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The Secret of Success

On the campus of the university, between buildings, there are large stretches of lawn, green as ever and as if forever. Encircled by the green, I often have the inspiration to think. It is a green thought in a green shade. My green thought is about how I will face the future. The important thing in life is to have a great goal and the determination to attain it. Living without a goal is like sailing without a compass. Lack of purpose is the cause of most of our failures. When a great aim has been decided on, determination and persistence are most important. A story about Mao Zedong's willpower not to smoke is a good example of this kind of willpower applied for the short term, an example the young person might apply to his or her determination to work for the long term. Mao was addicted to cigarettes. At the Chongqing Negotiations, he was

observed to have an unusual expression on his face. When the talks were over, Jiang Jieshi said, "He likes cigarettes as much as he does his life, but when he learned that I don't smoke, in the course of our talks, he never smoked even a single cigarette." We can never despise Mao Zedong's determination and will! You can see that nothing is impossible for a willing heart. Persistence is also the key factor, like determination. As Benjamin Franklin said, "He who is patient can have whatever he wants." This persistence is necessary; successful people expect periodic defeats, learn what went wrong and why, and make necessary adjustments, and try again. If you are persistent, you will almost inevitably succeed. When Ludwig van Beethoven - "the

Michelangelo of Music", reached his peak, he was totally deaf. If you study his biography, and get acquainted with his trials, his hardships, battles, and triumphed over fate. Success seldom comes easily on the first try. What separates the successful from the unsuccessful is persistence. Many organizational analysts and career consultants consider persistence to be ultimate key to success at both the organizational and personal level. Successful people also fail occasionally, but they do not let their failures defeat their spirit. Learning from defeats, they revise strategy as needed and try again, and again, and again, until they succeed. In everyone's heart, there is that kind of pure green and the pure desire for success. Green signifies vitality, hope and success. It urges you on.

On Courage-谈勇气

Hemingway often thought of courage as a person's ability to be calm and controlled in the face of death. His theme is presented in his novel "For Whom the Bell Tolls?" the story "The Old Man and the Sea" and in our textbook "A Day's Wait". By misunderstanding a different thermometer the boy thought he was running a high fever and would soon die. But he took his death bravely and waited quietly for it. The boy showed us he had courage.

I think such a definition of courage is far from enough. Courage should not be limited and related only to death. In ordinary life there are common things that also show a person's courage. For example, on a bus trip, a thief was trying to steal a girl's purse. Some people saw it, but kept quiet. They were afraid to be revenged by the thief. The brave stood out and stopped the thief. Courage means truth and justice to me. The person in a high position often hear songs in praise of him. Some people are sincere. Some are only flattering the superior in their own favor. The leader also needs courage to welcome criticism as well as those who have the courage to criticize him. Such courage may come from mutual understanding. I think a man of courage will value

truth and justice, and not hesitate in his actions to do what he thinks is right, There is no such word as fear in his dictionary.


海明威总是以为勇气就是面对死亡沉着镇静,他的这一主题思想体现在他的小说《丧钟为谁而鸣? 》、《老人与海》以及课本里《一天的等待》中。孩子由于对温度计的误解,以为自己已轻发高烧并即将死去,而勇敢、镇静地等待死亡的来临。此时,这孩子表现出勇气。 我认为给勇气下这样的定义远远不够。勇气并不仅限于死亡或有关死亡的事。在日常生活中,从一些凡人小事中也可看出一个人的勇气。比如,在公共汽车上,当小偷在偷一个女孩子的钱包时,有的人看了一声不吭,怕贼报复,而勇敢者却挺身而出,抓住小偷。


Celebrity and hero When people say the word "hero", what will you think? Do you have a hero in your heart? Maybe your hero is a famous singer, a movie star or a great-man. But my hero is around me, who gives me more love than others. She is my mother, the hero in my heart. My mother isn't great in the way of a famous singer or a movie star. She does nothing big, but what she does make others inferior. From her, I learn a lot.

When I was a baby, she taught me how to walk and how to speak. When I go to school, she helps me solve many problems. She also tells me be kind to others. When I do badly in study, she encourages me and tries to cheer me up. My mother is a teacher, and she is always busy with her work. When she corrects students' homework, she is always very serious. My mother is responsible to all of her students. She cares much about students study and life, and she tries her best to help students in need.

