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口译天下 http://www.kouyitianxia.cn Kouyitianxia.cn President Bush Speaks at Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University

Beijing, People's Republic of China

10:35 A.M. (Local)

PRESIDENT BUSH: Vice President Hu, thank you very much for your kind and generous remarks. Thank you for welcoming me and my wife, Laura, here. (Applause.) I see she's keeping pretty good company, with the Secretary of State, Colin Powell. It's good to see you, Mr. Secretary. (Applause.) And I see my National Security Advisor, Ms. Condoleezza Rice, who at one time was the provost at Stanford University. So she's comfortable on university campuses such as this. Thank you for being here, Condi. (Applause.)

I'm so grateful for the hospitality, and honored for the reception at one of China's, and the world's, great universities.

This university was founded, interestingly enough, with the support of my country, to further ties between our two nations. I know how important this place is to your Vice President. He not only received his degree here, but more importantly, he met his gracious wife here. (Laughter.)

I want to thank the students for giving me the chance to meet with you, the chance to talk a little bit about my country and answer some of your questions. The standards and reputation of this university are known around the world, and I know what an achievement it is to be here. So, congratulations. (Applause.) I don't know if you know this or not, but my wife and I have two daughters who are in college, just like you. One goes to the University of Texas. One goes to Yale. They're twins. And we are proud of our daughters, just like I'm sure your parents are proud of you.

My visit to China comes on an important anniversary, as the Vice President mentioned. Thirty years ago this week, an American President arrived in China on a trip designed to end decades of estrangement and confront centuries of suspicion. President Richard Nixon showed the world that two vastly different governments could meet on the grounds of common interest, in the spirit of mutual respect. As they left the airport that day, Premier Zhou Enlai said this to President Nixon: "Your handshake came over the vastest ocean in the world -- 25 years of no communication."

During the 30 years since, America and China have exchanged many handshakes of friendship and commerce. And as we have had more contact with each other, the citizens of both countries have gradually learned more about each other. And that's important. Once America knew China only by its history as a great and enduring civilization. Today, we see a China that is still defined by noble traditions of family, scholarship, and honor. And we see a China that is becoming one of the most dynamic and creative societies in the world -- as demonstrated by the knowledge and potential right here in this room.

口译天下 http://www.kouyitianxia.cn Kouyitianxia.cn China is on a rising path, and America welcomes the emergence of a strong and peaceful and prosperous China. (Applause.)

As America learns more about China, I am concerned that the Chinese people do not always see a clear picture of my country. This happens for many reasons, and some of them of our own making. Our movies and television shows often do not portray the values of the real America I know. Our successful businesses show a strength of American commerce, but our spirit, community spirit, and contributions to each other are not always visible as monetary success.

Some of the erroneous pictures of America are painted by others. My friend, the Ambassador to China, tells me some Chinese textbooks talk of Americans of "bullying the weak and repressing the poor." Another Chinese textbook, published just last year, teaches that special agents of the FBI are used to "repress the working people." Now, neither of these is true -- and while the words may be leftovers from a previous era, they are misleading and they're harmful.

In fact, Americans feel a special responsibility for the weak and the poor. Our government spends billions of dollars to provide health care and food and housing for those who cannot help themselves -- and even more important, many of our citizens contribute their own money and time to help those in need. American compassion also stretches way beyond our borders. We're the number one provider of humanitarian aid to people in need throughout the world. And as for the men and women of the FBI and law enforcement, they're working people; they, themselves, are working people who devote their lives to fighting crime and corruption.

My country certainly has its share of problems, no question about that. And we have our faults. Like most nations we're on a long journey toward achieving our own ideals of equality and justice. Yet there's a reason our nation shines as a beacon of hope and opportunity, a reason many throughout the world dream of coming to America. It's dreams. No matter your background or your circumstance of birth, in America you can get a good education, you can start your own business, you can raise a family, you can worship freely, and help elect the leaders of your community and your country. You can support the policies of our government, or you're free to openly disagree with them. Those who fear freedom sometimes argue it could lead to chaos, but it does not, because freedom means more than every man for himself.

Liberty gives our citizens many rights, yet expects them to exercise important responsibilities. Our liberty is given direction and purpose by moral character, shaped in strong families, strong communities, and strong religious institutions, and overseen by a strong and fair legal system.

