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Write a passage of about 100–120 words according to one of the instructions givenbelow.

1) Describe a few of your own personality traits. Then identify your favouritecolour and see if the descriptions of the colour in Text B match your personality.

2) Think of the person you admire most. Write two personality traits thatyou like most about this person. Remember to give an example for eachpersonality trait.

3) Imagine that you had been given a wish to change your life. Write about twopersonality traits that you would like to have and give your reasons.

4) Write about a person whom you dislike most and give one or two reasons orexamples why you dislike him or her so much.

▆ Sample EssaysOne:

I have been described by many friends as awarm, sociable, and outgoing extravert. I find it easyto make new friends and I enjoy the company ofpeople who share similar characteristics as I. When Iam at a party, many people including those I do not

know, will talk to me. I am not a great beauty, neitheram I rich and intelligent. In fact, I am just a verysimple person who is happy and smiles a lot. Maybebeing happy is the attraction. I like bright colours,especially red. It is said that people who like red arepassionate and have a lot of energy. I agree that Iam enthusiastic about many things and like doingmany things at the same time. So it seems there issome truth after all in what colours say about a person’spersonality.

(141 words)

▆Sample Essay Two:

The person I admire most is my father’s youngestbrother. He is known to us as ba shu

becausehe is the eighth son in a family of eleven. He is ahigh achiever. Since young, he has done well in hisstudies and work. For example, he received a prestigiousscholarship to study at a well-known medicalschool in England. Today, at the age of 62, he isstill as outstanding. He is a well-respected surgeonand has won many awards. What I like most aboutba shu is his sensitive nature, especially towardchildren who are born unlucky. He has volunteeredhis time and made sacrifices to help those in poorand developing countries. His strong desire to bringhappiness to these people has impressed me a lot.

(131 words)

▆Sample Essay Three:

If I were given a wish to have two personalitytraits, I would choose to be an optimistic

andcreative person. I would like to be an optimisticperson because those who are optimistic are usuallysatisfied and content with what they have. Theyseldom let sadness be a part of their life. I want tobe happy and being optimistic is one way to remainhappy. I also would like to be creative. I think thatcreativity is inherited. Some may disagree and saythat we can learn to be creative.

However, no matterhow hard one learns, it is those born with thetalent of creativity who will make a great name forthemselves like the famous poet Li Bai and the richestman in the world, Bill Gates. (131 words)

▆Sample Essay Four:

There is no one person I dislike most but thereare a couple of personality traits that I cannot tolerate:aggressiveness and selfishness. Aggressivepeople do not consider others’ feelings and

willnot think twice about hurting even those closest tothem. I once had a neighbour who would beat hiswife one day and appear loving the next. His wifelived in fear constantly but could do nothing because he was in control of her. Another personalitytrait I dislike is selfishness. Like aggressive people,selfish people only think of themselves. There aremany everyday examples of selfishness such asthose not willing to lend things to others and thosenot wanting to share exam tips even with their bestfriends. If you know someone with a combination ofaggressiveness and selfishness, you should considerwhether to call him or her a friend. (143 words)

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▆ Write an essay or a story in about 100-120 words. You can choose any ONE of the following tasks to do.

(1)Discuss two behaviours in public that show disrespect to others.

(2) Discuss how bad social etiquette has an impact on a child’s character development.

(3) Discuss two causes of the current decline in moral valueswith particular reference to respect for the elderly.

▆ Sample essay for Task 1:

Disrespectful Behaviour

Everyone lives in a community that has a set of values it appreciates. To maintain order, harmony and peace within a community requires everyone to respect the mutually agreed set of values especially when one is in public spaces. While there are a number of behaviours that can be deemed disrespectful, two of the most significant ones are: 1) being inconsiderate; and 2) being discourteous towards others.

One is being inconsiderate when one only thinks about one’s own needs, comfort and

convenience. For example, we often see young passengers on a crowded bus or train who refuse to offer their seats to the elderly or pregnant women. Such youngsters are selfish and I despise them.

Being discourteous, on the other hand, is showing rudeness. We were taught to say please and thank youwhen we were little, but today such simple words cannot be found in the vocabulary of many youngsters. A discourteous person always gives me the impression that he or she lacks strict upbringing and proper education. I tend to believe that a discourteous person can never be successful in any society. One can never be respected unless one respects others.

