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1. 沉迷网络游戏

题目:李华沉迷于电脑游戏中,影响了学习。作为他的好朋友,你打算怎么帮他呢? 请用下面所给的提示词写一篇不少于80字的短文。字迹工整,语言流畅。 提示词:give up/ concentrate on /be (become)interested in

Li Hua spent too much time playing computer games and he fell behind others. (李华花太多时间玩游.于是他落后于其他人)As a good friend of his, I must do something to help him.(作为他的一个好朋友,我必须帮助他.)

Firstly, I think it’s very important for him to learn lessons well. (首先,我认为学好功课对他来说很重要.)He should spend most of his time on his study instead of computer games. (他应该大多数时间来学习而不是玩电脑游

戏.)Secondly, I must tell him that playing computer games too much is bad for his health, especially for his eyes. (其次,我必须告诉他,玩太多电脑游戏对他的健康,尤其是眼睛有害.)So he must give it up. (所以他必须放弃玩游戏.)I can play more sports with him after school. (我可以放学后和他一起多做些运动.)Maybe he will become more

interested in sports than computer games. (也许他会对做运动更加感兴趣.)And then I'll ask him to pay more attention to his study. (然后,我会让他多注意他的学习.)Of course, I will try my best to help him with all his subjects.(当然,我会尽力帮他学习所有的学科.) I think I can do it in many fun ways and let him find much fun in studying. (我想我可以用很多有趣的方法让他在学习中找到乐趣.)At the same time, I'll ask both his parents and our teachers to help him, too. (同时我会让他父母和我们的老师也帮助他.)If I try these, I'm sure he will make great progress soon. (如果我做这些尝试,我确信他很快会取得很大的进步.)

2. 怎样学好英语 世界在发展,文化在交融,英语已经成为人们沟通的桥梁。怎样学好英语是我们一直在探索的问题。几年的学习经历你一定积累了许多成功的经验,请从听、说、读、写四方面谈谈你的建议。

How to learn English well

English is very important and useful to us. (英语对于我们来说非常重要而且有用.)How can we learn it well? (我们如何学好呢?)Here are my suggestions.(这里有一些建议.)

First, we should often listen to the tapes, English songs and programs.(首先,我们应该听磁带,英语歌曲和节目.)Watching English movies is also helpful to us. (观看英语电影对我们来说也是有帮助的.)Second, we should speak English in class as much as possible.(其次,我们应该在课堂上尽可能多的讲英语.) Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. (不要害怕犯错误.) The more you speak, the fewer mistakes you’ll make. (你讲得越多,你以后犯的错误就会越少.)We'd better join the English club and practice with others. (我们最好要加入英语俱乐部和其他人一起练习.)Third, we can read more English newspapers and magazines.(第三在,我们可以看更多的英语报纸和杂志.) It’s good for us. (这对我们有好处.)At last, we should recite some good passages and keep diaries.(最后,我们要背诵好的文章和写日记.)

In a word, as long as we do more listening, speaking, reading and writing, we will learn English well.(总之,只要我们多听多讲多读多写,我们就能学好英语.)

3. 如何减压让生活更美好

许多学习生活中的烦恼都会使人产生压力, 为了更好地发现及解决同学们中存在的心理压力问题, 你们班特意开展了一次以"Less Pressure, Better Life"为主题的英语演讲比赛, 请你准备发言稿, 谈谈你的一些缓解压力的好办法, 与同学分享, 内容包括:

(1) 同学们中普遍存在的压力是什么;(2) 我的压力是什么; (3) 我是如何成功缓解我的压力的。

Less Pressure, Better Life(更少的压力,更好的生活)

Hello, boys and girls!

Pressure is a serious problem in today’s world. (压力是当今世界的一个严重的问题.)Students in our class are under too much pressure.(我们班的同学们都处于很大的压力之下.) Some students can’t get on well with their classmates, while others may worry about their exams.(一些学生不能与同学友好相处,而其他的同学可能是担心他们的考试.)

