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1 初中英语写作范文集锦 [一]


给出词:only child, moral education

nowadays in china, many students are the only child in their family. they are the apple of their parents ’ eyes or even their granparents’, so they are free of any house work or menial labor. and moral education is no more than some bookish thing. studentsare largely dependent on their parents and teachers.

to educate them to be independent, the most effective way is to let them experience on their own. therefore ,they are better to be given the opportunity to get some train at school-to clean the washing room ,which can be regarded as part of the moral education.



National Day is coming,and we can have a seven-day.My family are going to Hainan.It’s a good seaside city.We are staying there for a week. We are going to the beach and going swimming in the sea.We ’re visiting Tianya Haijiao,Wanquan River and many other beautiful places.I think we’ll have a good time there.



National Day Holidays

I went to my cousin’s house on the first day of the holidays and got a piece of good news that his wife was pregnant ;She said she ’s worrying about getting fat ,but on her face there was a unconcealable pleasure of conceiving a baby.My cousin told me that he’ll educate his child in a severe way ,with a future father’s matureness.I’m happy for them.:)

Yesterday ,our research school’s soccer team had a match with the graduate students from the department of international business.It was almost a close game in the first half ,but we seemed lacking of vigor in the second half,so ,we lost the game.

Half of the National Day holidays have passed by„„life still goes with good and bad times.





1. 看国内外新闻,获取信息。

2. 发e-mail ,打电话。

3. 上网络学校,阅读各种书籍,自学外语。

4. 欣赏音乐,观看体育比赛,玩棋牌等游戏,网上购物,丰富我们的生活。

5. 提高我们操作电脑的能力


1.不要沉湎于(be given to)上网以免影响生活和学习。



In my opinion,the Internet is helpful rather than harmful as someone else thinks. As is known to all ,the Internet is playing a more and more important part in our daily life. On the Internet,we can read news at home and from abroad and get as much information as we can. We can send e - mails or

2 make phone calls to our family as well as to our friends. We can also attend the net school,read many books and even teach ourselves English. We can also enjoy music,watch matches and play computer games on the Internet. We can even do shopping on line. Besides ,we can improve our ability to operate the computer.

But we should not be given to the Internet,or we'll get our life and study destroyed. Besides,we should keep off the harmful websites. Anyhow,this doesn't prevent the Internet becoming our friend. We can't throw away the apple because of the core,can we?

范文:我的同学 My Classmate

请以“My Classmate”为标题写一篇记叙文

要求:1、主题明确,语言流畅,思路清晰。 2、字数在100字以内。





My Classmate

Liu Kai is my classmate. He is a good student and always ready to help others.

One day on his way to school,he saw a little girl crossing the road. A car was coming towards her quickly and the girl was too frightened to move. The car nearly hit her. Just then LiuKai rushed up to her and caught her by the arm. The little girl was saved. She told him where she lived,and he took her home. When LiuKai hurried into the classroom,the teacher had already begun his lesson. He told the teacher why he was late. He was then praised for what he had done.

初中英语写作范文集锦 [二]


It is my honor to show you around,and now I will introduce something about our study.

At present we learn not only from the textbook but also from optional courses. We can study what we are interested in. In this way,we can develop ourselves in different aspects. And we can also study on the Internet.

范文:A piano player

What do I want to do when I’m older? Someone wants to be a doctor. Someone wants to be a basketball player because they are good at sport. Someone wants to be a writer and to make the writing. Someone wants to be a teacher because they like teaching children.

I like playing the piano and I good at it. So I want to become a piano player. Play the piano is very interesting. And you can learn something of music. Piano can make you like music. A lot of musician and singer are love playing piano.

I play the piano when I’m ten years old. Now I’m in grand five. I hope when I’m sixteen years old , I can become grand eight. I’ll be harder and harder to practise.

Become a piano play is a hard job. But I believe I can do it.

范文:my dream place

The winter vacation passed quickly. In those days, I have done some things. Playing, doing homework and so on. Sometimes I helped my mother doing some housework. She thanked to me. Though , I was proud of myself. I also went over my English learning. I think I have known more than before. In the new term, I will study hard.

3 范文:The thing that I'll never forget

How time flies!I ’m fifteen years now.During the long time,there was one thing that I will never forget.

