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英语II (1)期末考试作文汇总

1、写一 段 70-90词的短文介绍自己。要求包括以下内容:

1. Education background(受教育情况)

2. Family background(家庭状况)

3. Future ambition(未来的抱负)


参考文章:I’m graduated from Tongling College last year. Though I had been a college student, I feel there is still enough knowledge for me to study. Thus, I have become a TV University student. I like my teachers here since they teach us not only professional

knowledge but also modern computer technology. My father is a teacher and my mother is a doctor. They love me very much. I want to be a teacher in the future.


写一段7o-so 词的短文描述你是为何保持身体健康的。要求包括以下内容:

1、 锻炼身体的场所、方式。




参考文章: How to keep healthy

Everyone wishes to be healthy. Well, how to keep healthy is cared by most people now days. First, we should do some physical exercises. Life is based on sports. It means that we should do some physical exercises everyday in our spare time to keep every organ of our body healthy. Secondly, food is another factor to keep us healthy. We need to get nutrition and variety elements as well from food. In addition, having good habits is very important for a man. Such as don’t smoke, and don’t drink and so on. These are good habits. So for our health we’d better do some physical exercises often, and pay attention to rational food and drink and cultivate good habits.


Directions: For this part,you are allowed thirty minutes to write an email to your American friend a day in your life. You should write at least 80 words and based your email on the Chinese outline below:






Dear bob,

I’ll tell you something above my daily life in this email and hope you will find it interesting.

I usually get up early and go to work at 8 o’clock. I have lunch in the office . And Icome back home at six. As a secretary , I deal with phone calls , emails and faxes during work hours . I also do the paper work for the manager .

After work , I like to do shopping with friends or watch TV at home . sometimes I also like to chat on the internet.

Best regards,


4、Directions: For this part,you are allowed thirty minutes to write a passage to state your views on the topic: My favorite TV programme. You should write at least 80 words and base your writing on the Chinese outline below:

1. 你 最 喜欢的电视节目是什么

2. 你 喜 欢它的理由

3. 作 出 结论


参考文章: My favorite TV programme

There are a lot of TV programmes I like but the one I like best is World Report broadcast by CCTV at ten every night.

This programme aims at keeping audiences informed about the international situation. It introduces the important events which happen recently all around the world, such as international conferences or bilateral talks, new scientific discoveries or inventions, armed conflicts, financial crises; serious accidents such as perils of the sea, air-crashes and train derailing; natural disasters such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, avalanche, hurricane, flood, drought and famine which occur in various countries.

There are several factors which may account for my preference of this programme. First, the information is not only new bat just and objective. The news is all collected by the Chinese correspondents working all over the world and so they are reported from the perspective of our country. Besides, the news announcer' s broadcasting quality as well as their facial expressions is excellent. Finally, the video quality of this programme is also wonderful. From the examples mentioned above, it can be easily understood why I like

World Report.

5、Directions: For this part,you are allowed thirty minutes to write a passage to state your views on the topic: My ideal job. You should write at least 80 words and base y our writing on the Chinese outline below:

1. 你 理 想 的工作是什么?

2. 你 的 理由。

3. 如 何 实现你的理想?


参考文章:My ideal job is to be a teacher. First, being a teacher is my dream. Both of my parents are teachers. They work hard and their students like them very much. Secondly, I think it is interesting and challenge to be a teacher. I like to be with the young. Thirdly, being a teacher, I can teach my students knowledge and I can also teach the right from wrong. What's more, to be a teacher means I will have lots of holidays so that I can retrain myself and do whatever I want. In order to realize my dream, I should study hard and grasp large amount of knowledge as I can.

6、Directions: For this part,you are allowed thirty minutes to write a letter to a new

friend ,telling him or her about your ambitions and dreams. You should write at least 80 words and base your letter on the Chinese outline below:

1、 童 年 的梦想。


3、. 对未来的希望。


参考文章: 1st August 2005

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for telling me about yourself. I’d like to let you know more about me too.

