M1U1课时作业作文 雾霾
四年级 其它 1363字 195人浏览 后古画意攝影



Step one 构思(planning):

段落: 分三段

时态: 一般现在时

人称: 第三人称

Step two: 草稿(drafting )

第一段: 描述看到的图片、情景等(describe the picture)

1. 一位老人和他的孙子带着口罩在街上行走。

2. 随着雾霾变得越来越严重,他们很难看清周围的建筑物和树木。









Step three: 整理成文(reorganize )

Recently, the air quality in China has raised widespread concern. As is indicated in the picture , an old man and his grandson are taking a walk in the street with masks covering their mouths. As the haze is becoming heavier and heavier, they find it hard to see the buildings and trees around them clearly.

The picture conveys here is that air pollution is quite severe in China. Many factors account for this phenomenon. In the first place, vehicles sending large quantities of

poisonous gases are a major source of air pollution. Furthermore , factories that release a great deal of smoke are also responsible for the poor air quality. Besides , burning materials like coal or oil for homes and offices is another major contributor to air pollution.

Personally, to better the air quality, the government and the common citizens should make joint efforts. Taking bus, riding bikes or walking are wise options for public travels. Meanwhile , effective laws are supposed to be made to guarantee good air quality.