I’m always under pressure, too. (我也总是处于压力之下.)My parents want me to be the top student in class. (我的父母希望我成为优等生.)So they send me to all kinds of after-classes at weekends.(所以他们周末送我去各种各样的学习班.) Last Monday evening, I had a talk with my mother.(上周一的晚上,我和我妈妈谈了话.) I told her I was not lazy. (我告诉她我不是懒惰.)I really felt tired. (我真的感到很累.)I needed time to relax.(我需要放松.) My mother agreed with me at last. (我妈妈最后同意了我的看法.)So I think a conversation with parents is necessary to solve the problem.(所以我认为和父母好好谈对于解决问题来说是必要的.)

That’s all. Thank you!

4. 阳光体育运动的好处 I like sports

I feel that taking exercise is good for our health. (我觉得做运动对于我们的健康来说是有好处的.)I often felt tired when I was studying before. (以前我在学习的时候经常感到疲劳.)From this term I keep on running when I get up in the morning. (从这学期开始,我坚持起床后跑步.)After class ,I often go to play basketball with my friends. (下课后,我经常和朋友一起打篮球.)Now I feel much better than before and I never feel tired when I am studying .(现在我比以前感觉好多了,学习时也不会疲劳了.)And I improve a lot in my lessons. (我学习也进步很大.)So please take exercise as often as possible .(所以要尽可能多地做运动.) 5. 怎样保持健康的生活习惯

健康的生活习惯对于成长中的我们是非常重要的。你认为健康的生活习惯应当是怎样的呢? 请根据下面的信息提示, 写一篇短文, 首句已给出。

信息提示:健康饮食; 早睡早起, 不熬夜; 参加运动, 强身健体。

要求:根据信息提示, 把握要点, 适当发挥, 不逐字翻译。字数在80词左右。

I think healthy habits are very important for us.(我认为健康的习惯对我们来说非常重要.)All of us want to be healthy. (我们所有人都想要保持健康.)First, we should get enough sleep during the night. (首先,我们晚上要有充足的睡眠.)We can go to bed early and get up early. (我们可以早睡早起.)Staying up late is bad for our health. (熬夜对我们的健康有害.)Second, we must have the right kinds of food. (第二,我们要吃对的食物.)We should eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat. (我们要多吃蔬菜和水果,少吃肉.)We should drink a lot of water. (我们要多喝水.)We should have healthy eating habits. (我们要拥有健康的饮食习惯.)Third, we should do more exercise to build up our bodies. (第三,我们要多做运动,增强体质.)Finally, we should wash hands before meals and brush our teeth twice a day. .(最后,我们饭前要洗手,一天刷两次牙) If we don’t feel well, we should go to see the doctor at once.(如果我们感到不舒服,我们应该马上去看医生.)

6. 毕业感想

初中生活马上就要结束了, 三年的初中生活一定给你留下了很多挥之不去的回忆。请你给大家讲一个最值得你回忆的故事。包括时间、人物、事情经过和事后你的感想(请不要写出真实的学校名称以及真实姓名) 。

提示词语: three years, memories, one of, one day, think, happy/ sorry

How time flies! (光阴似箭!)I have studied in my school for three years.(我在这个学校学习已经三年了.) And I will graduate from middle school in a month. (一个月后我就要从中学毕业了.)I am eager to share my happiness and sadness with you. (我渴望和你们分分享我的快乐与悲伤.) I had so many memories in three years’ life. (三年里我有许多回忆.)One of them impressed me very much. I still remember, when I began to learn English, I found it too difficult. (我仍然记得我第一次学习英语时,我发现学英语太困难了.) No matter how hard I tried, I still couldn’t do well in it and almost gave it up. (无论我多努力,我都不能学好.我几乎要放弃了.)As soon as my English teacher found my problem, she had a talk with me about how to learn English well. (当我的英语老师发现了我的问题, 她和我进行了关于如何学好英语的谈话.)Since then, she has kept helping me. (从那时起, 她一直坚持帮助我.) Little by little, I’ve become interested in English and I’m good at it. (一点点地, 开始对英语感兴趣了. 现在我学得很好.)I think I am so lucky to become one of her students.(我想我是真是幸运,可以成为她的一名学生.) I’ve learned a lot from her. (从她身上我学习了很多.)I will try to help others when they are in trouble. (我会在别人有困难的时候尽可能地帮助他们.)I think it is a happy thing to help others.(我认为帮助别人是快乐的.)

