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八下M1UI 考点(要求:背,听写)

1.look lovely 2. smell delicious 3. taste a bit sour 4. feel soft in the middle

5. look very busy 6.sound nice 7.Would you like to…? 8.Do you want to…?

9.I’m afraid…. 10.Have a try!

1. 看起来很可爱 2. 闻起来很美味 3. 尝起来有点儿酸 4. 感觉里面很酥软

5. 看上去很忙 6. 听起来不错 7. 你愿意……吗? 8. 你想……吗?

9. 恐怕…… 10. 尝一下吧!


1.thanks for sth / doing sth 2. hear from 3.… can’t wait to do sth 4. spend…doing

5.be proud of 6. be afraid of doing

1. 感谢…… 2. 收到……来信 3. 等不及做某事 4. 花费……做某事

5. 为……感到自豪 6. 害怕做某事


• 父母是我们最亲近的人, 是值得我们尊重的人, 请向你的同桌介绍一下你的父亲或


• 提示词(必须全部用上,否则容易跑题) : years old , short , thin, kind, strict, like doing,

usually, feel, at weekends.


外表:My mother was born in Beijing. She is 39 years old. She is short, thin with 不仅very kind. 爱好:She has many hobbies. She likes swimming and reading. She thinks (that )宾语从句. She usually goes swimming with her friends at weekends. 评价:She often . She feels sad when I get bad marks and 总结句:This is my lovely mother. I love her a lot.


请你以“My best friend”为题写一篇短文, 内容包括她的外貌、性格、爱好以及你对他的评价. 提示词语供选用。

提示词语:friend, best, round, big, straight, not only„ but also

beautiful, help …with, be good at, happy, think

I have a lot of friends in my class. Lingling is the best friend of mine. She has a

round face and big eyes. Her hair is straight and long. She is not only beautiful but also very helpful. Her English is pretty good and she often helps me with my English. I’m good at Chinese and I always help her to learn it. We feel very happy everyday, and I think we’re the best friends in the world.