Did you see me? -Yeah. 1290


Far away from buses and noise... 1291


...and a constant disappointment in my ten-gallon head... 1292 远离自我 ...and myself. 1293

- 谢谢你,克里斯 - 谢谢,迪安 -Chris, thank you very much. -Well, thank you, Dean. 1294

- 保重 - 你的选择很明智

-Take care. -You made all the right moves. 1295

谢谢,克里斯 Thanks, Chris. 1296 我小时候

Because when I was young... 1297


...and I'd get an A on a history test or whatever... 1298


...I'd get this good feeling about all the things that I could be. 1299


And then I never became any of them. 1300 - 嗨,克里斯 - 嗨 -Hey, Chris. -Hey. 1301

- 杰,你好吗? - 我很好

-How you doing, Jay? -I'm doing fine. 1302

有传闻说你从“太平洋贝尔”那儿 签了31个客户过来

Rumor has it you signed 31 accounts for us from Pacific Bell. 1303 是啊

Yeah, yeah. 1304

我在球场上认识了些人,拿了名片 正在争取他们

Met some guys at a ball game, got some cards. I've been working. 1305 我想也是 I guess. 1306

我说„再一天就结业了 So one more day. 1307 紧张吗?

Getting nervous? 1308

- 还好 - 是吗

-No, I'm okay. -Yeah? 1309

听着,无论结果如何 Listen, whatever happens... 1310


...you've done a fantastic job, Chris. 1311

这是我的真心话 I mean that. 1312 保重

Take care of yourself. 1313

约翰森先生 克里斯·迦纳,迪安·维特公司的 Yes, Mr. Johnson. Chris Gardner, Dean Witter. 1314


Yes, sir. Just calling to thank you very much... 13155


...for your support at last month's seminar. 1316

是的,先生,当然了 Yes, sir. Absolutely. 1317

是的,先生 Yes, sir. 1318

没有了,就这些 No, sir, that's it. 1319


Thank you very much. Bye-bye. 1320

克里斯,来 Chris. Come. 1321

- 嗨,克里斯 - 弗雷姆先生,见到您很高兴

-Hi, Chris. -Mr. Frohm, good to see you. 1322

- 衬衫很漂亮 - 谢谢 -Nice shirt. -Thank you, sir. 1323

- 克里斯 - 你好,杰 -Chris. -Hey, Jay. 1324

- 克里斯 - 克里斯,请坐 -Chris. -Chris, sit down, please. 1325

我觉得„今天应该穿衬衫来„ I thought I'd wear a shirt today. 1326


You know, being the last day and all. 1327


Well, thank you. Thank you. We appreciate that. 13285 但是„ But... 1329


...wear one tomorrow though, okay? 1330


Because tomorrow's going to be your first day... 1331

如果你想在这里做经纪人的话 ...if you'd like to work here as a broker. 1332

你愿意吗,克里斯? Would you like that, Chris? 1333

是的,先生 Yes, sir. 1334


Good. We couldn't be happier. 1335

那么„欢迎你 So welcome. 1336

- 并不象看上去的那么容易吧? - 当然不是,先生

-Was it as easy as it looked? -No, sir. No, sir, it wasn't. 1337

- 祝你好运,克里斯 - 谢谢,谢谢 -Good luck, Chris. -Thank you. Thank you. 1338

哦,克里斯 Oh, Chris. 1339

我差点忘了 I almost forgot. 1340 谢谢

Thank you. 1341 我人生的这部分 This part of my life... 13423

这个小阶段 ...this little part... 1343


...is called "Happiness. " 1344


Christopher. Christopher. Come here. 1345 克里斯·迦纳在迪安·维特公司 开始了他的事业 1346

随后于1987年创办了 “迦纳富饶”投资经纪公司 1347

那„一共有„ So how many... 1348

一共有多少行星? ...planets are there? 1349

- 7颗 - 7颗? -Seven. -Seven? 1350 9颗 Nine. 1351


Who's the king of the jungle? 1352

- 猩猩 - 猩猩? -Gorilla. -The gorilla? 1353 猩猩? The gorilla? 1354

不对,是狮子 No. Lion. 1355

对啊,是狮子,狮子,狮子 Oh, yeah. Lion, lion, lion. 1356

嘿,爸,听这个 叩!叩!(敲门声)

Hey, Dad, listen to this. Knock, knock. 1357

- 谁啊? - 小鼻 -Who's there? -Shelby. 1358

哪个小鼻? Shelby who? 1359


Shelby coming around the mountain When she comes 1360

- 叩!叩! - 谁啊?

-Knock knock. -Who's there? 1361

- 没人 - 哪个梅仁? -Nobody. -Nobody who? 1362

哪个梅仁? Nobody who? 1363

哦~ 哈哈,好笑,这个我喜欢 Now, that's funny. I like that one. 1364 2006年,克里斯·迦纳以数百万美金的价格 卖出了他公司少于五成的股票