As a child,I wanted to be a detective. I thought a detective was really great because he could solve criminal cases to do justice. But my dream never came true. I’m now a librarian, dealing with books every day. The work is nothing thrilling,but I like it. Since there are more and more electronic materials ,I hope that we will have an e-library built soon.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Best wishes,



9、For this part,you are allowed thirty minutes to write a passage on the topic:

Living In A Big City. You should write at least 80 words and could base your writing by using the hints given below. 利用所给提示写一篇短文,说明居住在大城市中优缺点。

city life is attractive with all its advantages and conveniences

supermarkets or shopping malls

dine out

expansion of the city

flowing into


参考文章: Living In A Big City

City life is attractive with all its advantages and conveniences. People in a big city can enjoy the miracles of modern life, going to supermarkets and shopping malls, dining out and traveling with the magnetic suspension train People can benefit directly from the facilities of popular science.

However, more and more people are flowing into big cities with the rapid expansion of them, and the traffic in big cities has become more and more crowded. Some social problems such as robbery and burglary have become more and more serious.

People may have many opinions about living in a big city. They all depend on their personal points of view and experiences.

10、Directions: For this part,you are allowed thirty minutes to write a passage on the topic:TV University Life. You should write at least 80 words and could base your writing using the hints given below.


be engaged in long distance education

web-based courses

join online discussion forums

send our homework to the tutor

solve the difficulties and puzzles in tutorial


参考文章一: My TV University Life

Our TV University is mainly engaged in long distance education. The form of study is very convenient for adult learners like me. I can learn my courses anywhere in my spare time by computer. There are many web-based

courses and sources on line. Moreover, I not only use e-mail to send our homework to our tutors but also join online discussion forums. Meantime, the difficulties and puzzles can be solved in the tutorial once a week. The e-learning life is meaningful and demanding. I enjoy my TV university life.


CCTV today offers a great variety of programs to meet different needs and tastes. For example, the weather forecast, serials, films, sports and so on. My favorite TV program, however, is the news.

There are several points that are worth mentioning. For one thing, it covers news about important events both at home and abroad. Besides, the news it provides is timely and reliable. Finally, it broadcasts in the evening during the so-called “golden time”. It saves me much time reading through newspapers for current affairs.

In short, watching the news on CCTV has become part of my daily life.

11、For this part , you are allowed thirty minutes to write a passage on the topic: My

Hobbies. You should write at least 80 words and could base your writing by using the hints given below. 利用所给提示写一篇短文,说明你的业余爱好以及它们的益处。

benefit from (从中受益)

In my spare time

raising flowers (养花)

cycling (骑车)

maintain a mental and physical balance (保持身心健康)


参考文章: My Hobbies

Hobbies are activities from which one can benefit from it a lot. In my spare time, I like painting, singing, raising flowers and cycling. My hobbies help me relax after periods of hard work. Moreover, I can make many friends who share the same hobbies with me. My hobbies help me maintain a mental and physical balance. As you can see, hobbies can be relaxing, challenging, interesting, enjoyable or educational. So everyone should have one or two hobbies, then the life is meaningful and amusing.

Changes in Life



Over the past twenty years or so, great changes have taken place in our life. Take my family for example. My parents contacted others mainly by sending them letters in the past. But now we Call long distance at home. And once my parents listened to the radio for news and other information. But now we get the news by watching TV. Another big change is in my living conditions. When they got married about twenty years ago, my parents lived in a small room crowded with fiirniture. But now we have moved into a big new three-room apartment. In short, our life has become comfortable and convenient.


My hometown, which is in the south of Anhui Province, is a very beautiful village. It lies on the east bank of Changjiang river, surrounded by green mountains, In the past my hometown was poor, and people led a hard life. They couldn't afford to send their children to school. But ,great changes have taken place in my hometown in the past twenty years. Many families .have not only color TV sets, but also telephones, fridges, computers, and so on. New roads, houses, schools, hospitals have been built. People in my hometown are working hard and led a happy life.