The Spring Festival is our traditional festival.During the Spring Festival ,people usually visit their friends and relatives.When I was 9 years old,my family took the bus to my grandparents’ to say “Happy New Year” to them.

In the bus,I had a good seat.At 7:30,the bus came to a village.A woman got on with a baby in her arms.At that time,there was no seat.But she must look after her baby carefully.She had to stand next to me.I wanted to stand up and let her sit down,but I was afraid of hearing the other people say“That girl want to be praised.”I looked around.Most people were looking out of the windows and some were sleeping.Suddenly,a little boy behind me,stood up and made room for the woman.She said “Thank you very much” with a big smile.The boy smiled,too.When I told my cousin about it after that,he said “The child is the father of a man.” I ’m very ashamed.Why could’t I do the same thing as the little boy did?

From that I learn that we should do our best to help people who need help.If everyone makes a contribution to helping others,the world will become much more beautiful!

范文:怎样学习英语 How to study English?


Study English,You do need to use English with speakers who are not teachers of English. This isn't easy ,since everyone feels constrained speaking English with friends with whom it would be natural to use a shared mother tongue. Joining an English Club is a good idea and joining a club with an international membership (where English is in use at least some of the time) is ,for many people,even better. If nothing like this is accessible,you might consider what would be involved in getting something going.



There are four key points to study English:listening ,speaking ,reading and writing.

Firstly ,we should be brave to talk with others in English. By doing this,we can improve ore talking and listening skill.

Secondly ,we should try to listen to all kinds of English programmes as much as possible. In this way ,we can gradually improve our pronunciation.

Thirdly ,we should often read English books. When we come across a new word. We should guess its meaning through the contest first. then look it up in the dictionary to have a check. I thin,it is a good way of reading.

Fourthly ,we should practice our writing skills. Whenever we have any idea,we should get the pen and write it down at once. It is very important to avoid writing in Chinese way and using the Chinese grammar.

As long as we listen,speak ,read and write more,we are sure to make remarkable progress! 初中英语写作范文集锦 [三]


It is my honor to show you around,and now I will introduce something about our study.

At present we learn not only from the textbook but also from optional courses. We can study what we are interested in. In this way,we can develop ourselves in different aspects. And we can also study on the Internet.


范文:风 Wind

Each season has wind. The warm wind in spring,the hot wind in summer,the gold wind in autumn and cold wind in winter are all called wind,but their tempers are quite different.

When spring comes,warm wind wakes up everything;many flowers come out .It can bring us joy.

In hot summer,the sweats roll down from our checks. Everything needs wind,but wind often hide and seek with us.

Autumn comes. Cool wind blows yellow leaves down. The corn is ripe and all the fields become yellow. The farmers are busy getting in crops. It can bring us the happiness of harvest.

In cold winter,cold wind blows so hard that everyone can hardly open his eyes

Wind ,we welcome you,need you,but sometimes hate you. Will you please obey us and do good things for us.

范文:找妈妈 Looking for Mum

One day Li Ming caught a little bird. He tied it with a piece of thread and played with it happily. At that time,he saw a little girl crying by the roadside. A policeman saw her,came over and asked her why she was crying and where her house is. When he learned that girl had got lost and she was then looking for her mother,he decided to lead the girl to be back home.

Seeing this Li Ming thought the little bird also had its mother and he should set the little bird free so that it could be with its mother again. Then Li Ming untied the thread and returned the little bird to the blue sky.

范文:能源 Energy

As we all know we need energy in our daily life. There are many kinds of energy. We can get our energy from food. The energy in food comes from sunlight which helps plants grow. Plants store up energy from the sun,much of our food comes from plants. Some of our food comes from animals,but animals depend on plants for food too.

范文:英语作文自我介绍 To introduce myself

Hello ,everyone !

My name is Winnie.I'm a 15 years old girl. I live in the beautiful city of Rizhao.

I'm an active,lovely and clever girl.In the school,my favourite subject is maths.Perhaps someone thinks it's difficult to study well.But I like it.I belive that if you try your best,everything can be done well.

I also like sports very much.Such as,running ,volleyball and so on.

I'm kind-hearted. If you need help,please come to me .

