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who is jane eyre? as the story extends, more and more things are added to the

answer. from the beginning, we know that jane is a young orphan raised by mrs. reed,

her cruel, wealthy aunt. from her experience at the lowood school, we found jane a

plain-featured but intelligent and honest girl. her courage to fight with all the

hardships, oppression and inequality makes a deep impression on us. when she meets

rochester and st. john, jane shows us both her passion for love and her sticking to

her principles of justice, human dignity and morality. while we are getting to know more about jane eyre, she is also exploring herself.

when she leaves gateshead, the little girl doesn ’t know what to expect in the future.

she has endured so much unfair treatment that all she desires is freedom. however,

when jane gets freedom, she finds herself yearning for new experiences, which can

change her life of loneliness and neglect. she follows her innermost feelings and

accepts a governess position at a manor called thornfield, where she falls head over

heels in love with her employer, rochester. jane eyre sets us a perfect model of inner questioning and self exploring. how

about us?

looking back on the development of jane eyre’s character, we can see clearly

the important role inner questioning and self exploring has played. “what you are

you do not see, what you see is your shadow. ” self-knowledge is a hard process that

everyone must go through. there are times when we are overwhelmed by all kinds of

desires and lose ourselves in the crowded world. there are times when we just follow what others are doing and abandon our own dreams. to be specific,

when asked why you are at school, how many students can honestly say that their answer

well reflects their soul? i didn ’t answer grandpa. only then did i realize how little i knew about myself.

i have never before questioned myself what i really want. i thought about jane eyre.

she is always exploring and questioning herself. that is why she is able to make her

perfect life.

jane eyre gives me the strength. now it’s time for me to look into my soul to

see who i am and what i am longing for. i will no longer wander around, the moment

my soul answers me with her deepest voice. i will fix my eyes on the road ahead, my

own road, and keep going. i will hold my brilliant life in hand. 欢迎使用站内搜索 简爱英文读后感下载如图片无法显示或论文不完整,请进 ? 上一篇文章: 老人与海英文读后感 ? 下一篇文章: 简爱英语读后感free as noble men篇二:简爱英文读后感 简爱英文读后感:

this is a story about a special and unreserved woman who has been exposed to a

hostile environment but continuously and fearlessly struggling for her ideal life.

the story can be interpreted as a symbol of the independent spirit. it seems to me that many readers’ english reading experience starts with jane

eyer. i am of no exception. as we refer to the movie “jane eyer ”, it is not surprising

to find some differences because of its being filmized and retold in a new way, but

the spirit of the novel remains----to be an independent person, both physically and

mentally. rochester and led to his moodiness all the time ----rochester was also a

despairing person in need of salvation. jane did want to give him a hand, however,

she made up her mind to leave, because she didn ’t want to betray her own principles,

because she was jane eyer. the film has finally got a symbolist end: jane inherited

a large number of legacies and finally returned. after finding rochester ’s misfortune

brought by his original mad wife, jane chose to stay with him forever. what’s more, this film didn ’t end when jane left thornfield. for jane eyer herself,

there should always be somewhere to realize her great ideal of being independent

considering her fortitude, but for rochester, how he can get salvation? the film gives the answer tentatively: jane eventually got back to rochester.

in fact, when jane met rochester for the first time, she scared his horse and made his heel strained,

to a certain extent, which meant rochester would get retrieval because of jane. we

can consider rochester’s experiences as that of religion meaning. the fire by his

frantic wife was the punishment for the cynicism early in his life. after it, rochester

got the mercy of the god and the love of the woman whom he loved. here we can say:

human nature and divinity get united perfectly in order to let such a story accord

with the requirements of both two sides. the value of this film may be due to its

efforts to explore a new way for the development of humanism under the faith of


life is ceaselessly changing, but our living principles remain. firmly persisting

for the rights of being independent gives us enough confidence and courage, which

is like the beacon over the capriccioso sea of life. in the world of the film, we

have found the stories of ourselves, which makes us so concerned about the fate of

the dramatis personae. heart is the engine of body, brain is the resource of thought, and great films

are the mirrors of life. in dubitably, “jane eyer” is one of them.篇三:《jane eyre》简爱读后感英文版 《简·爱》


charlotte jane eyre brontë (1816-1854)

charlotte brontë was born 21 april 1816, third of the six children of

patrick brontë and maria branwell brontë. the major event of her

young life was the death of her mother in 1821, whichcreated a lot of chaos. in 1824,

charlotte and her two older sisters, maria and elizabeth, were sent to the

newly-opened cowan bridge clergy daughters school. conditions there were bad even by the standards of the time, and it was not long

before both maria and elizabeth became ill enough to be sent home, where they both

died of consumption in the spring of1825. patrick brought charlotte and her younger

sister emily, who had recently joined them at the school, back home as soon as the

other girls became ill, but charlotte in particular never forgot what the school had

been like. the surviving kids all became each others best friends. they created the kingdom

of gondal and wrote all kinds of epic stories and poems set in that realm. charlotte

and branwell were in charge of angria proper, while emily and anne (the youngest)

ran the neighboring kingdom of gondal. charlottes next adventure was going to school in brussels with emily in 1842.

