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英语期末作文(Unit1~Unit7) Unit1

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a paragraph of your plan to develop your listening comprehension and speaking ability at college. You should write at least 120 words.(方向:对于这部分,你可以30分钟写一段你的计划,以发展你的听力理解和口语能力,在大学。你应该至少写120个字。)

One’s listening comprehension and speaking ability grow by practice. To achieve good results in training aural comprehension at college, it is necessary to practice listening to English on a regular basis. I will start by listening to tapes based on the materials we use in class. Later, when I am more advanced, listening to taped lectures, stories, and news reports will be a good way to improve my ear. And I will develop my speaking ability by taking an active part in classroom activities and talking with my fellow students after class. Besides, I will try to find native speakers on my campus and make friends with them. A sustained friendship with people from English-speaking countries will provide the motivation to communicate and help improve my spoken English slowly but steadily.




Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a paragraph describing the difficulties Chichester had to struggle against when sailing round the world. You should write at least 120 words(方向:对于这部分,你可以30分钟写一段描述奇切斯特斗争环球航行的困难。你应该至少写120个字)

When Chichester set out on the greatest voyage of his life, he was nearly sixty-five years old. What’s more, he had lung cancer. When he finished the first half of his voyage and arrived in Australia, he could not even walk on shore without help. His friends attempted to dissuade him from continuing the adventure, but he didn’t listen. Instead he set sail again to conquer the treacherous Cape Horn. Clipper ships had sailed round Cape Horn in the nineteenth century, but they had plenty of able-bodied men aboard. In contrast, Chichester was all alone and had to cope with every danger all single-handed. At times the sea became so rough that it took all his strength to stop his boat from turning over. Imagine the fear he experienced when the main steering device on Gypsy Moth was damaged by gales. A man without his courage and determination would certainly have been drowned by the sea.





Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Good Manners. You should write at least 120 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:





People all over the world attach importance to good manners. To certain degree, good manners indicate a person’s good education and breeding. In schools, it is part of students’ moral raising to develop good manners. A person with good manners always wins praise. On the contrary, people will frown on him if he behaves roughly and impolitely.

There are good manners in which we behave in public places. It is a good manner to offer help to the young, the old and the handicapped when they are in need of it. So is it to conduct ourselves politely and keep away from foul language. Besides, we should guard against such minor offences as making a loud noise, casting peels and shells, smoking, and spitting.

If everyone has developed good manners, people will form a more harmonious relationship. If everyone behaves considerately towards others and follows the social ethics, people will live in a better world. With the general mood of society improved, there will be a progress of civilization.






Directions: For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Internet. You should write at least 120 words and base your composition on the outline below:




In recent years, people are developing an inseparable relationship with Internet. As is known to all, it is convenient for us to click the mouse when surfing on line, either to entertain ourselves or to meet the work’s needs.

On the one hand, no one denies that Internet is currently one of the most useful media in our daily life. As a college student, I get on line every day to exchange information through e-mails with my net friends. But on the other hand, a good many people admit that they are too much addicted to Internet to maintain a regular and wholesome lifestyle.

Thus, it is necessary for us to use Internet in a reasonable way and restrain from overindulgence. After all,Internet is invented to enrich our life, and to improve the efficiency of our work rather than shackle us with a chain.






Directions: This part is to test your ability to do English writing. You are required to write a composition based on the following information given in Chinese. Remember to do your writing on the Translation / Composition Sheet.

How to write right

1. 有人认为作家是天生的。

2. 也有人认为作家是后天的努力

3. 你的观点

How to be a successful writer

Some people believe that a writer is born but not taught. A writer should have certain gift or talent since his or her childhood. People can not be taught in school or college to be a good writer.

However, other people have the opinion that being a writer doesn’t require much talent or gift. What is required is to put your heart on it and work hard toward it. You should write with honesty and emotion, in a whole-hearted way about what you truly believe instead of making up story to cheat the readers.

As far as writing is concerned, I believe that writing right does require a little talent and certain knowledge of writing. Besides, diligence and devotion are dispensable part of being a good writer.








Directions: This part is to test your ability to do English writing. You are required to write a composition based on the following information given in Chinese. Remember to do your writing on the Translation / Composition Sheet.

Study efficiently

1. 有人认为大学学习很轻松,不需太多努力。

2. 也有人认为大学学习效率很重要

3. 你在提高学习效率方面的建议

Study Efficiently

Some students believe that college life is an easy and relaxing life. You don’t have to work hard to get your degree or diploma. Instead, you can make full use of your 4 years enjoying what you want to do.

However, other students have the belief that life in college is challenging. You have to study in a hard and efficient way to graduate. Efficiency will play a critical role during the short period of time. If you fail to work efficiently, you will not have a rich and colorful life.

In my opinion, efficiency in study is of great important to college students. In doing so, you should first of all make good arrangement of your time. Good planning is the first step to achieve your short-term goal of graduation with merit. Then you should take the school library as your second home. Extensive reading will not only enrich your mind but also lead you into a wonderful world full of varieties and challenging.







Directions: Write a one-paragraph composition describing the “sampler” in the story you have just studied. Begin the paragraph with the sentence. “Every week during the Christmas season a poorly-dressed, elderly gentleman would appear in a certain store where he sampled puddings, but never bought any.” Complete the composition with six to eight sentences.(说明:写一一段作文


Every Christmas season a poorly-dressed, elderly gentleman would appear in a certain store where he sampled puddings, but never bought any. Obviously he had come down in the world and could not afford to actually buy any pudding. One day a young man happened to meet him in the store. He felt some pity for the old man and offered to buy him one. On hearing the young man’s offer, the elderly gentleman jumped back in astonishment. With a quick decision he bought one of the most expensive puddings in the store. Evidently, the old chap was only buying that pudding to save his honor. The “sampler” may have been poor but he was a very, very proud man.