7. 节约用水



Water is very important for our life. (水对于我们的生活来说是重要的.)Every day we use water to drink, to cook and to wash. (每天我们都用水来喝,用水来做饭,用水来洗.)Water is necessary for all plants. (水对于所有的) 植物来说是必要的.They need water to grow. (它们的生长需要水.)People can’t live without water. (没有水人们就不能生存.)Plants will die without water. (没有水,植物会死去.)However, many people pollute lakes and rivers with waste water,(然而,很多人污染了湖泊与河流) so we must stop some people or some factories from wasting water or polluting water and help keep the water clean. (所以我们必须阻止人们和工) 厂排放污水,应该保持水的清洁.)At the same

time ,we should save as much water as possible. (同时,我们应该尽可能地节约用水)For example, we must turn off the tap immediately after we use it. (例如,我们用完水龙头后应该立刻关闭水龙头不.) It’s also a good idea to encourage our friends and family members to join us! (鼓励我们的朋友和家人加入我们的行列也是一个好主意.)

I believe if we try our best the world will be better and better.(我相信如果我们尽力我们的世界会变得越来越好.)

8. 幸福

幸福是什么? 幸福是父母为你营造的温馨的家,幸福是老师望向你的赞许的目光,幸福是孤独时朋友送来的一杯奶茶,幸福是…… 请以My happiness为话题,写一件曾经发生过的令你感到幸福的事情。

Happiness is important in our life. (幸福在我们的生活中非常的重要.)In fact, happiness is always around you if you put your heart into it.(实际了,如果你用心的话,幸福总是在我们的身边.)

I will never forget one thing. (我永远也不会忘记一件事.)Once, I had a bad mark at a math test.(有一次,我数学考试成绩很差.) I was shy and afraid to meet my parents. (我很害羞,不敢去见我的爸爸妈妈.)But when I got back home late, my parents knew what happened,(但是当我回家之后,我父母知道发生什么了) they said to me:(他们对我说: ―It doesn’t matter, my child. (我的孩子,没关系.) Remember we’ll be always beside you when you need help. (记住,在你需要的时候,我们总是会在你身边的.)We believe you can be better next time. (我们相信你下次会做得更好的.)Never give up!(不要放弃) ‖ I was moved and made up my mind to work harder and harder.(我很感动,下定决心要更加努力地学习) I feel happy. (我感到快乐.)Whenever I am in trouble, I can feel my parents’ love.(在我遇到困难时,我可以感觉到父母的爱.) I want to be a good child for my parents.(我想要成为父母的好孩子.)

9. My country life(我的农村生活)

I like to live in the countryside.(我住在农村.) I live in a small village. (我住在一个小村庄里.)There is a river near it.(那附近有一条小河.) Lots of trees are around my house. (我家周围有很多的树.)I can see a lot of farms and birds. (我可以看到许多农场和许多鸟.)(There is less noise. (那里噪音很少.)The air here is cleaner and fresher. (空气更干净更清新.)There are fewer cars(那里小汽车更少). I read aloud early in the morning. (我在早晨大声地朗读.)When it is getting dark, the moon is bright in the sky. (天黑时,天空中的月亮非常明亮.)It ’s very quiet .(那里很安静.) What a nice place I live in !(我住的是多么好的一个地方呀!)

10. 保护环境

6月5日( June 5)是世界环境保护日, 我们周围的环境变得越来越糟糕, 污染越来越严重。环境问题影响着人们的工作, 学习, 生活等, 而我们的工作, 生活, 生产等又使环境污染越来越严重...... 如何保护我们的环境? 请以― How to protect/save our environment/world? ‖为题写一篇短文。

提示:存在问题:1.水污染越来越严重;2. 砍伐森林严重;3. 大气污染严重;4. 白色垃圾等。

要求:如何改善/保护环境? 至少:3---4个方面, 80字左右的。

How to protect/save our environment/world?