My mother is a loving mother, a qualified teacher, and a real hero in my heart.

the purpose of travel

Life is like a journey, don’t care about the destination, but the scenery, and the mood at view. Travel not only broadens our horizons but also opens our eyes to the world. What's more, it refreshes us. It is a process of self-discovery, it brings us face to face with ourselves. And it shows us not only the world, but also the how we fit in it. Travel gives us an opportunity to do what we like to do and to be a person what we truly are. It is about freedom. It’s about being able to do anything anytime of the day, any day of the week. When you are on travel, you are free from your work, your study, your homework, anything you care about in your daily life. You can feel the sunshine, the smell of flower, the fresh air and you think more about yourself, feel your heart deep. No matter on what reason is released from begins to travel. Travel is a kind of positive behavior. Leave all things that we are accustomed to. Put oneself to one world that has not been familiar with. The purpose of travel is the constant exploration. Explore external world, explore one’s own heart too.

To foster love for work

Listening is a more important than talking

Listening is always more important than preaching. Most people in life have a 70% -80% of the time are engaged in some form of communication, writing, speaking or listening. The ability to listen important than the ability to say the words. "Listen" to the communication process is

actually the most important skill. Know how to listen to people who are most likely to do the right thing, to please the boss, to win the friendship and seize opportunities others miss. Legend John Rockefeller is known to be cautious, refusing to hasty decisions. His motto is "let others speak", "Our policy has always been: to listen and discuss openly the heart, until the last bit of evidence are spread on the table, just to try to reach a conclusion." Rockefeller think, a little bit of listening exercises can create amazing results. If you pay attention to listen to the boss asks you to do, it increases the chance to do the right, and will not be duplication of effort. Everyone wants to speak in their own time, someone will listen carefully, it is an affirmation of their own and respect. But

we can not always want to talk about is the high wide man, and that man has only to listen. There time, we must consider the role reversal.

Learning is a daily experience and a lifetime mission

Learning is a daily experience and a lifetime mission。 This is a proverb full of logic。 In other words , learning is significant in our whole life。 Indeed , we can learn many things from it。 If you understand it and apply it to your study or work, you’ll necessarily benefit a lot from it。

There are many reasons which can explain this phenomenon and the following are the typical ones 。 The first reason is that learning can light our road in the coming future。 There is no denying the fact that the society is developing increasingly fast and we are often easily

surpassedby the people around。 The only way to avoid this is to learn to improve ourselves。 As an illustration, I’d like to take myself as an example。 After graduation from college,my life has been full of working pressure, which contributes to my decision of pursuing further education。 That’s why I can make my own way in such a competitive society。

The effect of learning can be boiled down to two major ones。 First , with the spirit of learning , we are more capable of overcoming the difficulties in the future。 More importantly, we can enrich our spare time life by learning。 No matter who you are, you must remember that learning is the basic skill in our life。

My roommates

On shopping online With the development of e-commerce, shopping online becomes a new way of shopping which is getting more and more popular. Many citizens are likely to shop through internet nowadays. 随着电子商务的发展,网购成新的一种购物方式,而且也越来越流行。现在许多的市民都倾向于网购。

Generally speaking, shopping online offers lots of advantages with its convenience the most prominent. There are many commodities on the internet where you can search whatever you want. Besides, you just click the mouse can you get all information you want, so that you don’t have to go to the shop personally. In addtition, the commodities on the Internet is usually cheaper than the stores which can save much money.

一般来说,网购提供了很多的优势,其中方便是最突出的。网络上有很多的商品,在上面你可以搜索任何你想要的。除此之外,你只需点击一下鼠标就可以得到你想要的所有信息,这样你就不用亲自跑到商店去。再者,网上的商品通常都比商店里面的便宜,这样就可以省下一大笔钱。 However, everything has two sides. You can not see the products or check their qualities and some of the sellers on the Internet is not so honest. And, for those who enjoys shopping around different stores, shopping online perhaps will make them bored.


In my opinion, shopping online has more advantages than disadvantages, and with the

improvement of e-commerce, there will be more people to shop on the Internet.


Chances favors the prepared

I have got benefits from making preparations in advance since I was a child. For example, I kept making some preparations for the next term every vacation instead of spending all time in playing so that I knew how to make my schedule and use my time effectively in a new term. Owing to this habit, I avoided many problems others suffered and got a more pleasant result. Thus, I always believe that chance favors only the prepared mind.


We are not difficult to notice that there are always chances, but not all people can catch them. For those people who have not made any preparation, they cannot see any chance but always difficulty or disadvantage. However, for those people who keep making preparation all the time, they can notice every chance and take full advantage of it. For example, if a college student makes full use of his time to learn various things assiduously within his college life, he will not feel so hard when hunting a job. On the contrary, if he spends all his time in playing and sleeping, he will suffer a lot

in making his living.


In addition, someone will say that sharp brain can also make contribution to our success and we needn’t to make preparation all the time. However, a repetition of practices is the resort of gaining genuine knowledge. Without practice, without making preparation in advance, we will lack of the source of creation and we will never have a sharp mind.


In a word, making preparation in advance is significant and necessary. To be successful, we need to learn more, practice more.