I hope we can be good friends!

OK.This is me .A sunny girl.

初中英语写作范文集锦 [四]


Directions :you have decided to start jogging next month,but you haven't got any suitable shoes to wear. Now you are writing a letter to your father asking him to send you some extra money so that you can but the shoes. in you letter,you will include:

* your hard work;

* How you read about jogging in your English textbook;

* The advantages ofjogging;

* THe need for a pair fo quality shoes;

* The price of the shoes you plan to buy;

5 * THe time you need the money;

* Your appreciation for his help

Dear dad,

I am writing to you for help which I have come to a desperate need. You know I always want to be healthy and in geat shape,so I can pay more attention to teacher's instruction. Yesterday,I went to library and read some books about jogging. I think I need a good jogging shoes for my exercise. I believe a strong body can enhance my study as described by our textbook.

I have found a cheap price of a pair of jogging shoes which cost only $500 nearby school. Daddy ,you will help me buy this pair,wont' you? The on sale may not last for long. Please send money as soon as possible,so I can start my jogging right away. I know you will fulfill my dream and expect my endeavor. I promise I will do my best on my study and exercise. Thank you for your consideration. Take care and wish you happiness.

Yours beloved son.

范文:考试 Examination

Someone says examination can help us go over our lessons in time and after the examination we can find how we are getting on with our studies. But we are always having too many examinations and they are also too difficult for us to get through.I find some of us have lost interest in learning lessons. Besides ,it is harmful to our health as we hardly have any time to go in for sports. I think the present system of measurement should be improved.

范文:什么是成功的秘诀 What Is the Secret of Success

My father is an engineer. He works very hard.

Once I asked my father what the secret of success was. He didn't say a word,but wrote a few words on a piece of paper and handed it to me. I looked at the paper,it was written:A=X+Y+Z. “What does it mean?”I asked.

“A means success,”explained my father. “X means hard,Y means good ways,and Z means you must stop talking and start to work.”

That's right. From then on,I tried my best to be better.

范文:通知 Notice

The sports meeting which was to take place this Saturday has to be put off because of the heavy rairi these days. All students are required to come to school on Saturday morning as usual,but there will be no class that afternoon. Weather permitting ,the sports meeting will be held next Saturday morning. Members of the school ping-pong team must come to the Ping-pong Hall at 4:30 this Saturday afternoon. Ping-pong stars from Wuhan will come and give special training and coaching then.

Office of Physical Education

10th April,2005

初中英语写作范文集锦 [五]

范文:一次体育课 A PE Lesson




3.项目:跳远(jump )。



(2)做准备活动(warming —upexercises );


6 (4)我因心情紧张而失败;



5.体会:只要有恒心(perseverance )就一定能成功。





A PE Lesson

May 28th Monday Cloudy

This afternoon we had a PE lesson. Our teacher taught us to practise the long jump. When the bell rang,we gathered on the playground. After warming-up exercises,the teacher told us the way of long jump and showed us how to do it. Then we followed the teacher and practised one after another. Soon came my turn,but I felt a hit nervous. Though I failed the first time,yet I didn't lose my heart. I kept on practising. At last I was able to jump over 3 meters.

From this lesson I came to see that one will succeed if he has perseverance.


My dearest Mother,

The mother's day is coming and I would like to say “Happy mother's day” in this letter. I love you and thank you so much for everything you did for me. This day,I will stay away and can't give you my appreciation at home. I know I will watch myself,so don't worry about me. I am doing very well on my study. My schoolmates and teachers are all very nice. Though I can't be at home, I hope you have a wonderful mother's day.

Love ,

Your son

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Dear mother :

I am writing to express my deepest thanks to you in Mother's Day,dear mother,you devote all of your energy and blood to our . you do not have any complaint about my brother and i.You love our though various different approaches such as study,work and life,consquently ,our held on the belief that the mother is only lover .please accept our appreciate again

I hope that you have happiness everyday.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Mum :

Such is sons' nature ,I really do not know how to express my thanks to you.However ,I can imagine ,on the day 18 years ago,when you gave birth to me,what a complex feeling you had.In the past few years,every day you struggle me up in the morning and prepare breakfast for me,then in the afternoon ,you always welcome your only son with delicious foods after a day’s hardwork.Now your son has been 18 and will go to university soon,like a bird is leaving its parents.Nevertheless,your footprints on my heart will never ever fade and ——I love you mum!


