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PETER: Hi. 你好。 LEO: Hi. 你好。 PETER:

What's the time? 现在几点了? LEO: It's ten to.

10分钟到7点。 PETER: Ten to?

10分钟到7点? LEO:

Would you like this? 你喜欢这个吗? PETER:

Just put it in the fridge please. 把它放在冰箱里吧。 LEO:

What time are they arriving? 他们几点到? PETER:

Seven thirty. Leo, could you please do this? 7点半。 Leo,你能帮忙吗? LEO:

Sure. You know, I always wanted to be a chef.

[PETER]] Are you serious? Kind of beena dream of mine.

当然可以。 我一直都想做一名厨师...[PETER]你是认真的吗? 这是我的一个梦想。 PETER: Since when.

从什么时候开始的。 LEO:

There's something about cooking, the colors, the smells, the taste obviously, it's an art.

有很多是与烹饪相关的,比如色,香,味,尤其是味,这是一门艺术。 PETER:

If you say so. 如果你这样说。 LEO:

What? Oh so being a chef is not as noble as building 'green cities'' is it, not all of uscan save the world Pete!

什么? 所以做一名厨师并不像建造一座“绿色城市”那么高尚。不是所有人都能够拯救世界的Peter! PETER:

I tell you what - I save the world, and you can cook for it. Deal?

我告诉你,我来拯救这个世界,你可以为这个世界烹饪。 交易吗? LEO: It's a deal. 一言为定。 PETER:

What do you do with this? Chop it. 你要怎么做这个? 把它切碎。 LEO:

Got some pots and pans? 有没有大锅和平底锅? 世事变化无常 KEVIN0:

undefined1c0d6ae4-2d63-4ff5-9178-08943ad3d905.mp3 You know Ian and Felton can be really boring sometimes.

undefined65069845-f8ac-4b69-a26e-44a00f96d5f1. mp3 They're always arguing, like. like children. undefined79c4d477-e3dd-4423-a09e-b1bfdfa03a56.mp3 It drives me crazy.

undefined80c6dce6-3b34-4776-a70e-23f0b3fd9569.mp3 They even argue about music. undefined208d7ddc-2dec-4956-8660-0a706dbe71c 4.mp3 Tastes differ!

0有时候觉得Ian 和Felton 真的很无聊。 0他们总是吵啊吵,像孩子一样。 0我要疯了... 0他们总是争论音乐的事情。 0品味不同(在音乐,编辑方面) KEVIN1:

undefined0dc2f9b8-871b-460d-b510-873ec51c58d b.mp3 I particularly like hip-hop and rock. undefined12b6f355-ee5b-486d-957a-8c7623a47f58.mp3 And Felton doesn't. undefined31213808-3d9f-4fa5-9443-257349d3f55c .mp3 Who cares? undefined824c1618-8e20-4e2f-a480-5f500f1b04b6.mp3 I usually listen to the radio on the Internet, that way I can always discover something new. undefined8fccaa37-a729-44bf-993c-c23d3286fb52. mp3 Music, and how we listen to it, is changing so fast.

0我特别喜欢嘻哈和摇滚。 0Felton 不喜欢。 0我不在意。 0我通常在网上听广播,这样我可以了解很多新鲜事物。 0音乐本身和我们听音乐的方式都在发生迅速的变化。 KEVIN2: undefined66ca69f8-8657-4177-b54f-0cf3a11682c3. mp3 In the future we'll be drinking a cup of coffee in a cafe, or dancing in a nightclub or .... or sitting on a toilet. and we hear a song we like and we press a button and. get it. undefined33b0fe37-64f0-4cde-b21d-c406f78bc975. mp3 Actually, this is already possible. everything changes so fast.

0将来我们在咖啡厅里喝咖啡,或者在夜总会里跳舞,或者坐在厕所里... 如果我们想听喜欢的歌,只需按一个键,就可以了。 0实际上,这已经成为可能了。世事万物都在不断地发展变化。

不符合计划 MARK0:

undefineda82bdd43-9dfd-47c0-8387-06abc2b97f0d .mp3 I planned a lot for this trip. undefined24f067fa-7d89-46e8-a15c-14fe76e0f6e9. mp3 I wanted to take Sarah to some of these fantastic places. undefineda25d1ba8-7966-48ef-af47-8f251a99143d. mp3 I wanted us to have some really some memorable moments and experiences together. undefineda9d424a3-de6a-4a16-976f-80f3f28c30c7. mp3 But, so far. so far things haven't been going so well.

undefined4e0510e6-892d-4e9d-aeb6-3dccfd3febfb. mp3 You see when I was planning this trip, I found this amazing hotel.

