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8B Unit2 Water

Composition: Water around us

Suggested questions

1. How much do you know about water?

2. What ’s use of water?

3. What are the threats to water?

4. What should we do to deal with the problem?


1. As we all know,…

2. It ’s hard to imagine what our life would be like without water.

3. Water is an important part in our life.

4. Water is very precious, just like liquid water.


1. I t’s +adj. for sb. to do

2. Otherwise, the last drop of water will be our tears.

3. Protecting water is everyone’s responsibility.

4. In this way, we can…

Sample 1

As we all know , two thirds of the earth is covered with water, but we can use only 3% of it. Water is so precious for us that we call it “liquid gold”.

Water is very important to all living things. Not only human beings but also plants and animals live on water. However, water is in great danger. Water pollution has been a serious problem recently. Besides, a lot of people use more water than they need. Much water has been wasted . Therefore, we must take action right now to protect our limited water resources. Factories must stop pouring sewage into the rivers . We should remember to turn off the tap after finishing with it. What’s more, some water can be reused.

There is no doubt that protecting water is our responsibility. Otherwise, the last drop of water will be our tears.

Sample 2

Water is very important to us in our daily life. It’s hard to imagine what our life would be like if there is no water. Water is used in many different fields. Firemen use water to put out fires. Cooks use water to cook food. We use water for drinking, washing and so on. However, there is less and less water can be used . Some people throw rubbish into the rivers.. Water pollution is becoming more and more serious. Besides, We don’t have good habits of using water. For example, we always brush our teeth under the running tap. Sometimes, we forget to turn off the tap. A lot of water has been wasted by ourselves. We must realize the importance of saving water. In our daily life, some dirty water can be used to flush down the toilets. In this way, we can save much water. We should save water as well was prevent the rivers from being polluted.

Water is the source of life. Let’s try our best to save and protect water.