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初三英语书面表达范文 (2012.3)

1. 目前, 许多中学生不重视课外阅读。请你根据下表内容写一篇短文,对这一现状进行分


注意:1. 词 数: 80个左右(开头已给出的内容不记入总词数);

2. 内容必须包括上表中的要点,可适当发挥,但不要逐字翻译;

3. 条理清楚、语句连贯;

First of all, quite a lot of students are burdened with (背负着)too much homework. Still others haven’t formed a habit of reading. They would rather spend their spare time on TV or on the Internet.

However, reading has many benefits. Through reading we can learn more about the world. Besides, it can help us think better. Last but not least, reading can make our life more colourful. Here are my suggestions. For one thing, teachers are supposed to limit the amount of our homework so that we can have more time to read. For another, it’s a good idea to form reading clubs and learn from each other.

2. 某英语报社就“中学生可不可以带手机上学”的话题展开讨论。假如你是王涛,请你根据下表所提供的信息,向该报编辑写一封信,发表自己的观点。



建议1. 上课时不使用手机;2不能用手机玩游戏,作弊;3.手机为贵重物品,应妥善保管; 注意:1.短文应包括表中所提示的内容,可适当发挥,但不能逐字翻译;




Dear Editor,

should go to school with mobile phones.I think they can do that,because they can stay in touch with their friends and families wherever they are.Besides ,the mobile phone can give them a lot of fun .

However ,there are some problems with using mobile phones.Using mobile phones in class can disturb teachers and students. Some students spend too much time and money in sending messages ,playing games or even cheating in exams.

At last,I suggest that students should not use mobile phones in class,play games or cheat in exams .And because the mobile phones are expensive,the owners should take good care of it.

Y ours

Wang Tao

3. (A)介绍一下坐火车去旅行,在火车上可以做的和不可以做的事情。

如:Don ’t sing songs loudly. Don ’t throw about.

Don ’t shout. Don ’t run.

Y ou can eat something. Look after your bag carefully.

(B)假如你是Jack ,给你的朋友T om 写一封信,叙述你的一次旅行经历。要求表达清晰,语句通顺,书写清楚。 80词左右。

Dear Tom,

How time flies! How’s everything going?

Now let me tell you something about my holiday trip. Our trip was great. I went to the beach with my classmates . We played games on the beach and swam in the sea. I took lots of photos. They were beautiful . I’d like to show them to you . I also bought some presents. I like them very much.

It was a good trip for us. I really enjoyed myself.

Write to me soon.

Y ours,


4. 30年前中国改革开放的春风,从农村刮起。30年来,中国这片古老的土地,又重新焕发了生机,在教育、医疗、就业、环境等诸多方面都取得了很大的进步,人民生活水平获得了极大的提高。请结合自己家乡在这30年的变化和自己的所见所闻,以“Great Changes in My Hometown”为题写一篇作文。(15分)字数90左右

Great Changes in My Hometown

My hometown has changed a lot since 30 years ago. With the development of science technology, we know more about medicine and we’re better at preventing illness. As a result, we can live longer and healthier than in the past. More and more children who dropped out of school can go to school with the help of Project Hope and government. People don’t have to work as hard as they worked 30 years ago. They have more holidays so they can visit places of interest and do something they like in their free time. I hope my hometown will be better and better in the future.

5. 请你以“My hometown”为题,写一篇关于你的家乡的短文,谈谈你的家乡从过去到现在发生了怎样的变化以及你希望你的家乡将来是什么样的。80词左右。

My Hometown

My hometown is a small city in South China. There weren’t so many factories in the past, so the air was very fresh and a lot of birds flew above the lakes. In addition, the trafficwas not so heavy and it was safe in the street. People enjoyed swimming in the river in summer. However, as more and more factories have been built , the environment is becoming worse and worse, many fish in the river have been dead and the water has become dirty. The air is not as fresh as before . Too many cars have caused more traffic accidents. I hope that everyone will do their best to save our city and make it more and more beautiful in the future.

6. 某英文报举办以“家乡的变化”为主题的征文活动,请你根据下面的提示写一篇短文。 过去:生活贫困,房屋破旧;污染严重,垃圾遍地;交 通不便,游客很少。 现在:住房宽敞、明亮,许多人都有自己的汽车;山更绿,水更清,天更蓝;每年有成千上万来自世界各地的游客。


参考词汇:environment 环境, pollution 污染, convenient 方便

Great Changes in My Hometown

In the past ,my hometown was very small .People lived a poor life. The houses were old and small. Pollution was very serious, and there was rubbish everywhere.The traffic was not convenient, so few visitors came here.