My country's greatest symbol to the world is the Statue of Liberty, and it was designed by

口译天下 http://www.kouyitianxia.cn Kouyitianxia.cn special care. I don't know if you've ever seen the Statue of Liberty, but if you look closely, she's holding not one object, but two. In one hand is the familiar torch we call the "light of liberty." And in the other hand is a book of law.

We're a nation of laws. Our courts are honest and they are independent. The President -- me -- I can't tell the courts how to rule, and neither can any other member of the executive or legislative branch of government. Under our law, everyone stands equal. No one is above the law, and no one is beneath it.

All political power in America is limited and it is temporary, and only given by the free vote of the people. We have a Constitution, now two centuries old, which limits and balances the power of the three branches of our government, the judicial branch, the legislative branch, and the executive branch, of which I'm a part.

Many of the values that guide our life in America are first shaped in our families, just as they are in your country. American moms and dads love their children and work hard and sacrifice for them, because we believe life can always be better for the next generation. In our families, we find love and learn responsibility and character.

And many Americans voluntarily devote part of their lives to serving other people. An amazing number -- nearly half of all adults in America -- volunteer time every week to make their communities better by mentoring children, or by visiting the sick, or caring for the elderly, or helping with thousands of other needs and causes.

This is one of the great others, without being told, motivated by their good hearts and often by their faith.

America is a nation guided by faith. Someone once called us "a nation with the soul of a church." This may interest you -- 95 percent of Americans say they believe in God, and I'm one of them.

When I met President Jiang Zemin in Shanghai a few months ago, I had the honor of sharing with him how faith changed my life and how faith contributes to the life of my country. Faith points to a moral law beyond man's law, and calls us to duties higher than material gain. Freedom of religion is not something to be feared, it's to be welcomed, because faith gives us a moral core and teaches us to hold ourselves to high standards, to love and to serve others, and to live responsible lives.

If you travel across America -- and I hope you do some day if you haven't been there -- you will find people of many different ethic backgrounds and many different faiths. We're a varied nation. We're home to 2.3 million Americans of Chinese ancestry, who can be found working in the offices of our corporations, or in the Cabinet of the President of the United States, or skating for the America Olympic team. Every immigrant, by taking an oath of allegiance to our country, becomes just as just as American as the President. America shows that a society can be vast and it can be varied, yet still one country, commanding the allegiance and love of its people.

口译天下 http://www.kouyitianxia.cn Kouyitianxia.cn And all these qualities of America were widely on display on a single day, September the 11th, the day when terrorists, murderers, attacked my nation. American policemen and firefighters, by the hundreds, ran into burning towers in desperation to save their fellow citizens. V olunteers came from everywhere to help with rescue efforts. Americans donated blood and gave money to help the families of victims. America had prayer services all over our country, and people raised flags to show their pride and unity. And you need to know, none of this was ordered by the government; it happened spontaneously, by the initiative of free people.

Life in America shows that liberty, paired with law is not to be feared. In a free society, diversity is not disorder. Debate is not strife. And dissent is not revolution. A free society trusts its citizens to seek greatness in themselves and their country.

It was my honor to visit China in 1975 -- some of you weren't even born then. It shows how old I am. (Laughter.) And a lot has changed in your country since then. China has made amazing progress -- in openness and enterprise and economic freedom. And this progress previews China'a great potential. inevitably will bring changes to China's legal system. A modern China will have a consistent rule of law to govern commerce and secure the rights of its people. The new China your generation is building will need the profound wisdom of your traditions. The lure of materialism challenges our society -- challenges society in our country, and in many successful countries. Your ancient ethic of personal and family responsibility will serve you well.

Behind China's economic success today are talented, brilliant and energetic people. In the near future, those same men and women will play a full and active role in your government. This university is not simply turning out specialists, it is preparing citizens. And citizens are not spectators in the affairs of their country. They are participants in its future.

Change is coming. China is already having secret ballot and competitive elections at the local level. Nearly 20 years ago, a great Chinese leader, Deng Xiaoping, said this -- I want you to hear his words. He said that China would eventually expand democratic elections all the way to the national level. I look forward to that day.