▆ Sample essay for Task 2:

He Who Keeps Company with the Wolf Will Learn to Howl

Because children are young and are not exposed to many things in life, they tend to be

impressionistic.They watch and take cue from adults. Therefore, if adult members of the family demonstrate bad social etiquette, their children may grow up believing that such etiquette is acceptable. This in turn may have a detrimental effect on the character development of these children. Another possible impact is that these children may not be able to differentiate between what is acceptable and what is not. It may even cause confusion when they mingle with others in public.In extreme cases, such children may be ostracized by others socially. This again does not contribute effectively to their positive character development. In short, there is a great possibility that character development of children who experience constant exposure to bad social etiquette will be negativelyaffected. Just as the saying goes, he who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl.

▆ Sample essay for Task 3:

Respect the Elderly

In recent decades, many of us have perceived a decline in moral values, especially in terms of respect for the elderly.

There are two possible causes contributing to this decline. First, in our current society, there are an increasing number of nuclear families with only husband, wife, and children together. The phenomenon of the extended family living together is getting scarcer. Because of this, there is less opportunity for children to interact and communicate with the elderly. This may lead to intolerance towards the elderly.A second contributing factor is that today’s parents tend to spoil their children by indulging them too much. As a result, children’s undesirable behaviour cannot be corrected

immediately. Children who show disrespect to the elderly may not know that they are in the wrong.

Whatever the causes may be, it is crucial that children should be educated to show due respect for the elderly, for after all, every one will get old eventually.

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Theme-Related Writing

Write an essay or a story in about 100-120 words. You can choose any ONE of the following tasks to do.

1) In one of the Optional Classroom Activities, you were asked to share with your classmates an

experience or a story similar to any one of the five stories in Text B. In your own words, write down your experience or story.

2) How I get along with my fellow students

3) How I get along with my family

▆ Sample essay for task 1:

One of my teachers in my high school was an Australian teacher. Always smartly dressed with a shirt and tie, he was a very kind person and would go all the way to help others. Once I needed a book to study which was not available in China, so I asked him for help. He bought it in Australia and sent it to me immediately. I also learned another incident which I can never forget. One year, he came back to China on a business trip and was asked by many Chinese parents to take some

luggage to their children studying in Australia. The luggage he was asked to take was so heavy that he got fined 20,000 Hong Kong dollars at the airport. From this Australian teacher, I have come to realize what selfless love is all about. (140 words)

▆ Sample essay for task 2:

I think I am an easy-going person and get along with my fellow students really well. I get along particularly well with my roommates, who share the same dormitory with me. We often play poker together and laugh and joke together. Once in a while we need to clean up our dormitory in order to win the award for the cleanest dormitory in the whole grade. Whenever we need to do that, we really work as a team and help one another in doing the best job we can. Though we still haven’t won such an award yet, the kind of collaboration between us during the big cleaning activity really helps to strengthen our existing strong friendship. I am sure I will cherish my relationship with my fellow students and especially with my roommates in the years to come. (139 words)

▆ Sample essay for task 3:

I live in a big family of three children, with one elder brother and one younger sister. I get along well with them all and in particular with my elder brother. During our childhood years, my brother and I needed to do a lot of household chores together, looking after the cattle on the hill and collecting firewood in bushy mountains far away from home. Though only four years older than me, he would always try to protect me and help me when I was unable to cope with my part of the work. Sometimes we also fought with each other. But every time I cried after the fighting, my parents would scold him or even give him a good beating, for which I would laugh silently and secretly. Of course, we never fight with each other any more now. (139 words)



Theme-Related Writing

■ Write a passage in about 100-120 words, taking either of the following titles:

1) My attitude toward the use of computers

2) The importance of understanding the language and culture of the opposite sex

▇Sample essay 1

Although I am one of the computer pioneers, I remain a novice. I started using the computer when I was a college student in the early 1980s, but my use of the computer has always been restricted to word-processing, e-mailing, and reading online news. I am not interested in playing computer games as I know it is addictive and too time-consuming. Whenever my computer has problems, I will turn to experts, both male and female, for help instead of reading instruction booklets to solve the problems on my own. I do not believe that this pattern of computer use has anything to do with gender. Rather, I believe that whether one has a particular liking for computer technology or not depends on his or her inclination towards science or art subjects. Those who are more inclined

towards science or engineering subjects may be more likely to get hooked on computer technology.

▇Sample essay 2

I agree that it is helpful for men and women to understand the language and culture of the opposite sex because it helps improve communication and at the same time reduces misunderstanding between them. Very often, men and women do not understand why the other party speaks in a certain way; as a result, they tend to produce stereotypes of one another. For example, in asking others to do something, women tend to make suggestions whereas men tend to use commands. For men, women’s suggestions may sound indirect and may even give the impression that women are weak and incapable of making tough decisions. For women, men’s commands may sound too direct and can give the impression that men are bossy and domineering. But if men and women

understand that their conversational styles arise from growing up in different cultural environments, they may appreciate the way they each communicate in a more positive manner.