I am very gladto showyou around.

As you can see,my school is very small. It hasonly one building which is built like a ring. It has four floors in all. On the'first floor are the offices of leaders. The classrooms and the offices of teachers are on the other three floors. On the second floor,there is a reading room. In front of the building is the playground.

初中英语写作范文集锦 [六]

7 范文:少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲 A young idler,an old beggar


Almost everyone knows the famous Chinese saying:A young idler,an old beggar. Throughout history ,we have seen many cases in which this saying has again and again proved to be true.

It goes without saying that the youth is the best time of life ,during which one's mental and physical states are at their peaks. It takes relatively less time and pains to learn or accept new things in a world full of changes and rapid developments. In addition ,one is less likely to be under great pressure from career,family and health problems when young. Therefore,a fresh mind plus enormous energy will ensure success in different aspects of life.

Of course,we all know:no pains,no gains. If we don't make every effort to make good use of the advantages youth brings us,it is impossible to achieve any goals. As students,we should now try our best to learn all the subjects well so that we can be well prepared for the challenges that we will face in the future.

范文:寒假生活 Wonderful life in winter holiday

From the sixteenth of January to the seventh of February is our Winter Holiday. I think everybody did a lot of things in the Winter Holiday. But I didn't. Let you to listen to my story of Winter Holiday.

I spend a lot of time on the homework„ Every day in my Winter Holiday,I always got up late. Then I listened to the tape,it was nine o'clock. Then I ate breakfast and then I did my homework during the daytime!I ’m not very slow but the homework was too heavy!

I'm unlucky on the playing too. I played firecracker but I hurt my finger with the fire. I'm careless to kindle the firecracker,so I'm very unlucky.

I still unlucky on my friend's party. In the morning,I wanted to get up early but I woke up at 10:

50. After ten minutes,the party would start! So I only eat a piece of bread then I go to my friend’s home !And I stay at his home for a long time when I came home. My mother and father were very angry and they scolded me!

I'm worried and feel unlucky on my weigh. Last term ,I was 48 kilogram but now I am 51 kilogram !I must to do banting!

But most important,I have gone to Shanghai Ocean Aquarium,I want to go there very much because I want to see the horse,the monkey„in the sea. Now I've done it . It is a bright dot in my Winter Holiday.

范文:我家的小狗 My Little Dog

Last year,my friend gave me a little dog. I was fond of him very much. I liked to play with him after school and he liked to follow me wherever I went. I was very glad that I had a “body guard”。 Last winter I was very busy with my lessons and came home very late every day.However,no matter how late I went home,my dog used to stand at a comer near my school waiting for me. When I passed there,he barked two or three times then ran towards me. It seemed that he was calling me. My dog not only,took good care of me,but also was respoasible at home. When strangers came to my house,he barked at them but not hurt them. What a lovely dog he is!

范文:我的储蓄罐 My Collecting-tin

I have a lot of little handiwork,but the favorite one is my collecting-tin.

It is a little man made of china. He wears a red hat and a pair of big glasses. His blue clothes are very nice.He has a red noseband no big eyes like stars on his face. His big and round body is very funny.

Because of this collecting-fin ,I have learned how to savemoney. When I was a little boy ,I always put coins away,then I dropped them into his round body. Sometimes he can “eat ” plenty of

8 coins at a time,He becomes heavier and heavier day after day.

初中英语写作范文集锦 [七]

范文:我的外籍老师 Our Foreign Teacher

Ms Jerry is a foreign teacher. She comes from America. She is thirty-one years old. She has fair hair ,white skin and gray eyes. She is tall and slim. She looks very kind. And in fact,she is kind indeed.

Ms Jerry is a good teacher. Although she only comes to our school twice a week,she is very responsible to her work and strict with her students. Once,she was ill,but she went on giving us lessons. When we learned this,we all listened to her even more attentively than usual.

Ms Jerry teaches us English with great enthusiasm:“Each lesson she will bring us new pictures,new stories,new games and new songs. Her class is always full of happy laughter and merry songs. Ms Jerry is such a good teacher that all of us love and respect her.