Tens of millions of Chinese today are relearning Buddhist, Taoist, and local religious traditions, or practicing Christianity, Islam, and other faiths. Regardless of where or how these believers worship, they're no threat to public order; in fact, they make good citizens. For centuries, this country has had a tradition of religious tolerance. My prayer is that all persecution will end, so that all in China are free to gather and worship as they wish. All these changes will lead to a stronger, more confident China -- a China that can astonish and enrich the world, a China that your generation will help create. This is one of the most exciting times in the history of your country, a time when even the grandest

口译天下 http://www.kouyitianxia.cn Kouyitianxia.cn hopes seem within your reach.

My nation offers you our respect and our friendship. Six years from now, athletes from America and around the world will come to your country for the Olympic games. And I'm confident they will find a China that is becoming a da guo, a leading nation, at peace with its people and at peace with the world.

Thank you for letting me come. (Applause.)

布什 :胡副主席,非常感谢您的欢迎致辞,非常感谢您在这里接待我和我的夫人劳拉。我发现她与鲍威尔先生相处得很好,今天很高兴看到你,国务卿先生,同时我也看到我的助理赖斯女士,她曾经是斯德莫大学的校长,因此她回到校园是最适合不过的了。


清华大学的治学标准和名声闻名于世,我也知道能考入这所大学本身是一个很大的成就,祝贺你们。 我不知道是不是知道这一点,我和我的太太有两个女儿,像你们一样正在上大学,有一个女儿上的是德州大学,一个女儿上的是耶鲁大学,他们是双胞胎。我们对我们的两个女儿倍感骄傲,我想你们的父母对你们的成就也是同样的引以为荣的。



口译天下 http://www.kouyitianxia.cn Kouyitianxia.cn 企业显示了美国商业的力量,但是我们的精神、我们的社区精神,还有我们相互对彼此的贡献往往并不像我们金钱方面的成功那样的显而易见。有些关于美国错误的描述则是他人做出的。 我的朋友,美国驻华大使告诉我有些中国的教科书里面讲到美国人欺负弱者,压制穷人;另外,有一个中国的教科书是去年刚出版的,书里面就说联邦调查局的特工们被用来压制劳动人民。这两种说法都是不真实的,这种措词很可能它是过去的时代遗留的产物,不过它确实是误人子弟的,而且是有害的。 在美国你可以支持我们政府的政策,同时你也可以公开的毫不掩饰的表述不同的观点。有些人害怕自由,他们会说,自由可能会导致混乱,但是实际上并不会这样。因为自由的含义远远超越了人人为己,自由赋予了我们国民许多的权力,同时也邀请他们履行重大的责任。 我们的自由因为有道德,所以是一种有方向,有目的的自由,我们的自由在强健的家庭中,在强健的社区中,在强健的宗教团体生活中得到了熏陶,同时也为一个强大而公平的法律制度所监督。

我的国家显示给世界最伟大的象征是自由女神像,我不知道大家是不是看过它,它是经过精心设计而成的,如果仔细看她的话,它手里拿的是两件东西,其中一只手拿的是大家可能比较熟悉的火炬,是自由之光;另外一只手是一部法典,我们美国是一个法制的国家,我们的法院是清廉的,也是独立的,我是总统,哪怕是我,我也无法告诉法院要如何来判案的,行政部门,立法部门任何一个成员都不可以。根据我们的法律每个人都是平等的,没有任何一个人是凌驾于法律之上的,也没有任何一个人为法律所不耻的,自由的投票之后才能得到。 我们有着一部宪法,它现在已经有200年的历史,它限制,并且平衡三个部门之间的权力,这三个部门就是司法、立法和行政机构。我是行政机构的一员。

我们美国生活的很多价值观,首先都是在家庭中陶冶形成的,就像在中国一样,美国的妈妈们、爸爸们疼爱他们的孩子,他为他们辛勤的劳动,做出牺牲,因为我们相信,下一代的生活总会更好。 在我们的家庭中,我们可以找到关爱,可以学习如何负起责任,如何陶冶人格。很多美国人都主动的抽出时间为其它人提供服务,这个有很多人几乎成年中的一半人每周都拿出时间使得他们的社区办得更好,他们辅导儿童、探访病人、照顾老人,并且帮助做许许多多数不胜数的事情,这就是我的国家一大优点。

人们主动的承担起责任,帮助他人,他们的原动力就是善良的心,还有他们的信仰。 美国是一个受信仰指导的国度,曾经有人称呼我们为教会之魂的国度,美国有95%的人说他们信神,我便是其中之一。


