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How to keep fit

It ’s important for us to keep healthy. Li Hua gives us a good example. He takes exercise everyday. He enjoys sports, such as swimming, running and playing basketball.

He goes to bed at ten in the evening and gets up at six in the morning. He takes good care of himself. He takes a bath everyday. He washes his hands before meals. He eats many different kinds of foods and so he looks strong and healthy.

My opinion on cheating in exams

At present, a number of middle school students have picked up a bad habit ---- cheating in exams. First, there are too many exams now. Second, they aren't hard enough to prepare for exams. Third, they often waste time surfing the net and playing computer games. Fourth, they want to make their teachers and parents happy. That’s why they cheat in exams.

I don’t think it does us good, and it is even bad for us. In my opinion, we should study harder and waste less time playing computer games and surfing the net. We should make the best use of our time.