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In the present-day society, mobile phones have gained much popularity than ever before. However, people still hold different attitudes towards the application of mobile phones.

Some believe that the mobile phones play vital role in their lives as daily necessities. Firstly, mobile phones significantly increase the efficiency of communication. In the past, letter was the only connection way for people who lived far away from each other and took weeks or even few months. Today with the advent of mobile phones, these same communications can be accomplished in few minutes, which are really time-saving. What is more, mobile phones also make life more convenient. To be more precisely, there are a great variety of apps in mobile phones. For example, Alipay, which was developed by Alibaba, is common way to pay bills. People just need to click the mobile phones’ screen and then wait to receive goods they have bought.

However, a counterargument is that the benefits of mobile phones cannot justify their harmful effects and they should be banned. This due to a fact that if one spends the vast majority of his spare time on mobile phones, he will lack sufficient time for communication with the family members, which may possibly result in the alienation in the family. However, the reasoning above is questionable. In fact, most people can stay connected with their family members and friends through video chatting no matter how far they live, which strength their relationships rather than causing alienation.

In conclusion, my own view is that although mobile phones may have some disadvantages, they still are an important communication tool and should not be abandoned.