范文:参观博物馆 Going to the Museums

During a long vacation,I usually like to go to see the exhibits in one of a great many museums. Such as the art museum,the history museum,the museum of natural history,and the museum of science and technology.

Many wonderful things are cared for in museums. There are paintings,potteries ,sculptures ,costumes ,swords ,ancient animal bones and plants,stuffed animals,antique steam locomotives,and many others. It is always a good review of history to visit those museums.

范文:寄信 Mailing a Letter

All large cities around the world have many post offices located throughout the city,and even the smallest village has at least one postal station. You may go to a post office to mail a letter.

However ,there are mail boxes located on every second or third corner in all cities and towns. Any letter or small package having sufficient postage may be dropped in any of these mail boxes. If a person wishes a letter to be delivered more quickly to the address,he may buy a special delivery stamp and delivery is made directly by the messenger instead of by the regular carrier.

范文:神奇的贝壳 The Magic Shell

At the beach I found a magic shell,so I brought it home in my pail;and I kept it up on my top bookshelf right under the picture whale.

And now,whenever I wish I were back there by the shining sea,I hold the shell up close to my ear ,till it brings the beach to me:all the hushing sound and the rushing sound of the seashore winds and waves are caught in my shell that I brought home.

范文:旅游事业 Ways to Improve china's tourism


要求:旅游事业对我国具有举足轻重的作用。请以Ways to Improve China's Tourism为题为我国旅游事业的发展提几点建议。(提示:扩大宣传,改善旅游设施,提高服务质量„„)


Ways to Improve china's tourism

Tourism is now becoming a major industry throughout the world. However,tourism in China is not as developed as it should be. If the following is done,China 's tourism will definitely be improved. First ,our places of interest should be better advertised throughout the world to attract more tourists. Second, facilities should be provided to ensure that tourists enjoy their trip. Finally,the quality of service should be improved.

Don 't tell people their ideas are bad unless you've got a good one.

初中英语写作范文集锦 [八]

9 范文:模范学生 A Model Student

Do you mind being called a bad student?Of course not. So far as I know,everybody intends to be (become ) a model student.

However ,to be a model student is by no means an easy thing.

First ,he must do his best to obtain knowledge. A man without sufficient knowledge will not succeed.

Secondly ,he must remember to improve his health. Only a strong man can do great tasks.

Thirdly ,he should receive moral education. If his conduct is not good,no one will consider making friends with him.

范文:通电话 A Phone Call

I was tired with preparing for the Joint College Entrance Examination the other evening. And having been alone for several hours,I was eager to have someone to chat with me about anything but examinations. So I telephoned my best friend Mary ,who was also busy preparing for the joint entrance examination.

On the telephone,I told her that I missed her very much. And I invited her to have a cup of coffee with me in a coffeehouse near her home. But to my surprise,she declined and said that she had to devote all her time to her studies. Hearing this,I could do nothing but hang up after saying “Sorry ” to her. Disappointed and discouraged,I turned back to my desk and reluctantly buried myself again in my books.

范文:春天来了 Spring is coming on

Winter has gone,and spring is coming on .

Watching the ice melting,I know the whole earth is being rejuvenated from the winter. A variety of flowers come out to show their beauty and bring us fragrance .It is a feast for our eyes and souls. The yellow grass suddenly turn green.The young leaves grow on the branches.The swallows fly back home with the greeting of spring .

Everything is coming to life.Feeling the warm sunshine,enjoying the beautiful scenery,listening to the wonderful music,drinking the new tea,my mood is perfect and I have nothing else to desire. Spring is the most fantastic season in the year .It means so much to the other three seasons.

范文:一个特殊的女孩 A special girl

There is a special girl. Why is she special?Firstly she looks like a boy so her classmates always call her a “hoyden ”. Maybe they’re right because she also has the same hobbies as the boys. She likes playing soccer,basketball ,table tennis,badminton ,computer games and so on. If someone bothers her she will feel annoyed and even fight against him.

Secondly she is a lovely girl. She loves life very much. You may see her smiling all the time. She likes making friends with others. She likes making jokes with them,too. She likes singing but she is not good at it. She likes dancing,but she is not good at it,either.