charlottes time there was brief, less than two years, but it led to her eventual

writing of villette beginning in 1852. back home, charlotte lapsed into chronic unemployment and severe hypochondria,

actually thinking she was going blind, just like her father was. in 1846 the three

sisters published a book of poems, and though sales were very slow, the reviews were

good and spurred on further literary endeavours. charlottes novel of this time, the

professor, was actually rather bad, suffering from a less-than-believeable main

character. in august of 1846 charlotte began work on jane eyre. though it was published

in 1847, charlotte didnt tell her father about it until the next year, when the novels

success was plain.



you think because im poor, im plain, i have no feelings? i promise you, if god

is gifted me with wealth and beauty, i should make it does as hard for you to leave me just as for

me to leave you now, but he didn not. if my spirit can address yours, as we both pass

the grave stood before him equal. 你以为我穷,不好看,就没有感情吗?告诉你把,如果上帝赐予我财富和美貌,我会让


话,仿佛我们都经过了坟墓,平等地站在上帝面前。我们是平等的?? 至少我们通过坟墓,平



in the story,her life can be devided into five parts.

一. at gateshead(before ten years old)

二. at lowood school (8 years` school life,6 years to study ,2 years to teach)

三. at thornfield(about one year,the most important time in her life)

四. at moor house(half a year)

五. at ferndean manor(maybe the rest of her life) it is known to us,even though living at gateshead,in such a beautiful house with

the reeds, jane eyre`s childhood wasn`t filled with happiness. jane eyre`s uncle

reed had taken her to his house when her parents both died.on her uncle`s death bed

he had made his wife,anut reed, promise to look after jane eyre like her own

children,but she didn`t keeping her promise.people thought mrs reed was a good

woman,becasure they didn`t know how she hate jane and are cruel to her.mrs reed`s

attitude made the others change their view to jane.her cousins did not love her even bullied and punished her all the time.the servant bessie is the only person

who was kind to her.

jane has spent most of her childhood in gateshead,no other than this special

experience shaped her personality of brave and strong to challenge her new life. at lowood,she was both excited and nervous about the new place she had see and

the new people she had meet.life at lowood wasn`t good at the beginning.people there

must believed in hard work,plain food,simple clothes and no luxury of any kind.so

most of them were offish except miss temple,the headmistress of lowood school. that is true,her life was too short!when jane felt she was accepted,learned to like school and set to work to learn as much as she could,make

as many friends as possible,helen`s illness was much more serious than jane first

thought,she had got a tuber culosis.one morning miss temple found jane asleep with

helen burns dead in her arms.helen have a great effect on jane,she teached jane how

to learn to love,forgive and do as the bible tells:“sometimes you have to put up

with some hard things in life even if other people hurt us.” jane stayed for eight years in lowood,for the last two as a teacher.she was busy

and happy all that time,however,suddenly she realized she had never known any other

world apart from lowood or gateshead.she wanted freedom,decided to change her life

or at least a new master to serve.so she advertised in a newspaper for a job as a

governess and then came to thornfield. the following story is as what happened in

the film sound of music. the governess of no presence moved mr rochester with her beautiful,simplehearted

and frank soul.the dialogue between jane and rochester was interesting. rochester

was clever but a little peculiar,jane thought she didn`t really understand him and

never sure whether he`s serious or joking.so she always speaking carefully and keeping

serious to build a wall that she on the wedding day,jane found the secret of rochester.the wedding cannot continue

because mr rochester was already married and his wife was still alive!his explanation

made jane forgive him at once in her heart because she knew what he said was

true.however,in her heart she also knew it was right for her to leave. she left mr rochester when he was rich and health butcame back even though he

was bland and disabled.i think that is true love.篇四:简爱英文读后感 简爱英文读后感 《简·爱》是十九世纪英国著名的女作家夏洛蒂·勃朗特的代表作,人们普遍认为《简·爱》