0我为这次旅行准备了很多。 0我想带Sarah 去这些很美的地方玩。 0我希望我们共同度过这些难忘的时刻和经历。 0但是,到目前为止,事情并没有进行得很顺利。 0我准备这次旅行的时候,发现了这个超棒的酒店。 MARK1:

undefineda9e70d14-9845-4923-a65a-1f0c8900eb79.mp3 I mean it's small it's quiet with an amazing, awesome view of the sunset. undefinedb618c120-2996-45b9-b91d-cf67e8aad6e 6.mp3 It's her birthday.

0这里又小又安静,还有绝美的日落。 0今天是她的生日。

爬上职场的阶梯 STUART:

I want to climb the career ladder, you know, but more often than not I feel like I'mworking against my boss instead of with her. You know, I had to break into her office. Ibroke into her office. And then I find out that we're going to destroy the LindermanBuil

ding. Destroy it.

我想事业有所发展,你知道的,但是在更多情况下我觉得我在妨碍我的老板而不是和她一起工作。 你知道的,我必须闯入她的办公室。 我闯入了她的办公室。 然后我发现我们准备拆除林德曼大厦。 拆除它。 STUART:

It makes no sense to me at all. Man, if they only knew what I was capable of, youknow, I'm, I'm good at my job. I'm hard working, I'm conscientious, and you know I'mreliable. I don't know. 我觉得完全不合理。 哎,如果他们知道我的能力就好了,你知道的,我擅长我的工作。我努力工作,我有责任心,而且你知道我很可靠。 我不知道。


You know, what Stuart doesn't understand is that this business world is much harderthan he ever thought it would be. He doesn't need mentors or seminars or workshops,he needs on the job training. You know, you work hard and that's how you learn so fast.He's not going to have time for this Linderman project. I'm going to give him moreresponsibility, put him in charge of more contracts and, maybe, even a pay raise.

你知道的,Stuart 不明白现在的商界比他想象的要难得多。 他不需要指导或者研讨会,他需要职业培训。 你工作努力,所以才学得这么快。 他不打算参加这个Linderman 计划。 我会让他承担更多的责任,让他负责更多的客户,甚至给他加薪。


I want to meet all of my deadlines and my targets. You know I want to be successful.I'm just starting to fear that I've picked the wrong job for advancement. Stuart Banks,twenty-nine, burnt out, washed up. So, shortest career ever.

我想在截止日期前达到所有目标。 你知道我想成功。 我只是开始担心我选错了工作。Stuart Banks ,29岁,烧坏的,洗过的 做过最短的工作。 梦想与计划 PETER:

Hey, I can't believe it! You really can cook! I think you're right. You should train to be achef. You should apply to Catering College and become qualified. 嘿,我简直不敢相信! 你真的会烹饪! 你说得对。 你应该被培养成厨师。 你应该申请餐饮学院,取得资质。 PETER:

In five years time you can open up your own chain of restaurants! Or you could cook forthe rich and fa

mous, you know, be the personal chef of a movie star! Or something.

5年内你就能开设属于你自己的连锁餐厅啦! 或者你可以为有钱人或名人烹饪食物,做电影明星的私人厨师! 或者其他什么。 LEO:

One step at a time, eh?

人应该一步一个脚印,对吗? PETER:

But, why not? You have to have a dream.

但是,为什么不应该这样呢? 你必须有理想。 LEO:

Oh, I have lots of dreams. 是的,我有很多的梦想。 PETER:

Yeah, but you have to make a plan until they come true. Hi!

是的,但是你必须要在它们实现之前制定一个计划。 你好! KATE:

Hey there, Pete. Peter, 你好。

Roll with the punches



You know what? Stuart needs to calm down. All this stress is not good for his health. You know, he just needs to learn how to take things as they are. You know, just roll with the punches. 你知道吗? Stuart需要冷静。 所有的这些压力对他的健康是不利的。 你知道的,他只是需要学习怎么去接受现状。 你知道的,只要顺其自然就可以了。


You know, he's becoming a real drag to be around.



I'm not going to let Elizabeth and her attitude bring me down. I want

training, but she believes in working. So, I'm going to play her game. I'm going to make her listen to me. 我不想让Elizabeth 和她的态度倒我胃口。 我想参加培训,但是她相信工作。 所以,我准备玩她的游戏。 我准备让她听我说。