Thirdly ,she is a sentimental girl. She likes talking to birds and flowers. She likes talking to herself ,too. When she’s watching TV,she will cry over a touching scene. Sometimes she is moved to cry all day and all night.

Lastly she’s a fantastic girl. She has lots of dreams. She always dreams of her future such as her job when she grows up. She wants to be a scientist because scientists invent things that are helpful for our lives. She wants to be a TV hostess because she has beautiful voice and she also wants to be…

That ’s why I said she’s special. Do you want to know her?If you can keep the secret I can tell you who she is. The special girl is me.

范文:我的生日 My birthday

10 My birthday is on March 23th,I celebrate it every year with my family and my friends.

Every year,I hold a little birthday party and invite my friends . We chat and play a lot of games together. The best part of it is that I love the birthday cake and the gifts I get from my parents and my friends. I also get some money on my birthday.I can buy what I want with the money.

I have great fun on my birthdays,but on the other hand,I also understand that I am one year older after each birthday and that means I should be more responsible for myself and I should also my self-aware. I should understand more things and be less ignorant!

Fianlly ,I should be thankful for my parents,I know they have done their best in raising me up.

范文:成人教育的发展 A Boom in Adult education

Directions :For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic A Boom in Adult Education. You should write no less than 150 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below :

1. 现在许多成年人都利用业余时间去大学或夜校读书

2. 出现这种成人教育热的原因是„„


A Boom in Adult Education

Every Tuesday and Friday evening sees Miss Li,my neighbor and a secretary in a company rush home after a hard day’s work,gulp down her meals and then hurry out to catch the bus for her English class. Miss Li’s case is not unique,and now more and more city adults spend their leisure time trying to improve themselves at school or college.

There are a number of reasons for people to go back for their education. Some people,like Miss Li ,are doing it to acquire another degree or diploma to impress the society. To them more knowledge,or rather,more credentials means more opportunities for better jobs and quicker promotion.

Other people,especially those who are laid off or out of employment go to vocational school to prepare to return to the job market. They are eager for new skills so that they can be qualified for the jobs in retail trade,administration ,education and other service categories to which they are strange because most of them were blue-collar workers in the factory.

There are also people who come to take such courses as Chinese traditional medicine,painting ,calligraphy and photography. As their working weeks decline people begin to have time to fulfill their old dream of their heart’s desire.

Out of necessity or out of interest,people go back to school for the common goal——to improve themselves ,and this boom in adult education,in turn,helps to raise the intellectual standard of the whole country.

初中英语写作范文集锦 [九]

范文:你喜欢哪种方式的旅行? Which Mode of Travel Do You like?

Directions :For this part you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Which Mode of Travel Do You like? You should write noless than 150 words and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below :

1. 有的人喜欢参加旅行社旅游(package tours)

2. 有的人喜欢自己独立行动(travelling on one’s own)

3. 比较这两种旅游方式,我喜欢的是„„


With the general standard of living improvingand the working week becoming shorter ,more andmore people are able to make a holiday trip toplaces of interest. While many like to joinpackage tours fro convenience,I prefer to traveln my own.

I like travelling on may own not only because it costs much less but because it gives a great degree of independence and freedom. Travelling on my own,I ’m my own boss;and can decide when to start on my way,where to linger a little longer and which spot can be skipped over to save energy

11 or time for another spot. I can always adjust my plan. On the contrary,in a package tour you’re deprived of as much freedom as in a military base. At the sound of the whistle,you have to jump up from a sound sleep and,with heavy-lidded eyes,hurry to the gathering place where you are collected and counted to board a coach. At the sight of the little flag waving ,you must immediately take yourself away from the scenes you are marveling at and follow the guide whose sole interest is to cover all spots according to him strict schedule,regardless of the weather or your health condition. True ,you may encounter inconveniences if you travel individually ,for instance ,getting accommodations for the night and finding a place for meals. But nothing can be compared with the freedom which is vital to a person who takes a holiday trip mainly to escape from constraints of his routine life.

范文:快乐的家 A Happy Family

I have a happy family. Although it ’s small ,it ’s full of love. There are four people in my family ,my father,my mother,my elder sister and myself——we all love each other.