一个敢于反抗,敢于争取自由和平等地位的妇女形象。 《简爱》英文版读后感 oliver twist, one of the most famous works of charles dickens’, is a novel

reflecting the tragic fact of the life in britain in 18th century. the author who himself was born in a poor family wrote this novel in his twenties

with a view to reveal the ugly masks of those cruel criminals and to expose the horror

and violence hidden underneath the narrow and dirty streets in london. the hero of this novel was oliver twist, an orphan, who was thrown into a world

full of poverty and crime. he suffered enormous pain, such as hunger, thirst, beating

and abuse. while reading the tragic experiences of the little oliver, i was shocked

by his sufferings. i felt for the poor boy, but at the same time i detested the evil

fagin and the brutal bill. to my relief, as was written in all the best stories, the

goodness eventually conquered devil and oliver lived a happy life in the end. one

of the plots that attracted me most is that after the theft, little oliver was allowed

to recover in the kind care of mrs. maylie and rose and began a new life. he went

for walks with them, or rose read to him, and he worked hard at his lessons. he felt

as if he had left behind forever the world of crime and hardship and poverty. how can such a little boy who had already suffered oppressive affliction remain

pure in body and mind? the reason is the nature of goodness. i think it is the most

important information implied in the novel by dickens-he believed that goodness could

conquer every difficulty. although i don’t think goodness is omnipotent, yet i do

believe that those who are kind-hearted live more happily than those who are

evil-minded. for me, the nature of goodness is one of the most necessary character for a person.

goodness is to humans what water is to fish. he who is without goodness is an utterly

worthless person. on the contrary, as the famous saying goes, ‘the fragrance always

stays in the hand that gives the rose’, he who is with goodness undoubtedly is a happy and useful person. people receiving his help are grateful

to him and he also gets gratified from what he has done, and thus he can do good to

both the people he has helped and himself. to my disappointment, nowadays some people seem to doubt the existence of the

goodness in humanity. they look down on people ’s honesty and kindness, thinking it

foolish of people to be warm-hearted. as a result, they show no sympathy to those

who are in trouble and seldom offer to help others. on the other hand, they attach

importance to money and benefit. in their opinion, money is the only real object while

emotions and morality are nihility. if they cannot get profit from showing their

‘kindness ’, they draw back when others are faced with trouble and even hit a man

when he is down. they are one of the sorts that i really detest. francis bacon said in his essay, ‘goodness, of all virtues and dignities of the

mind, is the greatest, being the character of the deity, and without it, man is a

busy, mischievous, wretched thing, no better than a kind of vermin.’ that is to say a person without goodness is destined to lose everything. therefore,

i, a kind person, want to tell those ‘vermin-to-be ’ to learn from the kind oliver

and regain the nature of goodness.篇五:简爱读后感 共有范文三篇 简爱读后感 共有范文三篇 范文一:


细的内容,精彩的片段。在译序中,它还详细地介绍了《简爱》的作者一些背景故事。 从中我了解到了作者夏洛蒂.勃郎特的许多事。她出生在一个年经济困顿、多灾多难的


新兴资产阶级日益壮大的时代,这些都给她的小说创作上打上了可见的烙印。 可惜,上帝似乎毫不吝啬的塑造了这个天才们。有似乎急不可耐伸出了毁灭之手。这些


《简爱》这本小说,主要通过简. 爱与罗切斯特之间一波三折的爱情故事,塑造了一个出生低



简. 爱生存在一个父母双亡,寄人篱下的环境。从小就承受着与同龄人不一样的待遇:姨

妈的嫌弃,表姐的蔑视,表哥的侮辱和毒打...... 然而,她并没有绝望,她并没有自我摧毁,

并没有在侮辱中沉沦. 所带来的种种不幸的一切,相反, 换回的却是简. 爱的无限信心,却是简.

爱的坚强不屈的精神, 一种可战胜的内在人格力量. 不幸, 在学习生活中, 简. 爱仍然是承受着肉体上的受罚和心灵上的催残. 学校的施主罗可

赫斯特不但当着全校师生的面诋毁她, 而且把她置于耻辱台上示众. 使她在全校师生面前丢尽

了脸. 但简. 爱仍坚强不屈, 化悲愤为力量, 不但在学习上飞速进步, 而且也取得了师生们的理


不久, 简. 爱又陷入了爱情的旋涡. 个性及强的她同样保持着个人高贵的尊严, 在情敌面前

显得大家闺秀, 毫不逊色, 对于英格拉姆小姐的咄咄逼人, 她从容面对. 同样, 在罗切斯特的面前, 她从不因为自己是一个地位低贱的家庭教师, 而感到自卑, 她

认为他们是平等的. 不应该因为她是仆人, 而不能受到别人的尊重. 也正因为她的正直, 高尚,


深深地爱上了她。他的真心, 让她感动, 她接受了他. 后来, 简. 爱发现罗切斯特已有了妻子, 她

的自尊自重再次出现, 毫不犹豫地离开了他, 她对爱情的专一, 让我敬佩. 最后, 简. 爱得知, 罗切斯特为了拯救在活中的妻子不幸双目失明. 躯体严重残疾, 完全丧