信仰为我们指出一种道德的规范,这超越人们的法律,也号召我们承担比物质利益更为崇高的使命。 宗教自由,不仅不可怕,而且应当受到欢迎,因为信仰给我们一种道德的支柱,它教授我们如何用高标准来要求自己,如何爱护其它人,并且为其它人提供服务,并且如何有责任的过我们的生活。如果你到美国旅行的话,我希望诸位有机会到美国去旅行,你会见到来自不同背景有着不同信仰的人,我们是一个

口译天下 http://www.kouyitianxia.cn Kouyitianxia.cn 多元化多姿多彩的国家,在那里有230万华人在那里繁衍生息,在我们大公司的办公室里,有华人工作,在我自己美国政府的内阁里有华人工作,在奥林匹克代表美国参加滑冰比赛的也有华人,每个移民他只要宣誓效忠美国,他就可以成为不折不扣的美国公民,毫不亚于美国总统。美国表明,一个社会可以是多姿多彩的,但是仍然是一个国家,他得到其人民的效忠和热爱。

美国的所有这些特征都在一天之中生动的有力的显示出来,这就是9月11日,那天恐怖分子凶手们攻击了我的国家,美国警察们和救火队员们成百上千的冲进了燃烧的大楼,他们带着一线拯救他们同胞的希望,志愿者来自各地,来帮助这个救援工作,美国人中有的献血,有的捐钱来帮助那些受难者的家庭。 美国各地人都举行祈祷会,人们升起他们的国旗,表明他们作为美国人的荣誉和团结,这些都不是政府下令他们做的,这都是一个自由的人民自发和主动的做出的,美国的生活表明,自由在法律的辅佐下不一定令人生畏,在一个自由的社会中,多样化不是混乱,辩论不是争斗,不同证件不是革命,一个自由的社会,信任其公民,会在其自身和国家的身上寻找一个伟大的境界。 我在1975年有幸访问过中国,在座的也许有些人还没有出生,这也表明我现在是多少老了,从那时以来,贵国发生了深刻的变化,中国取得了举世闻名的进步,在开放方面,在企业方面,在经济自由方面都是如此,而这个自由人们从所有这些进步中,人们可以看到中国有着巨大的潜力,中国已经加入了世界贸易组织,在诸位履行新的义务的同时,这些新的义务将对贵国的法律制度带来变化,一个现代化的中国将有一个划一的法制,规范其商业活动,也保障其人们的权力。诸位这一代所建设的新中国将需要贵国传统中的博大精深的智慧,而物质主义的诱惑在我们的国家给我们的社会造成挑战。在很多成功的国家,也造成挑战。 诸位,重视个人和家庭责任的古老道德传统将使诸位受益匪浅,在中国如今经济成功的背后有着有活力的人才。在不久将来,这些人无论是男是女将在这个政府中发挥积极和全面的作用,清华大学它不仅在培养专家,它也是在培育公民。 公民在他们国家的事务中不是袖手旁观者,他们是建设未来的参与者。变化正在到来,中国已经在地方一级进行不计名投票和差额选举,几乎这将近30年之前中国伟大的领导人邓小平他说中国最后将把这种民主选举推广到中央一级,我期待着这一天的到来。 上千万中国人如今都在重温佛教、道教和一些地方信仰的传统,还有信仰耶稣教伊斯兰和其它信仰,不管这些信徒他们在哪里,在如何从事宗教活动,他们都不会对公共秩序造成威胁,实际上他们是很好的公民。多个世纪以来,中国在包容各种宗教方面有个古老的传统,我为一切迫害的终结祈祷,让所有的中国人都有集会和从事宗教活动的自由,所有的这些变化将导致中国更加强大,更加有自信,这个中国它将使世界瞩目,也使世界更加丰富。这个中国就是诸位这一代人所帮助创建的中国,现在在中国的历史上是非常令人振奋的时刻。

此时此刻,就连最宏伟的梦想也似乎唾手可得,我的国度为中国提出尊敬和友谊,再过6年,来自美国和世界的运动员将到贵国来参加奥林匹克比赛。我坚信,他们能够见到的中国将是正在变成一个大国的中国,一个走在世界前沿的国家,一个与其人民无争,与世界和平相处的中国。 谢谢诸位让我到此来发言。