The environmental pollution is worse and worse today.(现在环境污染越来越糟糕.)Water is polluted; we have no clean water to drink. (水被污染,我们没有干净的饮用水.)Many trees are cutting down, some animals is getting less and less. (树被砍倒,一些动物变得越来越少.)Some factories are pouring dirty air in the sky.(一些工厂排放废气.) The population is increasing faster and faster, resources are getting less and less…etc. (污染增长越来越快,资源越来越少.)People's health has been greatly affected by air, noise and water pollution. .(人们的健康被空气污染,噪音污染和水污染极大地影响

了.)Many people died of diseases. (许多人们死于疾病.)In order to live a better life, we need protect our world.(为了过上更好的生活,我们需要保护我们的环境.)

We shouldn’t throw away rubbish everywhere. (我们不应该乱扔垃圾.)We want to recycle, reduce, reuse things .(我们要再回收东西,减少使用东西以及再利用东西.) Don’t waste things. (不要浪费东西.)This saves money and reduces pollution.(这样可以节约金钱,减少污染.) Use things for as long as possible. (更可能长时间地使用东西.) We don’t use plastic bags.(我们不要使用塑料袋子.) We must plant more trees and stop the people cutting them .(我们必须多种树少砍树.)We hope our world becomes more and more beautiful.(我们希望世界变得更美丽.)

11. 拯救地球 Save the earth

How to protect the environment has become one of the biggest problems in the world .(如何保护环境已经成为世界上最大的问题之一.)

It ’s our duty to protect our environment . (保护我们的环境是我们的责任.)No matter where we live , we should do something to keep our neighborhood clean and tidy . (无论我住在哪里,我们都要保持干净与整洁.)We can collect waste paper or other waste things for recycling. (我们可以搜废纸及其他废弃物,用于回收.)We should plant more trees (我们要多种树)and we should prevent those factories from pouring waste water into rivers, lakes and fields. (我们要阻止工厂排放废水进入河流,湖泊和田野里) We shouldn’t leave rubbish everywhere and spit in public places . (我们不应该乱扔垃圾,乱吐痰)We mustn’t pick the flowers or step on the grass in public. (我们不能摘花和践踏草坪)If everyone tries his best to protect the environment ,(如果每个人都尽力去保护环境) the world will become much more beautiful and our life will be better and better .(世界会更美丽,我们的生活也会越来越美好)

12. 爱好 My Hobby

I am a 15-year-old student in junior Grade 3.(我是一个初三年的学生,15岁I like to spend time on my hobbies, such as playing the piano, surfing the Internet.(我喜欢花时间在我的爱好上面,例如,弹钢琴,上网冲浪.)

One of my favorite hobbies is reading. (我的最喜欢的爱好之一是看书)Reading has been in my life for many years, since I began to learn characters.自从我学习汉字以来,我已经看书很多年了. It can not only kill the time, but also, more important, help improve my reading ability. (这不会浪费时间,而且更重要的是可以提高我的阅读能力)When reading, I can learn a lot. (我看书时可以学很多)Reading Shakespear's works, I know how Hamlet looks like.(读沙士比亚的作品,我知道哈姆雷物是怎样的) Reading Socrates, I can see how great ancient Greek philosophers are.(读苏格拉底,我可以知道古希望的哲学家是多么伟大.) Reading Lu Xun, I come back to the old time of China.(读鲁迅,我回到了旧中国)

