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2013年 大作文--看图表:某高校大学生兼职情况 p184 第一段:数据图表引子: (图表类的引子万能句) college students ’ participation in part-time jobs .

part-time jobs for seniors, who are going to graduate. 88.24% of them are engaged in internship before they start to work. 最高明之处在于换词,这三句话怎么不重复--- 参加兼职工作。

PS: 黑色划线部分为模版,黄色区域为自填内容。


原因: 1. 获得经验 2. 提升自我价值

are the most likely to spend time in part- time jobs = seniors enjoy the highest percentage of participation in part- time jobs?

获得经验 2. 提升自我价值 students are involved in part-time jobs after school. (被动句式)

固定补充句: As we know, such experience plays a crucial role in boosting the job opportunity after graduation.

are able to improve their value, when they work as an intern and have access to experience in workplace.

固定补充句:As a result, it makes seniors more likely to acquire a decent job after they leave school.

第三段: 总结趋势

引子: As described in the chart, we can see that dramatic work satisfaction among employees with a wide range of ages none of people in their 40s show happiness to what they do in office, workers aged less than 40 get pleasures from their jobs. more than 50 take the

greatest delight from what they work on. with the current duties.

第二段What accounts for the fundamental differences? As far as

a sense of financial security has been established by people over 50, working efficiency and satisfaction.

such a group of workers are faced up with less pressurethey are more experienced in handling duties the decline of pressure to happiness in work.


关于手机用户量的变化 在发达国家和发展中国家 上升程度不同


1. 引子: 发达国家上升慢,然而发展中国家 上升特别快

the number of mobile phone users in developed countries goes up slightly, the phone use of developing economies, from 0.3 billion in 2000 to 4 billion in 2008.






思路 日系下降 然而美系上升;但是令人最惊讶的是 国系上升特别快

dramatic changes with regard to the market share of cars made in Japan, America, and China have taken place. According to the figures above, the market share for cars produced in Japan declines, prefer auto brands from America.

,the past few years have witnessed a sharp rise in the market share of domestic cars.最高明之处在于换词,这三句话怎么不重复--- 市场份额这个概念

2012年 员工满意度

大于 50 40%

小于40 16.7%

41-50 0%

regard to work satisfaction among employees with different ages have taken place. According to the figures above, none of people in their 40s show happiness to what they do in office, while a growing number of workers aged less than 40 get pleasures from their job. Most amazingly, the third group more than 50 take the greatest delight from what they work on. And 40% of them are satisfied with the current duties.


1.A is likely to put a positive and profound impact on B. (negative and unfavorable)

2.A enjoys great advantages in all means of our life/in the modern market. (disadvantages)

3.A plays an increasingly important role in B/doing B. (negative)

4.A may benefit us all of our lives.终身受益 (fail to /will not)

5. 备胎:A makes our life more colorful and convenient. (worse and worse)

大作文总思想 三段论:

1. 引子(一共只有三种引子)只有引子有区别 其它相似


3. 总结

2 硬币原理

2009 手机短信 好还是坏 话题

本文话题:It is known that text message has both advantages and disadvantages. Some people think that it is a blessing, while others regard it as a hell.



本文思路:硬币原理 一定要选好的一面

1. 引子:现在有热门的争议---一部人觉得手机短信坏,然而越来越多的人觉得好

2. 观点:而我也觉得好

两原因:第一增进沟通 促进关系 增强友谊 promote/boost/increase/strengthen/enhance/further

第二 了解外面信息(天气预报和新闻)

3. 总结:手机短信 好


1. 引子 Nowadays there is a hot debate (硬币原理的引子万能句)on whether text messages enjoy advantages in our life and work. 观点各异 Opinions over this topic vary from person to person. 然后引出一些人认为坏,另外一些人认为好: Some people think that it is unwise(替代bad )to contact via text messages, while an increasing of people hold a view that they are likely to benefit us all of our lives..

2 观点 :我认为好 As far as I am concerned, they may put a positive and profound impact on our life.

过渡句:There are at least 2 important factors, leading to my perspective.

两个原因:First of all, it is believed that(头开起来) friendship and communication will be promoted (被动句用上去)if people often send messages for best wishes,care and greeting by phone.(if A,B句型)

补充: As we all know, they play a crucial important role in tackling and boosting relationship.

Secondly ,research has shown that text messages enable their users to know what is happening in the world, because they can read weather report and news service by phone.

As a result, they make our life more colorful and convenient.

2. 总结:To sum up, text messages do enjoy great advantages in the modern and innovative world.

3. 坏现象原理


作文话题(泰祺最新模拟卷):一段时间以来," 毒奶粉" 、" 毒龙虾" 等严重食品质量问题层出不穷,在广大消费者中引起巨大反响,很多人开始自问:我们吃的食品中,还有什么东西是安全的?


本文的思路:1. 引子(把话题整合成自己会的语言 翻译一下)无非两个点: 一是毒奶粉(坏东西) 进入市场


2.观点+两个原因(为什么导致? 1是什么 2 是什么)


1. 本文的引子是: 一个现象 导致人们担忧

2. 观点: 什么导致食品安全问题???

两个原因: 动名和名词的搭配要会说 比如制定法律 缺乏诚信 忽略质量

a. 政府无颁布好的食品安全法(提供offer/ provide 拥有have

出台issue/release 颁布 制定 建立establish make/ set up实施impose 通过pass 引进 introduce)

b 商家缺乏诚信意识lack integrity/honesty 忽略产品质量forget /neglect /ignore不重视质量pay little attention to/ put little emphasis on 低估质量 underestimate 不建立/提升/加强-----责任意识 strengthen/boost/enhance/promote/increase---- responsibility

c. 公众 无建立 健康意识 the public fails to set up a sense of health.

3. 总结:给出建议(谁应该怎么做)

1引子: 现象------Nowadays there is a phenomenon that (现象类引子的万能句)poor quality food, which is likely to put a negative and unfavorable impact on people’s health,is flooding into the market. Therefore (逻辑词), an increasing number of people worry that(一定要头开起来) such food will enjoy/bring great disadvantages on our life/to the modern market. (替代bad 这样的儿童语言)


坏现象的引子两种写法: 以上是一种;另一种见书p93

2. 观点: What accounts for the growing unhealthy food=What accounts for the fact that unhealthy food has been delivered into market? (此处不讲poor quality food 改成unhealthy food-----一定要学会不断换词)? 什么导致问题????此处问题=越来越多的有毒食物

我认为: As far as I am concerned, there are at least two important reasons, leading to such a phenomenon..

First of all, it is acknowledged that(别忘记开头)a stricter food law has been not introduced by the government(记得:第一个原因被动句引入), so producers are not afraid to deliver bad food to the market..

原因讲完 再补充一句话 请用熟悉而简单的语言:As we all know, (头开起来) regulations/rules play a crucial important role in improving the business/market.

Secondly, research has shown that some manufacturers fail to establish a sense of social responsibility and integrity when they make food. 补充一句:As a result, their acts and behaviors make the market worse and worse.

3. 总结:To sum up, I suggest that government should impose 实施better rules and producers should create a new responsibility deal(交易/合同)with business.

坏现象的总结段见书p87 两个万精油