My father is a doctor. He loves his work. Every day he works from dawn to dark. In his spare time ,he likes reading and writing books. My mother is a teacher. She is very strict with her students but kind to them. Every day she goes to work early. She is not only a teacher but also a fiend of the students.

My sister is a shopkeeper and she has been married for several years. I ’m a middle school students. My wish is to be a university student. And my parents often encourage me to work hard. I will try my best to realize my dream.

范文:全家福 A Photo of My Family

Look at this photograph of my family. There are five people in it. The tallest one is my father. He is forty-eight years old. My mother is standing beside him. She is not as my father. She is three years younger than my father. Sitting in front of them are my grandparents. My grandfather is that fat one with a pair of glasses. My grandmother is as fat as he. This little one is me. I’m sitting between them. All of us love one anther. I have a happy family.

范文:快乐的一天 A Happy Day

Today is the National Day.It is our country's birthday. Now she is 56.I am very happy.

Today in the afternoon,I go to the park,people all look so happy. Someone is doing exercise,someone is singing the nation song. A little girl comes to me and says to me,happy National Day. I know she loves the country,but I love her,too. Today is a happy day.

范文:最好的朋友 My Best Friend

I have a best friend.

She has long,straight ,black hair,big ,black eyes and a small nose. She is very thin and kind,she is cute,too. Her English and Chinese is very good. She is hard-working.

Her favorite season is summer,because it’s hot,she can eat ice- cream. She likes playing the piano ,reading books and singing songs.

Who ’s she?She is my best friend ——Sun Mengqi. She has a very good English name,too ——Angle.

初中英语写作范文集锦 [十]





12 每个人都有自己度周末的方式。




Weekends to people mean that they can have a two-day good rest. For example, people can go out to enjoy themselves or get together with relatives and friends to talk with each other or watch interesting video tapes with the whole family.

Everyone spends weekends in his own way. Within two days, some people can relax themselves by listening to music, reading novels, or watching films. Others perhaps are more active by playing basketball , wimming or dancing. Different people have different relaxations.

I often spend weekends with my family or my friends. Sometimes my parents take me on a visit to their old friends. Sometimes I go to the library to study or borrow some books to gain much knowledge. I also go to see various exhibition to broaden my vision. An excursion to seashore or mountain resorts is my favorite way of spending weekends. Weekends are always enjoyable for me. 「评语」






Holidays and Outings

It is common in English to ask people about their holidays. In the West many families go away on holiday during the summer months and so it is very usual to ask about this. If the holiday has not yet taken place,then their holiday plans can be talked about. And if it is already over,then where they went ,whether they enjoyed it and so on can be discussed. Similar questions are asked before festivals and pubic holidays.

Foreigners living and working in China often have frequent opportunities for travel ,either at weekends or during their holiday periods ,so questions on this topic can often lead to fruitful discussions. They may be particularly interested to hear comments on which places are worth visiting and why,especially if these places are a little less well known and not clearly described in the tour guides.

Take vacaticn and long weekends. Never let vacation time expire.


看完上文,可知这实际上是一篇讨论英语话题的文章。从这个角度来写“Holidays and Outings ”这个题目可谓不无新义。但是在与外国人交往时谈些什么都是一个很现实的问题。本文提供了这一范例。全篇也围这个问题来写,几乎每句话都是紧扣中心的。比如它始终突出了这是一个话题,就反复用“ask ”、“discuss ”、以及“comment ”等词。



下周将有一批外宾来校参观,请你给外宾简要介绍你校的情况。内容包括三方面: 校史和成绩。




13 An Introduction

Our school was built in 1945 and a great number of students have graduated from it. Now many of them have become scientists,professors and engineers. Many students have also become workers and farmers after graduation. They have achieved great success in the development of modern industry and agriculture.

Our school is a key middle school in our province. It has thirty classes with over 130students. Our school has a six-storeyed teaching building ,several laboratories and a large playground. Last year ,a new library was built and it has more than 1000 copies of books.

All the teachers here are trying their best to do their work well. Every students is making full use of his time to train himself to be a qualified student.


文章简洁得体,结构鲜明,语言流畅,介绍具体。读后让人对学校概貌了然于胸。 school 还有学派的意思,另外“一群鱼”叫做a school of fish.