失了生活能力, 而同时又妻亡财毁. 简. 爱全身心的爱再次投入了他的怀抱...... 从这本书中, 可以看出它塑造了一个体现新兴阶级的某些要求的女性形象, 刻画了工业革


简爱读后感 范文二: 在文学史上,有许多的经典名著将要永垂不朽,但能够像《简爱》这样深深地进入人们


某些人来讲,影响了他们一生的作品并不很多。 《简爱》是一部带有自转色彩的长篇小说,它阐释了这样一个主题:人的价值=尊严+


《简爱》的作者夏洛蒂. 勃朗特和《呼啸山庄》的作者艾米莉是姐妹。虽然两人生活在同

一社会,家庭环境中,性格却大不相同,夏洛蒂. 勃朗特显得更加的温柔,更加的清纯,更加






简. 爱生存在一个父母双亡,寄人篱下的环境,从小就承受着与同龄人不一样的待遇,姨

妈的嫌弃,表姐的蔑视,表哥的侮辱和毒打...... 这是对一个孩子的尊严的无情践踏, 但也许

正是因为这一切, 换回了简. 爱无限的信心和坚强不屈的精神, 一种可战胜的内在人格力量.

在罗切斯特的面前, 她从不因为自己是一个地位低贱的家庭教师而感到自卑, 反而认为他们是

平等的. 不应该因为她是仆人, 而不能受到别人的尊重. 也正因为她的正直, 高尚,纯洁,心灵

没有受到世俗社会的污染,使得罗切斯特为之震撼, 并把她看做了一个可以和自己在精神上平

等交谈的人,并且慢慢地深深爱上了她。他的真心, 让她感动, 她接受了他. 而当他们结婚的那

一天,简. 爱知道了罗切斯特已有妻子时, 她觉得自己必须要离开,她这样讲,“我要遵从上帝



的东西是简爱意识到自己受到了欺骗,她的自尊心受到了戏弄,因为她深爱着罗切斯特, 试问

哪个女人能够承受得住被自己最信任, 最亲密的人所欺骗呢? 简爱承受住了, 而且还做出了一

个非常理性的决定. 在这样一种非常强大的爱情力量包围之下,在美好,富裕的生活诱惑之下,

她依然要坚持自己作为个人的尊严,这是简爱最具有精神魅力的地方。 小说设计了一个很光明的结尾--虽然罗切斯特的庄园毁了,他自己也成了一个残废,


在和 罗切斯特结婚的时候是有尊严的,同时也是有爱的。 小说告诉我们,人的最美好的生活是人的尊严加爱,小说的结局给女主人公安排的就是







者的心灵,同时引起读者,特别是女性读者的共鸣。 简爱读后感 范文三: 近段时间一直在拧一些乱乱的文字,看得乱流突袭,开始发觉在生活中讲话都失去语感。


的东西。第一本看的,便是《简爱》。 《简爱》是这么一本东西。我的英文水平,是可以读原文的,但是看着那令人目眩的动



第一次读这本书的记忆中。 我在读初一前,看的大多是古书,或者白话文。所以我现在能用现代语写作和勾引mm ,


语,是一群伟大的翻译家留下来的。从这个意义上来讲,他们是我语言的老师。 对于《简爱》,早先我是完全被它的语言所打倒。如痴如醉,魂牵梦萦,有段时间张口闭



却在情节与构思中发现了一些别的。 听过一个说法,就是《简爱》发表之初,有人认为它和《呼啸山庄》出自同一人手笔。


格去斤斤计较——英文还没到如此水平——仅仅论及结构和流势,如此而已。 我在重读《简爱》的过程中,发现了一些令我不安的东西。那些东西附身于小说的夹缝


无论如何,我在行文之中,发现了一些不令我愉快的东西。 《简爱》被万众所热爱的,大约是其作者的自尊与平凡——或者说,是夏洛特的自尊与



少,曾经使我快慰,现在却令我不安。夏洛特托身于简爱, 这是我所知道的。但我所感觉到的是:她对于高层贵族的鄙薄与一种近乎敌视的态度,

有些刻意了。反过来说,我从中读到了自卑的情绪。 简爱是个敏感而容易受伤的女子。开头用了太长的篇幅来叙述她幼时的情景。但是我感




性——和最后一个几乎有点硬凑的结尾。她遇到了john rivers。虽然前头有笔,但还不是








样,其实是内心很tough 的人。她们的心必须在疾风中飞扬,因为过于容易受伤。爱米利一