13. 兴趣 My best subject

English is one of my best subjects(英语是我最喜欢的学科之一) and I started learning English when I was ten years old. (我十岁开始学英语)But at the very beginning, listening seemed a little difficult for me.(但起初,英语听力对我来说有点难) So I have been doing a lot of listening practice, (所以我做了很多的听力练习)such as listening to tapes, watching English TV programs.(比如听磁带,看英语节目) And I found it really helped a lot.(我发现这真的非常有帮助) In fact, there are some more helpful ways to learn English well. (事实上,有一些更有用的方法可以学英语)For example, I enjoy singing English songs and I want to join an English club or find a pen pal from English-speaking countries.(例如,我喜欢唱英文歌曲,我想加入英语俱乐部或找个英语国家的笔友) I believe that nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it.(我相信只要你用心,没有什么是不可能的)

14. 校园安全

建设平安校园是我们每个人的责任与义务。作为一名学生,我们更应该珍惜自己的生命,更应该注意自己的人身安全。假如你是Li Hua,并担任校学生会主席,请你就安全问题,向全校学生发出倡议,写一封安全倡议书。


参考词汇:管制刀具:restricted knives or things;洗澡:have a bath;打架:fight; 紧急情况:emergency; 交通安全:pay attention to the traffic。

Dear students,

As we know, safety is the most important thing in our lives. (众所周知,安全在我们的生活中是最重要的)So, we should try our best to make sure we are safe. (我们应该尽力确保我们的安全) We mustn’t bring restricted knives or things to our school because these things may cause serious problems. (我们不能带管制刀具去上学,因为这些东西可能会造成一些严重的问题) Do not have a bath in rivers or ponds by ourselves without our parents’ permission. (没有父母的允许不要在河里或池塘里洗澡)And, we should be friendly to others (我们应该对别人友好)Make sure that we should always pay attention to the traffic on our way to school or home.(我们在上学放学的路上要注意安全) Further more, if we meet some emergency, we must call for help from the police or our teachers.(而且,如果我们遇到紧急情况时,我们要打电话给警察或老师求助) In a word, following these safeties rules above can make us live in peace.(总之,遵守这些安全守则,我们就能够生活得安全)


Li Hua

15. 饮食安全

假如你是一所国际学校校办英文杂志的学生编辑. 你看了下面这封信后,也想写一篇关于该信的读后感,内容要点包括:你对此事件的看法; 解释你的理由并提出你的建议; 向受害者表达尽快康复的祝愿.

Today, I received the reader's letter. (今天,我收到了读者的来信)I was shocked at it. (我被震动了)Personally speaking, I think we should pay more attention to the food safety. (我认为我们应该更加注意食品安全)The government must make some necessary laws. (政府必须制定一些必要的法律)What's more, some businessmen shouldn't be only interested in making money. (而且,一些商人不应该只对赚钱感兴趣)They must care about people's health. (他们必须关心人们的健康)We'd better not eat anything in dirty places though some food is delicious, because eating unhealthy food does harm to our health.(我们最好不要在肮脏的地方吃东西,尽管有些食物很美味.因为不健康的食物对我们的健康是有害的)

Finally, I hope the family in the accident will get better soon.(最后,我希望事故中的家庭的人们可以很快康复) \

16. 我的理想职业

I want to be an inventor

TVs, telephone, fridges, cars, planes, computers and many other things are important inventions.(电视,电话,冰箱,小汽车,飞机,电脑和其他一些东西都是重要的发明) They have greatly changed our life.(他们极大地改变了我们的生活) Many people have their ideas and wishes.)(许多人们有他们的想法和愿望)They want to invent some new things for the world. (他们想要发明一些新的东西)I am one of them. (我是他们中的一个)I want to be an inventor in the future, Inventions can bring fun and happiness to our life and make our daily life more convenient. (我将来想要成为一名发明家.发明可以带来乐趣与幸福,可以使我们的生活更方便.)Our life will become better and better. (我们的生活会变得越来越美好)Now I am a high school student. (现在我是一名中学生)I will try my best to work hard at my lessons to make my dream come true.(我会尽力去努力学习,以实现我的梦想)