Now great changes have taken place in my hometown. The environment has become more beautiful. The mountains have turned greener, the rivers clearer and the shy bluer. Trees,flowers and grass can be seen everywhere. People live a better life. Their houses are large and bright.Many people have their own cars. Every year,thousands of people from all over the world come to visit my hometown.

I ’m sure my hometown will become better and better in the future.

7. 上周初三年级同学进行了一次体检,结果发现同学们的视力下降。请你用英语向全班同学报告原因(如图所示)。并提出倡议:爱护我们的眼睛 养成好的读书习惯

要求:1. 写出所给要点,不必逐字翻译。

2. 要用所给提示词语,做到语句连贯。

3. 全文字数80字左右,开头和结尾不计入总数。

提示词语:poorer and poorer,become shortsighted,reading habit good. Two thirds of the students spend too much time on TV, playing computer games or their eyes are too tired. A quarter of us are reading while lying in bed or walking. And a few read books both in strong sunlight and in the dark light.

With the time passing on, the eyesight becomes poorer and poorer. We’ll regret(后悔) if we are shortsighted. It is important for us to form a good reading habit(形成一个好的看书习惯). Let’s take care of our eyes! I really hope all of us are well. Many thanks.

8. 假如你是李平,准备参加学校组织的英语征文比赛。请根据下面所提供的信息,介绍今天在你校操场举行的“ONE for ONE”图书义卖活动的情况并谈谈你的感受。

This afternoon a charity sale was held on the playground in our school. Its purpose was to donate books to children in poor areas. If you bought one book, you gave a new one to a child in need at the same time. All the teachers and students took an active part in this event. Everyone looked quite happy.

As we know, books are bridges to knowledge. If a child in poor areas can receive a better education and get more knowledge, he will have more chances of success. In this way, his life can be greatly improved.

9. 你平常有什么着装习惯?你对流行时尚有何看法?就此写一篇短文,要求观点明确,表达流畅。

I ’m a 15-year-old boy. I’m well-behaved at school. I always wear my school clothes and they are always clean and tidy. But sometimes I hope to be different from others. For example, when there is a party , I ’d like to put on something fashionable . I want to be cool . I think clothes may show off one’s personality. One may have his personal look. But on the other hand, if a boy

cares too much about his clothes , it’s not very good.

10. 在你的记忆中,一定有那么一次让你感慨的、难忘的经历。请你以 为题,写一篇60—80词的短文。

An unforgettable experience

I like travelling very much. My trip to Xian is really unforgettable. Before I went there, I always wanted to see Bin Ma Yong, so I chose to go there. I went to there by train with my parents and I had breakfast in the hotel. Then we went there by bus. When I got off the bus, I was very excited. I saw a lot of false men whose hands had all kinds of things. I took many pictures. Finally we went back to the hotel in the afternoon. Though I was very tired, I felt very happy. I will never forget it for ever.

11. 以 Now and Then 为题,写一篇100词左右的短文,比较一下现在的你和五年前的你有哪些不同。要求语法正确,词汇运用恰当,文章逻辑性强。

Now and Then

I ’m growing slowly. I have changed a lot.

Five years ago, I was nine years old. I was a primary school student then. . I went to school every day. I learned Chinese , English, maths and some other subjects. My teachers were very friendly . Their classes were interesting. I was very happy because I could play games every day. Now , I ’m a junior high school student . There are many subjects for me to learn , such as English, Chinese, maths, physics and so on. They are all important . I am busier than five years ago. And now I’m much taller and stronger than before ,but I have less time to play games . Iam a little unhappy.

12. 在学习了有关健康的话题后,就如何保持健康,你对同学们进行了调查。下面是你对调查结果所作的部分记录。请根据记录写一份报告,向同学们汇报,并发表自己的观点。 The ways to keep healthy

eat morefruits get more hours of sleep watch less television

play fewer computer games

The Ways to keep healthy Here is the result of the survey. There are many ways to keep healthy. Most students think that we should eat more fruits and vegetables instead of junk food such as sandwiches. It is also very important for us to get enough hours of sleep . On the other hand , we should spend less time in watching television every day. Playing too many computer games is harmful to our eyes. In my opinion , it is quite necessary for us to take exercise every day . We should have more outdoor activities to enjoy the sunshine . In a word , I hope all of us will form a good living habit and keep healthy all the time.