Masked men
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n't cast your net never kill you consciously leave otherwise don't blame us you're welcome. Voice just fell, shi ling feng said that our two race though they had been enemies but to our this generation should resolve contradictions.

Even though I was born of the wind, but I believe that I can't stop my ability but I believe I can dissolve our two race Mao Dun. Now that we are all human and said to the angel of the Milky Way so we should not completely make antinomy. Our two race make antinomy can make dark emperor set in again, chief of the fathers of mine told me that because we have the relationship between the two family hopeless so would make the galaxy in the rule of the great dark. Now our two race should unite completely guards the Milky Way.

Oh for below said that if it weren't for two communities because we make antinomy is not back to cause this tragedy it's time we should reflect on. Next year is our two race against diablo emperor day here I also want you to work together against diablo emperor. All of them are Shouting.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:

Diablo in the second attack the Milky Way all people united together to resist dark emperor rule. Because everyone's efforts to achieve the success of this time. And this time the big hero is our masked men - wind walker, shi ling wind