17. 我最好的朋友

My best friend

My best friend is Tom.Tom 是我最好的朋友 He is 15 years old. (他15岁)We are both in the same class. (我们在相同的班级)He works very hard. (他学习非常努力)He is never late for school and he does well in all his lessons. (他上学从不迟到,他在所有功课方面都学得非常的好)He is always ready to help others. (他总是准备好要帮助其他人)My math is very poor, so he often helps me with my math after class. (我的数学很不好,所以他下课后常常帮我学数学)His parents are both teachers. (他的父母是老师.)They are very busy, so he often helps do the housework at home. (他们很忙,所以他在家时经常帮忙做家务)He is a little shorter than me but he is very strong. (他比我矮一点,但是他很强壮)He likes playing football very much at school.(他喜欢踢球) We often play football together and he plays it pretty well,.(我们经常一起踢足球.而且他踢得非常好)He gets on well with us, everyone in our class likes him.(他和我们相处得非常好,我们班的每个人都非常喜欢他)

18. 旅游介绍


请你阅读你的加拿大网友Tommy 的e-mail ,根据e-mail 的内容,给他写一封回信.

Dear Li Lei,

I haven't heard from you for a long time.(好久没有收到你的来信) I'm glad to tell you that I'll visit Beijing this

summer vacation. (我很高兴地告诉你,我今年暑假将要去北京)It is said that Beijing is a great city with a long history (据说北京是一个具有悠久历史的城市)and more changes have taken place since the 2008 Olympic Games. (自2008奥林匹克运动会以来,北京发生了很大的变化)I would like to know something about Beijing, (我想要了解一些关于中国的东西)such as places of interest, the environment, traffic and people there.(例如名胜,环境,交通及那里的人们)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.(我盼望收到你的来信)



Dear Tommy,

I'm glad to know you will come to Beijing.(很高兴你要来中国)

Beijing, the capital of China, is one of the largest cities in the world. (北京是世界上最大的城市之一))There are many places of interest, such as the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. (有很多的名胜古迹,例如颐和园,紫禁城和长成)All of them are beautiful and well-known to the world. (这些都很美丽而且举世闻名)Great changes have taken place in Beijing since we successfully held the 2008 0lympic Games.自从成功举办2008年奥运会之后,北京发生了巨大的变化.

Now, people pay more attention to the environment.(现在我们更注意到环境) More trees and flowers have been planted. 很多的树和花被种植For the traffic, it is very convenient for people to travel around Beijing, 交通方面,环游北京非常方便because several new subway lines have been built. 因人一些新的地铁线路被建造了If you come to Beijing, you will find people here are very friendly and helpful. 如果你来到北京,你会发现人们非常友好非常乐于助人What's more, a lot of people can speak English. 而且许多人都会讲英语Beijing is really an attractive city with a long history.北京是个具有悠久历史的有吸引力的国家.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.(我盼望能尽快收到你的来信)


Li Lei


越来越多汽车进入我们的家庭生活,改善了我们的生活,但同时也带来了很多问题,如塞车和车祸,给家庭和社会带来极大的危害。作为中学生,我们应该怎样做呢? 请写一篇有关交通安全的短文(80字左右) 内容包含:

1. 遵守交通规则,如走人行道/过斑马线。2. 别在街道上或马路上玩耍和踢球。

3. 劝父母不能酒后驾车。


参考词汇:sidewalk 人行道 zebra-crossing 斑马线


With more and more cars coming into our families, (越来越多的小汽车进入人们的家庭)we are happy that it has greatly improved our life. (我们很高兴它极大地改善了我们的生活)But unluckily, it has also brought many problems, such as heavy traffic and traffic accidents.(但是不幸的是,它也带来了许多问题,例如繁忙的交通和交通事故)

Traffic safety is everybody's business. (交通安全是每个人的责任)We must obey the rules.(我们必须遵守这些规则) For example, we must walk on walk side, when we cross zebra – crossing, stop and look right and left, then go across fast. (例如,我们要走人行道,当我们过斑马线时,要停下来右看,左看,然后快速通过.) Don’t play football on the road .(不要在公路上踢足球)we can tell our parents not to drink before they drive, not to run through red lights, not to talk and laugh while driving etc.(我们可以告诉父母开车之前不能喝酒,不要闯红灯,开车时不要说笑)

We can say cars are coming into our life, but only when everybody thinks traffic safety is everybody's business can we be safe driving on roads and walking on sidewalk.

