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玉树地震英语作文[带翻译] Yushu have many the miracle of life, a lot of people with you. In just a few days, so much the miracle of life, so many brave people. A child says, was under pressure in SLATE, black and fear, so she drove his flashlight to read, dispel fears. It's only a child, ideas, but he only children but we cannot overcome the difficulties. These in the rubble miraculously survive the people, is one of the most courageous!

S go ahead, but the people of the whole country and yushu you together!



玉树挺住,玉树不倒,全国人民和你们在一起! Yu shu earthquake, affects the hearts of millions of people, scenes touching the screen, Jiuxin the scenes, people can not help Shanranleixia.

In the face of great disaster, countless you and I, had not met, they have the same faith, a simple reason, let us hand in hand, fear of dangerous

difficult to step into the tears of Montreal, Qinghai , even if the body In the distance stopped, is still used in other ways to do their one, and for those who are crying faces sent their best wishes.

Only moment of shock, many of our brothers and sisters who lost their homes.

Once a prosperous city, suddenly reduced to rubble.

Saman tears this unfortunate land.

Yiqiedouhao like in the dreams that we dare not

believe that these brutal scenes actually really

happened. Shang Wange a better life, in this sudden disaster, the sun never bade farewell to the rain and wind, Shared laughter, tears, permanent sleeping in a public Sixinliefei the tears…

Those strong and beautiful life, before the crisis, still in patience to uphold, protect……

Never give up.

The Health and the hope left to the others, has left more Subuxiangshi people, and its fall is forever a…

Humanity light shining in your possession, then moving so beautiful! To stop the wind and rain, the sun come out, also came a rainbow, the light wind He Xu Xing of the sleepy grass, a freeze of the winter snow melts, the flowers opened, every guitar out…… torch still smooth Transmission, the Beijing Olympics is about to begin, we will soon prove to the world our strength, the Shanghai World Expo will also just

around the corner…… you become angels in heaven and we are also waiting for the right » ……

No Valentine's love in the earthquake.

The disaster forced the face of danger, the first batch of 4,500 paratroopers all written suicide note and rushed to the disaster areas.

Like a coma for a long time, slightly opened eyes, and countless lovely angel appeared in front of us, face mud and sweat of the People's Liberation Army uncle-earth side of the plane you said, "Do not be afraid, to uphold the while, his uncle will certainly help you out "

Baiyitianshi painted in the side of your syrup, the rise of blood transfusion pipeline is the other side of the crowd queuing through the night gave the love of blood.

Outside, a deep Premier Wen the greetings of the people assembled from all sides of the relief goods have been sent to the community are extending a helping hand……

The face of all this, you laughed, his eyes moist not consciously, you said, "I know that you will Laijiu my…"

Outside, the grandmother Manmian vicissitudes cling tightly fought for several days and nights of the

People's Liberation Army soldiers, tears. Tired smile, a voice came, the "old mother, Bieku. After I was your son."

On the ruins, is the legendary fighters of the people of the "mansion", set up the leakage days bare

hands "tents", the soldiers were lying on the ground, it is hard for a few days and nights, not even shoes on LAB from, let They feel Meimeideshui on a bar, even if only a matter of minutes.

Night, around the candle lights up and is willing to "mind"-shaped light can achieve our blessings, the wizard have heard our prayer the right »

I wish you a safe……

Hold on!

We will be able to overcome the difficulties!