20. 传统节日介绍

假设你是刘伟,你的美国朋友MIKE 想通过你了解中国的传统节日。请你根据提示,给Mike 写一封e-mail ,向他介绍我国传统节日春节的情况。

内容提示:1. 春节是中国最重要的传统节日;2. 春节期间人们的主要活动(节前、除夕、节日期间)< Spring Festival, traditional, decorate, on the eve of the festival, get together, set off fireworks, lucky money>

Dear Mike,

How are you? (你好吗?) I’m really glad that you are interested in traditional Chinese festivals. (我很高兴你对传统的中国节日感兴趣)There are many traditional festivals in China, 中国有许多的传统节日such as Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Day and so on.(如春节,中秋节等) I’d like to introduce the Spring Festival to you. (我想要介绍一下春

节)Spring Festival is the most important traditional holiday in China. (春节是中国最重要的传统节日)It usually lasts for 15 days. 它一般持续15天

Days before the festival, people clean their houses. (在节日之前,人们会打扫房间)They think cleaning sweeps any bad luck. (他们认为大扫除可以清除坏运气)They decorate their houses with paper cuts. (他们用剪纸来装饰房子)On the eve of the festival, family members get together and have big meals. (在节日前夜,家庭成员们一起吃大餐)Then they watch the Spring Festival Gala on TV. 人(然后他们一起在电视上看春晚)At midnight, they set off fireworks to welcome the New Year. (午夜,他们会放烟花来迎接新年)During the festival, kids get lucky money from old people. (在节日期间,孩子们可以收到红包)People visit their relatives and friends.(人们拜访他们的亲戚和朋友.) They wish each a happy year and good luck. How happy we are.他们祝福新年快乐和好运.我们多么开心.

Best wishes!


Liu Wei

21. 开展有意义的活动

为配合我市开展―创建文明城市(build a civilized city)‖活动,学校举办以―How to Behave Well‖为主题的英语征文比赛。现在请你根据所给提示内容,用英语写一篇参赛短文。

提示:1. 衣着整洁;2. 保持环境卫生 3. 待人有礼,乐于助人;4. 遵守交通规则;

要求:1. 文章必须包括所给提示中1—4 项内容,可展开思路,适当发挥;

2. 文中不能出现考生的真实姓名、校名和其他真实信息;

How to Behave Well?

In order to build a civilized city, we students should try our best to behave well in the activities.

It's a good habit to keep our clothes clean and tidy. Our city should be kept clean every day. Don't throw litter or spit about. It's good manners to say "Thank you" and "Please" and so on. We should never say dirty words. Be friendly to others and always ready to help the people in need. For example, when we are on a bus, we should give our seats to the old and the women with babies. We should also obey traffic rules. When the traffic lights are red, we should stop. And we'd better not talk or laugh loudly in public.

If everyone behaves well, our city will be more beautiful and more attractive.

22. I like the Internet

The Internet is playing an important part in our daily life. It’s very useful. I often search the Internet for some information. I can read the latest news, do some shopping, and get all kinds of information from it. I can also download the information that I need and I can send e-mails and make telephone calls to my friends on the internet. The most important thing is that I am able to study all my lessons on the Internet.

The Internet makes my life more interesting and colorful and it has a wide effect on my study and daily life. I like the internet very much. How about you ?

23.Great changes in my hometown

More than twenty years ago, my hometown was just a small , old and poor town. Most of people were farmers. There were few factories. The people didn’t have enough food to eat and wore old clothes. They had a hard life .

Great changes have taken place in the past twenty years . The people have found a lot of ways of making money . Now there are many tall buildings . They are very beautiful . Roads are wide and clean . People can take buses or drive their own cars to go to work . Many people have cell phones and personal computers. People’s living conditions have improved a lot . Thanks to the government’s efforts . my hometown is becoming more and more beautiful .